Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cancellation Predictions for the 2014-2015 Season

Introduction: Okay, before the next season of television starts, I might as well do a bunch of predictions as to which shows will get cancelled throughout the season. This is a gross overestimation so don’t expect everything to be cancelled (not that I’d be right on everything anyways) even though I put it on the list and I’m sure that shows will be cancelled that aren’t on the list. This will include all shows and not just new shows, although you can expect to see more new shows on the list than other shows. I’m also including midseason replacements as well. But you should already know that. For clarity’s sake, this list will be put into the more serious predictions and the less serious predictions. Plus, I’m also going to list some of the shows that are already announced as ending this season since we all know that they are going to end anyways and to not include them on a list of cancellations this season, even if they are just ending and not really cancelled. I’m not really sure if some of the stuff in one list should actually be in the other list, but I think they’ll be cancelled nonetheless. Also, there may be a lack of midseason shows on the list since I couldn’t find that much information on them at the moment.

More Serious Predictions

Utopia (this reality show social experiment seems like it probably wouldn’t be long term, although it could last longer than some may expect due to the network probably having big plans for it), Mulaney (this show looks like crap and I’m betting on an early cancelation, but not with money, of course due to many reasons like the show being a Seinfeld rip-off and if promos make it look bad, then it will be bad), Scorpion (it might be too soon to know for sure, but liberties with the truth may make it less likely to succeed), Jane the Virgin (the idea sounds too strange to work and sounds bad enough that it will probably be cancelled right out of the gate), Manhattan Love Story (this sounds too strange to work and may be prepared for early cancellation), Marry Me (shows with bad titles are normally cancelled regardless of the quality of the show), Forever (supernatural shows don’t always work and it could be short-lived like New Amsterdam), Stalker (many people are betting on this show’s early cancellation, and it could very well be among them since it looks too dark, serious, and over-the-top to work as a long term show), Black-ish (another show that falls under the promos make it look bad so it will be bad rule and like Lone Star, just because the critics like it, doesn’t mean it will last long), The Mysteries of Laura (my local TV critic gave this show the worst rating out of all the new shows that immediately premiere, since midseason shows will be reviewed later, so I will think it gets cancelled too), The McCarthys (this looks like the absolute worst of all the new shows, or at least the new CBS shows), Bad Judge (bad title normally means cancellation and I can’t think of any shows at the moment that mention something negative in their title and the show lasted long, although I hope that I’m wrong about its cancellation), State of Affairs (people not liking the lead may help, but the show is mostly negatively reviewed so that would help even less), How to Get Away with Murder (probably not as likely to get cancelled as others, the bad title rule could still apply, although I’m probably going to be wrong about this one), Cristela (this could be bad, but I forget why I put it on this list), Battle Creek (probably another lowly rated show I’ve read about), The Odd Couple (many people hate this already and CBS midseason shows are normally always cancelled), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (see bad title rule), Weird Loners (also bad title rule), The Mentalist (this show cheated cancellation last season, so don’t get your hopes up about the next season), Beauty and the Beast (this show may have become television’s next Fringe where a lowly rated show keeps getting renewed for seemingly no good reason and while it might keep cheating death, I say that it is more likely to be cancelled than not), Hart of Dixie (I heard rumors that this might be the end this season and I don’t know if they are true or not, but I still think that things aren’t going well for this show anyways)

