Friday, January 25, 2013

Sliver Globes Award 2012 Nominees and more


Best new show (Missing, Touch, Emily Owens MD)


Best one season show (Missing, Awake, Emily Owens MD)


Best cancelled or ending show (Missing, Emily Owens MD, Awake)


Most screwed show (Breaking In)


Best theme song (Touch, NCIS, Family Guy)


Best idea for a show (Primetime: What Would You Do?, Touch, The Big Bang Theory)


Best series premiere (Missing)


Best series finale (Rob)


Best cliffhanger ending (NCIS)


Best cliffhanger resolution (NCIS)


Best cast (Saturday Night Live, The Talk, The Big Bang Theory)


Best writers (Touch, How I Met Your Mother, The Late Late Show)


Best editing (Survivor)


Most interesting show (Primetime: What Would You Do?)


Best music in a show (Family Guy)


Time well spent award (Primetime: What Would You Do?)


Most memorable (Touch, Primetime: What Would You Do?, Saturday Night Live)


Most underrated TV show (Rob, Blue Bloods, Happy Endings, The Middle, The Talk, The Late Late Show, Emily Owens MD, Go On, Parenthood, Grimm, Touch)


Why was it a midseason replacement award (Touch, Awake, Missing)


Best comedy-drama (NCIS, Emily Owens MD, NCIS: Los Angeles)


Groundbreaking show (Touch)


Best show on CBS (Survivor, NCIS, The Talk, The Big Bang Theory)


Best show on ABC (Castle, Missing, Primetime: What Would You Do?)


Best show on the CW (Emily Owens MD)


Best show on NBC (Law and Order: SVU, Parenthood, Saturday Night Live, Awake)


Best show on FOX (Touch, Family Guy, Bones)


Best show on any other network (Flashpoint, Futurama, The Closer)


Best syndicated show (The Jeff Probst Show, Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show)


Best show on television (TBA)


Christmas Commercials


In 2012 the official count of Christmas commercials before Halloween was 27. The official number of commercials before the official Christmas season started on the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the number 200.


Sorry that I haven't posted any information regarding Tuesday or Thursday on television. I'm not sure when I will be able to do that. I hope to do it soon. At some point