Saturday, July 29, 2017

2017-2018 Cancellation Predictions

Well, I’m back with my next round of cancellation predictions before the main season starts. As usual, these are an overpredition containing a whole bunch of stuff that I know full well will not be cancelled. But any possible show that I think could be cancelled this upcoming season will be included in these new predictions of mine. As usual, I won’t know the full schedule in advance so you can just count anything that isn’t included as wrong (should it be cancelled) even though I couldn’t have known about it in advance anyways. I won’t be including most summer shows unless something I mention ends up being delayed all the way until the summer. Well, let’s get started next, shall we?

ABC predictions

Scandal- This one is a freebie for me as they already announced that this upcoming season would be the end. Otherwise, I might not have included it in this post. Those things aren’t often, but they are nice whenever I do this post.

Ten Days in the Valley- What Sunday shows on ABC have done well in the ratings besides America’s Funniest Home Videos (apparently) and Once Upon a Time? That is why I think that this will be another in a long line of failures on Sunday nights.

The Good Doctor- I hope that this show lasts, but once again, I can’t ignore the fact that most shows do terribly at this timeslot which is weird since the show before it still doing well in the ratings. I hope that I like this show, but we’ll see in the end if it really is good or not.

The Bachelor- Normally, I wouldn’t ever include a show like this in my predictions even if I’ll never understand the appeal of it, but the ongoing scandal involving Bachelor in Paradise makes me think that it could have repercussions on the rest of the franchise and this could end as a result.

The Bachelorette- This is here for pretty much the same reason that the previous show is. I don’t know why some shows like Big Brother would thrive off of some controversy, but there is probably no way that a scandal like the one affecting Bachelor in Paradise could end well for the show involved.

The Gospel of Evan- Sometimes a show is on my cancelled predictions list for almost no good reason other than a gut feeling that something bad might happen to it. Based off of the name, it sounds like it could be another in a long line of shows that mock religion, although you’d think that after show after show does this and fails that Hollywood would learn to stop.

The Mayor- This one is on here mostly due to its bad timeslot. Well, it might not be that bad a timeslot in the long term, but I just don’t see it lasting. Maybe it will or maybe it won’t. But I don’t have any long term faith in it right now.

Once Upon a Time- They will be changing too much of this show in the future probably leaving us with a completely different show or what is practically a new version of what they have already done. While I hope that this upcoming season is good, I just don’t think that many people will watch it. Plus, one should always be afraid when a long running show moves to Fridays.

Inhumans- First off, Friday nights are never that good for shows, even if this is more the type of show to thrive off of the timeslot in the first place. Secondly, these shows aren’t highly rated and this could wind up failing too because of issues like that.

The Bachelor Winter Games- Have you noticed how lately most spin-offs fail? If you haven’t noticed this, then that is one of the reasons why I’m putting it here. Another reason why it is here is because certain shows in this franchise like Bachelor Live and Bachelor Pad have failed and this could be yet another failure of the franchise. The most important reason is that the scandal affecting Bachelor in Paradise could taint and cancel the whole franchise.

Dancing with the Stars Junior- Why are there so many pushes to do a younger version of reality shows that are successful with kids? I just don’t get it. While some might work and last, I don’t know why this one would or why anyone would care.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- It probably shouldn’t have been renewed for this new season in the first place. It is also getting a shorter season and one should always be worried when a long running show (well, not too long, in this case, but long enough) gets downgraded to midseason. Unless a ton of people start watching for the first time, then I just don’t see this as lasting long in the future.

Untitled Grey’s Anatomy Spin-off- Isn’t the fact that it doesn’t even have a name yet a bad enough sign that it won’t last? Plus, spin-offs based on a one-off premise in the show isn’t the type of thing that lasts typically. Remember The Finder?

Splitting up Together- This is mostly on here due to the bad title rule which states that any show that has a title that is deemed to be bad in any way (to me, at least, since I’m the only one I know who does these predictions before the season starts) will wind up cancelled at the end of the season. We’ll see what happens as it could end up being a great show.

Deception- Admittedly, I don’t know anything about this show going into the next season. But I feel that it will go the way of the last show named Deception that didn’t last long either. We’ll see what ends up happening in the long term.

Alex Inc.- This is another example of the bad title rule. It might end up being a great show in the long term or it could suck. But I don’t know much about a lot of these before I make my predictions. Besides, if this isn’t cancelled next season, I still won’t count it as wrong anyways.

The Crossing- I’m not sure how I’ll keep writing the equivalent of bad title rule in what amounts to at least three lines of a paragraph (or really long sentence) in this and every post I write on this document I use to do these updates. But I might as well try even if they don’t look like three sentences when they are published in the end.

The Toy Box- I might have had this mistakenly listed as cancelled in a previous post. It premiered at a weird enough time that I didn’t know until later that it was coming back. Hopefully they can change some of the show in the future as it is currently just a lot of push and pull for just one toy to win a competition. I do like this enough that I wouldn’t want it cancelled, but I don’t think that it will last for this or other future seasons. Plus, why is its starting air date so early into the season?

Roseanne- In addition to my bad title rule and newly created spin-offs won’t work rule, another rule that is important to note is the reboots won’t be successful rules. I don’t know how or why old sitcoms are coming back and they probably won’t last long in the grand scheme of things.

Quantico- This probably shouldn’t have lasted until the next season and I’ve heard enough potential problems regarding cast changes. It is randomly being downgraded to midseason, cutting its episode count at a key moment when having a full season would have ensured another one beyond it. I hope that it lasts and does well, but I just don’t know.

American Idol- There was a reason that this show ended the first time and that reason could lead to it ending again. I don’t know why people would want it back so we’ll see if the great ratings it once had will return or not. Typically, if it is cancelled once, that means that it could get cancelled again.

Match Game- While you wouldn’t think that a show would wind up cancelled when it does something like airing an unprecedented three seasons in a year’s time, I have not yet seen any proof that it is even returning for future seasons. Plus, I can’t ignore the fact that it quickly filled the gap of a cancelled show and those shows wind up ending themselves.

Bachelor in Paradise- If it does air in the future, it could be the end of it. If it doesn’t air, then it really is the end of it. There was a whole huge controversy about it regarding a potential sexual assault that could have happened on the show. I say this is more likely to end than stay around since it is forever tainted even if the allegations prove to be false.

Primetime: What Would You Do?- Normally, I wouldn’t put a summer show on the list, but I put any of them that I have a strong enough guess about. This show never seems to be on as much as I would like and it could last longer or it could end soon. I almost wrote it off as cancelled before I learned that it would be coming back this current summer. But it could happen that sometime it won’t ever come back and I’m prepared for that even though this is my favorite show of all time.

