Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Look Back at My 2013-2014 Cancellation Predictions

I remember when I grossly overestimated what shows from the 2013-2014 season would be cancelled. A lot of shows on that list were probably not going to be cancelled, but I decided to list a bunch anyways. Now I could mention all the shows that I predicted and whether or not they were cancelled, but I decided that, instead, I would just list all the cancelled shows and I would say whether or not I was right about them getting cancelled this season or not. If I said they would be cancelled, I’ll let you know. If they were cancelled and I said nothing about it being cancelled, then I’ll let you know. And, for the record, you can look back at my old blog post to know for sure that I’m telling you the truth on whether or not the show would be cancelled. I might skip some shows that don’t really apply to the predictions that I made.

American Dad (I knew nothing about this so even though it will live on another network, I was clueless that it was going to be cancelled), How I Met Your Mother (we all knew that it was ending this season so my prediction that it would end was correct), Nikita (the network announced that it was ending so I knew that it would be one of them), Lucky 7 (I had thought that this would be cancelled and I was right, although I wish I had known that it would get cancelled so soon), Murder Police (the bad title had nothing to do with people not watching the show as FOX cancelled it before it ever aired and possibly before they finished making it, although it was still a prediction of mine to be cancelled), We Are Men (this was the most obvious going to be cancelled show for me from the very beginning of the season, so I was right when I picked it), Surviving Jack (with so many people hating it before it started, its eventual cancellation didn’t surprise me), Ironside (the idea sounded like it wouldn’t work, but I wished that I had remembered this when it came time to do the dead pool at, Welcome to the Family (when you think about the main plot it had, I was right in thinking that it would be cancelled), Us and Them (I had no idea that this would die, but if it actually aired, then I might have known), Back in the Game (I’m not sure how I knew it was bad, but I was right and it was cancelled), Sean Saves the World (this struck me as not very interesting and seems like it would be cancelled), The Michael J Fox Show (since the network forwent a pilot, I thought that it wasn’t a good sign, although I do hope that the rest of the episodes wind up airing at some point), The X-Factor (this show’s cancellation makes sense, but I had no idea it was going to happen), Raising Hope (since it moved to Fridays, getting cancelled seemed more likely, but I did not think that it would be), Mind Games (I thought that the science fiction of the show would end up killing it, but it didn’t even have that in the first place), Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (for random reasons, I thought that it would be cancelled), Almost Human (since it was sci-fi, I thought that it wouldn’t last long), Dads (while I knew that it probably wouldn’t be among the very first cancellations, I knew that it wouldn’t last long and I was right), Rake (the bad title is what made me think it would get cancelled, although promos for it didn’t help change my opinion), Enlisted (I thought that it sounded lame, although I’m not entirely sure that’s what the end result was, it was still cancelled in the end), The Carrie Diaries (this might have been a random choice I had as a cancellation, but it was right nonetheless), Killer Women (because of its bad title, I thought that it would be cancelled and I was right), Star-Crossed (I thought that this didn’t sound long term although the writers should have known that before their cliffhanger finale), The Tomorrow People (even on the CW, a lot of great shows get cancelled and I can never figure out which ones for sure and definitely wasn’t right about this one), Mixology (high concept show with a premise that probably wouldn’t work is why this show’s cancellation was obvious for me), Trophy Wife (bad title rule turned out right), The Neighbors (with bad reception and rating, I figured that it wouldn’t last much longer and the writers stopped caring as well since they knew they were getting cancelled), Super Fun Night (maybe if I had seen more promos for this before it aired, then I would have been able to say it would be cancelled, but I didn’t think that with my mass predictions), Suburgatory (I was never impressed by this show, but since other people were, I had not thought it would end), Community (with the network liking to mess with it a lot, I thought that this would end), Growing up Fisher (maybe this was too obscure and among a group of unannounced shows, but I didn’t think that this would be cancelled), Revolution (I figured that whatever was going on with this show wasn’t going to help it), Believe (no clue that this would end), Crisis (it didn’t sound like a long term idea in my mind and it seemed similar to Hostages which also didn’t sound like it could make it long either), Friends with Better Lives (it fell victim to the CBS curse since a midseason show on their network doesn’t get renewed, basically, if it was a new CBS show, then I had it listed as cancelled), Hostages (people didn’t like it and that typically kills a show and I predicted that a short term thing like this probably wouldn’t work), Intelligence (unless you only want to last one season, who wants to be a midseason replacement on CBS?), The Crazy Ones (the show might have been too crazy for people to work on TV long term and I knew that it would be cancelled, plus CBS doesn’t typically do single camera sitcoms so how both this and Bad Teacher wound up in the same season is beyond my understanding, although their cancellations don’t surprise me in the least), Bad Teacher (I don’t think that this show was on my list since CBS picked it up for midseason at the last minute, although this doesn’t matter since I would have called it dead anyways), Dracula (I thought that people would be over vampires and this one was right), Betrayal (typically, the more obscure a show, the more likely it is to be cancelled, although this one had slipped my mind because I didn’t list it with others).

