Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cancelled and Worst Shows

Not every show lasts. It doesn't matter how long or short it lasts on the air. Shows do end up getting cancelled or ending of their own free will. Here is my review of these shows, whether you've seen them yet or not.


NYC 22: Description- A bunch of new cops have interesting adventures. Why I've Seen It- It was on CBS and nothing else good was on at the time. Pros- Not many shows are like it. Cons- There's not enough in it. Recommendation- Since the show got cancelled and might not ever be seen again, I don't know what to say about whether you should watch it or not. I say, go ahead if you can find it. Let me know where it is. Cancellation Reasons- It fell victim to the CBS curse. It premiered late into the season and garnered very few viewers. There was no reason for people to watch a new show this late into the season. I don't even know if they'll finish airing the show on television or not, but they probably will. Similar Shows: Rookie Blue. Grade: B-.


Terra Nova: Description- A dying world in the future goes into an alternate past filled with dinosaurs to save the world. Not only do they have to deal with dinosaurs that could easily kill them, but also an evil group of people that came back with them. Why I've Seen It- I thought it was the best looking new show on television this season. Noteworthiness- This show had the most expensive pilot in television history. They did not order a pilot but thirteen episodes, a very rare move. Pros- You do not see many sci-fi shows on television for that long. It was probably the best new show this season. Few shows like this exist. Cons- It's not as good as other sci-fi shows are. It can be boring and the plot moves too slowly, yet at the same time, too quickly. Not enough happened in it. It should have been a movie instead. Recommendation- They'll probably release it to DVD, but even if they don't, you might still like it. Cancellation Reasons- The critics hated it. It was way too expensive. Shows like this should just be movies instead. Similar Shows: none. Grade: B-.


House: Description- A doctor named House uses any method to save his patients. Why I've Seen It- I was trying to find a medical drama to watch that has good enough ratings. Pros- The show is interesting to some people. Cons- The show is boring. Recommendation- It doesn't matter if you watch it anymore since it will be ending. I only ever watched it because there is nothing else good on at the time for the whole entire hour. Cancellation Reasons- I don't exactly know every reason why it ended; it had simply run its course. Similar Shows: none. Grade: C.


How to Be a Gentleman: Description- No one cares. Why I've Seen It- It was on CBS. Pros- It got cancelled. Cons- Everything else including the fact that it even existed. Recommendation- It will never be seen again which is a very good thing. Cancellation Reasons- The show was crap. The acting was crap. The writing was crap. So much of it was crap. I don't know why it even existed in the first place. Similar Shows: none. Grade: F. It got replaced by Rules of Engagement. If you care about it, the remaining episodes are being burned off on Saturdays.


The Secret Circle: Description- A group of teenage witches develop their powers in a small town. It is based off of a book series by L. J. Smith, the same writer of the Vampire Diaries book series. Why I've Seen it- Devotion to watch at least one new CW show this season. Pros- The recurring storyline can keep you interested into what's happening. Cons- The show looks like an attempt at the network to recreate something else. The plot moves too slowly and it can be uninteresting. Recommendation- I don't know what to tell you. The books were probably better so just read them instead of wasting your time watching TV or reading blogs. Cancellation Reasons- I don't know what exactly happened to cause the show's demise, but it didn't really add much to television that wasn't already there. Similar Shows: none. Grade: C-.


A Gifted Man: Description- A great medical doctor sees his dead ex-wife and starts caring more about other people. Why I've Seen It- It was on CBS, the best network. Pros- A drama like this is very unusual and not typically seen on television. Cons- The dead ex-wife angle was very strange and didn't add much to the show. Recommendation- It was good while it lasted. I don't think it will reappear on DVD, but that remains to be seen. Cancellation Reasons- It was the lowest rated drama on CBS. It was on Fridays. They took it off the air before the regular season ended, thus making it a victim of the CBS curse. Basically, no one cared about this show. Similar Shows: none. Grade: B+.