What I think is safe: The Goldbergs (this is already renewed past this coming season so unless something weird happens, I don’t see it as ending any time soon), Modern Family (this is also renewed beyond the upcoming season so it will last longer too), Shark Tank (I doubt that this show will end even if it is moving to a terrible timeslot), To Tell the Truth (this show keeps lasting and even if it doesn’t stick around, it will be back like it has before), America’s Funniest Home Videos (I don’t know why people still watch it or ABC keeps it around if nobody does, but this will keep lasting until people stop recording themselves doing dumb things, which is never), Dancing with the Stars (unless this is replaced entirely with the kid’s version of it, which is doubtful, I don’t see this show ending), The Middle (this show is still popular enough to keep lasting for now)

Safe predictions continued: Fresh off the Boat (I think that this has to stay around due to syndication rules), Black-ish (this is still very popular and I don’t know why it wouldn’t last), Speechless (enough people still like this last I checked), American Housewife (maybe this won’t last, but I just don’t see it failing right now), Designated Survivor (in this day and age, this political thriller is the type of thing that everybody needs and it should stay around as a result), Grey’s Anatomy (this show remains popular and I don’t see it ending any time soon), How to Get Away with Murder (I’m pretty sure that this will have to stick around if I have the timeframe of it getting a syndication deal right), 20/20 (unless we somehow run out of current events and true crime stories, then this will keep lasting)

CBS predictions

Wisdom of the Crowd- Maybe this will last, but most Sunday shows on CBS (any network, actually) don’t tend to last as long as you would like and we’ll have to see if this lasts pasts the meddling football delays from September until the end of the year.

NCIS: Los Angeles- This is not airing on a good night and will have to do a bit of a reset this upcoming season bringing us changes to the show that might not go over well with fans. This is an aging show too and that could spill doom for it.

Madam Secretary- Every season, some unfortunate show airs at 9 Central on Sundays on CBS if it is lucky, although most nights it will get pushed back to even later. This will have the worst timeslot in television history and could last beyond the upcoming season and even longer in its timeslot, but I just don’t see it lasting long anymore, especially since the election results changed everything.

Kevin Can Wait- There are too many things changing with this show between its first season and second which makes me think that it won’t last. It will probably anger too many people and I’m not even sure that I’ll like it since it is already questionable in terms of quality.

Hawaii Five-0- Maybe I don’t know enough about why Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were let go as it seemed like they were fired for wanting their fair share of money. But this is the type of thing that can anger fans into not watching and the show is aging.

Me, Myself, and I- Woo, oo, it’s just me, myself, and I, going right until I die, baby you got me for life- oops. I got distracted there, didn’t I? Are those even the right lyrics? I don’t know. Anyways, this is on here due to me not knowing anything about it and thinking that it won’t last as a result which isn’t that good a reason, I’ll admit. But this is my blog after all and I can do whatever predictions I want to.

9JKL- This is on here due to the bad title rule and not many other reasons. Maybe it could last for a good long while or maybe it will just end after a bit. I don’t know for sure what will happen, but I don’t have high, long term hopes for it.

Young Sheldon- If The Great Indoors proved anything, it proved that a show with acceptable ratings that airs after The Big Bang Theory could still wind up cancelled at the end of the season for seemingly no good reason. Also, spin-offs recently haven’t done that well so I don’t know yet why this would be any different from the others.

NCIS: New Orleans- This will probably need a ratings boost going into it next season. Well, one source I read said that it was getting good ratings, but I don’t think that I have the right numbers that matter. It will be starting next season with a new showrunner and he will need to improve this show as best he can. There were lesser plots in the season that just aired so hopefully the show can be less dark in the future as it just doesn’t seem to work that well in the long term.

Elementary- There is so much against this going into next season that I’m hoping that it won’t have an early summer burn off a la Person of Interest. It will more than likely be airing its last season when it returns so we’ll see if that happens or not.

Code Black- Warning signs are not something that you should ignore when it comes to prediction if a show will stick around or not. Sometimes they mean nothing, but I don’t see why a show that never had a real full season order thus far or getting downgraded to midseason will return.

48 Hours: NCIS- Honestly, this is more of just a type of program that the main 48 Hours offers instead of a legitimate spin-off. That is why I think that it is safe to say that it won’t be coming back for future seasons although it might return in the future.

SEAL Team- This doesn’t seem to be a thing that will last in my mind, although it could last. I don’t know why it is even on here, but, in a way, you have to be harsher towards the newer shows as they are less likely to survive than any returning show.

Criminal Minds- The Wednesday timeslot that this will be airing at has seemed to produce at least one cancellation a season on this network. This show is aging like many others and the franchise it tried to create lead to two failed spin-offs. This isn’t successful as much anymore.

S.W.A.T.- This Thursday timeslot that it will be airing at has been poison and produced three out of four cancellations for what has aired at it during around a whole year’s time. This show will probably not last long as a result.

MacGyver- While it will probably last for a while, I’m not sure that it will. It was odd enough that it didn’t air all of the main season although it could be unimportant in the future. I guess this is another in my I don’t know much but it could happen so I might as well include it in my predictions prediction.

Instinct- What have all the midseason dramas that premiered on CBS that weren’t spin-offs have in common? They were all cancelled. While I’m hoping that I will like this as it is a medical drama, sadly that is another reason to put it on this list as I can’t remember the last medical drama that lasted long on CBS. Do you? I'd like to know as it couldn't have been recently.

By the Book- Most sitcoms at midseason on CBS aren’t doomed for sure, but they probably won’t last the way others will that start during the fall. Or, this is a drama that could fail as well. I’m not doing research like I should with this, but midseason on CBS is normally poison.

Man with a Plan- Why is this being downgraded to midseason? I have no idea. But I do know that most shows that the networks care about aren’t at midseason. If I haven’t mentioned a randomly made a midseason show rule as one that I use, then this is just another example of it.

Superior Donuts- Maybe I just found myself less than impressed by this show and that is why it is on this list. Honestly, it isn’t even a show that I outright hate. But I think that it doesn’t have as much going for it as some other shows do so that is why I think that it won’t last.

The Amazing Race- Once again, this long running show won’t start until sometime during midseason. Once again, it might not matter in the end as this time didn’t affect it in any bad way. This could just be a one season a year show from now one when it was so used to having two. But whatever the reason, I just don’t think it is as safe as it has been in the past.

Scorpion- I believe that ratings for this show were starting to drop in its most recent season. If it ends up staying too low, then this show will end. Now it could wind up not affecting the future of this show. But that is always something to be concerned about.

What I think is safe: The Big Bang Theory (I think that this is already renewed and if it isn’t, it will more than likely stay around), 60 Minutes (I doubt this show will ever be in danger of cancellation), Bull (if this ends, it won’t be soon, considering how it has a great timeslot), NCIS (I doubt this will end any time soon, although weird things could happen, but even though this will be starting with new showrunners, this will still keep lasting a while), 48 Hours (this probably won’t end unless crimes stop happening), Survivor (when has this ever been in danger of cancellation?)

Safe predictions continued: Mom (I don’t know why people like this or watch it, but they still do so this will still last), Life in Pieces (I think that this is in the right sweet spot where syndication is close and cancellation won’t make sense even if the ratings get really low), Blue Bloods (this is still going strong and I doubt it will end any time soon), Undercover Boss (I don’t know how it keeps lasting, but it does and will stay for a while), Big Brother (this should be on the schedule for next summer and if it isn’t yet, it probably will be then because people still like it)

CW predictions

Legends of Tomorrow- There are just enough warning signs regarding this that could make one doubt its long term chances at success. It has not yet had a full season, which is doesn’t need to stay around, but it should help since I don’t think that this is a limited run series like other ones are. This might last, but there are some issues to the long term chances it could have.

