Saturday, June 24, 2017

TGIT Drinking Game

Well, I don't have one of my summer posts ready yet and feel that I won't have time to do that later. I should be working on a lot of future updates and will be doing some minor changes in how this blog is updated. While you will see these Saturday updates as usual for the time being, you will see random updates on other days in the future. I had a cheat for this blog that I had moved to another blog. Well, I'm moving that cheat back to this blog and hopefully things won't change too much in the future that would cause me to move it to another blog altogether. Now I said that I would post a drinking game if no other posts were ready to be published, so let's get to this one.

TGIT is a line-up of shows on Thursday nights on ABC right now. All of them are produced and thus have some sort of connection to Shonda Rhimes. There are a lot of things in common with them, so I figure that it only makes sense that a drinking game relating to them would work. Well, here's my idea for what a drinking game with any TGIT show would be like.

  • Drink any time two or more characters are fighting
  • Drink whenever people are having sex
  • Drink at any sexual moment whether it be people talking about sex, people being naked, or the discussion of private parts
  • Whenever gay characters show up, take a shot
  • Any tense moment of any sort is a shot
  • When things are not what they may have first appeared, take a shot
  • Any type of yelling is a shot
  • Every cliffhanger is a shot
  • Characters disagreeing is a shot
  • People keeping secrets from another is a shot
  • People suddenly learning secrets is a shot
  • Troubling things coming to light is a shot
  • A group of all women talking about men is a shot
  • Any character of any importance dying is a shot
  • A betrayal of any kind is a shot
  • A character is hurt in any way, be it physical, psychological, emotional, or otherwise, is a shot
  • Any OMG moment is a shot
  • Family issues of any kind is a shot
  • Show is in some way unrealistic is a shot

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