Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Notes on the Upcoming CBS Schedule: 2018 Version

As I hastily try to write all of the posts for this blog for the near future, I’m reminded that for a while now, I have done posts that talk about the upcoming schedule on CBS. Few people besides me would care about what show replaces what other show on this network. Honestly, a lot of my writing is just for my own benefit. But I might as well get this accomplished as soon as I can.

One of the things that will be a bit confusing is the Murphy Brown revival that is not really a new show but might as well be labeled that for the sake of this blog. It is taking over the timeslot that Life in Pieces had. Life in Pieces is gone now until midseason.

What are all the new shows? One is called The Neighborhood. Another is Happy Together. There is also a reboot of Magnum P.I. FBI is a new show as well. And don’t forget God Friended Me. Then, all of the new midseason shows are The Code, Fam and The Red Line.

Thursday Night Football is over on this network and that will be good for the future. It has made some of the scheduling changes a bit difficult to keep up with. Well, a lot of things were basically the same with some of the changes and didn’t matter until it was over. But there won’t be any issues with comedy changes with Mondays and Thursdays.

I need to write a note here for other blogs of mine so I’ll know where to look in terms of what might end up happening in the rare event that I create a new blog for some reason. What I need to know for this note is that Life in Pieces is now Murphy Brown. Instinct is gone for now with God Friended Me as its replacement, although Instinct will return at some point. Kevin Can Wait is now The Neighborhood. Code Black is now Criminal Minds. 9JKL was replaced by something and is now half of Magnum P.I. And Superior Donuts is now the other half of that show. Elementary is replaced by FBI.

Before the season ended, there were changes with other shows. Me, Myself, and I was replaced by Man with a Plan. Wisdom of the Crowd was replaced by Instinct. 9JKL was replaced by Living Biblically. Near the end of the season, Scorpion was replaced by Elementary. Criminal Minds was replaced by Code Black. And I think that was about it.

It will be confusing that some of the shows on CBS will be returning later, but not right away. Among them are The Amazing Race, Man with a Plan, Life in Pieces, Instinct, possibly Celebrity Big Brother, and I have no idea for sure what’s happening with Undercover Boss.

Have I covered what all is replaced by what? I hope that I have. But I don’t know for sure if I got all of it or not. Man with a Plan is being replaced by Happy Together. Only Man with a Plan will return at some point. Living Biblically now forms half of Magnum P.I. with Superior Donuts providing the other half. I have no idea what could have replaced Murphy Brown since it went off the air, but I might look it up in the future if I really care about it that much.

In conclusion, I hope that this post is worth more people’s times than just mine. I’m not entirely sure that it affects more than just me. I hope that I didn’t mess up too much of this post from what I normally have done in the past with things like it.

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Look Back at my 2017-2018 Cancellation Predictions

I am so behind on all the posts that I need to write that you might have been wondering where some of the usual summer posts are. Well, I haven’t had as much time for writing this blog that I’ve spent writing this blog like I’m supposed to. I need to do research some times for it and that is why a lot of these have not been done yet. All of them probably will be at some point. Otherwise, sorry for any of the posts that you like reading but aren’t getting.

Before I get going with this post any further, I might as well get to what some of the asterisks in this post mean. I will then look back on my predictions of what would be cancelled last season. First note that if it has one asterisk, that means it is unofficially cancelled. Two asterisks means that it is switching networks due to being cancelled. It isn’t over as it is moving to another network even if one cancelled it first. Here is a good way to note it: unofficially cancelled *, switching networks **. Know that what I mention later as fate unknown is probably unofficially cancelled.

What I got right: Scandal, Wisdom of the Crowd, Ten Days in the Valley, Ghosted, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Law and Order: True Crime *, The Mayor, Once Upon a Time, Inhumans, Deception, Alex Inc., The Crossing, The Toy Box *, Roseanne, Quantico, Kevin Can Wait; Me, Myself, and I; 9JKL, Code Black, Living Biblically, Superior Donuts, Scorpion, Life Sentence, The Originals, New Girl, Lucifer **, The Mick, The Exorcist, LA to Vegas, The Brave, Great News, Taken, Timeless, Champions, Rise, Trial and Error

Scandal: This was a freebie. I was guaranteed to get it right since they announced it was airing its final season before the season started. If I ever get a freebie wrong, then there is something wrong with me as I must not have been paying attention.

