Sunday, July 2, 2017

Notes on the Upcoming CW Schedule: 2017 Version

Last year, the change of Supergirl from the CBS network to the CW network prompted me to create a blog post on the upcoming CW schedule in addition to the one on CBS. Well, I’m back again this year with another look at the schedule and how it is changing this time around.

Before the main season ended last year, the shows of Frequency and No Tomorrow were already gone from the schedule. The Vampire Diaries had left the airwaves too and Legends of Tomorrow was done with its season. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had a shorter season too. I don’t think that there were any major changes that I can remember off hand.

There are only two new fall shows on the CW this season. One is Dynasty which is replacing The 100, only that show will return at some point this season. The other show is Valor which is replacing the finally cancelled Reign.

In terms of what returning shows are that are coming back in the fall, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is replacing The Originals, only The Originals will return at some point. The show iZombie will be gone and replaced by Legends of Tomorrow.

All the midseason changes that you’ll see in the future are the eventual return of The 100 and The Originals. You’ll also see the new shows of Life Sentence and Black Lightning. I doubt that there will be any other known changes besides that in the future, although it could happen.

Well, that’s all for this blog post. I need to buckle down and write many other posts for the future and we still don’t know what changes could occur in this blog over time. Right now, you are seeing Saturday updates and random other days. Things could change and I’ll point out more about that when it does, although I’ll try to let you know in advance.

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