Awake: Description- After a horrible car accident, a man finds himself living in two different realities where they both seem like dreams, but both seem real. Why I've seen it- I thought that it looked good and I vowed to watch one midseason replacement on NBC. Pros- It is incredibly unique and not many shows like it are ever made. The critics seem to love it. Cons- The dual storylines can be very complicated. It is hard to know what is really real, if any of it is. Recommendation- I don't know if it will be released to DVD, but I still like the show and think that it should have lasted longer. Cancellation Reasons- I don't really know why people didn't tune it and watch it, but it apparently was too great for television. Similar Shows: none. Grade: A-.


Missing: Description- A ex-CIA mother looks for her missing son in Europe. Why I've seen it- The premise sounded intriguing and I wanted to watch a midseason replacement on ABC. Notable People- Sean Bean known mostly for his work on Lord of the Rings was a cast member. Pros- It is full of a lot of suspense and drama. It can be hard not to watch. There aren't any other missing person's dramas on television. Cons- It is kind of a rip-off of Taken, with gender swapped roles. There are too many twists and it can be hard to keep track of. Recommendation- Since it is getting released to DVD (I think), you might as well get it, if you don't mind the cliffhanger ending. It is possible that more seasons will be made internationally. Cancellation Reasons- The critics hated it and seemed like it was ridiculous. Too much competition seemed to kill it. It was hard to follow, and should have just been a movie instead. There were too many twists in the plot. Similar Shows: none. Grade: B.


Rules of Engagement: Description- It is about the adventures of a long married couple, an engaged couple, a single "ladies man," and his assistant. Why I've Seen It- I forgot why I've ever started watching it in the first place. I must have thought it was interesting then. Notable People- Patrick Warburton, known for his voice acting on different shows and movies, is Jeff. David Spade, known for his work on Saturday Night Live, 8 Simple Rules, and various movies, is Russell. Others might be present. Pros- It can be funny at times. Cons- It was rated by someone at TV.com as the worst sitcom currently on television, even though he hasn't seen a whole episode. Although I wouldn't agree with him, he's not far off. Recommendation- Don't watch it. Maybe if nothing else good is on you could watch it, but even then the TV is better off. Special Note- This might not really be cancelled, but the network hates the show and doesn't normally have it unless there are problems with other shows on the air. I give it an F+, but think that even if it does continue, it won't last that long and you shouldn't even bother. CBS hates the show and only has it around when nothing else good is on.


Minute to Win It: Why I've seen it- Randomly caught an episode. Description- It is a game show where two people compete for money by doing weird tasks in sixty seconds. Notable People- The host is Guy Pierce. Pros- An interesting game show to some people. Cons- If you don't get into it, you'll never watch it. Recommendation- Something else better might be on, so watch that instead. If you do like this, then there's no reason to stop. Cancellation Reasons- All primetime game shows either get cancelled or become syndicated or daytime shows. Since most people never knew when it was on or that it even still existed, then it doesn't matter that it got cancelled. But, at least it has a tie-in board game. Similar Shows: none. Grade: D.


Alcatraz: Why I've seen it- Decided to watch it because nothing else good was on and to fulfill my promise to watch a midseason replacement on FOX this season. Description- Criminals from a famous prison suddenly reappear as if nothing has happened since it closed to start committing new crimes. Pros- It is unique. Cons- It is very boring. Recommendation- No one liked it and I didn't care much for it. Cancellation Reasons- It wasn't very good and that's all I can think of. Some might have thought it was too violent. I say that it was very pointless. Similar Shows: none. Grade: C-.


Unforgettable: Description- A woman cop has a memory where she cannot forget anything. She is also trying to solve the death of her sister. Why I've Seen It- It was on CBS, the best network dedicated to quality programming. Pros- It's a very unique type of show that doesn't show up that often. Cons- It can seem unrealistic at points. The show doesn't really end and probably won't be picked up by another network (but it could still happen, even if it's unlikely). Recommendation- It was fun while it lasted, but it isn't on anymore. Cancellation Reasons- There just weren't enough viewers for whatever reasons. I guess the unforgettable show is something they'd rather forget. Similar Shows: none. Grade: C.


