Friday, September 30, 2016

Midseason Shows and Why They Sometimes Become Summer Shows

Well, here's another random post which is not on Saturday as the usual post. I was hoping to post this post later when it would be more time sensitive. But, it appears that I had nothing else ready at the moment so I better start working on more future posts. Anyways, don't expect a non Saturday post for a while after this as it will be a while before I can do that. Now on to the post!

Were you ever waiting to watch a new show and learned that it wouldn’t air until the summer? Were you wondering why it didn’t premiere sooner? Are you tired of my questions and just want to get to the actual point of this post? Well, I might as well do that.

Now sometimes the delay to midseason makes no sense. I’ll use various shows from last season as an example. The Whispers and the Astronaut’s Wives Club could have aired sooner than they did, but that didn’t end up happening. You’d think that the cancellation of shows like Allegiance would have prompted NBC to rush up the premiere of a show like Aquarius to fill in gaps, but instead they decided to just add more Dateline. FOX aired two hour movies on Fridays instead of programming like Wayward Pines. Why they did that is beyond my understanding.

Other times, you’ll see no room in the schedule for certain shows. So, they air in the summer. This includes shows that have premiered already and are moved to summer since there’s no time for it in the regular season anymore. An example of this was the show Reckless from a while back. CBS had no time to air it until the summer happened.

So for one reason or another, sometimes shows meant to be in the midseason schedule won’t end up airing until the summer instead. This includes both new and returning series. The reasons may vary and not make sense at times, but it happens a lot.

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