Wisdom of the Crowd: There might not have been much wrong with the show in terms of quality, but there were other issues with it and it seems that at least one Sunday show has to get cancelled on every network each season.

Ten Days in the Valley: Here’s a show that was probably a short term plan anyways. Unless I’m mistaken, this was going to air earlier and got delayed. Then it was pulled from the schedule, but at least they were nice and aired all of the episodes and released the show to DVD.

Ghosted: Often, you will know when a network hates a show. For instance, if they pulled it suddenly from the schedule and don’t announce a return date until it randomly comes back for the summer, then you know that it is probably dead. And it seems appropriate that they ghosted the show since that is its name after all.

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World: So many shows seem to do a Christian angle and they all seem to fail. The only one I can think of that lasted a while was 7th Heaven. Even if they try to get it right, they often fail at garnering viewers. And they screwed a lot with this show’s airing which cemented its status as dead well into its season.

Law and Order: True Crime: While I get annoyed at my region for having reception problems for NBC and even more annoyed that the NBC website often fails, I should be glad that it happened when it did or I might have got sucked into a really stupid show. I only watched one episode online around the time that my laptop was failing and I wouldn’t have been able to watch it if it wasn’t. I only watched this for a different blog of mine. Meanwhile, it wasn’t actually cancelled, but it might as well have been since I just don’t see it coming back any time soon.

The Mayor: This show looked terrible and nobody really watched it. I’m not sure if all of it aired in the end. I guess people figured that if they wanted to see a person who shouldn’t have won an office that they are now stuck with for a while, they could watch the news and see what Trump is up to. *sips tea* They might have tried to make the lead more endearing, but it just didn’t work.

Once Upon a Time: With so many changes going into it for the next season, you do have to wonder if it should have just ended a season sooner so as to not have so much of the cast lost going into it.  Maybe that is why people stopped watching or maybe them putting it on Fridays was the death sentence. All I know is that I’m glad they had the decency to tell us midway through that it was ending this season and was glad that they gave us a great ending.

Inhumans: I might never understand why so many people hated this show. I just hope that they didn’t waste their time watching it, but not a lot of people did spend their time with it. After all of the negative reception and low viewership, it was one of the least surprising cancellations of the season.

Deception: While I might have watched this if it aired at a different time originally, I ultimately never saw it. I didn’t know anything about it going into the season, but figured that it wouldn’t last due to its title. After airing on a dreaded Sunday night slot on ABC where no show wants to be, it was cancelled due to low ratings. I don’t know if it would have lasted in another slot, but since ABC messed up so much of Sunday this season, I’d have to say that it might have under different circumstances.

Alex Inc.: This is another example of the bad title rule in use. It is hard to tell without watching if a show with a bad title will wind up cancelled at the end of its season or not, it more than likely is. I never saw the show so I don’t know if it is as bad as its title or not. Maybe the title isn’t bad.

The Crossing: I liked the promos for this show and watched it as a result. While the show was good in some places, it wasn’t in others. Whatever the reason, people didn’t watch this and it was cancelled, getting such bad treatment that the last two episodes aired on a Saturday.

The Toy Box: While there may be a chance that this show comes back, since it was linked with Toys R Us and that retailer is going out of business, this show is as good as dead. I am writing it off as cancelled as a result since it doesn’t seem like it will be coming back in the future.

Roseanne: If only the star of this show were smarter on twitter, then this would be staying around. It got such great ratings that they decided to sort of keep the show alive in the form of a spin-off focusing on some of the characters with it. I only had it on here because revivals and reboots don’t tend to do well. So much weirdness happened with it, it is hard to keep track of everything.

