Saturday, June 24, 2017

TGIT Drinking Game

Well, I don't have one of my summer posts ready yet and feel that I won't have time to do that later. I should be working on a lot of future updates and will be doing some minor changes in how this blog is updated. While you will see these Saturday updates as usual for the time being, you will see random updates on other days in the future. I had a cheat for this blog that I had moved to another blog. Well, I'm moving that cheat back to this blog and hopefully things won't change too much in the future that would cause me to move it to another blog altogether. Now I said that I would post a drinking game if no other posts were ready to be published, so let's get to this one.

TGIT is a line-up of shows on Thursday nights on ABC right now. All of them are produced and thus have some sort of connection to Shonda Rhimes. There are a lot of things in common with them, so I figure that it only makes sense that a drinking game relating to them would work. Well, here's my idea for what a drinking game with any TGIT show would be like.

  • Drink any time two or more characters are fighting
  • Drink whenever people are having sex
  • Drink at any sexual moment whether it be people talking about sex, people being naked, or the discussion of private parts
  • Whenever gay characters show up, take a shot
  • Any tense moment of any sort is a shot
  • When things are not what they may have first appeared, take a shot
  • Any type of yelling is a shot
  • Every cliffhanger is a shot
  • Characters disagreeing is a shot
  • People keeping secrets from another is a shot
  • People suddenly learning secrets is a shot
  • Troubling things coming to light is a shot
  • A group of all women talking about men is a shot
  • Any character of any importance dying is a shot
  • A betrayal of any kind is a shot
  • A character is hurt in any way, be it physical, psychological, emotional, or otherwise, is a shot
  • Any OMG moment is a shot
  • Family issues of any kind is a shot
  • Show is in some way unrealistic is a shot

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Golden Huckleberry Award Nominees: 2016-2017

Well, it’s time for me to work on the nominees for the worst of television from this previous season. I’ll have to do some research into this. Before I get much further, I’ll mention two notes. I then will get to the nominees and the winners (or losers, technically) will come later. Sorry if there is any of the usual confusion based on when the awards are set. June of 2016 to May of 2017 can be considered the timeframe of when these awards take place.

I’ve decided that the award called worst cliffhanger resolution will be retired and replaced with an award called worse season premiere. This will always be kept separate from worst pilot as no new show can be nominated for worst season premiere.

When an actor from Glee died, I decided not to nominate Glee that year for any awards in this show, nullifying whatever nominations I had accidently given it already before the winners were finalized. Since an actor from Training Day has died, you will not be seeing it in this year’s nominees, despite my distaste for the show. In case you hated the show too, this is why it is not on the list of awards.

Main awards: Worst season premiere: NCIS: New Orleans

Worst title: American Gothic, Scream Queens, The Mick, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Zoo, Mistresses, Black-ish, The Real O’Neals, Life in Pieces, American Housewife

Worst ending to a TV series: Notorious, Son of Zorn, BattleBots, Ransom, The Blacklist: Redemption

Worst acting: 2 Broke Girls, Uncle Buck, Dr. Ken, Last Man Standing, American Gothic, The Odd Couple, Lucifer, The Carmichael Show

Worst writing: The Great Indoors, The Bachelor, Mom, Life in Pieces, Scream Queens, The Mick, The 100, No Tomorrow, Star, The Vampire Diaries, American Gothic, Dr. Ken, Last Man Standing, Late Night with Seth Meyers, 2 Broke Girls

Worst plot: American Gothic, Mom, Life in Pieces, The Vampire Diaries, The 100, Dr. Ken, Last Man Standing, 2 Broke Girls, The Real O’Neals, Criminal Minds, The Odd Couple, Zoo, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, No Tomorrow, The Mick, Star, Lucifer, Scream Queens

The good riddance award: Last Man Standing, Nancy Grace, 2 Broke Girls, Last Man Standing, The Real O’Neals, The Vampire Diaries, The Odd Couple, Scream Queens, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Why do people care award: The Real O’Neals, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mom, Nancy Grace, Lucifer, 2 Broke Girls, The 100, Black-ish, The Bachelor

Worst idea for a show: American Gothic, Nancy Grace, Mistresses, Dr. Ken, Last Man Standing, The Real O’Neals, 2 Broke Girls, Zoo, Mom, Criminal Minds, Life in Pieces, The Mick, Star, Scream Queens, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Biggest waste of time: Late Night with Seth Meyers, Last Man Standing, The Vampire Diaries, The 100, American Dad

Most forgettable: American Gothic, Star, Black-ish, The Odd Couple, The Great Indoors, Zoo, Life in Pieces, The Real O’Neals, Dr. Ken, 2 Broke Girls

Bonehead decision of the season: The Great Indoors

Worst pilot: No Tomorrow, Man with a Plan, The Great Indoors, Star

Worst drama show: Zoo, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Aquarius, Scream Queens, Lucifer, The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Star, American Gothic

Worst comedy show: The Real O’Neals, Superior Donuts, The Great Indoors, Dr. Ken, Last Man Standing, Uncle Buck, Black-ish, 2 Broke Girls, Man with a Plan, The Odd Couple, Mom, Life in Pieces, The Mick, Superstore

Worst new show: No Tomorrow, The Mick, Superior Donuts, Man with a Plan, The Great Indoors, American Gothic, Star

Why is it still on award: Zoo, Life in Pieces, Mom, Superior Donuts, Man with a Plan, The 100, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Star, The Mick, Lucifer, America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Mick, Criminal Minds, The Bachelor, Black-ish

Most overrated show: Mom, The Americans, Black-ish, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 2 Broke Girls

Weakest Characters: 2 Broke Girls, Dr. Ken, The Great Indoors, The Real O’Neals, Black-ish, Mom, Life in Pieces, Zoo, Man with a Plan, Superior Donuts, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Lucifer, Scream Queens, Taken, American Gothic, Star

Worst reason to cancel a good show: The Great Indoors

Why was it created award: Star, 2 Broke Girls, Zoo, American Gothic, Last Man Standing, Dr. Ken, The Great Indoors, Man with a Plan, Superior Donuts, Black-ish, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Mom, Life in Pieces, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Scream Queens, The Odd Couple, Criminal Minds, No Tomorrow, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Lucifer, The Mick, Nancy Grace

What were they thinking award: Star, The Mick, Scream Queens, Lucifer, Mistresses, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Zoo, Mom, Life in Pieces, The Odd Couple, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, American Gothic

Why do people like it award: Nancy Grace, Last Man Standing, 2 Broke Girls

Worst retooling of a show: NCIS: New Orleans

Jumped the shark award: Family Guy

Most obvious cancellation: Secrets and Lies, The Odd Couple, No Tomorrow, Scream Queens

What’s it about award: Star, Scream Queens, American Gothic

Time to stop watching award: no nominees

They’ve stopped caring award: The 100

Most average show award: Man with a Plan, Superior Donuts, Secrets and Lies, Superstore, The Great Indoors

That’s actually a show award: Star, Scream Queens, Lucifer

Not worth a second viewing award: Scream Queens, American Gothic, The Real O’Neals, Secrets & Lies, Star, Superior Donuts, The Great Indoors, Man with a Plan

