Sunday, April 26, 2015

Midseason Shows 2014-2015

Well, it comes time for me to update you on the midseason shows of the 2014-2015 television season. I will tell you about various midseason shows that I have watched from this television season. Like the last time I did these updates, there will be two other shows that premiered in the fall that I will review now because I didn’t earlier for whatever reason. I will explain more when I get to those shows. As usual, shows not mentioned are those that I didn’t wind up watching and any shows that become summer shows, whether intentionally or not, will be covered later, I hope.

Agent Carter: Show Description- Set in the past, this show is about a female from the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Captain America. Behind the Scenes- This show is airing while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on hiatus. It’s billed as a limited run series, but it could obviously return for future seasons, but only if it does good in ratings. My Thoughts- I watched this because I watch the Marvel films and my promise to watch an ABC midseason replacement. I thought that this show was pretty interesting. It may just seem like an old fashioned Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. at first, but there are enough differences to separate it from that show, besides that of different casts, writers, and setting in time. You get to learn more about the Marvel Cinematic Universe by watching this show. So if you are a fan of Marvel movies, then I’d say that you should watch this. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This probably will not last long. Where to Find- It is not currently on the schedule and unknown if it will return for a second season or not (don’t get your hopes up about that)

Jane the Virgin: Show Description- Based off of a Spanish telenovela, a woman named Jane, who’s a virgin, is accidently artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant. There are others in the cast that make this interesting. I know this is not a midseason show, but I got into this late so I’m just now reviewing it. Behind the Scenes- As stated before, this is based off of a Spanish telenovela. While an hour long show, people think that it’s a comedy, although I see it as more of a drama. My Thoughts- It’s hard to tell what to make of this show. I mean, the premise itself seems kind of strange and the promos make it look more than weird. But, if you actually watch the show, you’ll probably find something very interesting and worthwhile. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I think that it will be here for awhile. Where to Find- On the CW at 9/8 Central on Mondays

Allegiance: Show Description- A spy series, Allegiance is about a genius of sorts and his family. Behind the Scenes- There’s not much to add here. So I won’t say anything. My Thoughts- This show is probably similar to the few other spy dramas that exist. Plus, it probably relies too much on Russian stereotypes. But, this is quite an interesting drama, in my mind. You see interesting characters in a good show. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This show has been officially cancelled. It might come back to burn off the rest of the episodes on Saturday (don’t get your hopes up) but it certainly won’t be back for a second season. Where to Find- The show was cancelled, so you won’t find it anymore unless if comes back for Saturday burn-offs in the future

The Meredith Viera Show: Show Description- This, simply put, is a talk show hosted by Meredith Viera. I know this is not a midseason show, but I am just now reviewing it as I had not seen it before. This will be a recurring thing in this blog, me reviewing shows late. If I miss a fall show, for one reason or another, the midseason shows will have any new shows that I saw. I’ll try not to make a habit of it, but this will probably happen again. If you don’t understand, I’ll simplify: if a new fall show is with the midseason shows instead of with the fall shows where it belongs, it is because I got into it later than usual for one reason or another. Behind the Scenes- Meredith Viera was previously on The Today Show and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? My Thoughts- A lot of daytime talk shows run the risk of being too bland for one reason or another. This show falls prey to that. It seems too boring and uninteresting focusing mostly on lame topics instead of something that will keep a person coming back all the time. I give it one out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I have a hunch that this probably won’t last very long. I’ve been wrong before so we’ll see if that ends up being true or not. Where to Find- This show is syndicated so you’ll have to see for yourself what, if any, affiliate of yours has this on its schedule.