Quantico: When a show gets an illogical renewal, then it is likely not to stick around much longer. It is still airing the rest of its episodes as of this post. If things had gone better for it, then a cancellation in its third season wouldn’t make sense. But it didn’t have enough episodes going into it. And I don’t know what went wrong with its final season, but too much changed.

Kevin Can Wait: Honestly, this probably should have lasted given its good enough ratings and not much being against it. But there was enough fan outrage over unnecessary cast changes and too much of the show was different in its second season.

Me, Myself, and I: Maybe it failed because it was a single camera comedy on CBS and only Life in Pieces has lasted a long time on that network without having a live studio audience laughing at the antics of what was going on. And while I did like the show, it wasn’t really that funny in the end. Shows that use a different type of concept tend not to last anyways.

9JKL: The more I think about it, the more I think that this was just a rip-off of Everybody Loves Raymond. It wasn’t that good a show so I didn’t watch it as much as I could have. This makes me question what real life scenarios I could turn into sitcoms as they might not last.

Code Black: CBS never cared that much about this show or it would have gotten a full season order on any of its seasons. While only its first season renewal seemed illogical, it was never good betting on its future which makes me wonder why the TV Grim Reaper ignored his own advice and thought that it would last before it even started airing.

Living Biblically- This show could have worked, but it didn’t. It ultimately seemed like a strange man trying to live a better life but failing at providing good entertainment. I had it under here by the original name of By the Book. It didn’t keep its name nor did it last.

Superior Donuts: Here’s another illogical cancellation. The only reason why it seems like it might have been cancelled to me is because CBS wanted it air dramas in place of its many comedy times. I never liked the show even if others did and it might have tackled serious issues at times.

Scorpion: I don’t get why it was cancelled or why the writers had to give us such a terrible ending that I would have hated even if they show had continued. You see, it became clear as things went along that CBS cared less about it since they weren’t showing it on reruns anymore. It is always telling what they won’t air in repeats. It goes against a lot of their own habits not to renew it based on what they have done before with other shows in the past. Now I hate this show, even if I might write a fan fiction to resolve the storyline if only due to it having a flimsy connection to the NCIS franchise.

Life Sentence: The CW network is getting to be more and more predictable as time comes by. If they ever air two shows at midseason, when one starts airing, you’ll know the other will get cancelled. This is another in a long time of shows that started airing later than it should have and was ultimately dead on arrival as a result.

The Originals: It might have only gotten another season last year because The Vampire Diaries, the show it span-off of, was cancelled and I have yet to know of a case where a show and its spin-off end in the same season. I knew that it would be pretty much dead then as a result the next season and I was right, although it will sort of continue in the form of a spin-off.

New Girl: Here’s another freebie. It was FOX’s longest running live action drama, which can make one wonder why it got such a short send off. But if CSI proves anything, it’s that even shows that last long will not always get a good final season in terms of episode numbers.

Lucifer: I can’t tell for sure if this should have lasted longer on FOX or not. But Netflix is picking it up for another season so now it will probably last until syndication, possibly. It is hard to tell for sure. I don’t know why people liked this show which is more or less the only reason it was on here.

The Mick: While I’ve never seen an episode of this, I still despise the show as it is so stupid a plot and it makes you wonder why shit like this is made when so many other things don’t see the light of day. And yet, it still seems like this show was illogically cancelled in the end. But hey, I’ll take it as right even if it was just a hate vote that put it on my list.

The Exorcist: This never should have gotten a second season and the ratings the second time around were just as disastrous as the first time. It makes me wonder why they waited so long to cancel it, but I guess that it wasn’t given any real false hope among its fans.

LA to Vegas: I don’t know if this is another illogical cancellation or not. I might have watched this if only because I had a dream about it once. But it looked mostly dumb and I doubt that I missed anything good by not seeing it. Knowing nothing about it in advance, I don’t know why it was in my predictions. But I guess that it was the bad title rule if nothing else.

The Brave: While I wanted to watch it at one point, by the time I finally could have, it seemed like it was more and more likely to end than stick around. The prediction was right. I don’t know if it was any good or why it didn’t last, but I figured that a show with its timeslot was doomed to fail and I was right.