Weirdest show: Star, Scream Queens, Lucifer

Worst show on FOX: Star, Lucifer, Scream Queens, The Mick

Worst show on ABC: Mistresses, Uncle Buck, Dr. Ken, Secrets & Lies, Last Man Standing, When We Rise, America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Real O’Neals

Worst show on CBS: American Gothic, 2 Broke Girls, Criminal Minds, Life in Pieces, The Odd Couple, Mom, Life in Pieces, Zoo, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Worst show on NBC: Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Last Call with Carson Daily

Worst show on the CW: No Tomorrow, The Vampire Diaries, The 100

Worst show on every other network: Nancy Grace, American Dad, The Americans

Worst syndicated show: The Wendy Williams Show, The Jerry Springer Show, Maury, Inside Edition

Worst show on television nominees: pending

Other awards

Worst story arc: Flashpoint from The Flash, April’s pregnancy from Chicago Med, the season’s ending arc from NCIS: New Orleans, the irrelevant baby on The Big Bang Theory, Jane’s fling from Jane the Virgin

Worst plot twist: Brody quits from NCIS: New Orleans, The person Hook killed on Once Upon a Time, The flipping on the proposal from The Flash, Ichabod selling his soul on Sleepy Hollow, killing Michael on Jane the Virgin

Worst new character: Paulie from Big Brother

Biggest moron: Paulie from Big Brother, Taylor from Survivor, Jane’s fling from Jane the Virgin

Most hated character: Paulie from Big Brother

Worst character transformation: Bishop the killer on NCIS, Pride the revenge seeker from NCIS: New Orleans, Jeff Varner on Survivor

Most overrated character: no nominees

Most obvious twist: Reynold turns on the heroes on Grimm

The underdeveloped character award: Shinwell from Elementary

Why are they still alive award: Fish Mooney from Gotham

Most worthless death: Shinwell from Elementary

Most accepted death: no nominees

WTF death: Riana from Nashville, Anna Popplewell’s character from Reign, Sam’s wife from NCIS: Los Angeles, Michael from Jane the Virgin

Most useless character: Taylor from Survivor

Worst Villain: Malcolm from Sleepy Hollow, Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer, the dominators from Arrowverse

Dumbest scheduling choice: CBS putting Ransom on Saturday

Worst episode yet: The Tinder episode from Family Guy

Worst episode this season: All Hail Son of Zorn from Son of Zorn, Ua Malo’o Ka Wai from Hawaii Five-0, The Tinder episode from Family Guy

Episode not worth a rewatch award: All Hail Son of Zorn from Son of Zorn, Whitehall: Conclusion from The Blacklist: Redemption, The Tinder episode from Family Guy

Dumbest character departure: Meredith Brody on NCIS: New Orleans, Michael from Jane the Virgin, Sam’s wife on NCIS: Los Angeles

Weirdest plot choice: The manufactured romance between Percy and Chris on NCIS: New Orleans, Trapping Gail in an elevator on The Last Man on Earth, The Flash creating Flashpoint on The Flash, Jane having sex on Jane the Virgin, Bruce Wayne already becoming Batman on Gotham, recycling villains on Legends of Tomorrow, The framework seemingly recreating the movie The Matrix from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Worst romance: Nick and Adeline from Grimm, the two leads on The Catch, Percy and Chris from NCIS: New Orleans, Jane’s fling on Jane the Virgin

Worst commercial: Shake and Steak’s Happy Hour, Huggie’s pull-up’s time to potty everyone, Hydro’s razor with boobies commercial,  Ford Truck Month, Sheba commercial where the guy gets distracted by the wrong pussy

Worst season yet: NCIS: New Orleans season 3

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Notes on the Upcoming CBS Schedule: 2017 Version

Well, here’s my newest blog post on what the upcoming CBS schedule will be like. As always, I’m ignoring the summer part of the schedule as it is not part of the main season. I might as well make certain notes about this blog and others before continuing.

Before I continue, I should note that there are other blogs that I have that could and will affect this blog in the future. This is because two blogs that I have are about TV shows that have ended and I am keeping people updated on what the cast of the show is up to now. This will affect this blog so I can keep you updated on which shows have what people in them. I will still give CBS shows priority in nearly all cases. I could wind up with more blogs about more of these shows in the future.

Things are confusing with CBS especially since they have Thursday Night Football now. This could lead to short term replacements in terms of what has aired versus what could air. Basically, Mondays and Thursdays are a bit confusing because of all of this. There are random notes that I’m leaving in. Maybe you’ll wonder what they are, but I’ll admit that sometimes I leave things in posts that are just for me. I’m not sure what else to say regarding that.

Here are the notes that I’m doing relating to other blogs. What was Pure Genius became Training Day, then The Amazing Race, and will be S.W.A.T. next season. The Great Indoors will now be Young Sheldon. Elementary is gone until midseason and will be replaced for now by Wisdom of the Crowd.

Before the season ended, Code Black became Doubt before it was replaced by Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. When Survivor was on hiatus during the winter, it was replaced at first by Undercover Boss, then later by Hunted. MacGyver left a bit early this season so that Undercover Boss could finish its run. In the early summer, NCIS: New Orleans was replaced by 48 Hours: NCIS.

You might be wondering what all of the CBS shows are that are returning for next season. They are Survivor, Madam Secretary, 60 Minutes, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Kevin Can Wait, Superior Donuts, Scorpion, Bull, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Life in Pieces, MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, and 48 Hours. Other shows that will return later some point at midseason are Elementary, The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss, Code Black, and Man with a Plan. There was never a decision made about Hunted that I know of so I declare it officially dead since no decision typically means cancelled, just not officially.

What are all the new shows that will be airing next season on CBS? Well, the new shows are Wisdom of the Crowd, Me, Myself, & I, 9JKL, Seal Teal, Young Sheldon, and S.W.A.T. Those are all the new shows that will start sometime in the fall. Meanwhile, the new things that will be at midseason are By the Book and Instinct.

Elementary is gone until midseason, being replaced by Wisdom of the Crowd; 2 Broke Girls is now Me, Myself, & I; Man with a Plan is gone until midseason, being replaced by 9JKL; Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is now Seal Team; The Great Indoors is now Young Sheldon; The Amazing Race is gone until midseason, being replaced by S.W.A.T.

Hunted filled the gap of Survivor, Hunted is gone now; Undercover Boss filled the gaps of Survivor and MacGyver; The Odd Couple became Superior Donuts; Pure Genius became Training Day became The Amazing Race is now S.W.A.T.; Code Black is gone until midseason, being replaced first by Doubt then by Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is now Seal Team; 48 Hours: NCIS briefly replaced NCIS: New Orleans more for the summer season than anything else, can be disregarded given it being more of a special part of 48 Hours than anything else

I think that I did this differently than usual and might have gotten a bit confused by what I was writing. Hopefully all of this post will make sense to you. There’s not much else to say so I might as well finish this post until next time.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Christmas Commercials 2016

You might be wondering where this post has been all this time. Surely, now that I’m updating this blog on a more regular basis, I should have seen all I needed to regarding all the shows I watch and the Christmas commercials that have aired with them before the start of Advent, right? Well, there was just one tape of stuff that I share with someone else and we never had time to get caught up on it until very recently. That was one of the major changes regarding this TV season. I hope to never have this particular post this late again, but I can’t make any promises. Anyways, let’s get to the post at hand that I do every year.