Okay, now I will mention other notable cancelled shows and since my predictions are typically limited to prime time, then you’ll know why they weren’t on the list of stuff I predicted right. Summer shows are also in the category of shows I don’t normally predict cancellations about, making me similar to the cancellation bear of Other notable cancelled shows that weren’t on primetime and not on my list of predictions were The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, America Now, Bethenny, Judge Alex, The Test, and Trisha. There might be more that haven’t been announced yet.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best and Worst Show of 2013

Okay, here’s a quick blog post for you to enjoy. I nominated shows that I thought would qualify as the best of show of the year based on one different nominee coming from each network. I did the same thing with the worst show of the 2013-2014 television season, even though it might have actually aired in the previous season. But the point is, these are the two shows that have won. The first one in the best show of 2013 and the second one is the worst show of the previous television season.

Best show on television from 2013- Law and Order: SVU

Worst show on television for 2013-2014: Arrested Development

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Golden Huckleberry Awards 2013-2014 Winners

Okay. I need to put more work into writing blog posts for this blog. I seem to get distracted a lot and busy with a lot of other things. But I will post updates of cancelled shows. It's just kind of hard to do that when a lot of last summer's shows haven't actually been cancelled yet. There are a lot of them that probably aren't coming back, but there's been no official word of cancellation to my knowledge. But, I should get to today's blog post. I am posting what I think are the worst shows on television with their respective wins. Now, sometimes I nominate shows that I like and even let them win too. Depending on the category, they might deserve it. But these are the winners of what I consider to be the worst shows on television as well as the nominees for worst show on television.

Temporary award: worst reason to not do a spin-off: Mom and We are Men- tie

Worst cliffhanger resolution: Revolution

Worst title: Save Me

Worst ending to a TV series: How I Met Your Mother

Worst acting: 2 Broke Girls

Worst writing: The Arsenio Hall Show

Worst plot: Arrested Development

The good riddance award: Arrested Development

Why do people care award: Arrested Development

Worst idea for a show: Mom

Biggest waste of time: Undercover Boss

Most forgettable: Dracula

Bonehead decision of the season: We Are Men

Worst pilot: Mom

Worst drama show: Intelligence

Worst comedy show: Arrested Development

Worst new show: Mom

Why is it still on award: 2 Broke Girls

Most overrated show: Arrested Development

Weakest Characters: Mom

Worst Reason to Cancel a Good Show: The Carrie Diaries

Why was it created award: Arrested Development

What were they thinking award: We Are Men

Why do people like it award: Arrested Development

Worst retooling of a show: Two and a Half Men

Jumped the shark award: Two and a Half Men

What’s it about award: Arrested Development

Worst show on FOX: The Arsenio Hall Show

Worst show on ABC: America’s “Funniest” Home Videos

Worst show on CBS: Mom

Worst show on NBC: Save Me

Worst show on the CW: Oh, Sit

Worst show on every other network: Arrested Development

Worst syndicated show: The Jerry Springer Show

Worst show on television nominees: The Arsenio Hall Show, America’s “Funniest” Home Videos, Mom, Save Me, Oh, Sit, Arrested Development, the Jerry Springer Show

Friday, June 13, 2014

Idea for a drinking game

Okay, with the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson ending soon, I thought that I would post this idea for a drinking game. Actually, there’s a lot of ideas for drinking games here. You do not have to do all at once. You do not have to do more than one. You do not have to do any at all. If you do play a drinking game, you do so at your own risk. But here’s what I think would be times that one could drink while watching his show.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: drink every time music plays, drink every time a word is censored, drink every time they say something is edited, drink every time the show is said to be live, drink every time Craig calls Michael racist, drink every time they mention that Secretariat isn’t a real horse, drink every time that Geoff is mentioned as dead, drink every time an impression is done, drink every time a bell is rung, drink every time that a tweet is said to come from a bird of some sort, drink every time a sexual reference is made, drink every time an email or tweet is moved to the ground, drink every time something like a bit interrupts the email segment