Riverdale- I don’t have much reason of saying that this show will get cancelled. I just think that it could do to unpredictability between seasons. It didn’t do that great this season and could wind up failing next season. Be on the lookout to see if it gets a full season order next year because if it doesn’t, that could spill its future death. This one is just me thinking things could be unpredictable and this could be a result of it.

Dynasty- This is a reboot and it doesn’t look good either. Don’t expect a cancellation from this network until May, though, unless it is a final season announcement. While it could last and could be good, I just don’t see it as lasting.

The 100- This could be close enough to syndication after this season that it might not actually be in any danger of cancellation. But it never seems to do that well in terms of ratings and those bubble shows eventually pop at some point.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- This show may be liked by some critics, but there are not yet enough ratings for this show to stick around long term. Plus, the fact that it hasn’t had a full season yet is concerning enough for its long term chances.

Jane the Virgin- It is always very telling what shows are not shown in reruns. The ratings are waning for this show and they changed far too much of it. Plus, it is now on Fridays where most long running shows go to die. I know that Hawaii Five-0 has lasted after being moved to Fridays, but most other shows don't.

Life Sentence- This will be on at midseason which on the CW is more and more becoming a death sentence for shows simply because the network has already renewed a bunch of shows and there wouldn’t be much room for any more after that. It could last and stay around a while. But I’m harsher on new shows in my predictions because they don’t last on networks most of the time.

Black Lightning- Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned about a superhero show lasting on the CW, provided, that is, it was part of Arrowverse. But the fact that this isn’t (planned to be, at the moment at least) seems enough of a concern to doubt its chances. But if the other show is more likely to fail (given the rate of one of the new midseason shows failing and the other one lasting) than this would likely stay around for a bit longer. Besides, this is more likely to fail if people actually do think that there are too many superhero shows already, which they could.

The Originals- You can read my original thoughts after this sentence, but it is officially going into its final season so my prediction would wind up being right. This likely only survived into this season simply because the show it span off from ended last season and you wouldn’t see a show and its spin-off end in one season. (If you think that rule of mine doesn’t apply, then I’d need to know two shows that were the original show and its spin-off ending in the same season.) Its time is running out and I don’t see why it would last since people were probably more interested in the original show than this.

iZombie- This seems to keep struggling in the ratings time in and time out but has survived thus far on good luck. It being sent to midseason for three out of four times is pretty bad for long term chances and I don’t know if it can keep lasting or not so I put it here.

What I think is safe: Supergirl (this seems to be soaring high in terms of ratings and it would be too close to syndication for cancellation to make sense), Valor (this could fail, but I don’t see anything military related failing at the moment), The Flash (something huge would have to change for this to get cancelled any time soon), Supernatural (has this ever been in danger of cancellation? I don’t think that it has and it has existed longer than the network it airs on), Arrow (maybe this could end if they went overboard on the deaths of important people between seasons which we all know likely didn’t happen, but I don’t think that this will end any time soon since it is still going through)

FOX predictions

New Girl- This is officially ending sometime next season so to not include it on this list would be dumb since it will be the final season coming up. There’s not really much else to add besides that. The final season will air and that will be that.

Bob’s Burgers- This is more of a fill the crack show, the type of which doesn’t tend to last that long. However, it has lasted as long as it has and Undercover Boss has also lasted while being this type of show. So if could last, but this is here in case it doesn’t.

Ghosted- Maybe this could last, but I don’t see it as happening. Shows that air after The Simpsons tend not to last. Outside of that, it seems like too limited a premise to work and it could be too weird for most viewers to care about.

The Orville- What Seth McFarlane show can you think of that hasn’t gotten cancelled at least once? If this is the only one, then that would be because it hasn’t had the chance to be cancelled yet (although a lot of shows are cancelled before they ever air like Murder Police). While this could be great, a lot of what he does is hit and miss and I don’t think that live action shows suit him well.

Lucifer- Maybe this is only on here because I don’t like it, but I also don’t see it having a long term chance on television. This is too weird for most people and doesn’t have enough episodes yet for its upcoming third season to justify coming back more.

The Gifted- If this is the type of show that I think it will be, it is a show that I’ll love and be upset that it was cancelled by or at the end of the season. FOX does well with most of the X-Men franchise in movie terms (by making lots of money, if not critical love) so I don’t know if they need a live action X-Men TV show although I hope that it can be as good as some of the movies and last.

Lethal Weapon- Maybe I don’t have that good reasoning for this being on here. But I think that it is moving to a lesser timeslot or later in the season. I don’t have the reference for this right now. But I think that it could be cancelled and that’s all that matters.

The Mick- I’ll admit that this is only on here because I hate it and I haven’t even seen an episode of it yet. These shows can be on my prediction list for any reason and me not liking a show that is probably absolute shit is a good enough reason in my mind to think that it will be cancelled.

Star- This show is awful and is too much like Glee by trying to make a point about different touchy subjects in the absolute wrong way. I don’t understand the point of it and think that it won’t last very long in the future which is why I’m putting it on this list.

The Exorcist- Here’s another show that probably shouldn’t have survived into this next season. But it did and I won’t think that it will last another one. But strange things happen with TV shows all the time and it could stay around, but I don’t see that as likely.

The Resident- The only other medical drama that lasted a long time on FOX was House. It seems that this show will also have a shady protagonist as a main character and other characters of morally questionable intent. Maybe they want this to be the next House. But I don’t know if it will last as there are too many things against it already.

9-1-1- This is here due to the bad title rule which states that if for no other reason, a show with a bad title will wind up cancelled at the end of the season. Maybe this will end up being a great show that will last for a decade. But knowing nothing else about it, I’ll still put it on this list.

LA to Vegas- Here’s another example of the bad title rule which can often be irrelevant in the long term. So we’ll see what this ends up being about and if it ends up being good, but I don’t think that I’ll be interested enough unless it is.

The X-Files- I don’t think that FOX cares enough about this show. It has been over a year since it has aired a new episode and I might have written it off as cancelled if they hadn’t announced that they were in fact bringing this back for another season. In short, they don’t care enough about this show and that is why I think it will end yet again.

What I think is safe: The Simpsons (I think that this is already renewed and even if it isn’t, it will likely stay around even if people don’t remember that it is even on), Family Guy (this will keep lasting for as long as people want their weekly dose of political incorrectness), The Last Man on Earth (this has lasted as long as it has and I think that it is close to syndication and will stay because of it), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (this might not need more episodes for syndication, but it is still flying high and I feel that it will last longer as a result)

Safe predictions continued: Empire (a lot of people like this show still so it will keep lasting), Gotham (Thursdays can be hit and miss on FOX, but this show has never been in danger of cancellation before and it seems likely to last longer), Hell’s Kitchen (only if Gordon Ramsey were to die or quit doing TV would this be in danger of ending), MasterChef (this will last as long as Gordon Ramsey is still around), MasterChef Junior (here’s another show that will stay as long as its host keeps doing it)

NBC predictions

Law & Order: True Crime- This is already mentioned as an event series meaning that they don’t care unless it gets good ratings in which case it will actually be back. When it has a limited premise in the very beginning, then it likely won’t last.

