Saturday, December 3, 2016

Award Shows Reviews

You might be wondering why I didn't update the blog last week. Perhaps I was too busy with Thanksgiving? Well, considering how I could have scheduled one in advance, that might not actually be the reason. You probably know that I don't update multiple blogs on the same day. Well, that's why I didn't update this blog last week. I decided that it would be best to update a different blog instead, moving a cheat that I had from this blog to that blog. I don't know how long these Saturday posts will last. I'll keep doing them as long as possible, but it's likely to change sometime. I'll let you know more about that later. I should get to the regularly scheduled (er, posted as usual) blog post. I should stay on most Saturdays for the foreseeable future. We'll see what happens later...

You might be wondering if it would be better for me to just review each award show that I see as it happens, but I’m honestly not sure if that’s a good idea or not. The shows are very similar from year to year and it seems that any show can have its own format in a way. I’d have to say that I would like more quality from all the of award shows, except for maybe the Tonys since they always tend to be so good. Regardless, I’m still reviewing all the award shows that I’ve seen.

Emmys: Sometimes called television’s greatest night, the Emmys are all about giving awards to what’s considered the best of television. Now the network it airs on always changes each year as it rotates between the four major networks. Thus, the host of it always changes. You might see repeat hosts on the same network, but it tends to be who or what is big on the network at the time. Now I’ve never regretted watching the Emmys when I’ve been able to see it, but it never had the best quality when you think about it. It has never been more than average. Few of what is nominated is something on network television and the same shows tend to fill the same category year after year. I’ll still watch this when I can, but it tends to not be as good as it should be. Overall Grade: C+.

Golden Globes: This show covers both television and movies. It always airs on NBC in early January and there tends to be new shows competing against it when nearly every other time, networks refuse on a typical basis to compete against major award shows. It has had regular hosts, but they have not always been that good. Ricky Gervais tends to be highly offensive when he’s on while Tina Fey and Amy Poehler don’t always do as much as they could when they host. I do wonder if many people think this show is even serious or not as it tends to not be counted as that huge a winner if you do win a Golden Globe. I do normally like the show, normally in spite of Ricky being a terrible host, but I don’t think that I miss much, if anything, if I ever stopped tuning in. There is too quick of a time, in my mind, between when the nominees are announced and when the show is. Sometimes the movies aren’t even out yet when they do the show or nominate them, at least. It can cover too much (since it does both movies and TV shows), but it does seem interesting and good in the end. Overall Grade: B-.

Oscars: I normally don’t watch this, unless I like the host, but that’s mostly just because I don’t watch movies as much as I watch TV. The host always changes, although I’m not sure why. This always airs on ABC and it tends to get good ratings, possibly due to a lack of counterprogramming from other networks. It has been criticized for its lack of diversity among the people it nominates. Movies nominated are sometimes still in theaters sometimes and there’s normally a ton of movies that you’ve never heard of that got nominated over those you have probably seen. I’ve actually hated a lot of Oscar winning movies. So while they can get stuff wrong, in my mind at least, you do have to wonder if this is such a good show in the end. It certainly always goes over more than any other award show. Ultimately, I’d give it a good score, but not really one that’s that good. Overall Grade: C-.

People’s Choice Awards: Some may question whether or not this is, in fact, a real award show since it isn’t the actual people with TV who do the nominees. Yet, in a way, the fans have more input into this than any other award show. I sometimes watch if I like the host; otherwise, I don’t bother with this one. You tend to see very different shows and people nominated here and it isn’t all that interesting like most other award shows are. But, I’d still ultimately give it a passing grade in the end. Overall Grade: C+.

Tonys: This show is for the best in stage. This is my favorite of all the award shows for many reasons. First, it is highly entertaining. Second, it is something that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to see and, thus, would need to watch this show in order to see anything from Broadway. I’ll watch this probably any time since I will probably always like the host. It is always fun to see and watch and I recommend it to everyone. Overall Grade: A+.

Grammys: This is probably the one I least like of the award shows that I’m actually reviewing. While it is a good show, it seems to drag on and on. Plus, I normally don’t care enough about the music industry to wonder what they think is the best here. It’s kind of like the Oscars, only I can never really stay into this show that well. While it is actually good and entertaining, it fails to be much of a show. They overload it with one musical number after another and one can forget that there’s actually a point to it. Overall Grade: D+.

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