Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last Post before 2013-2014 season

This will be my last post before the 2013-2014 season, but there will be some information about the upcoming season in the form of cancellation predictions for this season. I will list the winners of the various categories for worst show on television as well as cancelled shows I forgot to mention before from this season. Expect more information soon on the upcoming season and hopefully I will post the Tuesday and Thursday TV show reviews. Unfortunately, since some shows I reviewed on that time I haven't posted to the times I have posted, I can't seem to post them yet at this time. Maybe I'll include a random list of the shows I haven't reviewed yet on this blog, but I will post any shows that end at the end of the season.


Golden Huckleberry Awards (for the worst TV shows)


First of all, I need to clarify something. Since one of the stars of Glee died, I consider it in bad taste to include Glee in the worst shows nominations. I should have realized that before I posted them. But Glee fans will be happy to know that I consider the nominations for that show to be null and void and thus Glee wins nothing in the bad show awards this year. I might watch it again if I have time to see if it retools well. If not, then expect it back next year. Also, I consider Arrested Development to be one of if not the most overrated show on television. If I named any as nominees this year, I was wrong. But expect to see it next year on the worst shows list. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I really don't understand why people like that show. I know that the Emmy awards nominated it, but I consider it to be a part of the next season. Anyways, without further ado, the winners of the Huckleberry Awards this season plus the nominees for worst show on television. I will also include an over prediction of TV shows that I think will get cancelled this season. Also included outside of the worst list is my pick for the best show on television in the year of 2012. If that's confusing, I'll post it again later in a different blog post. You may notice me hating on a particular show, but I always do that due to the tendency of short-lived shows to be shit and this being my only chance to nominate it and thus let it win the award. Also, I'm going to post some cancelled shows from the most recent season that I forget about or neglected to put on the list. For future bad TV show awards, I'm going to add an award for worst retooling of a show for future lists because I don't know why I forgot to include that before.


2012-2013 Winners (or losers) and worst show on television nominees


Worst cliffhanger resolution (no nominees)


Worst ending to a TV series (no nominees)


Worst acting (Ben and Kate)


Worst writing (The Office)


Worst plot (The Office)


The good riddance award (The Office)


Why do people care award (The Office)


Worst idea for a show (Oh Sit)


Biggest waste of time (The Vampire Diaries)


Most forgettable (Ben and Kate)


Bonehead decision of the season (The LA Complex)


Worst pilot (Last Resort)


Worst drama show (The LA Complex)


Worst comedy show (The Office)


Worst new show (Partners)


Why is it still on award (America's Funniest Home Videos)


Most overrated show (The Office)


Weakest Characters (The Office)


Worst Reason to Cancel a Good Show (Vegas)


Why was it created award (Ben and Kate)


What were they thinking award (The Job)


Why do people like it award (The Office)


Jumped the shark award (The Simpsons)


What's it about award (Partners)



Worst show on FOX (Ben and Kate)


Worst show on ABC (Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23)


Worst show on CBS (The Job)


Worst show on NBC (The Office)


Worst show on the CW (The LA Complex)


Worst show on every other network (Jerry Shore)


Worst syndicated show (The Jerry Springer Show)


Worst show on television (Ben and Kate, Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, The Job, The Office, The LA Complex, Jerry Shore, The Jerry Springer Show)


And finally a good award


Best show on television winner for 2012: (Touch)

Other cancelled shows


Friend Me- This show never aired on television and got cancelled due to the creator of the show committing suicide. I previously reported it in limbo, but I guess it isn't anymore.


Mobbed- A hidden camera show starring Howie Mendel got cancelled. This is good and bad news for those who hate hidden camera shows because he will probably get another one now that this is over because Howie Mendel loves to do hidden camera shows.


Surprise with Jenny McCarthy- This would have been a show that starred the actress. It was cancelled before it aired. The bad news is that we still have to see her on The View while she continues to unknowingly (or even worse, knowingly) spread blatant lies about the cause of autism. I have rants about it if you want. You can read my twitter feed. Let's just say that I don't understand how something you get after you're born can cause something you get before you're born by something that was commonplace long after autism first existed based on something that many neurotypical people get and never develop into something like autism based on the fact that it's a risk worth taking if that's the very worst thing that can happen. Actually, I don't have to post my rant now, provided you understood that run-on sentence of mine.