Will & Grace- Most reboots don’t last. I don’t know why they are bringing this back. Maybe there is a good enough reason to bring this back, but I don’t know why. I don’t even know if it will be the same type of show that it once was which could also be a problem.

The Brave- This show isn’t airing at a good timeslot so that’s against it. I don’t know what else there is to say about this so that I can come up with the three lines that I always like to write for these posts (three lines is minimum as I can go over).

The Blacklist- Maybe I don’t have a good enough reason to put it on this list, but I think that it might not do as well on Wednesdays at such an early timeslot. While I guess a show there can last, there would have to be more of them in the future for me to change my mind about the timeslot.

Great News- While maybe this wasn’t too much of an illogical renewal going into this season, most comedies on this network don’t last anymore as evidenced by the few comedies they have and the short amount of time that even the longest running among them lasts.

Blindspot- Here’s another long running show moving to Fridays. Of course, this is more likely to last if it is indeed on its third full season in a row. I guess that we will see what ends up happening, but if it is borderline like this, I’ll put it on my list.

Taken- This shouldn’t have been renewed for another season given its lackluster ratings the previous season. Because of that, it could wind up cancelled like many other shows before it that also suffered the same fate.

Timeless- If they cared about this show, it wouldn’t have been cancelled originally. Even though they are actually bringing it back, I just don’t see it lasting as long. I repeat myself a lot in this blog post, I realize. But it helps me make my point.

The Wall- Maybe it is just me, but I don’t see this as anything more than a Plinkco rip-off that I’m surprised can be milked out for a whole hour. Plus, the only game show that has really lasted long on this network is Hollywood Game Night so I don’t know why this one would stick around long.

Good Girls- I know nothing about the show going into it which is why I think that it might not last going into it. I have nothing but a gut feeling thinking that this will not last. Maybe it will be a good and interesting show, but I just don’t know.

Reverie- Here’s another show that I know nothing about outside of its terrible name. Well, maybe it is a good name. I honestly don’t even know what reverie means. I could look up synonyms on my laptop and google it. But I don’t think that I care and I don’t think this show will last.

AP Bio- I actually do know the plot of this and it sounds absolutely terrible. Can you imagine if they tried to do Breaking Bad as a comedy? Well, that seems to be what the plot of this show is about, only not anywhere nearly as good as Breaking Bad might be.

Champions- I think that I’m running out of reasons for why I’m putting some of these on my list. But I don’t think that this show will last and I’m not even sure that I have a good reason for it. Also, why are so many NBC shows at midseason now?

The Awesome Show- Surely a show that calls itself awesome would be awesome, right? Maybe it will be, but I don’t think that a strong, declarative name helped Best Time Ever last so I don’t think that this show will last as a result.

Ellen’s Game of Games- Ellen DeGeneres has a great talk show that I wish I could see on a regular basis but almost never get a chance to anymore. But I think that everything else she has tried to do on television outside of her show didn’t last. I guess we’ll find out if First Dates returns, but I don’t think that it will and I don’t think that this will last either.

Genius Junior- Hopefully this can avoid being another quiz bowl scandal show like Our Littlest Genius was, a show that I remember being advertised, but was cancelled before it even premiered due to a scandal. While this show likely won’t be affected by a scandal, I just don’t see it lasting long as kid based shows don’t always have the same appeal that most shows would nor would they last sometimes even if they do other times. Regardless of how confusing this might sound, even with a scandal, this should still wind up cancelled, at least according to me. Or it could wind up as popular as Little Big Shots.

The Handmade Project- This sounds like another in a long line of lame reality shows. While I can at times get occasionally interested in some reality shows, this one just sounds like it has short lasting written all over it. I don’t know if it even is reality.

Rise- Here’s yet another show that I feel has a bad title. Let’s come up with the rest of this paragraph. I just love to talk. Blah, blah, blah, and blah, blah, blah. Isn’t that interesting? I wonder just how similar I sound to a broken record at times.

Trial and Error- One would wonder why they would do a show that has to start fresh again each new season and expect it to last a long time. One can wonder why this isn’t milking the Emmy’s best limited series nomination every year like so many other shows do.

What I think is safe: This is Us (somehow, it is already renewed for a third season when it got a second season renewal), The Voice (this is popular and keeps lasting somehow even though it is a rip-off of American Idol that somehow killed it), Superstore (while I said that most NBC comedies don’t last, I feel that this will for now as they need something), The Good Place (this is one of the most creative shows that I can think of, although this might be too different or have a sudden ratings drop), Chicago Fire (this is likely to keep lasting as the franchise stays strong), Law & Order: SVU (there is no reason that this show will end any time soon)

Safe predictions continued: Chicago PD (I see no reason why this would end at the moment), Dateline (if there is one fact about NBC, it is that they will keep airing Dateline until the end of time), Little Big Shots (this is a popular show and will keep lasting as long as Steve Harvey is still alive), Shades of Blue (this is a show that we need as it makes conflicted people look very interesting and can be a surprise that the writing or acting doesn’t get it Emmys), Chicago Med (here’s another popular show from a popular franchise that will likely stay around)

Well, that’s all for this post of mine. I don’t know if I forgot to mention any shows and I know that a lot of what I don’t know about and isn’t mentioned yet won’t be in these predictions and will be cancelled as usually happens. And that’s pretty much all there is to say.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Shows 2017

Well, it is finally time that I start doing the reviews of summer shows. As always, I will start with my reviews of new shows before switching to reviews of existing shows whether you have seen these reviews before or not. This may not be the only batch of summer shows that I’m reviewing this time around. You should see the other sets later.

Hooten and the Lady: Show Description- A shady man and a woman seeking artifacts go on strange adventures together. Behind the Scenes- This is a British TV show that is airing here in America for the first time. My Thoughts- It is a fun and good show that seems mostly realistic. It may run the risk of having crazy plots, but it seems pretty good for now. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This will last on Sky 1 for as long as British people want it. Whether it lasts here on not is unknown at the time. I’d guess that it might not last, although it could. Just know that British shows tend to last shorter than most American shows do. Where to Find- On Thursdays at 9/8 Central on the CW

Live with Kelly and Ryan: Show Description- A continuation of the Live talk show, this has Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest hosting a talk show. Behind the Scenes- I should note that this isn’t really a new show as it is mostly just the continuation of an existing show. After Michael Straham left Live, they needed a new, regular cohost and they have one now with the former (and soon to be current again) host of American Idol. My Thoughts- There’s not really much to add here except that if you liked the version before, than you’ll like the version now. You can check the archives for reviews of previous versions. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This show will keep lasting regardless of the host changes unless they somehow lose both hosts at once. Where to Find- This TV show airs during the daytime hours around 9 in nearly all time zones, to my knowledge

Salvation: Show Description- A meteor is coming to strike the earth and wipe out mankind, but some people are trying to stop it while it seems the government or someone is trying to cover things up to make it seem like it doesn’t exist. Behind the Scenes- There’s not much to add here so I won’t say much more than this. My Thoughts- I’ll admit, this seems unoriginal. But it still seems kind of interesting. I do hope that we see more character development in the future. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This more than likely won’t last as it seems too limited a premise to maintain a multi season show. Where to Find- On Wednesdays at 9/8 Central on CBS