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Unannounced Shows

When the new television season starts or even a long time before it airs but it is simply announced on TV or other places, there tend to be a certain number of shows that are mentioned with it. Then, there are other shows that I like to call the unannounced shows of the season. It seems like every season, there are shows on multiple networks that air new TV shows that they never announced as part of the schedule. What gives? Why do they do that so much? Why does it happen at all? What purpose does it serve? What good does it do a show by not even saying in advance that it will be a part of the schedule before the promos for it start airing? I don’t get it. I don’t know if anyone else does. Does anyone even read this blog? If you get the idea behind unannounced shows, then let me know. As far as I understand, they were more of a scheduling decision that happened after the main schedule was announced as wasn’t part of the original plan for the network. Now, I ought to mention some of the unannounced shows from this season that ended up airing but never actually was part of the schedule they announced at the beginning of this season. They never seem to be fall shows and are always midseason shows. For the record, summer shows don’t count. Cosmos, Black Box, and Bad Teacher are just a few of the shows that I can think of that weren’t announced as part of the schedule at the beginning of the television season. So I tend to avoid these shows. I feel cheated by them. Why couldn’t they just be part of the schedule? But I can’t really think of a way to avoid this. But some of them make sense. Black Box was probably only ordered because of a sudden lack of Scandal. Cosmos is just really screwy because it probably replaced two cancelled shows, neither of which had aired. And Bad Teacher is easily explained because CBS changed their mind at the last minute to put it on the schedule when they originally said that they had passed on the show. Sorry for the lack of a better blog post at the moment, but I plan to update more in the near future.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Golden Huckleberry Award Nominees 2013-2014

Okay, it's been a while since I've blogged here. I'm sorry about that. But I should be able to post more information here as soon as possible. I'm still waiting for all the cancellation news to happen so that I know what from last summer is cancelled. I'm still working stuff out regarding that. I might have to do two cancellation lists. But I will work more on this blog in the future. For now, enjoy the nominees for the worst of television. I will update this blog later with the winners of the worst shows later.

Note on scheduling: There is a bit of confusion in my mind when one television season ends and another one begins. This is why my scheduling is mostly off of what the Emmys do. So you might have seen shows that didn’t actually air this season. I mostly blame the cancelled shows. It can take a long time, typically long into the next television season for some shows, summer shows mostly, to be officially cancelled. They still have not cancelled the Cleveland Show, but they also aren’t making new episodes of it either and Cleveland is set to return to Family Guy. But there are many rumors I hear about shows that don’t turn out to be true (whether it was a made up hoax in the first place or they cancelled the plans to do that after the word got out and fans stated their mixed opinions about it that were probably mostly hate) so we might not see him on the show again. Back on topic, I consider May sweeps to be in the end of one television season and the summer season to be the beginning of the next television season. So even though it isn’t the real schedule, it is still the one that I’m going with.

Also, since NCIS: Red was passed on by CBS and given instead to some other new show, I thought that it might be a dumb move by CBS even if it is only in my own opinion. Since there is no way of me knowing which of these new shows replaced what would have been the time slot for NCIS: Red, then I will just have to guess between all the new shows that CBS has aired this season. While I could easily give it to Intelligence which is a pretty bad show, I am pretty sure that another NCIS spin-off would more than likely not be a midseason TV show. So I will give it to two bad comedies of theirs in this temporary award that might not ever reappear again unless another TV network passes on a great planned spin-off of a TV show. But since both NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles are still on the air and going strong, there will probably be another attempt at a spin-off at some other point in time. Why hasn’t Tony DiNozzo gotten his own team yet? With no Ziva to tie him down, you’d think that if they were guaranteed to pick up the spin-off, that it might not be too bad to see him leave the main show. But that’s just my opinion and fans say very opposing things sometimes. There are rumors of another attempt at an NCIS spin-off that you should be seeing at some point on the original show and not the Los Angeles show. Keep in mind that if this newly planned spin-off is successful (or at least airs more than just a backdoor pilot), then CBS would have righted the wrong from last season. And hopefully, this will be a better cast than NCIS: Red would have been. If NCIS: Red had been made, they would have made complicated sounding TV history by becoming the first spin-off’s spin-off to get a spin-off. That would have been a fourth generation spin-off for those of you who put it in other terms. And even if Tony never gets his own team, it doesn’t matter as long as CBS continues making the great shows they do (the ones that aren’t nominated). But CBS might have the change to right that wrong by picking up NCIS: New Orleans to series. While they passed on How I Met Your Dad, at least two of the three they were considering got picked up. And, regarding the award for worst reason to not do a spin-off, you might see that award again. Regardless, I should get to the list at hand that I’m doing.