Ringer: Description- Strange circumstances force a woman to assume the identity of her identical twin and everyone has their secrets. It was originally supposed to be a CBS show. Why I've Seen It- It came up in a dream and I decided to watch when nothing else was on. Pros- Not many shows are like it. Cons- It sure seemed to follow every stereotype in the book. It is somehow both over and under dramatic. Recommendation- I wasn't very into it and I don't think that you would be either. Cancellation Reasons- Probably, problems with advertising the show and what it was supposed to be on CBS and ended up being on the CW. Similar Shows- none. Grade: D.


CSI: Miami: Why I've Seen It- My brother was into it and I started watching sometimes as well. Noteworthiness- It is part of the CSI franchise, the second one to air. It was originally created to be the first "rip-off" of the successful CSI. Description- A team of CSIs investigates murders and other crimes in Miami. Pros- An interesting crime show for those that like typical crime shows. Cons- People have said that it doesn't represent how CSI really works. Some episodes are weird and leave you wondering why they were made at all in the end. Not enough females are represented in the cast. Recommendation- Watch it while you can as it is likely to get cancelled very soon. There are two other CSI shows on television that you might like more. Cancellation Reasons- It got taken off the air before the regular season ended on CBS, thus, making it a victim of the CBS curse. It was on their most hated time slot. The viewership must have dropped too far. Fans consider this the worst CSI. As to why NBC, ABC, or FOX, networks that passed on the original CSI, haven't picked the show up is probably its long running time on CBS. It is the longest running show to get cancelled this season (that I know of). But there still might be a follow-up movie (CBS Films needs a hit) or a new CSI that will eventually take its place on television. Similar Shows: CSI and CSI: New York. Grade: C.


Rob: Description- Based loosely on the life of Rob Snider (if I'm spelling his last name right), we see what happens when a lifelong bachelor suddenly gets married and meets his Mexican in-laws. Why I've Seen It- There was nothing else good on and I like CBS, the network it was on. Notable People- Rob Snider and Cheech Marin are in the show. Pros- The in-law sitcom has been proven to work on television. It can be funny at times. Cons- The show relied too heavily on stereotypes. The acting could use some work. It lasted too short. Recommendation-It was probably good, if you ever found time to watch it. But now, it is sitting on a box on a shelf gathering dust. Cancellation Reasons- It was a CBS midseason replacement. It didn't last long so people couldn't get used to it. A lot of people hate the main actor. There weren't enough viewers. Basically, it barely got a chance and thus, couldn't last. Similar Shows: none. Grade: B-.


Cougar Town: Description- I honestly have no idea what the show is about. Even the creator of the show hates its name because it doesn't work. It was once tied with The Middle and Modern Family as ABC's longest running sitcom, despite its short time on the air. Why I've Seen It- Nothing else was on and a friend recommended it. Notable People- Courtney Cox from Friends is on the show. Pros- No other show like it exists on television. Cons- It can be very stupid and pointless. Recommendation- Not worth your time. Special Note- The show may be over on ABC, but it will continue on TBS. I'm not sure if ABC cancelled it, but it will cost less to make on TBS. Similar Shows: none. Grade: D+.


And now a complete list of all the cancelled or ending shows this season and why they are gone now (if any are missing then I apologize)