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome: Show Description- Entrepreneurs with similar ideas compete against each other to fund their projects. Behind the Scenes- This is hosted by the talented Steve Harvey who also hosts Family Feud. My Thoughts- This is pretty entertaining. But, it does have some flaws. It seems like ABC has enough of these types of shows already. Plus, the idea that someone could wind up with nothing or someone could cash out and miss out on the prize they would have gotten seem pretty dumb. Still, I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I’d say that this has a good chance of lasting for now, but I don’t know how long it could stay around. Where to Find- On Sundays at 9/8 Central on ABC

The Gong Show: Show Description- People compete in a talent show where bad acts get the gong and are taken off stage. Behind the Scenes- This is a reboot of a popular former show. My Thoughts- It can be dumb at times as a lot of the acts are hit and miss. Plus, in the current format, only one person has to hit the gong to get someone to stop their performance, which doesn’t seem far when there are three judges. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I’d have to guess that this probably won’t last. Where to Find- On Thursdays at 10/9 Central on ABC

Candy Crush: Show Description- Teams of players compete in different versions of this game in order to win money. Behind the Scenes- This is based on the popular Candy Crush app. My Thoughts- It seemed crazy yet kind of good and interesting. The puzzles could use some work on, but I think that it could be good. At least it isn’t another reboot. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I don’t think that this will last. Where to Find- On Sundays at 9/8 Central on CBS

Love Connection: Show Description- In this show, a person goes on a date with three other people and the audience votes in advance of learning about the dates who had the best connection. If they guess right, the person wins money and the date. If they guess wrong, the person has to choose between money and the date. Behind the Scenes- This is yet another reboot. My Thoughts- It seemed kind of lame to me, another in a long string of largely uninteresting reality shows made to exploit people’s desires to be with one another. I give it one of out five stars. Long Term Prospects- I have no idea. It could last; it might not. I have the feeling that it won’t last. Where to Find- On Thursdays at 9/8 Central on FOX

Superhuman: Show Description- Different people who have extraordinary abilities compete against each other for money. Behind the Scenes- This was based off of a one-off special that they did on the network before. Kal Penn, who currently stars in Designated Survivor, is the host of the show. Mike Tyson, who is a controversial wrestler, is one of the three judges. My Thoughts- It seemed pretty cool and interesting to see people show off their strange abilities. I’ll admit that the people seem too perfect as I have yet to see someone fail and their difficult task. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This might last or it might not. It all depends on whether or not the network likes it enough to keep it around longer. Where to Find- On Mondays at 9/8 Central on FOX

Battle of the Network Stars: Show Description- Different celebrities compete in weird games. Behind the Scenes- This is a reboot. Joy. My Thoughts- This didn’t seem to offer much of anything. It seemed about as lame as the average sport game. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I don’t think that this will stick around. Where to Find- On Thursdays at 9/8 Central on ABC

New summer shows I’m reviewing for this blog post: Hooten and the Lady, Live with Kelly and Ryan *, Salvation, Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, Superhuman, Candy Crush, Battle of the Network Stars, The Gong Show, Love Connection

Here is where we transfer to the existing shows that air during the summer. Some of these reviews you may have seen before, but others are new or updated reviews to this blog. Any show not starting its first season this summer will be reviewed by me here if I’ve seen it. These reviews are next.

Celebrity Family Feud: Status- Currently on ABC at 8/7 Central on Sundays. Why I’ve seen it- I was able to catch a rerun. Description- This is basically the same as Family Feud, only the people competing are from famous families and competing for charities instead of themselves. Also, winning people wouldn’t be back on future shows like in the regular game show. Notable People- Steve Harvey, well known comedian and current talk show host who also currently hosts the regular version of Family Feud is the host of this show as well. Pros- Everything that you’d love about the regular Family Feud is in this show as well. Celebrities are competing for charity so it is all for a good cause. Cons- To make this an hour, they cram what are two half hour shows into one episode, which I find strange and unnecessary. A lot of the questions relate, intentionally or otherwise, to sex. Note to Parents- You might have some stuff to worry about for the really young ones, but other than that, it should be fine. Recommendation- I’d say that this is worth watching. My Viewing Habits- I haven’t seen much of it yet, but I might be watching more of it in the future. Prediction- This show comes and goes already so even if it ends, it could come back. I’d imagine that it will probably stay as a long term summer show for a while. Reception: somewhat positive. Grade: B+.

The $100,000 Pyramid: Status- Currently on ABC at 10/9 Central on Sundays. Why I’ve seen it- I was interested in it and didn’t really have anything else to watch at the time. Noteworthiness- This is a reboot of the pyramid game show. Description- People have to get various questions answered by the other contestant. The current format has a regular person paired with a celebrity and they compete against another team like them. Partway through the game, the regular person is then paired with the other celebrity. Notable People- Michael Strahan, who used to cohost the Live talk show and still helps with sports commentary, is the host of this show. There are famous guests who help each show. Pros- The show is fairly entertaining and funny to watch. Cons- It is weird that they always put together two halves of a show into one hour long show instead of just making this one half hour show while finding other things to air. Parts of the format are a bit strange and don’t entirely seem fair in a way. Note to Parents- This is mostly acceptable outside of potential sexual things said. Recommendation- I’d say that people would like and watch this. My Viewing Habits- I don’t always watch but do whenever I can see it. Normally I watch when I can. Prediction- This could last and it might not. Whether it does or it doesn’t, I’m not entirely sure of. If it doesn’t last, it will probably still be revived at some point anyways. Reception: good. Grade: B. New review

Hollywood Game Night: Status- Currently on NBC at 8/7 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- I generally like to watch game shows and there was nothing else to watch during the summer when this first started to air on TV. Description- Two regular people compete in a game show of various competitions. Each has a set of three celebrities (six total) that help them with the game. Notable People- Jane Lynch, from Glee, is the host of the show. Sean Hayes from Will and Grace helped create the show and sometimes appears as one of the players. Many of the guest are obviously famous (notice how I do not say all because fame is relative) but since they always change, I would not be able to mention all of them. Pros- It’s fun to watch the show to see the various antics played out by everyone. As usual, the celebrities are competing for charity instead of themselves. There are different games each week to keep things interesting. Cons- Not all of the games seem fair in every way. A lot of the show is redundant by the same games being used over and over. Note to Parents- Some of this is questionable, but most is okay. Recommendation- I’d say that you should probably watch this if you ever have the time to do so. My Viewing Habits- I don’t always watch, but I like to when it works out. Prediction- Right now, it seems like a show that fills any gaps in scheduling. Things typically don’t end well for those shows, even if they do last long and always wind up airing instead of possibly getting cancelled. But I will say that I expect it to stay around for a while, provided that they can keep getting celebrities to do this show. Reception: positive. Grade: A-.

