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A Look Back at My 2015-2016 Cancellation Predictions

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Before the last TV season started, I predicted what shows would be cancelled from each network. Now, I’m going to do a look back at these predictions. You can access the archive to look at these previous predictions. I wonder how well I did, if I did well at all, that is.

I got a whole lot right, which is surprising in a way. A lot of them were just random guesses or going off of nothing more than just its title. Some of them were easier to see than others. A lot of them probably should have been a prediction but weren’t. But I might as well tell you what I picked as cancelled that was and what I didn’t pick as cancelled that was. I’m going to ignore as always the stuff that I said might be cancelled that wasn’t as that’s not something that I count as wrong.

What I got right: Blood and Oil, Beauty and the Beast, Of Kings and Prophets, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Galavant, Nashville *, Castle, Angel from Hell, Rush Hour, Limitless, The Good Wife, CSI: Cyber, Person of Interest, Containment, America’s Next Top Model *, Bordertown, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Second Chance, Minority Report, American Idol, Truth be Told, Heroes Reborn, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, Uncle Buck, You, Me, and the End of the World, Crowded, Game of Silence, The Mysteries of Laura, Undateable, World’s Funniest **

Blood and Oil: It’s hard to tell how I knew that this was going to be cancelled. It does have a terrible timeslot for ABC shows. How I knew that it was getting cancelled is hard to tell, but I got it right and that’s all that matters.

Of Kings and Prophets: There were enough production problems with the show that I knew it would probably not be successful. It was easy to pick as something that would end. I’m not sure based on what little aired whether or not I would have liked it to last longer. Besides, with a limited amount they could even do with the show, it might not have lasted into a second season anyways even if it was a success with viewers. Sadly, the rest of the episodes never aired, in the US at least.

Marvel’s Agent Carter: It didn’t make sense to renew it the last time so I figured that unless something changed with the ratings that it would probably get cancelled. Well, the ratings didn’t improve so it won’t be back for a season 3. Hopefully it being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe means that its cliffhanger ending will be resolved in some way.

Galavant: This show had an illogical renewal the previous season (one that the show even mentioned in the title of its second season premiere) that it was pretty much a good bet thinking that it would be cancelled. While it will return in theatre, it will not return to TV and that is what counts.

Nashville: It only got this fourth season because it was close to syndication having three full seasons last year. The low ratings kept up and thus it was easy to see this as being cancelled. It will live for future seasons on cable after what might be the rare successful fan campaign to save a show.

Castle: This show was constantly on the bubble and yet stayed for many years. Then it came time to either cancel the show or continue it without two of the major characters who had always been there. So it seemed to be a lose/lose situation towards the end so they probably angered a lot less people by ending the show. Of course, they could have ended it better.

Angel from Hell: It was delayed to midseason for practically no good reason other than to possibly have Jane Lynch as host of the People’s Choice Awards. Stuff like that nearly always kills a show. In fact, if you can think of delays ever being a good thing, then let me know as I have never known these shows to last a second season.

Rush Hour: I still don’t know if midseason on CBS still equals cancelled or not. It doesn’t seem to be the well known rule anymore. But, it still happens more often than not, as is the case of this show. Plus, adaptations from movies to television tend to not work in the long run.

Limitless: Most people probably wouldn’t have had this as cancelled throughout the season. I guessed that it might be beforehand, but then I was surprised when it actually was. Movie to TV show adaptations don’t always work and that’s why I had this listed as cancelled originally.

The Good Wife: This was always on the bubble for as long as I’ve known it to be a show. Bubble shows can stay around a long time, but they will eventually end at some point. The show seemed like it was running out of steam to many people. With the creators leaving for a potential eighth season, it seemed as if the fate of the show was pretty much sealed.

CSI: Cyber: There was so much against the show throughout the season that some had to wonder if it had any chance of renewal. But with the worst timeslot possible, terrible reviews, and pretty low ratings, its fate as cancelled seemed pretty much sealed. The one question left is whether or not the franchise will return ever or if that too is done with.

Person of Interest: A random downgrade to midseason raised many red flags for most people including me. It was on hiatus for almost a whole year and it was on its final season officially when it returned for an early summer burn-off. If only CBS owned the show, then it wouldn’t have gotten this shabby treatment from that network. At least it went out on a high note.

Containment: Poor shows on the CW that premiere too late are just doomed from the very start to have a meaningless existence throughout most of the summer season. I don’t know if I should have watched this or not. It is another in a long line of midseason replacements that just didn’t last on the CW, but surprisingly aired every episode.

America’s Next Top Model: I figured that the CW network hasn’t cared about this show for quite some time and would eventually get rid of it. Now the show was picked up by VH1 for future seasons, but this was after airing what was officially a series finale on the CW. So even though the show will continue, it was cancelled on the CW and I was right about it.