Well, Kmart is at it again. They aired an early Christmas commercial. At least they waited until after October started this year. But they earn my annual Christmas boycott as they have every year except last one when Best Buy took the spot. So here I am hoping that at least the terrible onslaught of Christmas commercials can be held back until after all the stupid political commercials have stopped. As much as I hate Citizens United, let’s just stick to the number of Christmas commercials that aired this year. As always, I remind you of counts from previous years.

In 2012, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 0. The official count before Halloween was 27. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 200. In 2013, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 5. The official count before Halloween was 30. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 600. In 2014, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 3. The official count before Halloween was 26. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 700. In 2015, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 0. The official count before Halloween was 13. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 530.

Christmas overrun for 2014-2015 is 28 commercials. Christmas overrun for 2015-2016 is 14 commercials. Christmas overrun means that after Christmas and in a bit of January, you will see Christmas commercials of some type. I’m keeping track of them, although they will always be separate from the main list.

I noticed in August that there were Holiday bonus points commercials that aired from Nissan. There were 12 of them to be precise. While I’m not sure if they actually count (mostly because there was enough in it that refuted the whole link to being an actual holiday commercial), I still think that I will include them in this separate count from the actual list.

In 2016, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 0. The official count before Halloween was 45. In 2016, the official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 386. After finally getting caught up on all the tapes, this is the final count that I have.

Christmas overrun for 2016-2017 is 55. As you can see, this is the highest of this count that I have yet recorded as it seemed like from after Christmas early into January, there was a lot of them still airing on all that I watched.

A lot of the changes this year as compared to other years probably relates to a presidential election happening. Maybe that’s why the Christmas overrun was as high as it has ever been. But the pre Halloween commercial count was also the highest this year, which seems strange since all the political commercials would have been before the November transition. The overall pre Christmas season count was low compared to other years. I guess that we will see for sure what could change with this in future years. But will there be new highs? Maybe I should track the highest each year.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Look Back at my 2016-2017 Cancellation Predictions

I honestly don’t know yet which order I’m going to write future posts in, how long these new posts will stay on Saturdays, or what other changes will happen in this blog’s future. What I do know is that I may blog about summer show’s reviews more than once, using a special new way of doing them. Something I want to be sure to do is look back at my predictions from the previous season of what I thought would be cancelled and see if what I guessed was right. Let’s get to it, shall we?

First, in case you are confused by any of the asterisks that I have, I should explain them before going any further. They mean different things the last time I did this so I might as well explain them this time before I do them. If it has one asterisk, that means that it was de facto cancelled by virtue of not being brought back for another season, at the moment at least. Some of them may reappear in the future a la American Grit. But when they make no decision on a show, it is practically cancelled even if they never do bring it back. The only thing marked with two asterisks this time is a show that was actually a miniseries and wouldn’t have lasted anyways.

What I got right: Conviction, The Real O’Neals, Last Man Standing, Dr. Ken, Secrets and Lies, Imaginary Mary, Time after Time, The Catch, Beyond the Tank *, When We Rise **, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Pure Genius, Training Day, Ransom, Doubt, The Great Indoors, 2 Broke Girls, The Odd Couple, Reign, No Tomorrow, Frequency, The Vampire Diaries, Bones, Scream Queens, Son of Zorn, Sleepy Hollow, 24: Legacy *, APB, You’re Back in the Room *, Kicking and Screaming *, Prison Break *, Making History, My Kitchen Rules *, Caught on Camera *, Grimm, The Celebrity Apprentice *, Powerless, First Dates *, Emerald City

Conviction: This timeslot just doesn’t work long term. I knew that going into the season and was able to get this prediction right as a result. This show could have done better in the long term, but it was pretty much dead when they never ordered more episodes for it.

The Real O’Neals: I hated this show from the moment that I first saw a promo for it. That alone was reason for me to put it in my predictions. I saw it and hated it even more. This network ordered only a few new episodes for it and it was gone before the season ended.

Last Man Standing: I didn’t have that much of a reason for putting it here other than declining ratings. Honestly, its cancellation ended up being a surprise in the end, subject to an ongoing controversy and is even being shopped around to other networks. Don’t count on anything if you were a fan of this show. Honestly, this show was quite bad as it progressed and I stopped watching it years again.

Dr. Ken: Once again, we have a show that was on here simply because I hated it. But I was right. The show was a surprise cancelation in the end. It can be hard to tell for sure what went down and it might have ended up being because it was multi-camera and nothing else.

Secrets and Lies: It was highly unusual that a network show, especially a scripted one, would go on hiatus for over a year. What was more unusual was the fact that there was no reason why this had even happened. I was honestly surprised that it was coming back and had almost written it off as cancelled entirely. But it came back and I figured that it wouldn’t stay around long anyways. I was right.

Imaginary Mary: Knowing nothing about it but its name going into the season, I thought that it would be cancelled and it ultimately was. The show was good, but it never got any good ratings and it ultimately ended as a result.

Time after Time: This is the one that I really wish wasn’t cancelled. If only it comes back and airs future episodes, that would be all that I want. I do think there are bootlegged versions of the unaired episodes on, although I’d be careful using that site. Ultimately, this was not a good season for time travel shows and this one just never did well with ratings, ending as a result.

The Catch: They tried to change this show, but it ultimately didn’t work. The ratings for the previous season were the reason why I thought that it might not last this time around, should the ratings stay that low. Since it didn’t do well this time around either, it ended.

Beyond the Tank: It’s worth noting that this show didn’t even air this season as my prediction was more that it wouldn’t come back than that it would come back and be cancelled. It could actually reappear in the future, but I don’t think that it ever will come be.

When We Rise: This was only a miniseries and that wasn’t something I knew going into it. Regardless, I still thought that it wouldn’t last simply because I thought it had a bad title. This show was about gay rights and I’m honestly not sure why we need so much gayness on television.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: When a show quickly takes over a cancelled show’s old timeslot, it is actually in danger of cancellation itself. Honestly, while I expected it to get the short end of the stick, I might have thought it would stay around for next season and get bad treatment then. Ultimately, it didn’t work as a show anymore, but I don’t care cuz I never watched it in the first place.

Pure Genius: Once again, this show didn’t last because they never ordered more episodes for it, which is a death sentence for most fall shows. Also, CBS has Code Black as a medical show that lasts (for now, at least), so I don’t know why they needed to combine that and Scorpion into its own show. It was still a good show, outside of possibly confusing recurring plots.

Training Day: When the star of this show died, this show’s chances were practically dead as well. The show got low ratings from the very beginning and was soon isolated to Saturdays after March Madness ended. I’m honestly not sure that they would have aired all the episodes if the star hadn’t died. I saw the show and it was quite terrible so I’m glad that I got this one right.

Ransom: It aired on Saturdays for no good reason. Why not just put it on during the summer instead? It was good while it lasted, except for ending on a cliffhanger for no good reason. Are the last few episodes really when you want to suddenly introduce a recurring plot?

Doubt: This seemed to have very little to almost no chance of succeeding given its short run on the air. I don’t know if it will air the rest of its episodes, although it might since it was owned by the network that cancelled it. Let’s hope that they at least put it on CBS All-Access. There are weird things about it since a show that starts in February is almost never the first new thing cancelled (which just might be a record late first cancellation), although others were already as good as dead and it wasn’t called cancelled by CBS although no one bought that it was anything other than cancelled.

