Saturday, September 10, 2016

Network Specific Daytime Shows

Well, this is the last of the current blog posts of daytime shows that you’ll see. This is basically just a wrap up of various daytime shows that air only on a specific network. My apologizes if this is mostly just CBS shows, but this will have the rest of the shows that I’ve seen, in terms of daytime shows.

The Talk: Status- Currently on CBS. It is typically live. In the Central time zone, it airs at 1 pm. Why I’ve seen it- I originally liked it and watched it since I felt there was nothing better on at the time. I guess I just wanted to see a new talk show to see what it is like. Description- A group of five women host a talk show talking about various subjects from current events. Notable People- Aisha Tyler, who also hosts the current Whose Line is it Anyways?, is one of the current cohosts. Julie Chen, former CBS news journalist and current host of Big Brother, is another cohost, typically the more main one. Sarah Gilbert, formerly of Roseanne among other shows, is a cohost and the main creator of the show. Pros- The show can be funny and interesting from time to time. They allow viewer interaction with videos and tweets one can send in. Cons- The show can be dull and pointless at times. Typically, it just comes off as a bunch of women gossiping. Also, there tends to be pointless cooking segments from time to time that I personally don’t like. Note to Parents- Some of the stuff they talk about isn’t appropriate for kids. Plus, they typically air this at time most kids would be at school, although if they are off school for whatever reason, then maybe high schoolers could watch this, but not much younger. Recommendation- I honestly don’t know what to say here. I watch it from time to time, although I typically miss it and don’t care that I do. So if you happen to like it and it fits in your schedule, then you might enjoy it. Otherwise, tune out. Prediction- Not knowing the ratings of this, I’d say that it is likely to last a long while it just as easily might not. Reception: negative. Grade: C+.

The Price is Right: Status- Currently airs during the daytime hours on CBS. The time is different for each affiliate. Why I’ve seen it- My grandfather liked and watched it while he was still alive. Plus, this is the type of show that most people have seen anyways. Noteworthiness- The show has lasted over 40 years, last I checked. Description- This is a game show where various contestants compete to potentially win select prizes, typically by guessing the right price of it. Notable People- Drew Carrey, comedian known for the Drew Carrey show, is the host of this show. Pros- The show is interesting and fun to watch. Cons- Many people don’t like Drew Carrey as much as the previous host (Bob Barker). The show has too many commercial breaks and tends to happen too fast. Note to Parents- While this would typically air when your kids are in school, when they aren’t, they could watch this at any young age as there’s nothing objectionable to kids in here. Recommendation- I like it and watch it whenever it works out for me. Prediction- This show will probably stay on the air a good while, pending potential bad future hosts. Reception: generally praised. Grade: A.

The View: Status- Currently airs in the morning on ABC. It is live and airs at 10 (last I checked) in the Central time zone. Why I’ve seen it- This is actually a bit weird: after The Talk was constantly compared to this show, I ended up watching it just to see what the differences and similarities are. Description- A bunch of women talk about different things as they cohost a show. Pros- The show can be interesting and informative. Cons- The show can be a bit too political. Note to Parents- This show probably has enough talk in it that isn’t good for kids, but some ages like teens can watch this when they aren’t in school. Recommendation- I’m not sure what to say about whether or not you should watch it. I don’t, but maybe other people who would have time for it would like it. Prediction- I actually see this ending soon since all the host changing has to be bad for it. But, I could easily be wrong and this could continue to last. Reception: negative. Grade: C-.

Let’s Make a Deal: Status- Currently sometime during the daytime hours of television on CBS. It airs at different times in different regions. Why I’ve seen it- I was interested in it. Noteworthiness- This is a revival of a show with the same name that was previously hosted by Monty Hall. Description- Contestants are picked out of an audience to compete for various prizes and avoid getting no prize or a zonk (a fake/joke prize). Notable People- Wayne Brady, a well known comedian who was host of the primetime Don’t Forget the Lyrics, had a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother, and also works on Whose Line is it Anyways?, is the host of this show. Pros- This show is fun to watch. Improvisation on the show helps keep it entertaining. Cons- The contestants can be dumb. Parts are predictable. Some of it can be considered too easy for a game show. Note to Parents- This is probably good for kids of all ages, provided they aren’t in school when they are watching it. Recommendation- It all depends on what works with your schedule. I watch it from time to time and imagine that others would like it too. Prediction- This could last a long time. It has lasted long enough for now, but it’s unknown what could change the ratings and result in it potentially ending. Plus, if it came back once, it could come back again. Reception: somewhat positive. Grade: B+.

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