Thursday, August 4, 2016

Notes on the Upcoming CBS Schedule: 2016 Version

I'm not sure if I should be adding this random paragraph at the beginning as I normally do sometimes. But I figured that I might as well tell you that this is a random day of the week blog post and not one of the open days where I could potentially be posting throughout the rest of the month on that day. The point is, this is a random post and it will not result in more postings this day of the week right now.

Here is this year’s installment of me posting about what the upcoming schedule on CBS will be like. Now while I didn’t do that with a different network last year, I will do another major network this year. You’ll find out which one soon. This post is probably for more personal use than it is for anyone else’s, but hopefully you can read and enjoy these meanderings as well as I would.

Supergirl basically left in April and was replaced by back to back Mike and Molly. CBS might have only reran the pilot of Supergirl once and every time it should have rerun, it was two Big Bang Theory episodes that aired in its stead. Supergirl is now moving to the CW and all of the first season will rerun on the CW. CW is the most rerun friendly network (during the main season, at least). For more of the future of Supergirl, you’ll have to read the notes on the CW network, which I will post later.

I might have to do notes in this blog that relate to my other blogs on shows that ended this season. For instance, I blogged about CSI: Cyber, and it ended. It wasn’t cancelled for a while as the airing was over but the main TV season wasn’t yet over. It was cancelled like many other shows in May. Rush Hour was what replaced it for the rest of the season.

Some of the shows, I’m not really sure I care about what replaced them for a while. Scorpion disappeared from the schedule in April being replaced by reruns of The Big Bang Theory for one half of the hour and addition new episodes of The Odd Couple in the second half. I’m not sure that I will count that with the new schedule. Angel from Hell aired in 2 Broke Girl’s timeslot when Survivor was on its winter hiatus. It was basically cancelled before Survivor was brought back being replaced with 2 Broke Girls, making the return, like that of Scorpion’s, to be a bit insignificant since what replaced it isn’t on the schedule anymore.

Life in Pieces was basically replaced by The Odd Couple during midseason. Code Black was replaced by Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders during midseason. All four shows are returning next season, with Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders being sometime in midseason again with Code Black in its place. Life in Pieces and The Odd Couple will both be on the fall schedule.

One of the weirdest parts of last season’s schedule was Person of Interest which was treated like gold that could suddenly turn into poop. The quality of the show didn’t suffer but it seemed to get needlessly pushed back farther into the schedule and they upped and cancelled it to nobody’s surprise before the final season came back and burned off at two different time slots. Why does such a great show get such shabby treatment? Simple: it is not owned by CBS and CBS doesn’t want someone else to get all the money from more repeats.

Now that I’ve gotten out of that, I might as well tell you about what all has been replaced with what. First, I’ll do the part of shows that have replaced part of the CSI franchise. Rush Hour, which replaced the last remaining part of the franchise still on the air was also cancelled and will be replaced by the show Pure Genius. Code Black remains the replacement for CSI. Supergirl, half of which replaced Two and a Half Men, is now replaced by two comedies: Kevin Can Wait and Man with a Plan. I wonder what will replace those comedies. Part of CSI: New York became half of Supergirl. The other half is now The Odd Couple. CSI: Miami is Elementary now and Cold Case is Hawaii Five-0 now. Without a Trace became The Good Wife. After it ended this season, it was replaced by more of Undercover Boss for a while during the summer. But you might be wondering about next season.

What happened to The Good Wife? Basically, it is now two comedies: the returning Life in Pieces and the new show called The Great Outdoors. It can be a bit complicated when a show that replaces a show is actually one that has already aired but then wasn’t on the air. So I hope that this makes sense to people. If not, then you don’t have to read these updates in later years.

The Amazing Race is now at midseason. In its stead for the fall is MacGyver. Limitless ended and was replacement mostly by the show Bull after being replaced by the end of Person of Interest. That might actually be all the changes regarding that right now.

I should get to what new shows and returning shows will appear on the schedule during midseason on CBS. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Undercover Boss, and The Amazing Race will both return sometime during midseason. Undercover Boss is always during midseason and could become a summer show if there’s too much on the schedule. As for the new midseason shows, we will be seeing Training Day, Ransom, and Doubt. I think that’s it, if I didn’t forget any show. I will not mention summer shows as that remains hard to track on any network. Plus, I wouldn’t even know what is and isn’t returning just yet anyways.

Well, that’s it for this blog post. There isn’t anything else to mention in this blog post. We’ll see if some of the shows that I think will fail will in fact fail into the season or, at the very least, sometime by May. I have the feeling that they will cut back the hours of comedies very quickly: November sweeps will be the latest this happens by. What will happen? We don’t exactly know.

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