The Great Indoors: Knowing little about it other than that it looked bad and had a bad title, I predicted this as being cancelled at the end of the season even though The Big Bang Theory would lead into it and I can’t think of something cancelled before it that had that lead-in. Regardless, we may never really know for sure why it was cancelled, but I hope that it was the Millennials that did it.

2 Broke Girls: This long running show was popular with some people although I hated it. I thought that it would be cancelled as CBS seemed like it would suddenly turn on any show that it didn’t own. That seems to be what happened here.

The Odd Couple: I figured that this show would be dead without the Big Bang Theory as its lead-in. I was right. They never ordered more episodes for it even though this was the first time that it aired in the fall for a change. The stars of the show announced it was cancelled before the network owned up to it at the upfronts. It was never any good anyways.

Reign: All of the warning signs were there. If this wasn’t cancelled by the end of this season, then the CW must be really short on alternatives. Even a CW show couldn’t have this bad ratings and they announced before its season started airing that it would be the end. Now we have to find a new show to marvel at its survival every season.

No Tomorrow: This and the next show were the first ever shows on the CW to air in the fall and not get any additional episodes ordered. While it may have worked for a ratings challenged network, even the CW has a limit for just how bad a show can do and this show was part of it.

Frequency: I liked this show a lot, although it seemed to work better in the beginning than as it went on. I still didn’t have high hopes for it going into the season and the CW never ordered any more episodes of it. It must suck when even the CW thinks you are too low rated.

The Vampire Diaries: I don’t know when this was mentioned as cancelled, but I learned that this would have a final season order at some point. Regardless, if I didn’t know that heading into the season, I still thought that it would it.

Bones: This was already renewed for a final season going into the next season so I knew that it was going to end going into this season. I like freebies, even though they don’t always happen that much going into a season. Of course, I can get a lot right without them since I always list too many shows that I think will get cancelled. Should I be mentioning those as a different type of wrong prediction?

Scream Queens: This show had low ratings going into its second season and things never seemed good for it into its new season. It didn’t last because nobody cared about or liked this strange show. Do you know someone who actually thought this was good?

Son of Zorn: Shows that air after The Simpsons seem to do badly in terms of ratings quite often. I also had no idea if this would be just another strange show or not. I liked it outside of its weird and stupid lack of an ending. If only it did better in the ratings.

Sleepy Hollow: This always seemed to struggle with the ratings time and time again. People didn’t like it for whatever reason they had. Ultimately, it struggled for far too long and ended up cancelled as a result. At least not too much went unresolved.

24: Legacy: This might make a reappearance in the future like The X-Files did. But the fact remains that it does not appear on the schedule for the upcoming season and should be considered cancelled because they haven’t made a decision about it.

APB: Once again, I knew very little about it going into the next season that I ultimately had it on my list as a result. I might have been interested in it, but it had low ratings its whole run and I correctly thought that it wouldn’t last as a result.

You’re Back in the Room: When I looked back and saw that this was in my cancellation predictions, I had to wonder what happened to it. I couldn’t find any proof that its name had changed. Ultimately, I’m pretty sure that they never made it in the first place and now we have a show with even less of an existence than a lot of them that weren’t ever officially cancelled.

Kicking and Screaming: I had no idea what this show would be like going into the season. I just knew that there was an unrelated movie of the same name that I thought this might be an adaptation of. It turns out that this was actually a lame looking reality show that featured survivalists with beauty queens. They haven’t actually made a decision about this, but they didn’t do that with Bullseye and we all know that show isn’t coming back either.

Prison Break: Here’s another show that’s cancelled by virtue of them making no decision about it. Maybe it will return, but it is probably cancelled and can stay that way for all I care. Why would they make such a long show about breaking out of prison anyways?

Making History: This and nearly all the other time travel shows probably wish that they could go back to the beginning of the season when they might have had a chance of staying around. This didn’t seem to look all that good although it did wind up being fairly decent.

My Kitchen Rules: Once again, there was no decision made about this show so it can be considered cancelled for now and stay that way outside of any potential returns. FOX has more than enough cooking shows so I don’t know why they would need more anyways. I don’t think that Gordon Ramsey was on this so that alone might be why it failed.

Caught on Camera- This show looked like it was probably really lame. Why would we want a TV show to show us a bunch of web videos when we have the internet to do that itself? As you might have noticed, there was actually no decision made with this show so I’m declaring it as good as dead.

Grimm: It seemed like there was some danger going into its next season and they announced a reduction of episodes, never a good sign for a long running show. Ultimately, they didn’t start airing it until sometime into the next year and they made its cancellation official before it started airing. I’m not sure why they suddenly felt the need to get rid of it, but here it is now.

The Celebrity Apprentice: This might not actually be cancelled as it could be going on another, long hiatus. But it appears that there is no further future for this show. I don’t hate it, but I never cared enough to watch it or know what might be going on with it. I guess celebrities will have to find real work for a change instead of this show. Although, were real celebrities really on this?

Powerless: So many comic book shows do greatly, but I didn’t have high hopes for this one. Maybe it failed because it was a comedy instead of a drama. Maybe it didn’t offer as much as it should. Another problem could be that it seemed to follow plots running parallel to the comic books that some people wouldn’t care enough about as a result. There are still three unaired episodes that we’ll hopefully see at some point in the future here in America.

First Dates: Okay, this came out recently enough that it might not actually be cancelled like I think that it is. It could reappear in the future like American Grit did. I might have been interested in it, but I wasn’t interested enough to ever give it a chance.

Emerald City: There was so much turmoil over the production of this show that we are lucky that it made it to the air at all. It went from being cancelled before it was made to finally coming out sometime this season. Production problems are always a sign of danger for long term chances and while it did good in the ratings at the very beginning, it just didn’t last long enough besides it and it ultimately ended. At least it wasn’t a dream and was actually made, although it was really strange.

Now I have to make a note regarding another show that seems similar to Jesus as it was dead for three days and then came back to life. That show is called Timeless which didn’t seem to be that much in danger ratings wise, but might have had other, lesser problems. I did have it predicted as cancelled, but that doesn’t really matter since I only count things wrong if I thought they would be safe. Speaking of that, it’s time to get to that section where I didn't think something would be cancelled that was.

What I got wrong: Notorious, Rosewood, Shots Fired, Coupled, Home Free *, Chicago Justice, The Blacklist: Redemption; Wrong by default (shows I didn’t know would exist): Hunted *, Big Fan *, You the Jury, The Toy Box *

Notorious: Even though The Catch was TGIT and something I thought would be cancelled, I didn’t think that this would be. Clearly I was wrong as they cut the episode order long before they messed with any other show, making this the technical first cancellation of the season even though the network didn’t admit to it until May. I wish that it ended better.

Rosewood: Sometimes when I look back into predictions before the last season’s, I end up with stuff there that isn’t on the next list, but probably should have been. I had no idea what changed about this that resulted in it getting cancelled other than its isolation to Friday night.

Shots Fired: I’m not sure why I thought that a random police drama wouldn’t fail like I did when I wrote that other post. Tons of those shows end every season because there are a lot of them and almost nothing else to cancel. Not sure what else there is to say about this.