Beauty and the Beast: A lowly rated show like this one was going to end eventually and it did. Normally I don’t track summer shows, but one as derided as this one has to be coming to an end at some point. A show cannot be this hated and keep staying on the air.

Bordertown: When a show keeps getting delayed for one reason or another, that’s a bad thing and you can tell that it is probably going to get cancelled sooner rather than later. This was scheduled to air last season at some point, but it didn’t ultimately air until this year. When it aired, it didn’t get good reviews or ratings so they cancelled it by the end of the season.

Grandfathered: I thought that this show would be bad and I was right. I just don’t see what good thing it had to offer. It didn’t do well in the ratings and it seems that FOX was doing good with what comedies it already has. To me, it just wasn’t too hard to see this as being a failure.

The Grinder: While I was wrong about this show actually being bad as what little I ended up seeing of it was quite good, I was right in thinking that it would be cancelled by the end of the season. It’s sad that it didn’t last longer, but at least I was right about its cancellation.

Second Chance: Under its original name, I didn’t have high hopes for it. While I did like the show, outside of the ending with bad implications, there was too much against it throughout the season and it appears that it never did that well with reviewers either. There was no second chance for this show.

Minority Report: While some shows can actually last while being a remake like Hawaii Five-0 and the American version of The Office, most of them don’t last. This show was good while it lasted and I was able to see a lot of it passed when it aired due to being behind of the tapes I did of it (since I wasn’t able to see it when it first aired or shortly thereafter). Its episode order was cut and it can be a bit funny that it took them a day after the other cancellations were announced in May for them to remember to make its cancellation official. Guess they forgot about it.

American Idol: I’ll admit that if I didn’t know in advance that this would be ending this season, I’d never would have guessed that it would actually end. But, thankfully, the show did end finally. Plus, it didn’t really have much to offer FOX except scheduling problems with other shows.

Truth be Told: I think that under its original name alone I didn’t have high hopes for it and it had the episode order cut and production officially shut down before the year even ended. There were not high hopes for this show as it went along and I was right thinking that it wouldn’t work.

Heroes Reborn: When a show is brought back, sometimes it just doesn’t last long term. In fact, I’m not sure what outside of Family Guy has lasted long after being brought back from cancellation. Sometimes it’s just in and out. Kinda like sex sometimes, I hear. Anyways, it didn’t have long term plans, although it would have if it actually did well in ratings.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris: There was never any long term plans for this show based on my understanding of it, although I’m sure that it would have if it actually did well in the ratings. There could have been improvements on the show, but they appeared to never do much to change the format. I still liked it, even though I couldn’t watch it towards the end of its run.

You, Me, and the Apocalypse: Having never bothered to see the show, I don’t know if it was lame or it. I couldn’t tell if this was trying to be like The Last Man on Earth or not. I don’t even know the genre this was. Whatever the reason for its cancellation, I was right thinking that it would happen long before it even aired and I would have known what it was about.

Crowded: Based on nothing but its name, I figured that it wouldn’t last. Sure, I got the name slightly wrong when I posted it (I thought it was Crowned instead of Crowded for some odd reason), but that shouldn’t matter too much. The point is that it was a lame comedy that didn’t last as you would hope that most lame comedies don’t.

Game of Silence: This one was predicted as cancelled by me simply due to its possible bad title. It looked interesting, but I never actually watched it to know for sure. In a way, I’m glad that I never got into it since it would have just ended anyways.

The Mysteries of Laura: My local reviewer hated this show. That’s all I pretty much got out of this show as I never actually saw it. It might have been an illogical renewal for another season and like the plot of Final Destination 2 (I think, although I honestly have no idea, not having seen any of these movies), it couldn’t cheat death twice.

Undateable: I didn’t know if this show had anything going for it into its third season and thought that them doing all live shows was a potential ratings stint. While I did end up watching it for the first time this season, it didn’t do well in the ratings and didn’t even air all season. While I was sad to see it go, it made complete since to me from the very beginning of the season that it might not last.

Uncle Buck: While this didn’t air until the summer, I didn’t have high hopes for it. The promos made it look bad and they aired it twice in one day. Obviously, they didn’t care much for this show as it was cancelled, even though you won’t see it mentioned again until next season’s cancelled post.

World’s Funniest: You might be wondering what the two asterisks up above meant. One means that a show was cancelled, but will continue airing on a different network. Two means that a show was cancelled, but not officially. In this case, it wasn’t among the shows listed as renewed for next season, although I’m guessing that it could reappear again like Rules of Engagement did for what ended up being its final season. That typically means that a show is cancelled, even though they clearly don’t expect you to know or remember that this show existed in the first place.

What I got wrong: The Family, The Muppets, Wicked City, Supergirl *, The Player, Heartbeat, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Telenovela, Houdini and Doyle, American Grit **, Repeat after Me **, Coach

The Family: Knowing nothing about this show other than its name, I had it listed as not cancelled. While it was a great show outside of its stupid lack of an ending (answer questions, damn it!), I had no idea going into the season that it would actually end at the end of it.

