Monday, September 26, 2016

Commercials Drinking Game

This will not be the start of a new day for posting this blog as it could be a good long while before I can roll something to have that other option available anyways. Now, to the post: I thought of a really quick post to put in here so here's another drinking game that people can play. I take no responsibility for any dangerous situations that result from playing drinking games. Do not play drinking games if you are underage, pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication that forbids alcohol use, or would certainly drink too much. Now with most TV shows, on network television at least, there are commercials that go along with it. So here's a drinking game for commercials.

Drink every time it says do not attempt, drink at every Easter commercial, drink every time a Christmas commercial airs in November or sooner, drink every time a commercial airs instead of getting back to the show (but only if you want the show to come back on) or drink every time it goes back to the show when you want it to air a commercial instead, drink every time a spot for another TV show airs, during election years you should drink every time there is a political commercial, drink at every Back to School commercial, drink at every commercial for taxes, drink every time either more than one product is mentioned in a commercial or if they use product placement in one.

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