Sunday, February 2, 2014

Silver Globe Award 2013 Winners

Okay, I figured that I wouldn't want you to wait that long to find out who won the Silver Globe Awards from last year's television season. I thought about waiting a long time to tell you this so that I could figure out the worst show nominees and post the worst show on television at the same time as the best show on television. And while I still might do that, since it will be a long time before the 2013-2014 television season ends and nominees from that season to be finalized, it could be a long time before you figure out which show wins the best show on television because I still want to wait until the worst show is also decided to post that as well. And there is more that I have to explain about how I do the nominees for the worst shows different than the nominees for the Emmys. Plus, as always, there's still more blog posts I have to do as there are many TV shows that I need to review online that haven't already been posted here yet. There are midseason shows (a lot of which haven't aired yet), shows that are on the air but haven't been reviewed by me yet, and I'm already working on the cancelled shows for this season. As always, you can probably always expect to see eventual blog posts here, they are just always random and far apart. So I thought that since I was doing a post for a different blog I have, I might as well update my blog here with information that I have ready to post. So without any further rambling, here's the winners for the Silver Globe Awards from the year 2013 and the nominees for best show on television.

Best new show: Sleepy Hollow

Best one season show: Go On

Best cancelled or ending show: 30 Rock

Most screwed show: Friend Me

Best theme song: CSI: New York

Best idea for a show: Touch

Best series premiere: Hostages

Best series finale: Touch

Best cliffhanger ending: Law and Order: SVU

Best cliffhanger resolution: Hawaii Five-O

Best cast: The Big Bang Theory

Best writers: How I Met Your Mother

Best editing: Touch

Most interesting show: Survivor

Best music in a show: SNL

Time well spent award: Futurama

Most memorable: SNL

Most underrated TV show: Community

Best retooling of a show: Body of Proof

Why was it a midseason replacement award: Touch

Best comedy-drama: Emily Owens MD

Groundbreaking show: none

Best comedy: Family Guy

Best drama: Touch

Best PBS special: Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas

Best show on CBS: Survivor

Best show on ABC: Castle

Best show on the CW: Whose Line is it Anyways?

Best show on NBC: Law and Order: SVU

Best show on FOX: Touch

Best show on any other network: Futurama

Best syndicated show: The Jeff Probst Show

Best show on television: Survivor, Castle, Whose Line is it Anyways?, Law and Order: SVU, Touch, Futurama, The Jeff Probst Show