Coupled: This is among the reasons why I shouldn’t predict any summer show as cancelled as I have no idea if they are even renewed in the first place. I don’t know why I had higher hopes for this show that I never saw, but it ended and I thought it would last.

Home Free: I thought that it was renewed and it might have been, only it doesn’t seem like there’s any future for this show. Maybe it did return and I figured that it would last even longer. I don’t know what went wrong on my end.

Chicago Justice: Who would have thought that a part of the Chicago franchise wouldn’t have lasted? I didn’t going into this. It aired on an already full night and didn’t get a renewal at the upfronts when it should have happened. Ultimately, they did cancel it instead of leaving it in limbo like so many other shows end up forever (which is cancellation, let’s be honest).

The Blacklist: Redemption: Simply because it span-off from The Blacklist, I thought that it would last. I must not have been remembering how that happened to Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Hopefully the main show can resolve what this show didn’t.

Hunted: This might return in the future or it might not. It seems odd that they didn’t make a decision regarding it like you think that they would. This, like the next three shows, are not shows that I knew about when I made my predictions so that is the only real reason why I got them wrong.

Big Fan: If you never saw this show, you might be surprised to learn that it briefly existed for about two weeks on the ABC network. Typically, any show that lasts that short a time was a failure that was cancelled. This show never had its fate revealed, but it seemed more like one-off specials than any real show that would last longer.

You the Jury: It was a bit surprising that this show might have even been an idea to air since nothing in it was legally binding even though they made it seem like we, the viewers, had all the power over people’s fates in it. I almost watched it, but never did, although it sounds stupid now and I’m thinking that I should be glad that I did miss it.

The Toy Box: Again, this show might last into future seasons or it might not. It started too late that a lack of a decision now might not be the death sentence that it normally is. While the show was interesting, it seemed only to be an hour long promotion for Toys R Us.

The next set of shows have all become summer shows (or were that in the first place), so I won’t know yet if any of them will be cancelled like I think that they would be. I admit that I could be waiting until later to do this blog post, but I figured that I wouldn’t this year, although I might in other years. I need to write more posts in the future and should hopefully be back with them every week like they have been since December. I'm not writing as quickly as I should be.

Still could be: Downward Dog, Still Star-Crossed, The Carmichael Show, Midnight, Texas, American Grit, Marlon, Superhuman, So You Think You Can Dance?

Well, there’s not much else to say regarding this post. It can actually be quite fun and interesting to look back at all the shows that are over. I’ll admit that some of these might actually be wrong, but most of them probably aren’t. We’ll see what future changes could await this blog. These Saturday updates will continue for now, but they are subject to change in the future.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sliver Globes Award Winners 2016

Well, I did the nominees for my silver globe awards earlier and I’m not now finally back with the actual winners and the nominees for best show on television. Of course, the winner of the best show on television will be revealed later. Now, to the post!

Best new show: Designated Survivor

Best one season show: BrainDead

Best cancelled or ending show: CSI: Cyber

Most screwed show: CSI: Cyber

Best theme song: Sleepy Hollow

Best idea for a show: Designated Survivor

Best series premiere: Legends of Tomorrow

Best series finale: Limitless

Best cliffhanger ending: iZombie

Best cliffhanger resolution: Person of Interest

Best cast: Undateable

Best writers: Jane the Virgin

Best editing: Jane the Virgin

Most interesting show: Jane the Virgin

Best music in a show: BrainDead

Time well spent award: Castle

Most memorable: Frequency

Most underrated TV show: CSI: Cyber

Best retooling of a show: no nominees

Shouldn’t have been cancelled award: Limitless

Why was it a midseason replacement award: BrainDead

Best comedy-drama: BrainDead

Groundbreaking show: The Good Place

Best comedy: Whose Line is it Anyways?

Best drama: CSI: Cyber

Best PBS special: Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs

Best show on CBS: BrainDead

Best show on ABC: Designated Survivor

Best show on the CW: Legends of Tomorrow

Best show on NBC: Law and Order: SVU

Best show on FOX: The Grinder

Best show on any other network: no nominees

Best syndicated show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Best show on television nominees: BrainDead, Designated Survivor, Legends of Tomorrow, Law and Order: SVU, The Grinder, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Other Section

Best villain: Whitney Frost from Agent Carter

Best hero: Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS

Best bromance: Paul and Victor from Big Brother 18

Best anti-hero: The lead of Shades of Blue

Best facial expressions: Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live

Best badass: Victor from Big Brother

Best shocking moment: Rose is still alive from Jane the Virgin

The dearly departed award: Morley Safer & Gwen Ifill, tie

Best story arc: The end of Big Brother 18

Best character transformation: Kermit the Frog on The Muppets

Best new character: Paul from Big Brother

Most underrated character: Michele from Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Best finale song: The Wrap up song on BrainDead

Best original song: We Need Brains from Whose Line is it Anyways?

Favorite actor: Jim Parsons

Favorite actress: Kaley Couco

Best season yet award: NCIS: Los Angeles season 8

Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Planned Viewing Habits: Summer of 2017

With the main fall TV schedule about to end and the relaxing summertime about to happen, there are still things that are worth watching on TV. I always watch a lot less over the summer and tend to watch just one thing at a time instead of various multiple things. There are different ways the summer schedule could wind up going down and it depends on what is and isn’t coming back. I’m not sure that everything is set in stone for sure now anyways. But, let’s start with the two wildcards.

CBS all access decided to put a season of Big Brother on during the fall, but kept it as an online exclusive for subscribers of their ironically named service. Because of this, I don’t know whether or not I’ll go back to Big Brother this season. I might not watch this upcoming season or any Big Brother season ever again. That’s not to say that I hate the show now. I just don’t like the fact that it aired online. Plus, there are other potentially interesting things to watch on at the same time.

The other wildcard relates to My Network TV. They air different things in different regions. I’ll talk about my region, of course. On Wednesdays, they are currently airing reruns of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I have missed a lot of this show in the past. This means that I could ignore anything else that airs on Wednesdays to watch this show instead. That show is likely to be cancelled so if I don’t like the ending that the show has (provided it is cancelled this season), I might not watch the reruns anyways.

Outside of the wildcards, there are still more shows with unknown fates at the moment. For instance, the show Beyond the Tank hasn’t aired since last spring after filling the gap of the cancellation of the show Of Kings and Prophets. I doubt it would be coming back and I doubt that I would even watch it in the first place. I’m not sure if Mad TV is returning and that seems unlikely right now. That, I would watch if possible. I only saw part of Maya and Marty once, but I’d like to see that if the show returns and the network comes in where I live. The future of BattleBots seems unlikely although I might watch it should it return. Better Late than Never was renewed, but isn’t on the schedule just yet. I’ll get to that later. I’m also not sure if there is a future for Primetime: What Would You Do?

Before I go any further, it is worth noting that there will be some regular season shows that will be spilling over into the summer schedule. For instance, iZombie and the final season of Reign will still be airing in June. I plan to watch them still during the summer. I’m not sure what else might still be airing in the summer as I don’t know the season finale dates for a lot of shows just yet.

If they air any more of Doubt, Time after Time, or Powerless, I should hopefully be able to watch them whenever they air. I just don’t know when they will air and if I’ll be able to catch them. Doubt might be the only one of them to continue to air in the future, although it could wind up only being on CBS all access, which wouldn’t surprise me.