Desperate Housewives (ended of its own accord), One Tree Hill (ended of its own accord), Work It (if you've seen it or previews of it, you'll understand not only why it was cancelled, but also wonder why it was picked up), Man Up (sexist), The Playboy Club (forget why), Allen Gregory (stupid), Free Agents (also stupid), H8r (CW reality shows never last), Prime Suspect (I'm not sure, but there weren't enough viewers), Expedition Impossible (seemed too much like The Amazing Race), In the Flow (stupid), Chuck (NBC wanted it gone for a long time and finally got their wish), Friends with Benefits (stupid), Love Bites (had no plot), Take the Money and Run (dumb idea that didn't work), 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (doesn't work well here, but does great internationally), Charlie's Angels (unoriginal idea, I guess), Breaking In (it was already cancelled once and all the network did with a second season was make viewers hate it even more), I Hate My Teenage Daughter (read the name of the show and try telling me why it didn't last), The Frame (there was so little interest in this show, not a single episode was even made), Same Name (if you remember this show existing, you will remember that it doesn't exist anymore because of so little interest. CBS didn't even bother to officially cancel it and two episodes didn't even air), The Firm (the advertisements made it seem like a continuation of something else and if you weren't into that, then the show wouldn't work and it aired mostly on Saturday), The River (people just aren't that into a horror TV show), Pan Am (sexist, I think, and no one knew what it actually was about since we never heard of Pan Am around here), GCB (I have no idea why it aired and I guess people didn't want to watch anything after the lowly rated Desperate Housewives that made fun of what their religion might be), Napoleon Dynamite (it was a stupid movie and a show based on it is even worse), The Sing-Off (there were too many shows like it already so viewers have one less reality show to be mad at for taking up airspace), Harry's Law (the number of viewers weren't much in the 18-34 demographic, making it good television but bad for advertisers who want irrational people watching shows), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (not exactly sure why it's gone, but at least viewers have one less reality show to hate), America's Most Wanted (gone from FOX but continues on Lifetime), Bent (a failure of the struggling NBC network), BFF (another failure of NBC), Are You There, Chelsea? (yet another failure of NBC), The Finder (this spin-off of Bones was isolated to Fridays by FOX, thus ensuring its cancellation).


The next list is another list of reasons certain shows got cancelled.


Shows the network forgot they picked up (In the Flow, Friends with Benefits, Same Name, Napoleon Dynamite, How to Be a Gentleman, NYC 22, Rob), Shows that have run their course (House, One Tree Hill, Chuck, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Miami, America's Most Wanted), Shows that the network wished were popular but weren't (Terra Nova, Prime Suspect, The River, The Sing-Off, Harry's Law, CSI: Miami, Awake, The Secret Circle), Shows ruined by advertisements (101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, Allen Gregory, Work It, Man Up, Take the Money and Run, Charlie's Angels, How to be a Gentleman, The Firm, Pan Am, Napoleon Dynamite, GCB, Rules of Engagement, How to Be a Gentleman), Shows never advertised (The Playboy Club, Free Agents, H8r, Chuck, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Love Bites, Same Name, The Sing-Off, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Bent, BFF, The Finder, Minute to Win It, The Secret Circle), Shows too awesome for television (Terra Nova, Expedition Impossible, Chuck, Missing, Awake), Cancelled because they were new (Man Up, The Playboy Club, Allen Gregory, Free Agents, H8r, Prime Suspect, Expedition Impossible, Breaking In, How to be a Gentleman, Same Name, The Firm, Pan Am, Napoleon Dynamite, Bent, BFF, Terra Nova, Awake, Are you There, Chelsea?, The Finder, Rob, Ringer, Unforgettable, Missing, The Secret Circle, NYC 22), Ended on their own terms (House, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Chuck), Shows that never should have existed (Work It, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, How to be a Gentleman, Man Up, Pan Am, GCB, Napoleon Dynamite), Screwed shows (Breaking In, The Finder, Harry's Law, NYC 22), Unfortunate cancellations (Chuck, Harry's Law, CSI: Miami, Awake, Missing, Terra Nova, Rob, Unforgettable, NYC 22), Expected cancellations (Work It, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, How to be a Gentleman, Same Name, A Gifted Man), Finally cancelled (Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, House, Rules of Engagement), No one cared (How to be a Gentleman, Breaking In, Charlie's Angels, The Frame, 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, Take the Money and Run, Love Bites, Chuck?, Work It, Prime Suspect, Free Agents, Allen Gregory, The Playboy Club, Man Up, H8r, In the Flow, Friends with Benefits, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Same Name, The Frame, Pan Am, The Firm, The Finder, Rob, Unforgettable, A Gifted Man), Surprise Cancellations (CSI: Miami, The Secret Circle), Fridays (Chuck, The Finder, A Gifted Man), Competition (The Playboy Club, Prime Suspect, Chuck, Charlie's Angels, Terra Nova, How to be a Gentleman, Awake, Missing), Negative reviews (Work It, Friends with Benefits, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Terra Nova, Missing, Rob), Bad title (Work It, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Free Agents, In the Flow, Friends with Benefits, Love Bites, Breaking In, Man Up, The Frame, How to be a Gentleman, House, Same Name, GCB, Pan Am, Bent, BFF, The Finder, Cougar Town), Saved from cancellation (Cougar Town moves to TBS, America's Most Wanted moves to Lifetime), Expensive (Terra Nova), Stupid show (Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Work It, Man Up, Allen Gregory, In the Flow, Friends with Benefits, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, How to be a Gentleman, GCB, Pan Am, Same Name, Cougar Town, Rules of Engagement), Summer Show (Love Bites, Friends with Benefits, Take the Money and Run, 1001 Ways to Leave a Game Show, Expedition Impossible, In the Flow, Same Name), Shows the network hated (Breaking In, Rules of Engagement, Cougar Town), Never got a chance (The Frame), Barely got a chance (Terra Nova, Prime Suspect, H8r, Same Name, Awake, NYC 22), Shows the network no longer cares about (House, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Chuck, CSI: Miami, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, America's Most Wanted), Unique (Prime Suspect, 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, Breaking In, Same Name, The River, The Finder, Cougar Town, Ringer, Unforgettable, Alcatraz, Missing, Awake, A Gifted Man, Terra Nova), Rip-offs (The Frame, Expedition Impossible, Napoleon Dynamite, Same Name, Rules of Engagement)