The Muppets: I thought that this reboot would be a hit going into the season. There were tons of people who hated it, although I wasn’t one of them. I’m not exactly sure why it wasn’t a hit or why there were problems backstage (real problems with real people, not the likes you’d see on The Muppet Show). The show didn’t work out and I had no idea going into the season.

Wicked City: I had no way of knowing before the season started just how the show would be screwed. It was originally planned for midseason, but was pushed up to late fall after creative differences delayed the planned start of the show Of Kings and Prophets, which would also get cancelled. This delay was dumb as you’d think that this show would be ready and that they’d have time to promote it to air earlier in the fall. So after some of Beyond the Tank and mostly using encore programming, ABC started airing this show much later than they should have and, of course, it failed to obtain good ratings and was cancelled. It was the first official cancellation of the season, although four other series had episode orders cut and were effectively cancelled long this had even started airing. Of course, I had no way of knowing that any of this would happen before the season started, nor did I know what a terrible plot this show would have so I didn’t know in advance that this show would be cancelled.

Supergirl: Some people, myself included, may question whether or not this show was cancelled. I can’t tell if the network change was more due to convenience for both networks (more so for CBS) or because CBS had cancelled the show and it moved to the CW network because it wouldn’t continue otherwise. The point is, while I might have been wrong by saying that it would not be cancelled, it will continue anyways so I might not actually be wrong, if that makes sense.

The Player: Once again, I didn’t know much about it before the season started so I thought that it would be safe. But it wasn’t. It was cut down to nine episodes and the network actually had the balls to admit that it was cancelled before the year ended instead of May like other networks. I still don’t know for sure what the show was about, just that it didn’t resolve what little plot it had.

Heartbeat: Had I been paying attention, I would have included this show on my cancelation prediction list. Here’s what I mean by that: At one point on one of the schedules that I had, it was mentioned as being on part of the fall schedule. A later schedule had no mention of it on the fall schedule. This should have been a red flag for me as shows that are delayed are almost never brought back for a season 2, if they are ever aired in the first place. But I wasn’t paying attention and I missed it.

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life: I thought that this show would last. If I had known the cast, I would have known that Lisa Lapira was in this and she hasn’t had a successful show since leaving NCIS. I really hope that things change for her as I like her a lot as an actress.

Coach: This poor show never even got to air after being ordered straight to series. It’s always sad that some shows never even air when they were originally planned to. Let’s have a moment of silence. I SAID SILENCE! Okay, you can stop being silent. I never had any reason to think that there would be something against the show, but it was cancelled although I didn’t have any guess ahead of time that this would happen. One can never be right 100% of the time.

Telenovela: Okay, this one wasn’t my fault. There was no advanced warning that this show would exist this season when I made my predictions. Thus, I couldn’t have been able to predict that it would be cancelled as I wouldn’t have known about it being a show. Sadly, I still got it wrong as it would’ve had to have been renewed before I could make a prediction about it.

Houdini and Doyle: This one was delayed until late into the main season that it is probably best described as a summer show. Shows that get delayed that long for no reason don’t last. I never saw this show, although I might have been interested in this at one point. It didn’t work for me to watch it. The point is, I thought that it would last, but it didn’t.

American Grit: Here’s another show that I didn’t know was going to air before the season started. And while it technically wasn’t cancelled, I don’t think that it is appearing on TV again with new episodes. I was all set and ready to watch this, but then decided against it as it would have taken up too much of my time. I’ll admit that it could probably make a surprise reappearance in the future a la Secrets and Lies, but it wasn’t renewed for the next season and that basically means that it was cancelled even if the network never has the balls to tell anyone this.

Repeat after Me: I know that this show didn’t even air this last season and I didn’t know if it was renewed or not for the upcoming season. I had it listed as safe by not mentioning that it would be cancelled. Now it wasn’t cancelled, but I don’t think that it is airing again.

Before we get on to the meaningless last paragraph of this blog post, I might as well mention Better Late Than Never, which I have predicted as not cancelled. Well, this show basically aired its first episode yesterday so they delayed it pretty freaking long for no good reason, it seems. I now think that it will be cancelled, although I’m honestly not sure. As for its eventually airing, it was better late than never. If it does get cancelled, then I would have been wrong, although I honestly forgot if I mentioned it on the cancellation predictions for next season or not.

This is all of this blog post. I really need to buckle down and work more on these blog posts for the future, especially if I’m going to keep doing one every Saturday, which is the plan. There are at least two more that need published before the next season starts (one is written, the next planned one isn’t finished just yet) and I’ll have to do more posts to keep up with my own demands. Between work, sleep, TV, reading, writing this and other blogs, and whatever else I do in life, I’m a pretty busy man. I just need to keep writing blog posts and hope that people keep reading them.

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