Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mondays in Primetime Version 4

Mondays is actually a pretty uninteresting night on television. NBC shows the Voice and Taken right now. ABC airs Dancing with the Stars in the spring and fall, The Bachelor in the winter, and The Bachelorette during the summer. It airs other things throughout the year. Quantico is the current end of their schedule. CBS shows various comedies right now at this time before ending with Scorpion. FOX is currently airing APB and 24: Legacy, a reboot of their popular 24. The CW airs Supergirl now and Jane the Virgin.

Kevin Can Wait: Status- Currently on CBS at 8/7 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- I almost always watch a CBS show at least once. Description- It seems to be about a man who just retired, or wanted to, at least, but it could be about any number of things that could evolve over time. Notable People- Kevin James, who was on King of Queens before starring in many movies, is the main character of this show. Gary Valentine, also from King of Queens, is another character. Pros- It isn’t bad. Enough about it is quality entertainment. It is funny a lot of the time. Cons- A lot of the plots are weaker than they should be. There are too many people in the cast. It can be rather dumb at times. Note to Parents- Considering all the smut that you might be used to, this is actually much more acceptable for most ages. Recommendation- I’d put this at a toss-up myself. You may like it and if you don’t, it’s not like there’s that much of a long story that people care about. My Viewing Habits- I might have missed some episodes here and there, but I have more or less watched this from the very beginning. Prediction- It is renewed for a second season. I don’t know if it will last much longer than that or not. Reception: generally negative. Grade: B-. New review

Supergirl: Status- Currently on the CW at 8/7 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that it looked good and I watch every show on CBS at least once, which is the network it used to air on before it switched. Noteworthiness- This is adapted from DC comics. It has links to the same world as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow. It was on CBS for the first season before moving to the CW for the future where it is likely to stay. Description- Superman’s cousin, a female, becomes a superhero herself fighting various alien outlaws and other supernatural creatures. Pros- This show is quite good and interesting, seeing a previously unknown superhero get her own story. Cons- There could be potential flaws with trying to appeal to feminists and being politically correct. Some of the subplots can seem like a waste. Note to Parents- From what I’ve seen thus far, this show is pretty acceptable to a younger audience, although there still might be more violence than they would need. There is also a gay main character, if that affects anything in your mind. Recommendation- I think that this is a good show and worth watching. My Viewing Habits- I might have only missed one episode of this since it started airing thus far and plan to keep watching until the very end. Prediction- It has good ratings and is part of a large, connected universe so it would probably last a good while. It is already renewed for a 3rd season. Reception: highly positive. Grade: A-.

Man with a Plan: Status- Currently on CBS at 8:30/7:30 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- This is the usual courtesy watch that I give most CBS shows. Description- A man’s wife goes back to work leaving him to take over more as a househusband. Notable People- Matt LeBlanc, who was in Friends, is the main character on this show. Pros- It seems to be a bit different than a lot of other shows based on the main gender switch in the plot. Cons- This show was overall dull and pointless. There wasn’t too it in terms of quality. Note to Parents- I’m not sure what I can tell you based on just one episode, except that there was a lot of language, although nothing that had to be censored. Recommendation- I wouldn’t watch this because it was too dumb in my mind. My Viewing Habits- I saw the first episode and won’t be watching this again. Prediction- It is renewed for a second season and we’ll see if it lasts longer than that or not. Reception: generally negative. Grade: D. New review

Superior Donuts: Status- Currently on CBS at 9/8 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- As usual, it was because this is on CBS. Noteworthiness- This is based on a play of the same name. Description- This is a comedy show about people in a donut shop. Notable People- This show features Katey Sagel from Married… with Children, 8 Simple Rules, Futurama, A to Z, and Sons of Anarchy. Pros- This might be liked my fans of 2 Broke Girls. Cons- The show was really lame and uncreative. It didn’t really offer much. Note to Parents- I honestly don’t think there’s much to worry about this except for possibly offensive stereotypes. Recommendation- Don’t watch this. My Viewing Habits- I saw this once and won’t be seeing it a second time. Prediction- It was renewed for a second season, but I don’t know if it will last much longer than that. Reception: mixed. Grade: D. New review