What are all the returning shows that I would want to watch? Well, if NBC actually comes in where I live this year, I might watch The Night Shift. Reception problems are the only reason why I haven’t given it a shot yet. I might watch American Grit this season. I didn’t last season then thought it was cancelled, only it wasn’t actually. There was too much to watch last season when it started. I could wind up seeing To Tell the Truth at some point, although I’m not sure if I will or not. It depends on how long it lasts and if it comes in where I live. If I’m not watching Big Brother, I could wind up seeing Celebrity Family Feud.

Now that I’ve said what old shows I haven’t watched before, I might as well mention the old ones that I do plan on seeing again. Of course, there is a note I’ll get to about that later. The returning summer shows that I will probably watch again are The $100,000 Pyramid, Penn and Teller: Fool Us, Masters of Illusion, SNL Weekend Update Thursday, and Whose Line is it Anyways?

What new summer shows am I planning on getting into? Well, I’m not sure that I can watch all of or any of these considering how some will compete at the same time. One of the shows that I might watch isn’t new but is a reboot instead. It is The Gong Show. I’m not sure that I’m that interested in it though. I also don’t know yet if I care enough about World of Dance, although I am planning on watching it. Since I normally watch the new CBS shows, I am planning on watching Candy Crush and Salvation. I am planning on tuning into Hooten & the Lady once since I’m trying to see any new CW shows if possible. All the other new shows that I might watch are Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, Superhuman, & Love Connection. Of course, there is one last thing to add.

Things can change despite what my original plan was for them. Last summer, I was going to watch Penn and Teller: Fool Us, but ultimately didn’t as it aired against Big Brother and I either couldn’t tell that before or it was going to air at a different time originally. I didn’t end up seeing that much of Masters of Illusion either as I decided to watch movies on Fridays instead of all of primetime. I would have watched 20/20 most times to fill the gap and only ended up seeing Primetime: What Would You Do? There were other things that I wanted to watch but wasn’t able to. I may also five less priority to watching shows on Mondays and Tuesdays since I’ll want to watch movies then instead. That doesn’t mean that I won’t watch movies other times, but I will want to keep at least 90 minutes free on those nights if possible. These movies could disappear from those nights.

That’s all that there is to say about this blog post. You’ll see over time new reviews over what summer shows I do wind up seeing. I might even do more than one review of summer shows given new, weird OCD habits that I have with reviewing primetime. I guess you’ll see over time what might happen and change over the summer in terms of how this blog is posted.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A History of Saturday Morning Programming

Saturday morning TV has changed a lot since I was a kid. It seems to change over and over again. Whatever one network is doing at one point isn’t something that they’ll keep doing. Now, I’m largely referring to network TV and what they have done regarding TV shows on Saturday morning. I almost thought that all networks had given up airing any programming for kids on Saturdays, but it turns out that with a bit of research, I was able to find out that it still exists. But it is constantly changing.

A lack of original programming can be commonplace on the network TV channels. Indeed, CBS used to air shows that were on Nickelodeon, then Nick Jr. NBC used to air the shows that were on Discovery Kids. ABC aired mostly Disney channel shows all the time. NBC also aired Qubo.

Now I had originally thought that there was no longer any programming on Saturday mornings for children anymore. After doing some research about it, I learned that I was wrong. It just seems like the constantly changing programming is what throws people off and make you wonder why to even bother watching if what you watch just goes away.

Let’s start with ABC’s history. At the beginning, they were probably everyone’s favorite. They aired One Saturday Morning which was five hours of summer once a week. I liked and watched nearly everything on this for a while. Then it got kind of lame. Then it switched to mostly just reruns of Disney channel sitcoms that still fit with the educational and informational programming standard and other Disney channel shows that aired. What annoyed me about this was it was the same old episodes and they wouldn’t show the later seasons of a lot of these shows. The biggest thing that I cared about here was Power Rangers, which used to air on FOX. I have no idea what they air nowadays since I don’t care about these shows anymore.

I liked it when CBS aired Nickelodeon shows as that meant that I could see Nickelodeon when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. I wish they kept doing that when Power Rangers moved to that network. After a while, they seemed to downgrade to the younger, Nick Jr. shows which I didn’t care about at my growing age. They aired various children programming for a while after that which was stuff that might have aired on other channels before. I lost track and interest sometime around here.

The WB aired a very popular Kids WB programming schedule for a while. Ultimately, even when the WB network was replaced by the CW, this programming block remained for quite a while. It would change at some point later, but I’ll get to that. It was also aired in the daytime programming hours except for the last year of the WB network’s history.

NBC aired mostly Discovery Kids shows when I first became acquainted with it. I liked these shows a lot, but then they were taken away from me when they aired Qubo in its place. I liked and watched most of that. I got to see some Big Idea things I hadn’t seen before. They controversially cut out the Christian references in the shows like VeggieTales, which I understood and expected even though most others didn’t like this and did it without the approval of the creator himself. There might have been other times that I cared about this after Qubo went away, but I’m not sure what it was or how important I would have briefly cared about it.

FOX had the very popular FOX Kids timeslot. It was the original home of Power Rangers before it moved to Disney then Nickelodeon. FOX Kids was actually lowly rated and they sought to get rid of the programming. They switched to just Saturday instead of all throughout the week as they did before. They also switched to the FOX Box which eventually became 4Kids Entertainment.

It was around this time that it seemed that the FOX network gave up on programming and so it the CW network. It seemed as if all of the remaining FOX shows were dumped on the CW and thus, the CW 4Kids block was started. This lasted a bit before they started something else instead. They went to other programming that I was ever so briefly into. But I stopped caring about pretty much all TV on Saturday mornings at this point as I valued catching up on sleep on those days to be more important instead.

Well, that’s all that I cared about posting in this blog post. I’m not sure what else there is to say. I figured that since this blog was still on Saturdays with updates, I might as well do something that related to that day. I’m not sure how much longer this blog will continue with these Saturday updates. I’ll let you know if something changes regarding that. It might not be for a while, but many things can change as time goes by: just like yesterday, used to be tomorrow.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Midseason Shows: 2017 Part 3

Well, I’m back with a third version of midseason shows from this year. I wasn’t sure if I would do it, but I decided that I ultimately would. This will certainly be the last of the midseason shows reviews this year. I don’t think I’ll be reviewing new shows again until the summer, although I’m not sure how I’ll review them this year. It could be a while before you see them. But, let’s get to reviews.

Imaginary Mary: Show Description- A woman starts dating an unmarried father of three (I’m not sure what happened to these kids’ mother, but I think it was divorce) and her old imaginary friend shows back up in her life. Behind the Scenes- This has Jenna Elfman, who was in Dharma and Greg, Accidently on Purpose, and 1600 Penn, playing the main character. It also has Rachel Dratch from Saturday Night Live playing the voice of the imaginary friend. My Thoughts- I’ll admit, the imaginary friend element to the show seems like more of an afterthought that the show doesn’t use that much and might do better without. Also, the plots for the episodes seem kind of obvious. Outside of that, this show is pretty good as it can be amusing and it has a good take on the fish out of water aspect. Long Term Prospects- This won’t last. Where to Find- This is on ABC at 9:30/8:30 Central on Tuesdays.

