Saturday, April 29, 2017

Midseason Shows: 2017 Part 3

Well, I’m back with a third version of midseason shows from this year. I wasn’t sure if I would do it, but I decided that I ultimately would. This will certainly be the last of the midseason shows reviews this year. I don’t think I’ll be reviewing new shows again until the summer, although I’m not sure how I’ll review them this year. It could be a while before you see them. But, let’s get to reviews.

Imaginary Mary: Show Description- A woman starts dating an unmarried father of three (I’m not sure what happened to these kids’ mother, but I think it was divorce) and her old imaginary friend shows back up in her life. Behind the Scenes- This has Jenna Elfman, who was in Dharma and Greg, Accidently on Purpose, and 1600 Penn, playing the main character. It also has Rachel Dratch from Saturday Night Live playing the voice of the imaginary friend. My Thoughts- I’ll admit, the imaginary friend element to the show seems like more of an afterthought that the show doesn’t use that much and might do better without. Also, the plots for the episodes seem kind of obvious. Outside of that, this show is pretty good as it can be amusing and it has a good take on the fish out of water aspect. Long Term Prospects- This won’t last. Where to Find- This is on ABC at 9:30/8:30 Central on Tuesdays.

The Toy Box: Show Description- Different toy makers have to get passed first a round of toy experts then a round of actual children with their ideas for new toys. Behind the Scenes- Eric Stonestreet, who is a cast member of Modern Family, hosts this show as well. My Thoughts- Maybe there are some aspects of this show that could be worked on. For one, I don’t know why they should keep the fact that kids are the experts in the toy box secret. But I feel that this is mostly interesting, especially if you don’t watch anything else at the time. The toys are interesting. Long Term Prospects- I honestly don’t know, but I’d expect this not to last as nothing tends to premiere this late and stay around. Where to Find- This is on ABC at 8/7 Central on Fridays

48 Hours: NCIS: Show Description- This was a 48 Hours special that related to the real NCIS agency. Behind the Scenes- First off, I have no idea if this even is a real series or if it was just a special, one-off event. They promoted it as a series premiere of sorts so there may be more episodes like this. I just don’t know when/if they’ll air. It could air with the regular 48 Hours episodes at some point. Also, Rocky Carroll from the show NCIS, is the narrator of this show. My Thoughts- There’s not really much to add here. If you like and watch 48 Hours, then you would like this show. If not, then don’t watch it. Long Term Prospects- I have no idea what’s happening with this and might be surprised if it comes back at all. Where to Find- No idea if airing again

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