Jane the Virgin: Status- This show is on the CW at 9/8 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- A dream of mine implied that I should watch it. Description- Based off of a Spanish telenovela, a woman named Jane, who’s a virgin, is accidently artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant. There are others in the cast that make this interesting. Pros- If you actually watch the show, you’ll probably find something very interesting and worthwhile. Cons- It’s hard to tell what to make of this show. I mean, the premise itself seems kind of strange and the promos make it look more than weird. Also, the recurring storylines can drag on throughout the show. Note to Parents- This has some serious topics in it that could be useful discussing with teenagers. I’d say that young kids shouldn’t watch this, but preteens and teens can watch this. Recommendation- I would say that you should watch it, but only if you can see it all the time. My Viewing Habits- I missed some of the earlier episodes, but have more or less watched this since sometime in the first season. Prediction- It is renewed for a fourth season for next season, but might not last longer than that if it continues getting bad ratings in the future. Reception: critically acclaimed. Grade: B+.

2 Broke Girls: Status- Currently on CBS at 9:30/8:30 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- I had the opportunity to watch it once to see if it was any good and my devotion to the CBS network is another reason why I watched it. Description- This show is about, well, two broke girls. Pros- It has its moments of interest sometimes. Cons- The acting is crap. The characters are weak. The transition music is stupid. The show is otherwise pointless. Note to Parents- I would not recommend this for kids due to offensive stereotypes and other problems Recommendation- There is no reason you should watch it. My Viewing Habits- I only watched this once and won’t see it again. Prediction- It seems likely that this show will get cancelled this season. Reception: mixed to negative. Grade: F.

Scorpion: Status- It is currently on CBS at 10/9 Central on Mondays. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that I might like it. Noteworthiness- This is inspired by the real life of Walter O’Brian. How much of it is fictionalized is unknown, but guessed to be a lot. Description- This show is about Walter O’Brian and a team of geniuses that he leads. Notable People- Robert Patrick from the Unit is on this show. Pros- It’s a pretty interesting drama and it not being the typical drama makes it better. Cons- The show has a predictable format. It can be overdramatized. Some of it is hard to believe. Note to Parents- This probably isn’t full of objectionable material that you’d typically see in a primetime drama. Sex is usually not present and violence in it is typically at a minimum. Recommendation- I like it and suggest that other people watch it. My Viewing Habits- I’m not sure if I’ve seen all of this, but I have been watching this since its first episode. Prediction- I think that this show will last a while. Reception: mixed. Grade: A.

Taken- Status- Currently on NBC at 10/9 Central. Why I’ve seen it- I liked the movie and thought that the plot would be interesting. Noteworthiness- See the next section. Description- This is a prequel to the Liam Neeson movie Taken. Notable People- Michael Irby, who was on The Unit and Almost Human, is on this show as well. Pros- It has everything in it that a good show needs. Cons- For some reason, this show just didn’t click with me. The show didn’t really stand out in any way. Note to Parents- I think that this is probably pretty typical in terms of what kids in this should watch or not. Recommendation- I’d pass on this. My Viewing Habits- I only watched it once. I might give it a second chance, but am not sure that I will just yet. Prediction- At the moment, it looks likely to survive into next season. We’ll see if it lasts beyond that in the future. Reception: mixed. Grade: D. New review

Quantico: Status- Currently on ABC on Mondays at 10/9 Central. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that it looked good. Description- It is a spy drama about government operatives working to stop various bad guys. Pros- It is pretty interesting and worth watching. The show is quite gripping and intriguing. Cons- This show has too much sex in it. There might also be more violence than it needs. Note to Parents- Like most shows, I’d say that your teens can watch it, but not much younger than that. Recommendation- I’d say that you should watch it if you can. My Viewing Habits- I have missed some episodes, but have more or less watched this from the very beginning. Prediction- It seems likely to end after this current season. Reception: positive. Grade: A.

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