Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Week in the Life of a TV Junkie

I watch a lot of TV. Too much? Probably. But I figured that it might be a good idea that I should tell you about what a week might be like for me. Every week is different for me, despite the fact that most shows are not changing on a constant basis. I have decided to tell you what a week is like and how it goes down for me. Want to know how I catch all the shows that I’m a fan of? Well, now you have your chance. From Sunday to Saturday, I will tell you what my viewing habits are.


This is the weirdest day of the week. NBC is airing football in the fall and only after football season is over do they actually air worthwhile programming. The CW doesn’t show anything on Sundays anymore which is kind of weird. Even with all the programming they now have on the network as a result of over-renewal, they still haven’t brought back Sunday primetime, something they did use to have. FOX is airing a World Series game tonight, so this means that the normal programming of theirs that I watch won’t be on tonight to watch anyways. ABC is coming in, so I will watch that. CBS is not delayed due to sports so that’s good and won’t mess me up.

I watch 60 Minutes live while recording nothing. I plan to then record all of the CBS shows that follow- NCIS: Los Angeles, Madam Secretary, and Elementary. I will watch ABC live from 7-10 and they will be airing Once Upon a Time, Secrets and Lies, as well as Quantico. I haven’t seen Secrets and Lies before and am only watching it now to see if an actor formerly from The Good Wife has a big enough role on this show now for me to include it on the cast updates of that blog. I will record the CBS shows on my TV tuner. That’s my first choice for something to record on whenever possible.


I watch a recording of Grey’s Anatomy with breakfast. Normally I watch exactly two hours of shows that are recorded on my laptop as I feel that’s the best way of doing that. So hopefully after the news, I can get the other hour of today in.

Most shows are normally airing tonight so I watch Gotham, use to TV tuner to record Kevin Can Wait, and record Supergirl on VHS. (There is someone else who watches shows that I record, which is why I did that instead of putting the half hour show on tape.) I was able to start the recording on VHS at the time the show started, but there were problems with the TV tuner loading which happens a lot. I was able to start the recording of that show near the end of the opening credits. I also, thus, missed some of the beginning of Gotham. But I was, more or less, able to see the rest of the episode.

With the change of half an hour that can be a problem, I end up recording a lot of Man with a Plan before I’m able to stop the recording. I’m not into that show since seeing it once. The recording also goes over on the tape, meaning that I miss the beginning of Jane the Virgin, the next show I watch, due to the difference when networks air shows, as I’m still watching the end of Gotham before I can change to the next show.

At 9:00, I’m ready to record the next show, but then there is a bit of a complication. The show I want to record on my laptop, Timeless, is not coming in well on the TV tuner, so I decide to watch it live instead and record Scorpion on my laptop. Conviction is not on tonight since ABC aired one of its many specials instead after Dancing with the Stars. Later, while it does go past midnight, I am able to watch Pure Genius from earlier.


I don’t work today, so I woke up later than usual and watched more recorded shows. I started with Modern Family from last week and then watched NCIS: Los Angeles. Then, I watched Kevin Can Wait. While this does cover my two hours, I actually can watch more in one use options that I have at the moment. I then watch Elementary later and work on a blog post for it as I’m starting a new blog about it. Next comes primetime.

Since there is another World Series game tonight, there is nothing for me to watch on FOX that I normally would. It’s possible that I might watch Scream Queens in the future, but I honestly don’t know when/if that will ever happen. I record The Middle on tape, put NCIS on my TV tuner, and watch The Flash live.

It turns out that CBS decided not to air their originally planned new programs tonight. This has to be to avoid competing against game six of the World Series. I can see them doing the same tomorrow as well, if there is a game seven. This means that I ended up recording an old episode from last season of NCIS. I might at least see whether or not it is one I haven’t seen of it somehow.

With Bull being a rerun, I switch to live watching Fresh Off the Boat. I then watch The Real O’Neals afterwards for the first time. There will not be a second time. They almost never air something good with a comedy that I like. They just air a very crappy comedy with it. That’s why I normally watch a drama at the same time to record the comedy for later. I watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. live and then watch local news and the ABC late night shows afterwards.

Now is when they started airing the reruns of the last season of shows in syndication, so this means having to catch whatever Modern Family episodes I missed last season and seeing most of last season’s The Middle episodes for the very first time. Now is the first season where I can watch The Middle long term as it airs instead of having to wait until it airs in syndication.


I watch Scorpion with breakfast and part of Madam Secretary with lunch. I’m not able to finish the rest of Madam Secretary until later. I watch Survivor live and record Arrow on a tape for later. The CMA are on ABC so I won’t have to worry about missing anything on that network. FOX is airing game seven of the World Series tonight, although I wouldn’t have watched it anyways.

At 8, I’m able to record Frequency on my laptop instead of leaving it on the tape that is recording Arrow. I live watch Law and Order: SVU. Afterwards, I watch Code Black. I don’t know how much of the late night shows I’ll be able to watch today; I just know that I’m probably missing the news or some late night show to finish watching the Madam Secretary episode.

ABC late night is delayed, but I watch that after I watch game seven of the World Series up until the Cubs win. I’m a Cardinals fan, but I’m not going to whine and complain about this win. It doesn’t matter if I like a team or not, a win is a win and it is well deserved for them.


Without the necessary two hours of laptop recordings to watch (I would more than likely have what I need if various shows weren’t preempted due to the World Series), I don’t watch the one hour I have. I record The Big Bang Theory, The Good Place, Chicago Med, and Pure Genius on my laptop. Chicago Med is a show I might get into since the episode order of Notorious was cut, effectively cancelling it at the end of its run. However, with Thursday Night football about to start on NBC, I might need a different replacement in mind.

I live watch Grey’s Anatomy, Notorious, and The Blacklist. I record Legends of Tomorrow on tape for later. For late night, I wind up watching The Late Show then The Late Late Show. Normally I watch Jimmy Kimmel Live, but I didn’t do that today.


For the first time since I remember starting my whole “watch as much as possible” thing that I do, I don’t record any shows on Fridays at the moment. This means, basically, that I watch the three hours that I can watch and I don’t record any extra hours tonight. All of my watching tonight is on CBS, starting with MacGyver, continuing with Hawaii Five-0, and ending with Blue Bloods. I run out of time to watch recorded shows today.


Today, the only show that I watch on TV is Saturday Night Live. The rest of the shows I watch are what are recorded on my laptop. I watch Frequency, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Place, and since I have the ability to watch more than two hours if I wanted to, I watch Chicago Med as well. Guess that I’ll have to save Pure Genius for later.

Well, there you have it: a week in a TV junkie’s life. No two weeks are the same even if they are airing the same shows they normally do. I’m not sure if I’ll track this again. We’ll see what happens for sure later. Now you know what a week for me can be like.

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