Great News: I had a chance to watch this once, but decided not to. I don’t know if it was any good or not. While it wasn’t an illogical renewal last season for sure since it premiered so late, it didn’t get that good treatment the second time around and ended as a result.

Taken: First it was supposed to air during the fall, but never did. Then it got pushed up earlier in the schedule with little to no warning for two weeks in a row, making people more likely to miss it. Then, despite it being a second season show which often isn’t subject to such grim treatment like the first season shows that don’t last are, it was pulled from the schedule then burned off on Saturdays. All I know is that it shouldn’t have gotten renewed last season and should have gotten better treatment for this season.

Timeless: It was never going to last. It was over after the first season before they decided to bring it back after Sony gave them a lot of money while fans falsely think they brought it back with a fan campaign. Then it was over again and is likely to stay that way.

Champions: All I know is that it was either the lowest rated of the new NBC sitcoms or it was the second lowest rated of the new NBC sitcoms. I never saw it and only had it on here due to its bad title. I have no idea what it was about so I can only guess that it didn’t last due to lack of exposure.

Rise: Most musical themed shows won’t last and this was one of them proving that rule. It might have been something that I would have watched if it premiered just a bit later or didn’t air when it did. So whether it was good or not, I’ll never know for sure.

Trial and Error: I guess that the fate of whether or not this show would last was subject to some trial and error itself. This is one of many shows that I would have cared about if things had gone differently at one point or another. It shouldn’t have been renewed and was cancelled this season as a result.

What I got wrong: The Middle, Valor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine **, The Last Man on Earth, Shades of Blue, Fate unknown: The Bachelor Winter Games, Undercover Boss, The X-Files, Still could be: Reverie, The Awesome Show, Making It

Just a note before going on that I will not be doing any thoughts on the shows whose fate are unknown or could still be cancelled in the future. Just know that Making It was originally called The Handmade Project and any show marked fate unknown is more than likely cancelled or taking an extended break from airing on television. Still could be shows started or will start during the summer, thus leaving their fate unknown for a while.

The Middle: You’ll never know when a long running show will decide to end. It is hard to guess things like that in the future. And that is why I got this wrong by thinking that it would be safe. There is nothing notable to say here except that it was tied with Modern Family for being the longest running sitcom on ABC and now after nine years, Modern Family can claim that title all its own.

Valor: It is always risky thinking that a new show will be safe. I thought that it being military themed would mean that it would last, but it being on the CW during the fall might mean that it shouldn’t have been on my list of safe choices considering what happened last season. Oh well. You live and learn.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: It’s funny that the longest running FOX live action comedy for a brief time after New Girl ended will now be on NBC and has lasted longer than Superstore, the longest running NBC sitcom. It is hard to say whether or not all of the changes make sense. But I didn’t think that FOX would cancel it. Even if it is lasting longer on NBC, it was technically cancelled, so I got it wrong by saying that it was safe even if it isn’t really going anywhere.

The Last Man on Earth: I don’t know why FOX decided to purge itself of all of its remaining live action single camera sitcoms in favor of all muti-camera sitcoms since the last one they aired, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, bombed terrible. There hasn’t been a successful muti-camera sitcom on FOX since That 70’s Show was on the air. This was an illogical cancellation, I’m pretty sure. At least there are a lot of people left on earth in the end.

Shades of Blue: The longer a show goes without a return date, the more likely it is to get cancelled. If I had done my fantasy schedule before its fate was cemented, I would have known that it was going to get cancelled this time around. I didn’t know the shabby treatment it would get. It’s a third season show for Pete’s sake! But it did end or will sometime soon in the future.