The Glass House- This Big Brother rip-off got cancelled simply because it was low rated.


Fashion Star- This was cancelled pretty late, but I don't think that it will air in future seasons. I didn't really understand any of it and neither did the local TV reviewer in my area.


Next Caller- This would have been a Dane Cook comedy, but due to creative differences, they cancelled it before it ever aired.


Final Witness- This weird mix of true crime drama and reenactments involving the dead people in question was cancelled probably due to lack of viewership.


Save Me- I'll explain more about this show in the cancellation for next season where it probably should belong.


Betty White's Off Their Rockers- This hidden camera show about old people pulling pranks on low people was pretty strange. I understand why it didn't work.


Brooklyn DA- I could never really get into this TV show on CBS. It was a documentary type show and was too lame to continue.


The Catalina- This show apparently aired and it was cancelled because no one noticed.


The Choice- Another obscure show that aired that few people knew of.


Dogs in the City- A reality show that must have been as lame as the title.


Duets- Yet another failure of the ABC summer.


The Goodwin Games- I also think that this should be considered for next season and not this one but some consider it 2012-2013 and not 2013-2014.


In Living Color- This is barely worthy of the list. There were plans of a remake of the series, but now there aren't.


Secret Millionaire- This ABC reality show that seems very similar to Undercover Boss is supposedly cancelled despite still airing on TV this summer.


Stars Earn Stripes- I don't know what it was about. It was lowly rated and people hated it. So I guess nobody really cares that it was cancelled.


Take Me Out- Never heard of it? That might explain its cancellation.


Cancellation Predictions


Here are my predictions for the shows that will cancel or otherwise end this season. I will overestimate as I firmly believe that a lot of them will not be cancelled, I'm just listing them here anyways. I am only one person and my opinion doesn't matter that much anyways. So once again, I don't think that all of them will get cancelled; I just think that I'll list any with a shot. I'm probably not mentioning all that will get cancelled anyways and I don't firmly believe that I'm right with all of it.


Community- It's always a bad sign with the fans of the show don't like it anymore and I don't see it lasting as long as others may want. It might be saved by the fact that the original head writer is back now and the last season might have all just been a dream.


Parenthood- This is more of a toss-up but it can't be lowly rated and still around forever.


Revolution- They are messing with the format and that doesn't work out to well.


Sean Saves the World- Uninteresting new show.


Welcome to the Family- This sounds way too complicated to work. Besides a pregnancy starting a show is typically the sign of a one season show.


Dracula- We are coming to the point where we are or should be over vampires. Plus, they tend to be too soapy anyways and that's off-putting to some people.


Ironside- This sounds like a lame idea.


Crisis- This doesn't sound like a long term idea.


Crossbones- People are over pirates. You shouldn't attempt to milk off of it anymore.


Blue Bloods- You can't live well on Friday nights forever.


CSI- I sense bad things for the franchise and unless it stays popular and even gets another spin-off, its time will come soon enough.


The Good Wife- You're on at a bad time and people won't watch that.


Hawaii Five-O- Friday nights never look good, unless there's a last minute schedule change.


How I Met Your Mother- I like it, but the news is official that this season is in fact the last one for it. You can't reveal the mother and expect the show to continue regardless.


The Mentalist- It occupies the most hated CBS timeslot and I don't think that's good. Also, it is getting closer to revealing Red John and that will probably end the show.


Two and a Half Men- I don't know if the ratings are still good or not. It has a lot of haters and lost a lot of fans in retooling. If another retooling doesn't turn out well, this is going to end.


Undercover Boss- They are going to run out of companies soon enough and they aren't going to keep viewers that long when every episode is so similar. While non-scripted shows typically do great on Friday nights (I have no idea when it will air this coming season), it aired an episode that turned me off to the show and I want it cancelled now. So my newfound hatred for it might be the only reason I'm putting it here on the list.


The Crazy Ones- Stars don't always make a show. Single camera comedies are a rarity on CBS and I'm not sure if that counts against it or not. So, I'd have to wait to see it to know for sure. I'd have to guess that it probably will survive, but I still have it here regardless.


