Saturday, August 6, 2016

Notes on the Upcoming CW Schedule: 2016 Version

Well, since a CBS show has transferred to another network, I’m going to start doing notes about this other network, it being the CW. I’m surprised that this is only the first time this transfer has taken place. I know that Ringer was a pilot on CBS and was picked up as a show on the CW. I know that reruns of Moonlight aired on the CW, but it never actually had new episodes on that network, so it doesn’t count for a transfer. But, let’s get to that transfer and then get to the rest of the shows on this network.

First we get to the somewhat unusual part of the schedule. Sometimes shows move from one network to another one. That’s the case with Supergirl which is no longer on CBS and is now on the CW. It will momentarily replace the show Reign, which will return at some point.

So now you might be wondering what shows were part of the fall schedule before the main season ended and the summer shows started. Well, Reign left near the beginning of the year and was replaced by Legends of Tomorrow. When Crazy Ex-Girlfriend left around April, Reign returned in its place. Reign won’t be part of the schedule at the beginning of next season, but it will be coming back. So will Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. America’s Next Top Model is done on the CW and moving to a new network (I forget which one) and it was replaced for the rest of the season with The 100. iZombie also left early, being replaced by Containment. iZombie will be back.

There are only two new shows on the fall schedule for next season. The cancelled Containment, which mostly burnt off during the summer, will be replaced by No Tomorrow. The 100, which will return at some point next season, will be replaced by Frequency during the main season. Another thing to note is that The Originals will return at some point midseason being replaced by the returning Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in the fall. Since they announced that the next season of The Vampire Diaries is the last, then we'll probably see The Originals replace it. Will we? We'll find out.

What’s at midseason? Well, there’s a lot of show given the CW’s possibly record number of renewals for next season. There will be a ton of returning shows sometime during midseason including The 100, The Originals, iZombie, and Reign. There will also be a new show at midseason: Riverdale.

That’s all that I can think about mentioning regarding the upcoming CW schedule for the next season. We’ll see if any of these shows become the next Beautiful Life or if that thing will never happen on the CW again. I’ll be back next season with another post about the network. I doubt that I’d be back any time sooner with it. I’d mention summer shows, if they weren’t too hard to track.

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