Less Serious Predictions

Law and Order: SVU (I heard that this show might be getting too expensive to make, but it is still doing well for the network, it probably won’t be as likely as others), CSI (now that it has moved to CBS’s worst timeslot, Sunday at 9 Central, normally later, it could be in more danger of being cancelled, even though it probably won’t be), The Blacklist (this is a bit of a random choice, considering how it was NBC’s highest rated show last season, but that also described two other shows that only lasted for two seasons, one of them airing right after the Voice before it lost its great timeslot and ratings, something that this could wind up doing, but probably won’t), NCIS: New Orleans (it might relay too much on connections with NCIS to fly on its own, but I don’t really think that it will be cancelled), Bones (this falls to show being on too long has to end rumors since it gets too expense to make it, but since the ratings aren’t suffering, then it probably will last a good while), Grey’s Anatomy (for the same reasons as Bones and SVU, this is on the list and it is pretty much nothing to worry about), CSI: Cyber (this falls under the CBS midseason replacement show which says that all midseason replacements on CBS will get cancelled, but this isn’t as likely to happen as all the other cancelled series since spin-offs get extra edge than other new shows), Madam Secretary (while this show will probably last, new things on Sundays don’t normally do well for some odd reason that I don’t know and the football delays on this network probably wouldn’t help), iZombie (it’s hard to know for sure what will happen with random midseason shows like this, but it sounds like an already done concept that could easily fail), Marvel’s Agent Carter (this may not be what people would expect/want out of a show like this over a character that I’m not really sure falls under most people’s interest, although the network probably has too big plans to get rid of it easily and it could avoid becoming what Once Upon a Time in Wonderland did)

Already Been Cancelled

Two and a Half Men (this show may might me go off on a rant about various things relating to the show, including things that have yet to air, basically, many people are glad that this show is ending and some people liked it at one point but it probably wasn’t ever good in the first place, all I can say is that I won’t be watching any of the last season, expect with the possible good show airing right after it making it best for me to record both since it would be easiest that way, they want to marry the two male characters even though they are terribly straight throughout the whole series to the point where you have to wonder why none of the have gotten STDs or any other sexual problems to the point that I think that the gay community would be insulted over it, many people think that the show was good with Charlie Sheen and it turned bad when Ashton Kutcher took over when it was actually bad with Sheen and better with Kutcher, but not to the point where any of the show was good long term, and people get mad at Ashton Kutcher for replacing Charlie Sheen when they don’t seem to realize that they would be mad at anyone who replaced Charlie Sheen and it was entirely Charlie Sheen’s fault that Charlie Sheen was fired from this show, so you should actually be mad at him for getting himself fired in the first place and needing replaced when if he retained his sanity, then he wouldn’t have been fired in the way that he was and he would still work with the show, if you were wondering, when the show lost Angus T Jones, the show lost me and any sense of decency that the show might have ever had which it definitely didn’t have when Charlie Sheen was on the show), Parks and Recreation (I honestly don’t know why this is getting cancelled, but it might be that NBC is having a “replace all our sitcoms” tendency that most networks have all the time, CBS had it around the time that Two and a Half Men started, CW had it to such an extent that there were no comedies on that network for a long time when they brought it back starting with Whose Line is it Anyways? which made them attempt other terrible comedies, FOX does this on a regular basis, it seems, and ABC’s most recent attempt at total sitcom replacement happened when Modern Family and The Middle both started for the first time, and now that I’m done with this random bit of television history, I might as well say that I’m sorry this show is leaving the airwaves as it was pretty good, even if the name of the show was a misnomer), Glee (this show ending will bring many people glee as it was terribly overrated and I’m not entirely sure why it is ending either so it is just ending, I guess), Parenthood (as I probably stated before, this show couldn’t stay lowly rated and on the airwaves forever so it will be getting what I hope is a fine send-off this season), Hieroglyph (FOX cancelled it before it even aired because they didn’t like where it was going and figured that they couldn’t fix it)

Okay, that’s all the information that I have on that subject for now. I should be returning with similar regular posting but probably not as often as I could do. I just haven’t figured out a good time frame of when I should post new things. I don’t know when to update it, but this has always been updated sporadically anyways. I’m just hoping that people actually start reading this blog because if I still have zero reads for all of the blog posts I did this summer (all must have just one reader to make me happy), then I don’t know if I can keep posting here with absolutely nobody reading it. If people continue to not read it, then I might stop. But, I’ll probably keep continuing these blog posts anyways. The point is, read as much as you can of this blog. If not, then you might not see this as much as somebody might want me to. Also, if something has been cancelled, it might not be on the list since I haven't seen if anything is yet this season besides the long running shows that are ending.