The Toy Box: Show Description- Different toy makers have to get passed first a round of toy experts then a round of actual children with their ideas for new toys. Behind the Scenes- Eric Stonestreet, who is a cast member of Modern Family, hosts this show as well. My Thoughts- Maybe there are some aspects of this show that could be worked on. For one, I don’t know why they should keep the fact that kids are the experts in the toy box secret. But I feel that this is mostly interesting, especially if you don’t watch anything else at the time. The toys are interesting. Long Term Prospects- I honestly don’t know, but I’d expect this not to last as nothing tends to premiere this late and stay around. Where to Find- This is on ABC at 8/7 Central on Fridays

48 Hours: NCIS: Show Description- This was a 48 Hours special that related to the real NCIS agency. Behind the Scenes- First off, I have no idea if this even is a real series or if it was just a special, one-off event. They promoted it as a series premiere of sorts so there may be more episodes like this. I just don’t know when/if they’ll air. It could air with the regular 48 Hours episodes at some point. Also, Rocky Carroll from the show NCIS, is the narrator of this show. My Thoughts- There’s not really much to add here. If you like and watch 48 Hours, then you would like this show. If not, then don’t watch it. Long Term Prospects- I have no idea what’s happening with this and might be surprised if it comes back at all. Where to Find- No idea if airing again

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Thursdays in Primetime Version 4

Thursdays are the most competitive nights on television. All the networks put all their best shows on the same night. It is impossible to watch everything good at this time, unless, of course, you record some things to watch later or watch what you can’t see online. NBC airs some popular dramas and an hour of comedies. CBS airs comedies as well and ends with The Amazing Race right now. ABC shows their popular TGIT night which are all dramas by Shonda Rhimes. FOX has a constantly changing lineup that I won’t bother to keep track of. The CW shows Supernatural and Riverdale. There are no losers and every network seems to win in their own right. The reason this night is the most competitive is the high demand of advertisers for the movies that will come out the next day. I have seen a lot of these shows so here’s my views on them:

Superstore: Status- Currently on NBC at 8/7 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- My mother was originally interested in it, so I recorded it for her and watched it myself. Description- This is a comedy about people who work in a store and the adventures that ensue. Notable People- America Ferria from Ugly Betty is in the cast. She might have also created the show too. Pros- This show is interesting and different. Cons- There really isn’t much that this show offers. It can be weird. Note to Parents- This is probably the standard amount of what you’d expect in terms of what is acceptable or not for your kids to watch. Recommendation- It isn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t watch it again. My Viewing Habits- I only watched this once. Prediction- I say that it might last, but only given NBC’s general lack of comedies that they have to rely on. They need something, right? Reception: mixed/average. Grade: D.

The Big Bang Theory: Status- Currently on CBS at 8/7 Central on Thursdays. It has also been sold into syndication. Why I’ve seen it- General interest in the show from the moment it first aired and a bit before. Noteworthiness- Of all the live action comedies on television to still be in production, this one has been on the longest. Description- This show is about the adventures of nerds, a female neighbor, and other people in their lives. Reruns can be different than how the show is currently portrayed. Notable People- Chuck Lorre, who created Two and a Half Men, also created this show. He has created other shows as well, but I’m not sure they are worth mentioning. Kayley Cuoco from 8 Simple Rules and Charmed is Penny. Others are famous, some from being on the show. If they were famous before the show, then I don’t know who they are unless I just mentioned them. Pros- This is a really funny comedy. Everyone loves Sheldon, the Obsessive-Compulsive roommate. Some people can watch reruns over and over again and still find it just as funny as they did the first time. Cons- Sex and other bad stuff can be present a lot. Note to Parents- There are a lot of objectionable things in here so you would have to watch it to see if it is something you let your kids see. If they are in high school, I see no problem with letting them watch this.  Recommendation- I say that you should watch it if you like it. Most people do like this show. If you don’t laugh after watching an episode, then it isn’t for you. But, it is one of my favorite shows and I highly recommend it. My Viewing Habits- While I have not seen every episode, I’ve watched this since it has first started. Prediction- This show is renewed for more seasons right now, but there are rumors that it could be ending after them. Reception: mixed then positive. Grade: A-.

Grey’s Anatomy: Status- Currently on Thursdays at 8/7 Central on ABC. Why I’ve seen it-Desire to find a medical drama to watch all the time on a regular basis. When I realized that I liked medical dramas, I also realized that they always cancel the ones that I like, so I figured that I should watch this since it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Noteworthiness- It is the longest running drama on ABC to still be in production. Description- A medical drama featuring a large cast of doctors of both genders solves medical problems that sometimes relates to their own team. I’m not really sure how to describe it that well so you might understand it better if you watch an episode yourself. Notable People- Shonda Rhimes, who went on to create Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and now dominates most of Thursday nights on ABC with shows that she helped make, created this show. Pros- This show is pretty interesting and humorous. Most of the large cast is focused upon most of the time. The medical aspect is well-done. It isn’t always about the same characters all the time. Cons- The show can be quite complicated and hard to understand and follow, especially if you don’t watch every week. If you don’t like soap operas, then this show probably isn’t for you because of the format it uses. There’s too much sex in the show as well and most people wouldn’t like the morals present. There are too many characters to keep track of on a regular basis and sometimes a lot of the cast isn’t in a certain episode. The main character, in particular, isn’t there that much. Note to Parents- I would avoid letting your kids watch that. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. If you don’t like it now, you never will. My Viewing Habits- There was a long time when I didn’t watch this for one reason or another, but I finally decided to start watching it and I did. Prediction- This could last a long amount of time, but I think that it could potentially end in the near future as well. Reception: somewhat positive. Grade: C+.

Powerless: Status- Currently on Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 Central on NBC. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that I would be interested in it and it seemed like it would fit in my schedule. Noteworthiness- This is in a self contained part of the DC comics universe. Description- This shows more of the human side of the superhero battles as an insurance firm seeks to protect people from the effects of those attacks. Notable People- This stars Vanessa Hudgens who was in the High School Musical series. Alan Tudyk, who was in Firefly, Con Man, Newsreaders, Suburgatory, and other shows and movies, is a character. Danny Pudi, who was on Community, is another character. Ron Funches, most recently from Undateable, is yet another character. Pros- I think that this is quite good and funny. Cons- Part of its problem is being set in a weird universe that’s mostly unknown to the viewers. Note to Parents- I’m not sure if there is much to worry about. If you let them watch Saturday morning cartoons, you’d probably be okay with this. Recommendation- It is worth watching, especially if you were wanting something to see after The Big Bang Theory. My Viewing Habits- I have missed some episodes, but have seen it, more or less, from the first episode. Prediction- This will probably not last as the ratings are too low. Reception: somewhat positive. Grade: B. New review

The Great Indoors: Status- Currently on CBS at 8:30/7:30 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- If I can, I normally watch a CBS show at least once. Description- An outdoorsy person has to get used to a new job inside. Notable People- Joel McHale, who was in Community, is the lead of this show. Pros- It goes for something different and has a potential good romantic storyline with the lead. Cons- It loses points for attacking my generation. The cast seems to be too young and doesn’t exactly work that well. Note to Parents- This might not be bad, honestly, but you’d have to watch it yourself to know for sure if your kids should watch it. Recommendation- Don’t waste your time with this. My Viewing Habits- I watched the first episode and won’t be watching a second. Prediction- Since it airs after The Big Bang Theory, it will last for a while. Don’t expect it to end just yet. Reception: mixed. Grade: D. New review