I have the feeling that I did a lot of this post differently than I have in previous seasons. I guess we will see for sure what people think of this. Know that while Mondays are a day of the week that could turn into weekly posts instead of Saturdays, this will not be the start of them this time around as I’m using a cheat to update this blog instead of rolling for a Survivor episode. I hope to have Sunday posts in the future, but I don’t know if they will happen when I want them to. It’s possible that the cheats that I use to update this blog will return to a different blog again. You’ll know if a regular post is missing if this did end up happening or not.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Golden Huckleberry Nominees: 2017-2018

Well, here we are, finally here. I’m getting to the worst of television from last season. I have done this in the past and have never yet stated when things have to air to qualify for these awards. Basically from June 1st of 2017 to May 31st of 2018, that is when I’m choosing stuff to nominate for these “awards.” Other years will have the same time frame: June 1st to May 31st. That means that if they haven’t finished airing once June starts, then it will have to wait until the next award show if I thought it was bad. Now there are some more notes before the beginning of the nominees.

Something that I did in the last post was get rid of certain potential nominees because someone who was still working on the show had died and I didn’t want it to seem in poor taste to nominate a show where someone in it died. Well, I realize now that I messed up then by still nominating shows that had a recently deceased person in them. I don’t plan on changing the last post retroactively, but I do plan on making a note of this so I’ll remember not to do it in the future.

Last year when I did this post, I got rid of an award called worst cliffhanger resolution which I gave to season premiered that failed to deliver on the hype of the previous season’s cliffhanger. Instead, I did something more basic called worst season premiere. Now, I have both of the awards present as I felt that it was the best way to go forward given both of the episodes. Now let’s get to the worst of TV from my perspective.

Main awards

Worst season premiere: Kevin Can Wait

Worst cliffhanger resolution: Hawaii Five-0

Worst title: The Mick

Worst ending to a TV series: Reign, Doubt, Scorpion

Worst acting: Lucifer, Life in Pieces, Mom, A.P. Bio, Living Biblically

Worst writing: The Bachelor in Paradise, The 100, Lucifer, Mom, The Blacklist, Law and Order: True Crime, The Mick, Life in Pieces, Zoo

Worst plot: Zoo, Mom, Life in Pieces

The good riddance award: The Mick, Battle of the Network Stars, Doubt, Zoo, Taken

Why do people care award: American Idol, any show in the Bachelor franchise, Lucifer, The Gong Show, Mom, Life in Pieces, The Americans

Worst idea for a show: Love Connection, The Bachelor Winter Games, A.P. Bio, Good Girls

Biggest waste of time: Doubt, The Blacklist, The 100, Reign, American Idol

Most forgettable: Living Biblically

Bonehead decision of the season: Living Biblically

Worst pilot: Love Connection

Worst drama show: Taken, Lucifer, any show in the Bachelor franchise, Doubt, Zoo, Good Girls, The Blacklist, The 100, The Americans

Worst comedy show: Mom, Life in Pieces, The Mick, Man with a Plan, Living Bibically, A.P. Bio

Worst new show: Living Biblically, A.P. Bio, Good Girls

Why is it still on award: A.P. Bio, Bachelor in Paradise, American Idol, Love Connection, Lucifer, The Gong Show, Life in Pieces, Mom, The 100

Most overrated show: The Americans, American Idol, The Blacklist

Weakest Characters: Doubt, Zoo, any show in the Bachelor franchise, The Mick, Lucifer, Life in Pieces, Mom, The 100

Worst reason to cancel a good show: Man with a Plan

Why was it created award: A.P. Bio

What were they thinking award: Zoo

Why do people like it award: Lucifer, any show in the Bachelor franchise, American Idol, The Gong Show, Life in Pieces, Mom, The Blacklist, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The 100, The Americans

Worst retooling of a show: The Blacklist

Jumped the shark award: The Blacklist

Most obvious cancellation: Living Biblically, Taken, Reign

What’s it about award: Life in Pieces, Doubt, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Time to stop watching award: The Blacklist

They’ve stopped caring award: The Blacklist

Most average show award: Superstore

That’s actually a show award: The Gong Show

Not worth a second viewing award: The Gong Show, Battle of the Network Stars, Living Biblically