Whose Line is it Anyways?: Status- Currently on the CW on Mondays at 9/8 Central. Why I’ve seen it- I liked the original show and am a general fan of improvised comedy. Noteworthiness- It is the remake of an ABC show and retains much of the original cast. Description- A group of comedians make up stuff and make us laugh while competing for meaningless points. Notable People- There are guests from certain shows that are noteworthy, whether they are the fourth member of the group (which changes) or a different special member. Aisha Tyler, who helps currently cohost the Talk, is the current host of this show. Pros- This is more or less the same great show that we all knew and loved when it first aired. Most of the original cast is back. Even though everything is made up, it still manages to be really funny. Cons- There are normally guests on the show that tend to slow things down and take away from the talent of the true part of the show. There tends to be some sexual related things that come up often enough. Note to Parents- Some of the humor is not things you’d want your kids watching, but most of it is okay and shouldn’t cause any problems if they watch it. Recommendation- You should probably watch it. I don’t know why one wouldn’t like this. My Viewing Habits- I try to watch this as often as possible, although I know that I miss it a lot. I watched the original version when it was on too and plan to keep watching it until it ends. Prediction- This should last a very long time, provided that the cast can stay together throughout the run of this show. I’m pretty sure that the cast not being able to stay together is what killed it the first time, although low ratings didn’t help. Reception: positive. Grade: A+.

American Grit: Status- Currently on FOX at 9/8 Central on Sundays. Why I’ve seen it- I was going to watch it when it first aired, but I felt I didn’t have enough time for it then. Now, I’ve decided to watch it some this time around. Description- Four teams of four compete to get a prize by doing various tough competitions. Pros- If you like most reality shows that air on network TV, then you’d probably like this too. Cons- It falls victim to far too many reality clich├ęs (people fighting, self-centered people) and doesn’t seem as tough for people as other reality shows are. Note to Parents- This may be good in some ways but bad in others. You’d have to watch to know for sure. Recommendation- I’d put this at a toss-up right now. My Viewing Habits- I don’t know how much of this I’ll watch, but I could see it more than I have. Prediction- I don’t know if this will last or not and think that it would lean towards cancellation. Reception: good. Grade: C-. New review

Zoo: Status- Currently on CBS at 10/9 Central on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- I always watch a new CBS show once whenever I can. Noteworthiness- This is based off of a book by James Patterson. Description- Animals seek to take over the world. Pros- This show is different by presenting a man versus beast story not typically seen on television. Cons- I didn’t think that there would be much to this show or anything about it that would make it good. Well, it turns out that I was right. This show is pretty terrible and boring. Note to Parents- From the promos and what I remember, I think that this show is pretty gruesome for kids so teens can maybe watch this, but not much younger than that. Recommendation- I’d pass. It isn’t a good show. My Viewing Habits- I watched the pilot and then never saw the show a second time. Prediction- This could last a while longer, but I’m honestly not sure yet if it will or not. I’d say that it’s just as likely to be cancelled as it is to stay around for future seasons. It’s hard to guess. Reception: good. Grade: D-.

Penn and Teller: Fool Us: Status- It airs on the CW at 8/7 on Thursdays. Why I’ve seen it- It being a magic show interested me enough into watching it. Noteworthiness- Originally, this was a foreign series that had lasted a single season and was cancelled. It aired in Britain, but not in America for a while. After it aired in this country, the show was brought back for a second season. Description- Various magicians compete for a chance to be an opening act for Penn and Teller. They get to do a trick for them and get to be the opening act if Penn and Teller can’t explain how the trick was done. Notable People- Penn and Teller, famous magician duo are not the hosts of the show, but they are panelists of a sort who judge the trick and reveal whether or not they were fooled. Pros- With a standalone format, this is the type of show that you don’t have to watch every week. The tricks are entertaining, regardless of if Penn and Teller are fooled. You get to see them perform a trick at the end of the show to keep things interesting. Cons- Whether or not Penn and Teller are fooled, we don’t know what the secret is behind the trick. So, basically, if people don’t fool Penn and Teller, we still don’t know how they aren’t fooled. I will say this, though, the tricks that fool tend to be better. Note to Parents- Anything potentially offensive in this show is relatively minor compared to most other shows. Recommendation- If you can watch it, then you probably should. My Viewing Habits- I haven’t always watched this compared to other shows. I do watch it if there is nothing notable I feel competes with it, which it doesn’t at the time. Prediction- I think that this show will last a while, although it will obviously end if something happens to Penn and/or Teller. Reception: positive. Grade: B-.

To Tell the Truth: Status- It is currently on ABC at 10/9 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- I was interested enough in it to watch. Noteworthiness- This is a reboot of the same show by the same name that has been around every so often. Description- Celebrity panelists have to guess who there is really who they say they are and not just pretending. Notable People- Anthony Anderson, who currently stars on Black-ish is the host of this show. Pros- It can be funny at times. Cons- It can seem pointless. There should be more to it in the modern version. Note to Parents- This may be the standard amount of what you’d find objectionable so I’d say that you should watch an episode for yourself to see if you think kids could watch it. Recommendation- If you aren’t watching anything else at the time, you’d like this. My Viewing Habits- I’ll probably watch this when I can. Prediction- This could last a while, but I don’t know for sure if it will or not. It will be on during the fall. Reception: good. Grade: C. New review

Masters of Illusion: Status- It airs on the CW at 8/7 Central on Fridays. Why I’ve seen it- It first aired right after a show that I normally watch. Noteworthiness- Looking up the history of this show, I found out that it has aired off and on various networks in recent history. That means that if it ends, it could be brought back. Description- Simply put, this show has various magicians doing performances for people. Pros- A lot of stuff happens in one episode. Tricks and magicians always change so you know you can expect something different in each episode. The show happens quickly and this isn’t something that you always have to watch as the episodes are always standalones. Cons- Well, some of the pros can also be cons. They seem to focus on putting too much in a single half-hour. A lot of the tricks are things you’ve seen before. Note to Parents- There isn’t too much in here that would be worrisome for kids to see. All one would have to worry about is mild innuendo every now and then. Recommendation- I would say that you should watch it if magic is the type of thing that interests you. My viewing habits- It can be hard to stay into this show although I do watch it at times, but not always. Prediction- I think that this show will last a good while and if it ever ends, it can come back again as it has in the past. Reception: somewhat negative, although, it was hard for me to find a good place that mentioned the reception that the show got. Grade: B.

Big Brother: Status- This CBS show airs in three hours of primetime during the summer and on live internet feeds at The three primetime hours are basically split into the mostly live show where people are voted out, the show where people get nominated to get voted out, and the show where people compete to possibly change the nominations on the show. Basically, you’d have to watch the average week of shows to get the way it airs. The current airing schedule has it on Sundays at 8/7 Central, Wednesdays at 8/7 Central, and Thursdays at 9/8 Central. Why I’ve seen it- A parody of it on the Talk interested me in watching the real thing. Noteworthiness- There are many versions of it in other countries, most of which work very differently than ours. In case you were wondering, we were not the first country to do this show, although we were the first country to use the format that it has in almost no other country’s version of it. Description- A group of people, normally strangers, but sometimes not, are put into a house where they are recorded 24/7 and competing for a money prize. Notable People- Julie Chen, formally of CBS’s the Early Show and current co-host of the Talk, is the host of this show. She has hosted this show longer than any other host in any other country’s version of this show. Pros- While it may seem similar to other reality TV shows, it is very different to the usual. You can see whatever you want to online since CBS has live feeds of what goes on inside the house. Cons- The live internet feed gets cuts a lot making it seem like the people that air the show is hiding something. Tons of controversies have arisen on the show. Note to Parents- I’d say that teenagers can watch this. I wouldn’t go with much younger than that as the typical episode can have enough objectionable things in it. Recommendation- Despite the rather lengthy cons section that I just mentioned, this show is a pretty good show to watch. My viewing habits- I got into this late and for varying reasons don’t know yet if I’ll watch it again. Prediction- It will probably last a long time, although it just as easily might not. Reception: mixed. Grade: B-.

