Thursday, October 31, 2013

Finally, a blog post this season

At long last, I am finally posting my thoughts for the new televisions shows this season. I hope that you enjoy my thoughts that I'm giving. Sorry this took so long and hopefully the midseason shows won't take a long amount of time. In fact, I'm posting this before any of the midseason shows start to air which one will on Monday (when this is first posted, that is). I am also posting the worst show on television winner and the best show on television winner. The nominees were mentioned on previous blog posts, and I know that I mentioned one of these before. Expect me back in December when I post the annoying Christmas commercial numbers that aired before that month. Hopefully the number won't be off because it gets complicated when one has to record shows to watch later when they are on at the same time as other shows he watches. I included a crappy new show that was wisely cancelled.


Worst show on television from the 2012-2013 season: (The Office)


Best show on television winner for 2012: (Touch)


Thoughts on New Fall Shows for the 2013-2014 Season


The Michael J Fox Show- Michael J Fox, famous for various TV shows like Spin City, Family Ties, and possibly his recurring role on The Good Wife as well as Back to the Future, which is, in my opinion, the greatest movie trilogy of all time, is the main star of this sitcom. There could be other famous people that I don't know. Michael J Fox is also known for having Parkinson's disease. This comedy is pretty good with mostly interesting plots and humor that is clean. I give it four stars out of five.


The Blacklist- Okay, I don't really understand what this show is about yet. It's intriguing enough that if you can't tell what it is, you still might want to watch it to figure it out. Apparently it is about some law enforcement agency going after very dangerous criminals that are on something called the blacklist. Every episode, the most dangerous criminal in the world is faced by the main characters. That sounds ridiculous in theory, but the show is much better than the dumb promos for it that keep airing. That makes it a crime drama (like most dramas are). Although it can be hard to understand this show sometimes, it is still good enough to watch all the time. Just hope that nothing else good is on. I give it three stars out of five.


We Are Men- This show momentarily replaced Mike and Molly. Only Mike and Molly returned after this comedy failed. What's interesting is how many actors in this show are known for dramas and this is a comedy. I thought that this show was incredibly bad and I don't know why anyone would like it. I'm guessing the other comedies they didn't make it past the pilot didn't have any big name stars. But none of them are known for doing comedies. They should have stuck with drama. This isn't even a drama. It's not a comedy either. It's just garbage. This show and the next show make me wonder what was wrong with NCIS: Red that prevented it from going to series. I still hope that Tony will get his own team in an NCIS spin-off of some sort. Besides, there was a JAG spin-off that failed too. Only NCIS has been spin-off of that show but the other potential one was never made. But I should stop talking about that and just tell you that you shouldn't watch this series.
Of course, most of you aren't anyways since it appropriately got cancelled. I give it two stars out of five and the show is cancelled which is why the previous comment has been crossed out. I am still posting this review.


Mom- This show replaces Partners and Rules of Engagement. What's interesting about CBS comedies is how many of them are multi-camera shows. CBS is doing four new comedies this year and only half of them are multi-camera shows. This is not a single camera show and neither is The Millers. CBS hasn't even done one since Worst Week was cancelled. I don't think that they should have done this comedy. It seems like it's supposed to be a drama with either a strange studio audience or laugh track. I don't care about whatever it is they use and I don't care for this show. All the show is about is a bunch of immoral people and I don't know why we should care about something like this. Semi-famous people and a well known writer isn't enough to get me to watch episode two. Don't watch it. The fact that people like it (according to previews for it and various comments online) completely baffles me. I give it two out of five stars.


Hostages- This show replaces Vegas. It is based after an Israeli show that might be like this. I don't know if that show is significantly better and the American version ruins it which is common with most American adaptations of foreign shows. The reason we can't air most of the originals is probably because most of them are not in English. Anyways, the show is complex and interesting where we, the viewers, regularly question the motives of the characters. A problem I can tell you right now is that if you haven't started watching now, the longer you don't watch, the harder it will be to understand what has happened so far. That's a problem with most shows actually, no matter how good or bad they are. I like it and recommend it. It could be great, even if it doesn't last longer than this first season. While some people don't like it, I think that it's a good show. I give it four out of five stars.


The Millers- This and The Crazy Ones replaced CSI: New York, The Job, and Golden Boy. It has been given a full season order. Originally, I wasn't into the idea of this show that had semi-famous people that I mostly don't know that also had promos that made the show look lame. (In my mind, a person is semi-famous if you've heard of them and don't know them or television experts do know who they are whether you actually do or not.) CBS hasn't had a show about a family that was a comedy since Everybody Loves Raymond was on the air (unless you count Two and a Half Men or other failed experiments I'm probably forgetting about) so this show might be unusual. It's by the creator of My Name is Earl and Raising Hope, who doesn't typically do multi-camera shows like this. But after watching it, I found that I actually like it. The stories are pretty good so far. It can be interesting having family drama that turns out mostly humorous. I give it three out of five stars.