Golden Huckleberry Awards (for the worst TV shows)




Since movies have the Razzie Awards for the bad movies, why not give TV awards for bad shows? Well, I've decided to start doing that. Here are the nominations. Expect the winners shortly.


Worst cliffhanger resolution: CSI

Worst ending to a TV series: Missing, CSI: Miami, Unforgettable, Awake

Worst acting: 2 Broke Girls, How to Be a Gentlemen, The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Worst writing: The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives Series

Worst plot: Work It

The good riddance award: Work It

Why do people care award: The Jerry Springer Show, Jersey Shore, Glee, Dancing with the Stars, The Real Housewives Series

Worst idea for a show: Work It

Biggest waste of time: The Vampire Diaries, American Idol, Glee, Rules of Engagement, American Dad, The Cleveland Show

Most forgettable: How to Be a Gentlemen

Bonehead decision of the season: Work It

Worst pilot: Work It

Worst drama show: Glee, The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, Gossip Girl, 90210

Worst comedy show: 2 Broke Girls, How to Be a Gentlemen, Work It, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Worst new show: Work It, 2 Broke Girls, How to Be a Gentlemen

Why is it still on award: American Idol, America's Funniest Home Videos, The Celebrity Apprentice

Most overrated show: The Office, Glee, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Weakest Characters: 2 Broke Girls, How to Be a Gentlemen, The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Worst Reason to Cancel a Good Show: 2 Broke Girls

Why was it created award: Work It, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Man Up

What were they thinking award: Work It

Why do people like it award: 2 Broke Girls, The Office, Gossip Girl, Glee

Jumped the shark award: The Vampire Diaries, The Simpsons, Pokémon

Worst show on FOX: American Dad, American Idol, Glee, The Cleveland Show

Worst show on ABC: Work It, The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, America's Funniest Home Videos

Worst show on CBS: 2 Broke Girls, How to Be a Gentlemen, Rules of Engagement

Worst show on NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Call with Carson Daily, The Office

Worst show on the CW: Gossip Girl, 90210, H8r

Worst show on every other network: The Real Housewives Series, Jersey Shore, Pokémon

Worst syndicated show: The Jerry Springer Show, Maury, Entertainment Tonight, Extra

Worst show on television: nominees pending