Battle Creek: Show Description- It’s hard to describe this show. I just know that it is a crime series of sorts mixed with the buddy cop genre. This show replaces the likely cancelled CSI, although it’s possible that CSI could return somehow. Behind the Scenes- One very notable thing about this show is how old the script was. I’m pretty sure that the idea for this show first surfaced around ten years ago before it finally came out this year. My Thoughts- Originally, I had very high hopes for this show. While it didn’t end up being bad in the end, it failed to meet my expectations. I’d say that working on the humor of the show would be helpful. The show is probably very good in the end, it just didn’t seem as good as they were wanting it to be. Sorry if this is very confusing. Maybe things will be clearer for me after more episodes have aired and the show has been on a while. I promise a better review later. I give it three out of five stars. It’s possible that I will create a blog about it, but I might not. Long Term Prospects- As a CBS drama that’s a midseason replacement, you probably wouldn’t think that it would last long. But since CBS has already cancelled one too many shows this season (think about the scheduling gap that it has after The McCarthys was pulled from the schedule), you can probably see this on the schedule until potentially May Sweeps. Will it return for a second season? It might have a better chance than a lot of recent midseason dramas on CBS. We’ll see what happens or not. I say that you shouldn’t get your hopes up as the ratings are pretty terrible. Where to Find- On CBS at 10/9 Central on Sundays

The Last Man on Earth: Show Description- After a virus decimates the human population, one man is still left. Believe it or not, it’s a comedy. Behind the Scenes- Will Forte, who was once on Saturday Night Live, is the main character. My Thoughts- It’s hard to know what to think of this show. I’d mention more about it, but I’d be afraid of revealing potential spoilers accidently. I like it and think that it is pretty good, even if it is strange. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I do not expect this show to last very long given its high concept as a show. It may last to a second season, but I’m not sure how much longer it will last beyond that. Where to Find- On FOX at 9:30/8:30 Central on Sundays

CSI: Cyber: Show Description- Promoted as the next generation of CSI, this drama deals with cyber crimes. It replaces the likely cancelled Stalker, although it is possible that Stalker returns for a second season. Behind the Scenes- This is a spin-off of CSI. It has Patricia Arquette who was on Medium. Other famous people might be present. My Thoughts- I like this show a lot. I think that it has a lot of potential and is living up to it. It may not be realistic (since when have we expected realism from CSI?), but that doesn’t seem to matter much to me. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- With the original CSI likely on its way out, one wouldn’t think that a new spin-off of CSI would be cancelled in the same season. However, that doesn’t mean that it automatically will last past its first season. If it does, it would need a huge ratings boost to get more than just a second season. If this is deemed more expendable than CSI (which it could be), it’s possible that next season’s CSI is the last season. But I still see this making it at least one more season, for now. Where to Find- On CBS at 10:00/9:00 Central on Wednesdays

The Late Late Show with James Corden: Show Description- James Corden, who like many other late night talk show hosts isn’t well known outside of the show he hosted (sorry James, but be glad that you aren’t using the informal Jimmy), hosts a talk show. This show replaces Craig Ferguson’s (and various guests’) hosting of the same show. Behind the Scenes- When Craig Ferguson decided to stop hosting a late night show, it seemed to me that no one cared who would replace him. Now I don’t think that this person now hosting is that noticeable yet, but he could be remembered as a great late night talk show host. My Thoughts- As a big fan of Craig Ferguson’s, I had no idea going into this just how good it might end up being. I realize that my only problems with this show are minor nitpicks here and there. It’s very funny and very good. The only problem that it could cause you is not getting you to sleep at a good time. I give it five out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I don’t know how long of a contract James Corden has with this show. If CBS knows what is good for them, he’ll be with this show for a while. I don’t know if the ratings will be that good (the first week is always going to get good ratings), but he’ll probably wind up staying a while. Where to Find- On CBS at either 12:35 Eastern on Tuesdays through Saturdays (remembering that after midnight is the start of the next day) or 11:35 Central starting on Mondays and Fridays (ending the next day each respective time it airs).