Primetime: What Would You Do?: Status- This is an ABC show. It is a spin-off of 20/20. ABC news helps with this show. It airs on Fridays at 9/8 Central. Why I’ve seen it- Commercials made it seem interesting. Cancellation of The Good Guys helped me decide to watch it. Noteworthiness- It is the first hidden camera show I’ve seen that wasn’t out to exploit people for laughs. It is actually very serious. Description- Different situations are set up to see how people react to them. The point is to get people to react to a situation and get them to help people out. Very serious situations are acted out using issues such as coming out, unwanted pregnancy, racial issues, gender issues, and more. Pros- It shows the good side among people and how they actually help sometimes. It is very interesting and could make good teaching material. There are different segments in each episode to keep you interested. It probably is a more realistic version than any scripted show could come up with. Cons- Some segments are better than others because some segments are just pointless. A certain amount of deception is involved with the people. All the shooting locations tend to be in the same locations. The Would You Fall for That? segments are pretty dumb. One can question the legalities of this show. Note to Parents- Some segments might be okay for kids and others are not. I’d say that it depends on your mood to be honest. Recommendation- Everyone should watch this show. This is the best show currently on television. My viewing habits- I haven’t always watched this in the past but always watch it now whenever I have the chance. Prediction- It should be on until they run out of ideas, which is unlikely that they will. Whether it will stay around is for the viewers to decide. I think that it will last a while. Reception: positive. Grade: A++.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Don’t Always Blame Timeslots

You may have seen a previous post of mine that mentioned the idea of cursed timeslots. Well, I’ve followed enough show ratings that I know that timeslots are not always to blame for a show’s failure. Sometimes a show can thrive in a timeslot and another show comes over and fail at the same timeslot. So I thought that I would mention why blaming a timeslot for a show’s cancellation isn’t always going to work out after all.

Maybe it will always be strange and something people aren’t used to when a show airs during the hiatus of another show. But that tends to always lead to low rated shows. The Blacklist: Redemption failed where The Blacklist succeeded. Agent Carter failed where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. succeeded. Those are just two examples and there are probably more.

One of the problems that I notice when it comes to looking up ratings is that I get total viewers in my only source available at the end of the season which is not the more important demographic of a certain age range. You do have to wonder why every show uses the same demographic. Surely a show like The Muppets isn’t for 18-34 year olds, but that doesn’t change anything. It is also worth noting that shows aren’t always cancelled because of low ratings. Just look at The Great Indoors.

To point out my confusion about this, look at The Muppets versus The Real O’Neals. Both shared the same timeslot. In terms of total viewers, The Muppets did better. But it was cancelled at the end of the season while the other show stayed around longer. The same was true about Angel from Hell which was cancelled despite doing better in its timeslot than 2 Broke Girls did.

Another reason not to blame timeslots for a show’s failure is because a show can thrive in any timeslot. Just look at Supernatural. They have probably aired that tons of different times, yet it has never been in danger of cancellation. Even when it aired on Fridays, Bones never was in danger of cancellation. I’ll admit that it is over now, but that was more due to a long hiatus between episodes than it constantly changing timeslots throughout its life. Of course, sometimes a show constantly changing timeslots means that it will end as they are just airing it whenever until it is over. Just look at Nikita or The Good Guys. But the fact remains that these shows all had different timeslots, not one, cursed one.

I don’t know what else to add to this. I guess this was just a response to my previous post on cursed timeslots that I wanted to inform my blog readers that a timeslot isn’t always to blame. At least a whole ton of people read that other post. But I don’t want to create clickbait so here’s a clarification of that previous post about cursed timeslots.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Look Back at my 2016-2017 Fantasy Schedule

When I made up a schedule of how I thought TV would look in the upcoming season of TV, I was sure to make some interesting predictions. Did any of them come true? Well, let’s find out as I look back. I know that I had no idea what all would be changed around, but did I get other predictions right? Let’s look back at them now.

ABC: What I got right- I was right when I thought that Shark Tank would move to Sundays. I was right thinking that a new comedy would air at 8:30 Central. I was right thinking that American Crime, Secrets & Lies, The Real O’Neals, and Imaginary Mary would all get cancelled.

ABC: What I got wrong- I was wrong thinking that anything new would air on Sundays. I was wrong thinking that Last Man Standing or Dr. Ken would get renewed. I was wrong thinking that Ten Days in the Valley would air during the summer. I was wrong thinking that BattleBots would return this summer. I was wrong thinking that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Quantico, and The Toy Box would all get cancelled.

CBS: What I got right- I was right thinking that Instinct would be picked up as a series. I was right thinking that a new comedy would air at 7:30 on Mondays. I was right thinking that Young Sheldon would air after The Big Bang Theory on Thursdays. I was also right thinking that it would be picked up as a series. I was right thinking that The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss, and Code Black would all air at midseason. I was right thinking that 2 Broke Girls, Ransom, and The Odd Couple would all be cancelled.

CBS: What I got wrong- I was wrong thinking that Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Great Indoors, and Hunted would all get renewed. I was wrong thinking that NCIS: New Orleans and Bull would switch timeslots. I was wrong thinking that Mom would air at midseason. I was wrong thinking that Man with a Plan would air during the fall as usual. I was wrong thinking that Elementary would get cancelled.

CW: What I got right- I was right thinking that Jane the Virgin would move to Fridays. I was right thinking that Riverdale would move to Wednesdays. I was right thinking that Legends of Tomorrow would air after The Flash on Tuesdays. I was right thinking that a new show would air after Supergirl on Mondays. I was right thinking that The 100, iZombie, and at least one new show would air at midseason.

CW: What I got wrong- I was wrong thinking that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would air at midseason. I was wrong thinking that The Originals would air during the fall. I was wrong thinking that a new show would air on Thursdays during the fall.

FOX: What I got right- I was right thinking that The Resident would get picked up as a series. I was right thinking that Sleepy Hollow, Making History, Scream Queens, Pitch, APB, Rosewood, Son of Zorn, Kicking & Screaming, You the Jury, and Shots Fired would all get cancelled.

FOX: What I got wrong- I was wrong thinking that 24: Legacy, Prison Break, and Wayward Pines would get renewed. I was wrong thinking that Controversy would get picked up as a series. I think that The Orville is an hour long show where I had it as a half-hour show. I was wrong thinking that Star would air at midseason. I was wrong thinking that The Resident would air during the fall. I was wrong thinking that New Girl and The Exorcist would get cancelled.