Weirdest show: The Gong Show, Living Biblically, Zoo, The Blacklist, Reign

Worst news show: The Allman Report

Biggest Dud: A.P. Bio

Dead to me award: Doubt, Scorpion, Reign

Worst show on FOX: Lucifer, The Mick, Love Connection

Worst show on ABC: any show in the Bachelor franchise, American Idol, The Gong Show, Battle of the Network Stars

Worst show on CBS: Life in Pieces, Man with a Plan, Mom, Scorpion, Living Biblically, Doubt, Zoo

Worst show on NBC: A.P. Bio, Good Girls, The Blacklist, Taken

Worst show on the CW: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The 100, Reign

Worst show on every other network: The Americans

Worst syndicated show: Maury, The Jerry Springer Show, Dr. Phil

Worst show on television nominees: pending

Other awards

Worst story arc: Walter’s dream romance on Scorpion

Worst plot twist: the blood was changed on Doubt

Worst new character: Carter Diaz from Arrow

Biggest moron: Glasses from Grey’s Anatomy

Most hated character: Cater Diaz from Arrow

Worst character transformation: Elizabeth Keen from The Blacklist

Most overrated character: any of the characters on Mom

Most obvious twist: Jake and Amy getting engaged on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Why are they still alive award: Eobard Thawne from Arrowverse

Most accepted death: Mallus from Legends of Tomorrow

WTF death: Mary from Reign, David Rosen from Scandal, Donna from Kevin Can Wait, Fitz from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Most obvious death: Anezka from Jane the Virgin

Most useless character: Carter Diaz from Arrow, Mallus from Legends of Tomorrow, Stevie from Madam Secretary

Worst Villain: Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer, Mallus from Legends of Tomorrow, any of the Restinghouse agents from Timeless, Carter Diaz from Arrow

Dumbest scheduling choice: All of the delays and timeslot changes of Taken on NBC, randomly pulling Ghosted from the schedule despite a half hour timeslot for reruns you could have put new episodes from this on at instead on FOX, doubling the airing of America’s “Funniest” Home Videos and Shark Tank instead of airing something more worthwhile on ABC

Worst episode yet: The Return from Doubt, All it Cost Her… from Reign, A Lie in the Sand from Scorpion, Abraham Stern from The Blacklist

Worst episode this season: The Return from Doubt, All it Cost Her… from Reign, A Lie in the Sand from Scorpion, Abraham Stern from The Blacklist

Episode not worth a rewatch award: The Return from Doubt, All it Cost Her… from Reign, A Lie in the Sand from Scorpion

Dumbest character departure: Donna from Kevin Can Wait

Weirdest plot choice: two straight women marrying each other on The Last Man on Earth, the breaking of team Scorpion on Scorpion, Petra’s sudden lesbian phase on Jane the Virgin, killing Reeves in Abby’s farewell episode on NCIS

Worst romance: Hook’s and Zelena’s daughters from Once Upon a Time, J.R. and Petra from Jane the Virgin, Sadie and her client from Doubt

Worst commercial: “Thanks,” Mike Madigan, Make Google do it, Share a Coke with you, We Like Beer

WTF moment: Michael is alive on Jane the Virgin

Worst season yet: The Blacklist season 5

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Saturdays in Primetime Version 2

Well, it is time for the next set of reviews for Saturday shows. I will not do the note that these are both new reviews as I can just mention that here. It could be a while before you see a lot of new reviews in the future outside of summer shows and those of cancelled shows. I don’t know what will happen with this blog and hope that I can write what I want to in the future. Enjoy this post then of the two summer burn offs that CBS are doing this summer of cancelled shows.

Me, Myself, and I: Status- Currently on CBS at 8/7 Central on Saturdays. Why I’ve seen it- I normally always watch a CBS show at least once. Description- This is the story of a person’s life at three different stages, old, middle aged, and young. Notable People- Bobby Monahan from Saturday Night Live plays the middle version of the main character. Pros- It is different and works. Cons- I think that its main flaw is presenting itself as a comedy when it would work better as a drama. Note to Parents- There were the usual problems with it, but not too much wrong with it. Recommendation- I’d watch what remains of this while you can. My Viewing Habits- Due to issues with watching multiple things at once, I gave this up for a while until the issue was resolved. I plan to see the end of it, but might miss a lot of it due to when it airs now. Prediction- It is ending soon. Reception: mixed. Grade: C.

