Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daytime Talk Shows

A talk show has one or more hosts talk about current issues, mostly having actors talk about their recent works or musicians playing their music. Depending on the show, there may be human interest stories. There is a mixture of genders, with some of them being hosted by men and others being hosted by women. A select few have one of each. Honestly, almost every talk show during the day hosted by a guy who's not Anderson Cooper isn't worth watching, although I haven't seen enough of them to know for sure. All I know is that The Jerry Springer Show was ranked as the number one worst TV show ever. Maury is almost as pointless and Dr. Phil may be good, but I don't know for sure. I will now tell you about some of them in no particular order.


The Talk: Where to find it- 1:00 Central on CBS. Edit as needed for your time zone. What's it like- It's an interesting talk show hosted by five women. It actually airs live unlike most talk shows which are filmed live, but have editing applied before it airs. They talk about current issues as well as interview guests. Notable People- Julie Chen, the host of Big Brother, is a co-host. Sara Gilbert from Roseanne is the creator of the show and a co-host. Sharon Ozbourne is also a co-host. Pros- This show can be quite amusing. It is much better than The View, although comparable to it. Cons- Like all talk shows, it can lose its edge when the guests come on. Since the show is only on CBS, they tend to favorite guests on CBS shows. Some of the issues addressed are quite trivial to anyone without a account. Outcome: A great show that you might find interesting. It's my favorite talk show with an A+.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Where to find it- It is syndicated so you'll find it at different times on different channels but it might not be in your region. What's it like- This is also another good talk show which has won awards featuring people with their moments of fame, celebrities, and strange games played by the audience or guests. Pros- This is a good talk show where no one is the victim of the jokes. It is very funny and normally always appropriate. Also, the guests are almost always interesting unlike other shows where the coolness of the show ends when they come on. Cons- You might not like the political views that sometimes pop up or the gay rights views. Also, it is very random sometimes and hard to keep up with if you don't watch it all the time since there are constant references to other episodes. Outcome: Watch it if you like it. I give it an A-.


The Dr. Oz Show: Where it find it- It is syndicated and a spin-off of Oprah. What's it like- The famous doctor talks about health problems that you may not know about and what you should do about it. Pros- You might learn something. Cons- It's hard to know what really a problem worth worrying about or not is. Outcome: Not worth your time. I give it a D.


Live with Kelly: Where to find it- It is syndicated and is aired and filmed live at 9:00. It might be in your region. What's it like- Kelly Ripa hosts this show although they are looking for a co-host to share the hosting duties with her. For some odd reason, it has to be a guy and can't be a woman like her. It's first half has no break; its second half has short segments and lots of breaks. Pros- You might like it. It has a certain beat to it from show to show where almost nothing changes. Cons- The format is annoying. If you missed an episode, you'll probably never see it again. It is mostly geared at women and not men. Outcome: Take it or leave it. I give it a B-.


The 700 Club: Where to find it- It is syndicated so you'll have to search for it or you may not have it at all. What's it like- Pat Robertson as well as other people, host a Christian show full of the wonders of God and other interesting stories with guests, some famous. Pros- You hear great stories about miracles and how some people were turned to Christ. Cons- I used to watch this, well, religiously, but haven't seen it in a while. Their political views are off-putting to those of the other party. Sometimes it seems less like a confession of faith and more like the rants of a crazy man. Outcome: Take it or leave it. I give it a C+.


Here is the winner of the worst show on television for the 2011-2012 Season


Worst show on television: Work It

Monday, August 20, 2012


Here is information relating to PBS and shows found on it.

PBS offers a great variety of shows that are on at different times throughout the season. Some of it remains constant from time to time and others change. It offers a different feel than the other networks and you'll feel much better watching it then somebody getting murdered, reality shows, or what people think is funny. I will now tell you what is available.


McLaughlin Group: Description- A panel of people discuss current political affairs. It is filmed in Washington DC. There is the main person and two people for each political side. Pros- There is political discussion from both sides. The bickering can be quite funny. Cons- It is not for people who don't like to discuss politics. They are actually biased towards the right which although hard to notice, once I did I stopped watching the show. Recommendation- Watch it if you like it. I think that it is pretty interesting. Prediction- This show will never leave the air. Grade: B.


Nova: Description- This is an educational show about science. There are different versions like Nova Science Now and others. Pros- You can learn a lot from this show. Cons- It isn't for everyone because you could find it boring. Recommendation- Watch it if you like it which you might. Prediction- It will stay forever like it has to this point. Grade: A-.


Nature: Description- Basically, a show about nature, mostly animal life. You might find similar things on the Discovery Channel. Pros- It is very interesting to some people and might be to you. Cons- Some of what is shown is a bit gruesome. Recommendation- I like it and think that you should watch it if you have the time. Prediction- It will last forever. Grade: A.


Antiques Road Show: Description- It is a show about old objects and how much they are worth. Pros- You can learn a lot if you have something that you'd like to sell. Cons- It can be very boring at times. If you aren't interested, you won't like it. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Prediction- Like everything on PBS, the moment it is cancelled is the moment that the world ends. Grade: B-.


American Experience: Description- This is a show about history that has happened in America. Pros- It is very interesting to those who are interested in American History. Cons- It is not interesting for those who don't. Recommendation- If you like it, then watch it if you can find it. Prediction- It will last forever. Grade: A.


Washington Week: Noteworthiness- It is a half-hour long show that is the longest running of its type on PBS. Description- This is an informative show on current political affairs and other news. Notable People- Gwen Eiffel hosts the show and the team is recognizable as well. Pros- The people talk about politics in a civilized way, without any bickering. You can learn a lot. Also, you here from both sides. Cons- Other good shows tend to be on at the same time. It can be hard to stay into week to week. Not interesting to those who hate politics. Recommendation- Watch this show if you can and you like it. Prediction- It will stay the longest running show on PBS of its type. Grade: A.