NBC: What I got right- I was right thinking that a new show would air after The Voice. I was right thinking that Shades of Blue and Little Big Shots would air at midseason. I was right thinking that The Blacklist: Redemption, Emerald City, Powerless, and First Dates would all get cancelled.

NBC: What I got wrong- I was wrong thinking that Trial & Error, Taken, and Great News would all get cancelled. I was wrong thinking that Law & Order: True Crime would air at some point during the summer. I was wrong thinking that The Biggest Loser, The Celebrity Apprentice, and Chicago Justice would return for future seasons.

Well, that’s all for this blog post. There is a lot more that I could have mentioned regarding the previous post that I haven’t mentioned in this post as I felt that it wasn’t relevant in one way or another. Be sure to check the archive if you care to know more about what I did then.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Best and Worst Show 2016 & Award Update

This is probably the shortest post that I do every year. I don’t really put that much effort into it outside of simply shortening the list of nominees for best show on television from the Silver Globe Awards and the worst show on television from seven nominees to just one. The nominees were mentioned previously when I mentioned the winners in those respective categories.

Before I get to that, I’ll have to mention a retroactive change in the post that you saw previously relating to the worst of TV. It is my policy to take out a show if someone still working on it died. Well, that happened with Elementary and I found out about it after I had posted the award. Making matters worse, these two awards were given to the character this actor played. I liked the actor as I normally don’t want to make a business of hating any actors since I don’t know them and shouldn’t care (but there are still some celebrities that I don’t care for).

Thus, the winners for the underdeveloped character award and most worthless death (of the unimportant character, not the actor) are hereby revoked and will not be replaced retroactively (in this post, at least). Hopefully this sort of thing doesn’t happen again and if it does, I’ll mention it at some point like the next year’s nominees about the change if I’m not able to sooner. As an extra precaution, I will not be using those two categories at least next year or possibly ever again.

Best show on television 2016: Designated Survivor

Worst show on television for the 2016-2017 season: 2 Broke Girls

And as quickly as this post began, it is over. These were my thoughts on the best show on television from the previous year and the worst show from the previous TV season. I have no idea if you agree or not, but those were my thoughts. And if you have a TV blog, please let me know.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Golden Huckleberry Award Winners 2016-2017

Well, I’m back here with the winners (well, losers technically) of the Golden Huckleberry Awards for the worst of television this previous season. I’m also including the worst show on television nominees and I’ll mention what that is later. If you want to know what categories Training Day would have been nominated for if I decided that it wasn’t ineligible, then let me know and I’ll comment on this post with the options. For now, let’s get to the awards!

Main awards

Worst season premiere: NCIS: New Orleans

Worst title: The Mick

Worst ending to a TV series: Son of Zorn

Worst acting: 2 Broke Girls

Worst writing: Mom

Worst plot: Scream Queens

The good riddance award: Last Man Standing

Why do people care award: The Real O’Neals

Worst idea for a show: Mistresses

Biggest waste of time: Last Man Standing

Most forgettable: American Gothic

Bonehead decision of the season: The Great Indoors

Worst pilot: Star

Worst drama show: Scream Queens

Worst comedy show: Dr. Ken

Worst new show: The Mick

Why is it still on award: America’s “Funniest” Home Videos

Most overrated show: 2 Broke Girls

Weakest Characters: The Real O’Neals

Worst reason to cancel a good show: The Great Indoors

Why was it created award: 2 Broke Girls

What were they thinking award: Scream Queens

Why do people like it award: 2 Broke Girls

Worst retooling of a show: NCIS: New Orleans

Jumped the shark award: Family Guy

Most obvious cancellation: The Odd Couple

What’s it about award: Scream Queens

Time to stop watching award: no nominees

They’ve stopped caring award: The 100

Most average show award: Superior Donuts

That’s actually a show award: Scream Queens

Not worth a second viewing award: The Real O’Neals

Weirdest show: Scream Queens

Worst show on FOX: Scream Queens

Worst show on ABC: The Real O’Neals

Worst show on CBS: 2 Broke Girls

Worst show on NBC: Late Night with Seth Meyers

Worst show on the CW: The Vampire Diaries

Worst show on every other network: Nancy Grace

Worst syndicated show: The Jerry Springer Show

Worst show on television nominees: Scream Queens, The Real O’Neals, 2 Broke Girls, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Vampire Diaries, Nancy Grace, The Jerry Springer Show

Other awards

Worst story arc: The irrelevant baby on The Big Bang Theory

Worst plot twist: Ichabod selling his soul on Sleepy Hollow

Worst new character: Paulie from Big Brother

Biggest moron: Paulie from Big Brother

Most hated character: Paulie from Big Brother

Worst character transformation: Pride the revenge seeker from NCIS: New Orleans

Most overrated character: no nominees

Most obvious twist: Reynold turns on the heroes on Grimm

The underdeveloped character award: Shinwell from Elementary

Why are they still alive award: Fish Mooney from Gotham

Most worthless death: Shinwell from Elementary

Most accepted death: no nominees

WTF death: Michael from Jane the Virgin

Most useless character: Taylor from Survivor

Worst Villain: Malcolm from Sleepy Hollow

Dumbest scheduling choice: CBS putting Ransom on Saturday

Worst episode yet: The Tinder episode from Family Guy

Worst episode this season: All Hail Son of Zorn from Son of Zorn

Episode not worth a rewatch award: All Hail Son of Zorn from Son of Zorn

Dumbest character departure: Meredith Brody on NCIS: New Orleans

Weirdest plot choice: Trapping Gail in an elevator on The Last Man on Earth

Worst romance: Nick and Adeline from Grimm

Worst commercial: Shake and Steak’s Happy Hour

Worst season yet: NCIS: New Orleans season 3

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Notes on the Upcoming CW Schedule: 2017 Version

Last year, the change of Supergirl from the CBS network to the CW network prompted me to create a blog post on the upcoming CW schedule in addition to the one on CBS. Well, I’m back again this year with another look at the schedule and how it is changing this time around.

Before the main season ended last year, the shows of Frequency and No Tomorrow were already gone from the schedule. The Vampire Diaries had left the airwaves too and Legends of Tomorrow was done with its season. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had a shorter season too. I don’t think that there were any major changes that I can remember off hand.

There are only two new fall shows on the CW this season. One is Dynasty which is replacing The 100, only that show will return at some point this season. The other show is Valor which is replacing the finally cancelled Reign.

In terms of what returning shows are that are coming back in the fall, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is replacing The Originals, only The Originals will return at some point. The show iZombie will be gone and replaced by Legends of Tomorrow.

All the midseason changes that you’ll see in the future are the eventual return of The 100 and The Originals. You’ll also see the new shows of Life Sentence and Black Lightning. I doubt that there will be any other known changes besides that in the future, although it could happen.

Well, that’s all for this blog post. I need to buckle down and write many other posts for the future and we still don’t know what changes could occur in this blog over time. Right now, you are seeing Saturday updates and random other days. Things could change and I’ll point out more about that when it does, although I’ll try to let you know in advance.