Thursday, December 25, 2014

De Facto Cancelled

Sometimes, shows are never officially cancelled even though they obviously are over. I decided to do a quick list of these shows that might not be listed as cancelled in most places. A show like Cosmos is considered an event series that wasn’t supposed to last many seasons so it wouldn’t be on a list like this. Remember that there is a difference between an event series and a limited run series. While we are on the topic of Cosmos, I have decided to go off on a tangent. People complained that Cosmos didn’t talk about the religious side of things in the show. But it’s a show about science. Science doesn’t typically allow stuff like that in the first place so I don’t know why they were complaining. I also don’t know why this show existed on a FOX network, among various other networks all airing it at the same time, since it isn’t their type of show and they made it seem like a bigger deal than it could actually be in the end. Meanwhile, if I wanted to watch a show to better understand the universe, I’d watch Nova instead of an obvious rip-off like this. I never bothered to tune in simply because the network didn’t even say it would be a part of the schedule in the first place. Only when a show is a summer show or that good do I end up watching it. I do not like shows like that. But, don’t think that you’ll see it in my bad awards show list because I’m done complaining about it now.

Now’s a good chance for me to include another note regarding the cancelled shows from last season. You see, FOX aired something called animation domination hi-def. They aired it late at night on Saturday leaving it with few viewers. So, basically, stuff that wasn’t advertised that you didn’t know existed was cancelled due to low ratings. The only surprising thing about it was that it was even news in the first place. Also, this list may contain a lot of shows, none of which anyone probably cares about. It might be a while before I post anything in this blog so you may see a lot of shows here from a long time ago depending on when this is finally updated.

This list will mostly be various summer shows that never were officially cancelled because most main season shows do get officially cancelled. Whodunit left the airwaves with no future season to call its own and no official cancellation notice. I would post a review of it, but I only saw one episode and it aired too long ago anyways. Oh, Sit never aired again this season so it is officially over even though the network never bothered to end it. The Million Second Quiz is also a victim of this. Nobody cared enough to even announce that it was over. Splash, the ABC reality show about simply diving into a pool was appropriately cancelled even though no cancellation was ever made official. I’m sure that I’m missing a lot of different shows from recent TV shows. Oh well. That’s all for now. I know that I’m missing shows so if you can remember some unimportant show that ended with an official cancelation notice, then let me know because it might not be important to some, but it matters to a few. I am probably missing more shows on this list. For the future, I will try to remember what they are and put them with the cancelled shows update list. Of course, I would if I ever bothered watching them and if they were ever worth mentioning. I’m pretty sure this post may be a waste of time. I know that there are more shows cancelled that I missed mentioning here.

Well, since there’s still more stuff to talk about, in my mind; I decided to add how you know that a show was cancelled. This list mostly applies to network TV. The rules normally apply to any show should any of this happen to a show that you watch. There may be exceptions, but I’ll tell you what different things that happen to a show mean that it’s cancelled and not coming back. These rules apply whether an official cancellation is ever made or not. 1- It has been over a year since this show last aired a new episode. 2- A show is pulled from the schedule with unaired episodes and no set return date. 3- Every new episode has finished airing and there are no plans to make any more. 4- A new show is moved to Fridays when it didn’t used to air there. 5- A new show’s episode order is cut. 6- They ever air new episodes on Saturdays. 7- New episodes are only available online. 8- The show is no longer on the schedule at all. 9- No new episodes are produced anymore. 10- No promos for this show happen anymore. 11- The show that is not a limited run series does not get an order for more episodes. This rule does not apply should the show be a midseason replacement as it is not customary to receive an order for more episodes in that case. Also the rule normally only applies to new shows since returning shows can have shortened seasons at times and not be in danger of being cancelled.

I would mention a network officially cancelling a show, but that obviously means that a show has ended and then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything like this. There might be other ways of knowing that a show is de facto, but not officially cancelled. There might be others of them that are notable that I can’t think of. But I included this list and these rules so you would know for sure in the future. I’ll also try to post these cancelled shows in the lists that I do every year. (In case you are wondering, there is a show currently on television, Mulaney, that is currently de facto cancelled. It’s not the only one actually. If you don’t think that it will be, I assure you that it will be cancelled by the end of the season, if not sooner. If it returns for future seasons, feel free to rub that in my face. But it won’t.) I think that now I might actually be at the end.