One Big Happy: Show Description- This show is based off of a true story, I believe. A man marries a woman on a whim it seems and he also has a lesbian best friend who he donated sperm to and is having a baby with. Behind the Scenes- Ellen DeGeneres has something to do with this show, although I don’t if she’s more than just a producer. You see, sometimes a well-known name is put in ads with the show, but it doesn’t mean that they wrote it. Why do they do that? They are clearly misleading people when they do that. My Thoughts- I was willing to give this show a chance. I thought that it could be good and funny, although I didn’t know for sure if it would be in the end. Well, it wasn’t a good show in my mind. I don’t know where they would go with this or how this would have any long term potential. It seemed to not have any real purpose. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I don’t think that it will last very long. Where to Find- On NBC at 9:30/8:30 Central on Tuesdays.

iZombie: Show Description- This show is based off of a comic book, I believe. It is about a newly turned zombie who uses her zombie powers to solve crimes. Behind the Scenes- Rose McIver, who was once a power ranger (the yellow one from the RPM era), is the main character. My Thoughts- The fact that the main actress was cute was enough to get me to watch it once. Other good things about the show keep me coming back. It’s pretty interesting and intriguing. It is a far more creative zombie show as it isn’t focused on survival against the zombies since there are little zombies in the cast. Instead, it is about a zombie solving crimes and her own life being changed by becoming a zombie. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- With the CW renewing a lot of shows before this one premiered, that could be a bad sign for its future in television. However, it had good enough ratings in the start at least to avoid certain cancellation and could be back with most of the CW’s shows. Where to Find- On the CW at 9/8 Central on Tuesdays

The Odd Couple: Show Description- This is a remake of a classic TV show which had the same name as this one. It is also based off of a play. Basically, two friends who don’t have the same living habits become roommates with other people in the cast as needed. This replaces the unofficially cancelled show The McCarthys. Behind the Scenes- Matthew Perry from Friends is in the cast. Yvette Nicole Brown from Community is also in the cast. My Thoughts- I didn’t know what to think of this show going into watching it. I didn’t like the original Odd Couple based on the one episode of it that I saw, but that’s a different show and review. This show wasn’t very good. It lacked the humor it should have had. I didn’t get it or think that it was good. I give it one out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- With this show airing immediately after the Big Bang Theory, it has ratings good enough that it could be the first scripted midseason show on CBS in around ten years to get renewed for a second season. I’m not sure if it will last longer than a second season yet or not. That would depend entirely on what the schedule ends up being next season. Where to Find- On CBS at 8:30/7:30 Central on Thursdays

A. D.: Show Description- Promoted as a sequel to the Bible miniseries (which aired on another network), this is about events from the New Testament starting around Good Friday. Behind the Scenes- There’s not much to say here. Obviously, this is based off of quite possibly the most well-known book in the world. My Thoughts- A lot of stories like this get embellished beyond what is written in the bible itself. Besides that, this show is pretty good. I’m not sure how non-Christians will feel about it, but they don’t have to watch. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This was supposed to be a miniseries event meaning that it was supposed to last this one season and be done. But, they might actually be interested in other seasons in the future and if they are, you can bet that it will be on the schedule sometime next season. Where to Find- On NBC at 9/8 Central on Sundays

Blackish: Show Description- This sitcom is about a black family. It premiered in the fall, but I’m just now seeing it and thus just now reviewing it. Behind the Scenes- This is based on a true story. My Thoughts- I thought that this show was terrible. I didn’t find any of it funny nor did I understand the purpose that it had. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- It could stay around for a while, but I don’t think it will last that long. Where to Find- On ABC at 9:30/8:30 Central on Wednesdays

American Odyssey: Show Description- Mistaking for dead, a woman has to escape the Middle East to find her way home. Behind the Scenes- There’s nothing really to add here. My Thoughts- I haven’t seen that much of the show to know for certain what my long term thoughts on it are. I know that it was pretty interesting and I’ll probably see it again sometime. But I’m not sure if I’ll keep watching it or not. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This show could survive, but it might not. Where to Find- On NBC at 10/9 Central on Sundays

