Monday, July 10, 2017

Best and Worst Show 2016 & Award Update

This is probably the shortest post that I do every year. I don’t really put that much effort into it outside of simply shortening the list of nominees for best show on television from the Silver Globe Awards and the worst show on television from seven nominees to just one. The nominees were mentioned previously when I mentioned the winners in those respective categories.

Before I get to that, I’ll have to mention a retroactive change in the post that you saw previously relating to the worst of TV. It is my policy to take out a show if someone still working on it died. Well, that happened with Elementary and I found out about it after I had posted the award. Making matters worse, these two awards were given to the character this actor played. I liked the actor as I normally don’t want to make a business of hating any actors since I don’t know them and shouldn’t care (but there are still some celebrities that I don’t care for).

Thus, the winners for the underdeveloped character award and most worthless death (of the unimportant character, not the actor) are hereby revoked and will not be replaced retroactively (in this post, at least). Hopefully this sort of thing doesn’t happen again and if it does, I’ll mention it at some point like the next year’s nominees about the change if I’m not able to sooner. As an extra precaution, I will not be using those two categories at least next year or possibly ever again.

Best show on television 2016: Designated Survivor

Worst show on television for the 2016-2017 season: 2 Broke Girls

And as quickly as this post began, it is over. These were my thoughts on the best show on television from the previous year and the worst show from the previous TV season. I have no idea if you agree or not, but those were my thoughts. And if you have a TV blog, please let me know.

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