Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun Facts

Before I get to the reviews of new shows, I thought that I would list some fun facts about them, but first, old shows.

Of the shows that were new and renewed last season that are on the schedule on the fall (there are others that got renewed that won't be back until later that aren't listed here), there were eight of them. Five of them were on a whole season and the other three were midseason replacements. CBS had three of the whole season shows and none of the midseason ones, CW had just one whole season show and no midseason replacement, NBC had no full season show and only one midseason one, FOX had one full season one and no midseason ones, and ABC had two midseason ones but no full season ones. The full seasons shows that got renewed are Mike and Molly (CBS), Hawaii Five-O (CBS), Raising Hope (FOX), Blue Bloods (CBS), and Nikita (CW). The midseason shows that got renewed are Body of Proof (ABC), Happy Endings (ABC), and Harry's Law (NBC). I know there are more like The Voice and Bob's Burgers among others that got renewed but aren't a current part of the schedule.

Of the fall shows premiering this season there are twenty-six. Three are on Sundays, four are on Mondays, five are on Tuesdays, seven are on Wednesdays, seven are on Thursdays (if you count The X Factor again), two are on Fridays and none are on Saturdays. By network, ABC has seven, CBS has five, FOX has five, NBC has six, and the CW has four. Keep in mind, these are only the fall shows and not any midseason replacements are included.

Some old shows have been moved to new times. But that isn't important to me.

Anyways, that is all for now.