The Crazy Ones- This and The Millers replaced Golden Boy, The Job, and CSI: New York. This has been given a full season order. Some people don't like Robin Williams, the star of the show. Michelle Geller is also in it, but I've never seen the show that made her famous nor do I know if it is as good as people say it is. That doesn't mean that I'd never want to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it could be a waste of time. I don't know how I'd see it now anyways. There are parts of the show that people don't like that actually help make it funny, such as Robin Williams improvising different parts of the show they let him do. I think that it is quite humorous and is the reason that CBS took a risk and developed single camera comedies this season when they typically don't do such a thing. Robin Williams proves that he's still good at comedy. Not sure how to convince you, but you probably don't read my blog anyways. I give it four out of five stars.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- This show is done by Joss Whedon, who is known for doing science fiction shows that enjoy cult status and are typically not always enjoyed by everyone. At least it has been given a full season order, but that doesn't mean it will have another one. It could, because it is considered a good show to some people. I enjoyed the first episode, even if it felt like there could be more in it. I'm not sure what else to say about it yet. Regardless, I give it four out of five stars.


Super Fun Night- So there were some reviews I read of the show that said it was bad. Normally I disagree with them, but this time they are right. This show is terrible. First of all, my main problem with comedies and why I don't like them are that they aren't funny when they are supposed to be. That's why I find shows that are called funny that aren't overrated. But you'll find out more about that in my awards for bad TV shows in future blog posts. I'm not certain what the plot of the show is, but I hate to see talented acting like Liza Lapira and… possibly others… go to waste. Whatever it is, don't bother watching it and hope that their possibly good ratings don't last long. I give it two out of five stars.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- This drama is a spin-off of the popular Once Upon a Time; I don't know if they'll be characters from both shows crossing over or not. I'll admit, like most TV shows, the special effects aren't all that good. The show is pretty interesting, even if it has the same problem as being too complicated for most people to understand. I suggest that you watch it, but not if you aren't into Once Upon a Time, although it is mostly separate so far so you don't have to watch both shows. The show is interesting to those who may or may not be familiar with these stories or not. I give it three stars out of five.


Sleepy Hollow- This is a pretty good drama. It has already been renewed for a second season, the first new show this season, to be given a season two order. It may not have more episodes this season, but that remains to be seen. It might only exist because of the fairy tale dramas that have been common on TV lately. I forget if this is a fairy tale or just some other fictitious story that is probably in the public domain. I already like it better than the original story. Anyways, Ichabod Crain is taken from his time in the past and comes back to life here in the future. Interesting things happen in this time relating to a headless horseman and other various secrets of history. Like Grimm, it is mixed with police procedural and supernatural type show. Even though it is hard to tell what it is about yet and one wonders how they can come up with enough episodes, I'd have to give it four out of five stars.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine- This show has Andy Sandberg (formerly from Saturday Night Live, expect him to turn up again as a host if this show does well), Terry Crews (known to me, at least, from Everybody Hates Chris), as well as other famous people I don't know that well or what they are from. It has received a full season order. It is a comedy-drama (mostly comedy) that has cops solving crimes in a humorous way. It's a twist on the typical cop show since it isn't a real drama at all. I'd have to say that it's pretty good. What's noteworthy is that this show was a put pilot. That means that it was ordered with the idea that a strong cast would have to be formed for this show and the network (in this case FOX) would suffer financial penalty for not airing it. That means it's much more likely for a TV show like that to go to series although there are rare cases when a put pilot doesn't go to series or even rarer when just it airs. This show is pretty good and I recommend it. It's nice to see a cop comedy instead of the typical cop drama. Four out of five stars.


Dads- Don't confuse this show with another one that was an unaired pilot that never went to series (you probably won't). I'm only mentioning that failed pilot because I've seen most of it. I'm not sure why it didn't succeed, but I guess people found other shows funny instead. It has Seth Green (known for Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and various movies among other things) and Brenda Song (known for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody). It is pretty humorous and mostly good, but there are stuff that pop up, like the typical sex and jokes in poor taste, that might turn people off. Despite that, it has already received a full season order. Most places I've read don't like the show. I like it enough that I think some people might enjoy it, even if you aren't one of them. Keep an open mind when you watch it, but you don't have to. Three stars out of five.


The Tomorrow People- This show is a science fiction show that airs on the CW. I know that sounds like a lot of their shows, but this is more man targeted so it probably isn't. People with special powers and secret lives are important to the story. I'll admit, that sounds a lot like other shows and movies in this genre. And like a lot of them, this show is very interesting. I'm not sure how I can convince you readers of this blog to watch it (if anyone reads this blog, that is. As far as I know, I write it and post it online for no good reason). If you have time or like the network then you might want to give it a chance. If you don't like science fiction, then don't watch it. I give it three out of five stars.


That's all for now. I crossed out the show that was already cancelled this season and only included shows that I have seen, as usual. A lot of these are in danger of cancellation, but you can find more information about that elsewhere. For now, this is Adam Decker signing off.