The Millers- It doesn't have any big names (sorry Will Arnet) attached to it and the promos make it look stupid. I'm willing to be proven wrong.


Mom- Let's face it, CBS has very few successful comedies and I don't this will be one of them. At least it has a big name attached to it.


We Are Men- Yet another strange and bad looking series in CBS's new attempts at comedies.


Friends with Better Lives- It's a midseason replacement on CBS and that never really turns out that well. Since it is a comedy, it might prove otherwise especially since their old fill in the gap show (Rules of Engagement) is no longer on.


Hostages- Once again this doesn't look long term (they are even calling it a short run series) and it will only return if it does well enough. Besides, it looks like the promos are giving away too much of the show.


Intelligence- This might last since it is taking over a short term shows slots, but recent memory serves that a midseason replacement on CBS gets cancelled.


Reckless- Geez, Adam! You have EVERY new CBS show on the list to get cancelled? This is why I think that most of my predictions will turn out false. But maybe the CBS curse won't live on, but I have the feeling that this midseason replacement will get cancelled like they all do.


Castle- The show has changed too much by messing with an already successful format.


Grey's Anatomy- Everyone is getting tired of this show.


Last Man Standing- Whether you loved this or hated it at the beginning, it isn't doing that good now and most fans aren't still watching.


The Neighbors- People don't like this show that much and if ratings are still bad, it won't last.


The Taste- This show sounds dumb and I doubt it will last that long.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- Let's face it, a lot of people don't want this show to last a short amount of time. This sounds like something that would work better as a movie. I also love Joss Whedon but ALL of his shows has gotten cancelled at some point. If this show is bad, which I doubt, it might last a long time, but good sci-fi is hard to come by that long on network television. This show gets the vibe of being too great for television or the type of thing that should be a movie instead of a TV show.


Lucky 7- What's the point of this show? I don't get it.


Resurrection- Supernatural type of shows (which are NOT science fiction, by the way) don't tend to do that well or last that long.


Killer Women- Apparently the show is the opposite of the title, but I think that every show with a bad title is typically cancelled.


Mind Games- Once again, the sci-fi problem comes up.


Back in the Game- This sounds like too common an idea for a sitcom and the promos make it look bad, which is never a good sign.


Trophy Wife- Bad title equals cancellation.


Mixology- If you've read the premise for this show, you'll understand why I don't think it has a long term plan in mind.


The Quest- I think this sounds like a great show idea, but I have the feeling that like most reality shows, it won't last long.


Bones- Many people hate the show now and its time on television may have run dry.


Glee- The network isn't that into the show anymore following a star's death and the idea that you should end on a high note. But it might be renewed already for another season and it being on this list is pointless.


Dads- FOX live action comedies are typically lame and short lived. In fact, I should have more FOX shows on this list than I do.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine- While the show looks good enough to watch, it has a veiled premise and the worst kind of title you can come up with.


Enlisted- This sounds incredibly lame.


Surviving Jack- It hasn't aired yet and already people hate it.


Murder Police- See bad title rule.


Almost Human- Once again, science fiction never does well on network TV.


Rake- Did you know this was a legal drama? Once again, if it has a bad title, it will get the axe.


Gang Related- Bad title again.


Junior Masterchef- Can a foul-mouthed cook work well with kids? I doubt it. Besides, he already has three or four other shows on this network and doesn't need any more.


24: Live Another Day- The show ended and coming bad doesn't sound long term.


Beauty and the Beast- Enough people hate it and the show doesn't sound that good.


The Carrie Diaries- Do we really need this type of smut on television? Not only do I hate the idea of it, but I don't think it has that great ratings anyways.


Reign- This sounds too old fashioned to work. That's probably why Vegas failed and that was actually during some living people's lifetime.


Star-Crossed- It doesn't sound that much of a long term idea.


The 100- Science fiction doesn't turn out that well.


The Michael J Fox Show- The network made a risky choice by ordering a lot of episodes without a pilot being made. Because of that risk, I feel that this may fail.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- A lot of people hate the book and unless this has more of a link to the current show (which I don't think it does) then I'm not certain it will work long term.


The Goldbergs- I really don't think that people like nostalgia like this and the promos make it look really bad.


Consider this the end for now. Expect more posts as always.