Mom: Status- Currently on CBS at 9/8 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- If you didn’t know already, I like to watch every CBS TV show, even if it is just once. Description- A woman deals with the issues of single motherhood and various family problems. Notable People- Alison Janey and Anna Farris, both known for movies, are two main characters on the show. Chuck Lorre, who created Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, and helps with Mike and Molly, helps with this show, although I’m not sure if he created it, which he might have. Pros- People like it, based on comments I’ve seen online. Cons- All the show is about is a bunch of immoral people and I don’t know why we should care about something like this. Also, it is far from being funny. Note to Parents- This has so much smut in it that I wouldn’t let anyone you take care of watch it. Recommendation- Don’t watch it. It’s terrible. The fact that people like it completely baffles me. My Viewing Habits- I watched the first episode and would rather watch 30 straight minutes of commercials before I’d tune into this again. Prediction- I think that this is renewed for another season. I don’t know how much longer it might last, but it could be a bit longer. Reception: somewhat favorable. Grade: F.

Riverdale: Status- Currently on the CW at 9/8 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- From this point forward, I’ll try to watch any new CW show if possible. Noteworthiness- This is inspired by the Archie comic book series. Description- Starting out, it is about a murder at a high school and various other dark plots. At the moment, it is best described as the noir genre. Notable People- Cole Sprose, who was one of the leads on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, is a character who narrates the show. Pros- There is enough potential in it that it might be good. It seems better than just another dumb high school show. Cons- This seems stereotypical in a way. This probably has all the problems you could expect from a CW show. Some of it is unrealistic and doesn’t make sense. Note to Parents- There are enough bad things in here that children shouldn’t be watching. Recommendation- I’d put this at a toss-up. My Viewing Habits- I started watching from the first episode and have kept watching it since (although I haven’t seen every episode). Prediction- It is renewed for a second season, but I’m not sure if it will last beyond that. Reception: generally positive. Grade: C+. New review

Chicago Med: Status- Currently on NBC at 9/8 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- At the time, the only show that I watched in this timeslot, Notorious, had its episode order cut so I started looking for a replacement in the timeslot. I chose this show due to its connection to a show that I watched and its fairly new time on the air. Noteworthiness- This is the third installment of the Chicago franchise. It is created by Dick Wolf, who also created the Law and Order franchise. Description- Basically, this is a medical drama. Notable People- Dick Wolf, who created Law and Order, also helped create this show. Pros- One of the characters has autism, so that makes the show more interesting. There’s certainly nothing major wrong with it. Cons- It doesn’t seem to be that notable in any way. It seems like just an ordinary show with nothing major ever happening in it. Note to Parents- Mostly, it’s just the medical stuff that one would see that I would recommend against letting young kids see. Recommendation- I’m not sure what to say here. It is good enough for me to watch, but not really that outstanding a show. My Viewing Habits- I started watching into what I believe its second season is and have not stopped watching since. Prediction- I think that this will last for a while. It should be around until syndication at least. Reception: mixed or average. Grade: B-. New review

Life in Pieces: Status- Currently on CBS at 9:30/8:30 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- Blah, blah, blah, watching a CBS show once, blah, blah, blah. Description- It’s hard to describe the plot of the show. It is basically about a family and their adventures all mixed into one story. Notable People- This show has Colin Hanks, from Fargo and The Good Guys, who is also the son of Tom Hanks. Pros- It’s different from most other shows. Cons- It is very stupid and pointless. It focuses far too much on sex. Note to Parents- Don’t let your kids watch this. Recommendation- This isn’t any good so don’t watch it. My Viewing Habits- I have seen only the first episode of this then never watched it again. Prediction- It will be back for next season, but I don’t know how much longer it will keep lasting. I say that this could last until syndication, but I don’t know if it will last beyond that. Single camera sitcoms like this tend to do poorly on CBS. But the ratings are good for now that people won’t have to worry about it being cancelled for a while. Reception: generally favorable. Grade: F. New review

The Catch: Status- Currently on ABC at 10/9 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that it looked interesting. Description- A woman finds out that her fiancĂ© is a criminal that she’s looking for. I’m not entirely sure what the name of the show has to do with what it is about. Notable People- Shonda Rhimes, who helps with TGIT on this network, is a producer of this show, although I’m not sure if she helped create it or not. Peter Krause, who was in Parenthood, is a character in the show. Pros- The show is interesting. Enough of it is worth watching. Cons- It can be unusual. It relies too much on sex and sex appeal. A lot of it is unrealistic and could be improved on. Note to Parents- There’s enough in here that your kids shouldn’t be watching. Recommendation- It is a good show worth watching if you have the time. My Viewing Habits- I have not seen every episode, but I have watched this since it first started airing. Prediction- It could go either way at this point. Reception: positive. Grade: B-. New review

The Amazing Race: Status- Currently on CBS at 10/9 Central on Fridays. Why I’ve seen it- It was originally something that my family was into. Description- Teams of two different people race around the world to hopefully win a million dollars. It is a reality show. Pros- There is a different group of people each season, in case you don’t like one. It has some interesting moments and is hard to get out of once you start watching on episode. The critics love it and give it awards. Cons- If you don’t get into it soon enough, it won’t interest you. The problems that happen to the contestants that lead to a commercial break tend to be solved when it returns before a minute has past. It can be hard to stay into the whole season sometimes. Every episode follows the same basic premise and can get predictable. It isn’t as interesting as other shows are. It can be a bore sometimes with the redundancy of what always happens in every episode. There have been times where they hired contestants who have already worked on other reality shows. It can still be seen as a work in progress despite it being on the air a long time. Contestants have regularly gotten screwed in challenges on the show. Note to Parents- This is probably acceptable for your kids to watch, although it is borderline on that front. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Like most reality shows, you may not like it, you may loathe it like every reality show, or you can’t live without it. My Viewing Habits- I used to watch this all the time, but stopped watching as I felt it couldn’t do anything it hadn’t already done. While I don’t watch this anymore, I still like it. Prediction- I’m not really that sure about what will happen with this anymore. It might be approaching the end of its life on TV. Or it might stay around for longer. Reception: positive then more negative. Grade: C-.

The Blacklist: Status- Currently on NBC at 10/9 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- I don’t know why I started watching it, but it was probably because the promos made it look good or something like that. Description- Okay, I don’t really understand what this show is about yet. It’s intriguing enough that if you can’t tell what it is, you still might want to watch it to figure it out. Apparently it is about some law enforcement agency going after very dangerous criminals that are on something called the blacklist. Notable People- James Spader, from movies and other things I’m not familiar with, is a main character on the show. Pros- This show is very interesting and keeps you coming back time and time again. Cons- It can be hard to understand. The show is very violent and bloody. Note to Parents- Don’t let young people watch this. Recommendation- I’d say that you should probably watch it. My Viewing Habits- I came in early into the first season (after it started) and have been watching this ever since. Prediction- I think that it will stay a long time since it’s doing better than most NBC veteran shows. Reception: critically acclaimed. Grade: B.