The Messengers: Show Description- This show is about a group of people trying to stop the apocalypse. Behind the Scenes- There’s nothing to really add here. My Thoughts- I haven’t seen that much of it as of the posting of this review. It might be good, if it can get over being strange. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- With it premiering as late as it did into the TV schedule, that’s probably not a good sign for its future. It airs on Fridays and I don’t see it lasting that long. Plus, with a bunch of renewals on the CW’s schedule before the show even started, I’d have to say that its chances of getting a second season (and possibly airing all of the first season) is pretty slim. Where to Find- On the CW at 9/8 Central on Fridays

Midseason shows that I’m reviewing: CSI: Cyber, Battle Creek, iZombie, Jane the Virgin *, The Meredith Viera Show *, Agent Carter, Allegiance, The Last Man on Earth, The Late Late Show with James Corden, One Big Happy, The Odd Couple, American Odyssey, Blackish *, The Messengers, and A. D.

Those were all the midseason shows that I ended up seeing. I might have been interested in more, but decided against watching them. Plus, there are some that haven’t premiered as of the writing of this review, but since there is at least one show that was cancelled before I could post this review, I decided that it may be best for me to review those shows later. Consider this post done.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fantasy Schedule for the 2015-2016 Television Season

Here’s some good news for people who read this blog of mine. From now until a good while into the future, I will be posting updates every Sunday. Well, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do every Sunday. But most Sundays until I say otherwise, I’ll be updating my TV blog. In fact, I may post here on more than just Sundays too. I’m not sure how long these Sunday posts will last. It won’t last forever, I can promise you that. But on to the actual point of this blog post which is hopefully the first in an annual set of updates that I’ll do.

As one who likes visiting the site, I notice that sometimes people come up with fantasy schedules for what networks might do with their shows the next season. I have decided to do that in my blog instead of commenting on that site. Remember that nothing I post here in this update will be an official schedule for next season. I’m just posting what I think could be done by the various networks. I will mostly ignore any and all summer shows, unless they are returning summer shows, and thus, easy to predict. Also, I will be posting shows in Central Standard Time since it always annoys me to see things posted an hour later than I would watch them. So if you are in a different time zone, feel free to put it at the time you would know it at. I will mention towards the end why I made the choices that I did. Also, don’t be surprised if I make fun of different network’s demographics. The site I mentioned in the first sentence is why I’ll probably end up choosing most of what I have chosen. Anything written in all caps would be a new show. One last reminder: this is just a prediction of mine as to how the TV season can go next year on each network and not anything official about it.


Sundays: 6:00- America’s Funniest Home Videos, 7:00- Once Upon a Time, 8:00- NEW SOAPY SHOW, 9:00- Nashville

Mondays: 7:00- Dancing with the Stars, 9:00- Castle

Tuesdays: 7:00- NEW SHOW, 7:30- Fresh Off the Boat, 8:00- Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., 9:00- NEW SHOW

Wednesdays: 7:00- The Middle, 7:30- The Goldbergs, 8:00- Modern Family, 8:30- Black-ish, 9:00- NEW SHOW

Thursdays: 7:00- Grey’s Anatomy, 8:00- Scandal, 9:00- How to Get Away with Murder

Fridays: 7:00- Last Man Standing, 7:30- NEW SHOW, 8:00- Shark Tank, 9:00- 20/20

Midseason: NEW DRAMA, NEW COMEDY, NEW DRAMA, The Great Christmas Light Fight, NEW COMEDY, NEW DRAMA, MORE SHOWS THAN NECESSARY, more shows than necessary, The Bachelor

Summer: Primetime: What Would You Do?, Motive, The Bachelorette, Rookie Blue, others

Cancelled: Selfie, Revenge, Manhattan Love Story, Cristela, Resurrection, Galavant, Forever, American Crime, Secrets and Lies, Marvel’s Agent Carter, The Quest

Explanations: A lot of these shows are explained by if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nashville could easily be cancelled and another season only seems likely due to possible syndication. It would be likely to get a new time slot and its genre would fix the Sunday time slot. Secrets and Lies as well as Marvel’s Agent Carter could potentially come back for next season, but I don’t see it as likely at the moment. Expect a lot of crazy stuff planned for midseason and summer, more than you see here. This network tends to make questionable choices a lot. But this should be similar to what they might do.