Living Biblically- Status- Currently on CBS at 9/8 Central on Saturdays. Why I’ve seen it- I like to watch most CBS shows at least once. Noteworthiness- This is based off of a real life book that a real person once did. Description- A man decides to live his life according to the bible, much to the chagrin of everyone who knows him. Pros- I’m glad that it wasn’t trying to make Christianity look bad. The man is trying to be a better person in this and uses the bible as a basis. Cons- The show didn’t work well as it wasn’t funny and they failed in their mission to make religion look good. Note to Parents- This might work well in terms of what is good and isn’t, although it can be hard to tell based on just the one episode of it that I saw. Recommendation- I’d pass on this. My Viewing Habits- I only saw this once and wasn’t interested in seeing it again. Prediction- This will end after they finish airing the rest of what they made of this. Reception: mixed to negative. Grade: D.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Live drinking game

I really don't know if I'll have time to do all of the writing that I should for this and other blogs of mine. You see, since I don't have time to write any real post, but still want to stick with the regular update, here is yet another drinking game for this blog of mine. There are so many summer posts that I need to write, although some of what I have written around this time in the past might wait until later as it doesn't need to be updated on time as one might think. Anyways, here are my thoughts as to a drinking game related to the ABC late night show called Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Take a shot if any of the following happen:

  • Matt Damon is referenced.
  • Matt Damon actually appears, but is cut in some way as usual.
  • If the monologue continues after the first commercial break.
  • Any of the usual people appear such as cousin Sal.
  • Any mention of the Bachelor or any of its spin-offs.
  • The Jimmy Kimmel Live concert series happens.
  • They end the show with a song but don't show all of it.
  • Any sports event is mentioned.
  • If anything delays the show, take a shot for each minute it is delayed.
  • Another ABC show is mentioned

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Expectations of the Charmed Reboot

Since the original Charmed show that I was a fan of is being rebooted, I thought that I would say what I would want from a reboot of it. I might go through a rundown of what I liked of the original series and where I could see things improved in a reboot.

The main things that you need to know about Charmed is that it is a grown up version of the magical girls genre where a group of women have magical powers and use them to fight against all sorts of evil with it. It was an adult version as it had a lot of sex and violence that you wouldn’t see in kid’s shows. The recurring plot was the main draw for me as I kept wanting to come back to see what would happen to the characters in the next episode.

One of the problems that could happen in a female centric show is that the villains tend to always be men or a group of men. Now, while men are often villains in fiction and generally in real life, it can come off as seeming mean towards them in a way. While I plan to do a post in the future about whether or not it would be good in terms of gender equality to have female villains, I won’t talk about that here. What I do know is that the only recurring female villains in Charmed either lasted very briefly or were second fiddle to the greater, male villains. Isn’t that a problem?

It wasn’t that often that one was surprised by the original Charmed. It had great writing at times, but it seemed that they never kept the audience in dark about anything. The only real secret that they kept was Chris’s identity for most of the sixth season. Something I would like to see in the Charmed reboot is them being less open to the audience about things so that there can be some real shocks and we aren’t just relearning things when the characters do.

Another change that I hope takes place is that there should be a whole lot less sex than there was in the original series. I would to see strong and independent women and them constantly having sex is just not something that would be ideal in my mind. I’d be fine with them having romantic partners. But if it is just one sexual conquest after another, that would just be another problem with it in my mind.

It is hard to tell for sure what to know from the upcoming show in advance of its airing. But I hope that they go with some of the suggestions here if they can. The show had interesting plots and the elements that would recur in it would be nice at times. We’ll see if any of the old elements will be brought back. I hope that the show is good and if it isn’t, then I won’t watch any further.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

2018 Summer Cancellation Predictions

Here’s another part of a thing that I do from time to time. While I will get to the planned cancellation predictions in the future, I thought that I would do a sort of spin-off post of it. This will be more of a condensed thing than you’ve seen with other posts. But let’s get to my predictions of what will be done with and cancelled or otherwise not coming back this upcoming summer season.