Worst reason to not do a spin-off: Mom and We are Men- tie

Worst cliffhanger resolution: The Neighbors, Castle, The Good Wife, Revolution, How I Met Your Mother

Worst title: The Good Wife, Bones, We Are Men, 2 Broke Girls, Arrested Development, Save Me, Trophy Wife, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rake, Back in the Game, Super Fun Night, Glee, The Mindy Project, Ironside, Reign, Scandal, Bad Teacher

Worst ending to a TV series: How I Met Your Mother, The Neighbors, Star-Crossed

Worst acting: 2 Broke Girls, Friends with Better Lives, Super Fun Night

Worst writing: We Are Men, Friends with Better Lives, Rake, Trophy Wife, The Arsenio Hall Show, Mom, Arrested Development, Intelligence, Bad Teacher, Dracula, Sean Saves the World

Worst plot: Sean Saves the World, We Are Men, Bad Teacher, Intelligence, Trophy Wife, Dracula, Mind Games, Rake, Friends with Better Lives, 2 Broke Girls, Arrested Development

The good riddance award: Arrested Development, America Now, Trisha

Why do people care award: Arrested Development, Criminal Minds, Intelligence, 2 Broke Girls, Mom

Worst idea for a show: American Idol, Mom, Welcome to the Family, We Are Men, Criminal Minds, Bad Teacher, Dancing with the “Stars,” Glee, Arrested Development

Biggest waste of time: Undercover Boss, The Vampire Diaries, American Idol

Most forgettable: We Are Men, Mind Games, Intelligence, Bad Teacher, Trophy Wife, The Arsenio Hall Show, Sean Saves the World, Mom, Glee, Arrested Development, Dracula

Bonehead decision of the season: We Are Men

Worst pilot: Mom, Rake, Mind Games, Friends with Better Lives, Intelligence, Bad Teacher, Sean Saves the World, We Are Men, Dracula

Worst drama show: Dracula, Mind Games, Rake, Criminal Minds, Glee, Intelligence, The Carrie Diaries

Worst comedy show: We Are Men, American Dad, Sean Saves the World, Back in the Game, Trophy Wife, Arrested Development, Friends with Better Lives, Mom, Bad Teacher, 2 Broke Girls

Worst new show: Mom, Intelligence, We Are Men, Dracula, Trophy Wife, Bad Teacher, Welcome to the Family, The Arsenio Hall Show, Back in the Game, Rake, Mind Games, Friends with Better Lives, Sean Saves the World

Why is it still on award: Criminal Minds, the Arsenio Hall Show, Undercover Boss, Dancing with the “Stars,” 2 Broke Girls

Most overrated show: Mom, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Dracula, Arrested Development, Dancing with the “Stars”

Weakest Characters: 2 Broke Girls, We Are Men, Rake, Bad Teacher, Friends with Better Lives, Mom, Trophy Wife, Intelligence, The Vampire Diaries, Sean Saves the World, Arrested Development

Worst Reason to Cancel a Good Show: The Carrie Diaries

Why was it created award: Bad Teacher, Arrested Development, Mom, We Are Men

What were they thinking award: We Are Men, Bad Teacher, Mom, Arrested Development, the Arsenio Hall Show

Why do people like it award: Arrested Development, Mom, The Amazing Race, Intelligence, 2 Broke Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Undercover Boss, Dracula

Worst retooling of a show: Two and a Half Men

Jumped the shark award: Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, CSI

What’s it about award: Intelligence, Arrested Development, American Dad, Trophy Wife, The Mindy Project, Mind Games, Rake, We Are Men, Dracula, Mom, Sean Saves the World

Worst show on FOX: American Dad, American Idol, Rake, The X Factor, Glee, MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen, the Arsenio Hall Show

Worst show on ABC: America’s “Funniest” Home Videos, Dancing with the “Stars,” Trophy Wife, Mind Games, Back in the Game

Worst show on CBS: Mom, We Are Men, Intelligence, Criminal Minds, Bad Teacher, Friends with Better Lives, 2 Broke Girls

Worst show on NBC: The Celebrity Apprentice, The Million Second Quiz, Dracula, Sean Saves the World, Welcome to the Family, Save Me

Worst show on the CW: Oh, Sit, The Carrie Diaries, America’s Next Top Model, The Vampire Diaries

Worst show on every other network: The Real Housewives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Arrested Development

Worst syndicated show: The Jerry Springer Show, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Bethenny, Trisha, America Now, Maury

Worst show on television: nominees pending