Sundays: 6:00- 60 Minutes, 7:00- Madam Secretary, 8:00- The Good Wife, 9:00- Elementary

Mondays: 7:00- The Big Bang Theory (before football ends)/2 Broke Girls (after football ends), 7:30- NEW COMEDY, 8:00- Scorpion, 9:00- NCIS: Los Angeles

Tuesdays: 7:00- NCIS, 8:00- NCIS: New Orleans, 9:00- Person of Interest

Wednesdays: 7:00- Survivor, 8:00- Criminal Minds, 9:00- NEW DRAMA

Thursdays (after Thursday Night Football Ends): 7:00- The Big Bang Theory, 7:30- NEW CRAPPY COMEDY, 8:00- The Odd Couple, 8:30- NEW COMEDY, 9:00- NEW DRAMA

Fridays: 7:00- The Amazing Race, 8:00- NEW SHORT-LIVED SHOW, 9:00- Blue Bloods

Midseason: Undercover Boss, Mike and Molly, Mom, NEW DRAMA, NEW COMEDY, NEW DRAMA, CSI: Cyber

Summer: Big Brother, Extant, Under the Dome

Cancelled: The Millers, Two and a Half Men, The McCarthys, Unforgettable, Reckless, The Mentalist, Battle Creek, CSI, Stalker, Hawaii Five-0

Explanations: With The Good Wife, CSI: Cyber, Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five-0 all on the bubble, it is hard to tell if just one of them will be cancelled like I’m predicting. Elementary may not survive into the next season, but I think that it will, only to be moved to CBS’s worst time slot. The thing that I’m probably getting wrong is a lack of moving shows around which seems to happen a lot lately in CBS shows. There will be more moving around then when I’m on the schedule. Thursday night football would probably complicate the schedule on CBS so I’m taking it to mean that a lot of their new shows will be on Thursdays that season. I have Mom at midseason so that CBS will have more wiggle room with comedies and they don’t seem to be treating it as nicely as they should. CSI: Cyber is also at midseason because it will only survive cancellation due to CSI’s likely cancellation and it seems that midseason may be a safer place to put it at the moment. Meanwhile, except for the new stuff, the only other things mentioned with the midseason shows are always midseason shows, although Mike and Molly tends to quickly reappear on the schedule after a show gets cancelled.


Sundays: No new primetime programming

Mondays: 7:00- The Originals, 8:00- NEW SHOW BASED ON COMIC BOOK

Tuesdays: 7:00- The Flash, 8:00- Supernatural

Wednesdays: 7:00- Arrow, 8:00- SOAPY TEEN ANGST DRAMA

Thursdays: 7:00- The Vampire Diaries, 8:00- Reign

Fridays: 7:00- Whose Line is it Anyways?, 8:00- SUPERHERO SHOW

Midseason: The 100, iZombie, CRAPPY ONE SEASON REALITY SHOW, America’s Next Top Model, WITCHCRAFT OR SIMILIARLY THEMED SHOW, Jane the Virgin, NEW SHOW

Summer: Beauty and the Beast, APPROXIMATELY THREE SHORT LIVED SHOWS, NEW HALF HOUR SHOW, APPROXIMATELY TWO NEW REALITY SHOWS, NEW DRAMA, Masters of Illusion, Penn and Teller: Fool Us, Whose Line is it Anyways?

Cancelled: Hart of Dixie, Backpackers, Seed, Famous in 12

Explanations: With a lot of their shows renewed for the upcoming season, unless they suddenly reverse their decisions about some of them, then I think that a lot will be moved to midseason. Some they can’t afford to wait that long to air them, so they have less to lose with the ones that I chose. Reign could easily move to midseason. Despite its great ratings at the start, iZombie may not be renewed simply because there’s no room for them to air other shows. One has to wonder if the CW would reinstate their primetime on Sundays, taking it back from whatever different affiliates want to air. I don’t think that it will, but it could. Anything mentioned on the schedule will probably stay renewed as they already renewed almost everything.


