Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wednesdays on TV

Due to the frequent scheduling changes that will take place the rest of the season, this might be the last day I can post about until the next season starts so I can include updates on new shows in the midseason. I'll begin by posting an update to the Sliver Globe Awards by listing what shows are in the running for being the best on television based on winners in other categories. I will list the winner in my next post.

Best show on television nominees: Flashpoint, Primetime: What Would You Do?, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Parenthood, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, Futurama, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

And now, here's Wednesdays on TV:

Wednesdays can be a bit of a bore on television. There are some interesting shows but most of it is not worth your time. Yet it also has some of the best shows. ABC shows its comedies which are currently Modern Family, Happy Endings, Suburbatory, and The Middle. FOX shows the popular American Idol. NBC shows Law and Order: SVU. The CW shows America’s Next Top Model. CBS shows Criminal Minds, CSI, and Survivor. I haven’t seen much of them that aren’t listed here, but I’ll tell you about what I have seen. There are no winners or losers, merely competitors.

The Middle: Status- Currently on ABC at 7 Central on Wednesdays. Noteworthiness- It is tied with Cougar Town and Modern Family as longest running ABC comedy. Description- The comedy adventures of an ordinary family in Indiana. Notable People- Patricia Heaton, who was Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond, is the mother. Neil Flynn, from Scrubs, is the father of the show. Pros- Mothers would like this show. It is quite funny from time to time. The youngest kid’s quirkiness is humorous. Cons- Some inappropriate stuff comes up sometimes. Recommendation- I say that you should watch this show if you can. You’ll especially like it if you don’t like Survivor. Prediction- It will last a long time. Grade: B+.

Survivor: Status- Currently on CBS at 7 Central on Wednesdays. It was on Thursday for a long time until it switched with the comedy blocks. It might have changed because March Madness would move it to this slot for that time and the network decided not to bother changing it for that time. Noteworthiness- It shows two seasons a year; one in the fall and another in the spring. The current season they are on is their 24nd. There has been something new that happens on this show that has never happened in previous seasons. While most reality shows don’t have as good ratings as scripted shows, this has good ratings that show scripted shows could envy. It is also the adaptation of the Swedish reality show, Expedition Robertson. It is considered the first reality show and is the longest running one on CBS if you don’t count a new related show. Description- Contestants compete against each other to see who will survive 39 days and win a million dollars. Every week, a contestant is voted out and the last few people face a jury of previously voted out people who vote one of them the winner. Notable People- Jeff Probst is the host. Mark Burnett is the creator of this show. Pros- There is a different cast each season so if you don’t like one season you can stop watching and watch the next season. The contestants are interesting sometimes. Drama is always pleasant. Due to the competition nature of the show, it can’t legally be scripted like a lot of reality shows are. Cons- The people that you hate can make it far while the people that you like get eliminated first. The basic plots of some seasons can be similar to each other. They like to recycle ideas and challenges. It can be hard to find a normal season anymore. A lot of controversies have arisen on the show. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. I like it and think that you should watch it, but not everyone has my opinion of this show. Prediction- It will last as long as it has the same host. If it changes, it might leave the airwaves shortly after although another network like the CW might still have faith in it. Grade: A-.

American Idol: Status- A never ending show that appears at all different times during the spring season but mostly on Wednesdays at 7 Central. Noteworthiness- It is very popular with some people being the most watch show currently on television. It was also voted by people at the runner-up of what long running show should be cancelled. It does better than every scripted show on FOX with almost double the viewers as their top rated show. In fact, most shows up against its time slot are considered to be on a graveyard slot. The judges are famous, no matter who they are. Far enough in the game, you can vote as many times as you like for who you want to win. Description- A reality competition where we vote for our favorite singer. Pros- We get to choose the outcomes at some point. The bad people early on can be funny for us. Inside jokes are present a lot. Cons- The voting system, where you can vote as often as you like for whoever you want, is seriously flawed. Most contestants are never heard from again even after winning the show. We are always going to dislike some of the judges’ and voters’ decisions on who should win. Recommendation- I don’t like it. Watch it at your own risk. I want it to be cancelled and consider it the worst thing on television right now that I’ve seen. Prediction- It will last forever. Grade: F.

Suburbatory: Status- Currently on ABC at 7:30 Central on Wednesdays. Description- I don’t know what it is about except life in the suburbs after living in the city and culture shock involved with that. Notable People- Alan Tudyk from Firefly is on the show. Pros- Critics like it. It isn’t bad. Cons- I don’t get what it is about. I don’t understand it. Recommendation- I have none available right now. I don’t regularly watch this so I don’t have full knowledge of the show. Prediction- Toss-up. Grade: none right now, but maybe one later.

Modern Family: Status- Currently on ABC at 8 Central on Wednesdays. Noteworthiness- Like The Office, it is a fake documentary meaning it presents itself as a reality show, when it isn’t (Although certain “reality” shows are that way). It has inspired ABC to look for families like the ones on the show to do a real reality show on. Whether anything will come of that is another question. It is a popular show winning awards as is the longest running comedy on this network, tied with The Middle and Cougar Town. Description- A look at the people an extended family of “normal” ones and not so normal ones. Notable People- Ed O’Neal from Married with Children is present. Other people might be famous either before or after the show aired. Pros- A funny comedy that attracts all different people like the families that are like this. There are good episodes a lot of the time. Cons- The episodes do not always have enough material in them and move by too quickly. Inappropriate material shows up often. Recommendation- Watch this show if you like it. Prediction- Since it is the most successful comedy on ABC, it will last a long time. Grade: A.

Law and Order: Special Victims Units: Status- Currently on NBC at 8 Central on Wednesdays. Noteworthiness: It is the longest running drama spin-off on television as well as the longest running NBC drama (I think). It is a spin-off of Law and Order. Description- A group of people known as the special victims unit (SVU) investigate sexual crimes. Pros- They never show the crimes. The plots are interesting and different. They use real life cases as an inspiration, but not as what actually is shown. Cons- If you haven’t started watching yet and you do start watching, you may think that you are stupid for not watching it sooner. The show may never end. Recommendation- Give it a chance and you might like it. Prediction- It will last until people stop watching for some odd reason. Grade: A+.

Happy Endings: Status- Currently on ABC at 8:30 Central on Wednesdays. Description- I know what the original focus of the show was about, but I do not know what it is about now. People compare it to Friends which is the best way of saying what it is now. Notable People- Casey Wilson from Saturday Night Live is a cast member. So is Damon Wayans Jr. Pros- Unlike most second halves of a comedy slot, this is something I don’t mind watching. It can be quite entertaining. Cons- It is hard to tell what the show is about. It can be pretty weird. Recommendation- You might as well watch it unless something better is on. Prediction- I don’t know what will happen to the show, but I only hope that it will stay around. Grade: B+.

CSI: Status- Currently on CBS at 9 Central on Wednesdays. Noteworthiness- This was once the most watched drama on television until it was replaced by NCIS. Its pilot was passed by three different networks, ABC, NBC, and FOX, before it was picked up by CBS. It is also the longest running drama on CBS. Description- A team of people solves cases using Crime Scene Investigation. Notable People- Ted Danson is the main character, although he didn’t used to be. Pros- A good crime drama which goes more in-depth into how they solve crimes and catch the person who committed them. Cons- As it goes farther into its tenure on television, it is more likely to get cancelled and could leave the airwaves on at least CBS for good soon enough. Not enough women are represented. A lot of other shows are just like it. Probably isn’t realistic. It has lost its main character, not once but twice. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Prediction- Its end will come, I just don’t know when. Grade: C.

I hope that you enjoyed my reviews.