Let’s start by picking again anything that I already picked in the main post that still could be cancelled in the end. The Bachelorette was one of them. Match Game is another. Bachelor in Paradise could be a good choice as well, although that will fall into another category. Reverie was another one mentioned in the last post and though it looks good, a lot of great science fiction shows never last. Only I might never know if the show is good or not. Making it, originally named something else, was on the last list too. And I will include The Awesome Show, even though it no longer seems to be moving forward anyways. 48 Hours: NCIS fits the mold as well.

Changed predictions: I originally had To Tell the Truth as a safe prediction. I’m going to change that now to something that I think will be cancelled. You see, it was originally going to be part of the fall season back in 2017. This didn’t happen. And it is not often when a delayed show has stuck around long term. I can think of only one example of a main season show that fits that mold.

As for newly announced shows that I don’t think will last, Phenoms doesn’t seem like it will stay around. I don’t know whether or not My Last Days is new or not (it might be returning somehow, but I still think that it won’t be lasting much longer than the early summer. TKO seems likely to only last this season and like other shows, won’t even be cancelled officially.

Burden of Truth might suffer the same fate as last season’s Hooten and The Lady. That means that it is a foreign show not up to good ratings in our country similar to how bad ratings here normally don’t mean a reversal compared to good ratings of the same shows internationally. I don’t have high hopes for The Outpost, even though it might be cool. I don’t think that The Last Defense will last much longer either. I don’t have high hopes for The Proposal. And Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back might go the way of a lot of his other summer shows.

Returning shows predictions: Salvation just doesn’t seem like it will last. The promo for this newer season makes me wonder how long it takes for a meteor to strike the earth. I don’t think that either The Gong Show or Marlon will last much longer. I also don’t have high hopes for Love Connection. I’m also going to put Midnight, Texas on this list, although I’m not sure if we will see it this season or not. While I’m pretty sure that it is over, I’m not 100% sure that Trial and Error is ending. Still, I’m putting it on this list of mine.

Cancelled via not returning from previous seasons: It is at this point that I might as well do a round-up of all of the shows that aired last summer that don’t appear to be coming back at all. Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly does not appear to be coming back. Neither does CBSN: On Assignment or Superhuman. Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge seems to have no future. Somewhere Between is more than likely over, although this one might be official. Surprisingly, it seems that Hollywood Game Night is now a thing of the past. The F Word is over, it seems. Boy Band and Battle of the Network Stars are both over as well. Candy Crush has no future. And that might be it, unless I’m missing something.

Freebies: This next list will include shows already cancelled or already renewed. First, I’ll go through a roundup of all the shows either on or that will be on their official final season. Shades of Blue is ending. Code Black is ending. Quantico is ending. Living Biblically is coming back to burn off the rest of what still hasn’t aired before. The same applies to Me, Myself, and I. Taken is burning off the rest of its episodes as well. The Originals will be ending soon. Once they are all over, the shows will never air or make new episodes again. As for what of the summer shows are staying around, Elementary will be back next season. The 100 will return as well.

Safe predictions: Here, I will just list all of the shows that I think will stick around for the future. They are Masters of Illusion, Penn and Teller: Fool Us, Big Brother, The Four: The Battle for Stardom, Little Big Shots, and Primetime: What Would You Do? As for others that will probably last, they should be Take Two, World of Dance, America’s Got Talent, American Ninja Warrior, MasterChef, Beat Shazam, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Celebrity Family Feud, The $100,000 Pyramid, and Whose Line is it Anyways? Also likely to keep lasting is So You Think You Can Dance?

Man, that took longer to write than I had wanted it to. But I am done with this post as of this finishing of this writing of this paragraph. There’s not much else to say except that I hope to be back with all of the normal posts as usual when you expect them.