Sundays: 6:00- Football until midseason, 6:30- The Mindy Project (unless football preempts it), 7:00- The Simpsons, 7:30- Bob’s Burgers, 8:00- Family Guy, 8:30- NEW ANIMATED COMEDY

Mondays: 7:00- Gotham, 8:00- Sleepy Hollow

Tuesdays: 7:00- New Girl, 7:30- The Last Man on Earth, 8:00- Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 8:30- CRAPPY COMEDY

Wednesdays: 7:00- DRAMA FAILURE ENTITLED SCREAM QUEENS, 8:00- Empire

Thursdays: 7:00- Bones, 8:00- NEW SHOW

Fridays: 7:00- SHORT-LIVED REALITY SHOW, 8:00- MasterChef Jr.


Summer: MasterChef, So You Think You Can Dance, Hotel Hell, AROUND FOUR STUPID SHOWS

Cancelled: Mulaney, Utopia, Red Band Society, Gracepoint, Glee, Riot, Hieroglyph, I Wanna Mary Harry, The Following, Backstrom, Weird Loners

Explanations: Fox is very confusing with their schedules due largely to their tendency to use limited run series instead of the conventional full season orders. A lot of what I mentioned being in the fall could easily wind up in midseason. The Mindy Project could easily get cancelled, but I think that I’ll give it the 6:30 time slot on Sundays. That time is known for football game airing instead of shows sometimes. They have never cared much for their Friday night schedule, except for certain times, but not that often. I predict a return to animation domination on Sundays (expect for shows before 7 Central). Because of this, I’d have to say that live action sitcoms would be all night on Tuesdays. Most of the shows would stay the same, although one can never tell when they will air Bones. It moves around a lot. What isn’t already renewed probably will be renewed so I probably might only have the time slots wrong.


Sundays: ignored until midseason due to football

Mondays: 7:00- The Voice, 9:00- NEW DRAMA

Tuesdays: 7:00- The Voice results show, 8:00- Undateable, 8:30- One Big Happy, 9:00- Chicago Fire

Wednesdays: 7:00- NEW COMEDY, 7:30- NEW COMEDY, 8:00- Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, 9:00- Chicago PD

Thursdays: 7:00- The Biggest Loser, 8:00- The Mysteries of Laura, 9:00- NEW SHOW

Fridays: 7:00- Dateline, 8:00- Grimm, 9:00- NEW SUPERNATURAL THEMED SHOW

Midseason: AROUND TWO-FOUR NEW COMEDIES, The Night Shift, AROUND THREE NEW DRAMAS, NEW REALITY SHOW, even more Dateline, AT LEAST ONE MINISERIES, the Celebrity Apprentice

Summer: The Last Comic Standing, others, NEW REALITY SHOWS, Dateline, Welcome to Sweden

Cancelled: Bad Judge, A to Z, Emerald City, Parenthood, Allegiance, Parks and Recreation, Constantine, Crossbones, Marry Me, About a Boy, State of Affairs, Hannibal

Explanations: With many shows either renewed or cancelled, it is hard to tell what schedule changes the next season could bring. There seems to be not enough shows on its schedule so I’m renewing the two bubble shows, Mysteries of Laura and the Night Shift. It’s hard to know what NBC will do with comedies since they don’t have many good options left with them. Don’t be surprised if Undateable becomes their longest running sitcom. Meanwhile, I’m sure that they are done for the moment with their Thursday comedy line-up. I’m probably making a lot of risky guesses, but these are just guesses.

Those are my thoughts regarding this potential next season. I’ll be back later to see what I got right. In case you are wondering, I’m ignoring a lot of the shows that aren’t on the schedule yet as I don’t know what could potentially happen with them. These are just predictions, I remind you. Things could easily be different than what they are. Like I said before, I’ll do a look back at these predictions later on, but I’m not sure when yet. I hope that I did well.