Thursday, October 1, 2015

Syndicated Game Shows

Well, it’s time that I get to talk about various syndicated game shows that are on television. I don’t know why I haven’t reviewed these shows before. I just hope that I don’t forget any shows while I’m reviewing these. I actually can’t think of many that don’t air on a specific network. But I should get to those later. That’s the plan at least.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?: Status- Currently syndicated on various networks. I forget who the current host is because it is constantly changing. Why I’ve seen it- I forget why, but it might have just been general interest in the show or something like that. Description- Contestants answer a multiple choice quiz with four choices for each question for a chance to potentially win a million dollars. Pros- Nowadays, there’s normally always a consolation prize for people who don’t win any money. Cons- The host changes often enough that you can lose track of who is hosting in each episode. That’s not to say that any of the hosts are bad, but it is something to remember since they tend to show old seasons with the newer ones. The questions can sometimes be too easy and other times are too hard. The lifelines or cheats keep changing and are thus hard to keep track of. This might be something that you’d have to watch all the time as contestant tend to spill over into other episodes. Recommendation- I like the show and find it interesting. I don’t currently watch it, but if it fit in my schedule, I probably would. Prediction- I say that this will probably last a good long while as host changes never seem to negatively affect the ratings of it. Reception: good. Grade: B.

Celebrity Name Game: Status- Currently syndicated on various networks. Why I’ve seen it- It came on at a good time for me. Description- Two pairs of contestants compete against each other and with the help of celebrities to win money. Notable People- Craig Ferguson, who used to host the Late Late Show on CBS, is the host of this show. The celebrities are typically famous as well to some varying degree. Pros- The show is quite interesting. The game is fun to watch. Cons- The game doesn’t always see fair in every way. Sometimes, the host gives the answer away and it seems like points and games can be lost on technicalities. It seems like some celebrity helpers aren’t as good as others and could thus be affecting the game for some people. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. I watch it on occasion. Prediction- I’m not sure if this one will last or not. It might, but I’m not sure. Reception: good. Grade: C+.

Jeopardy: Status- Currently syndicated on various networks. Why I’ve seen it- Probably interest in it and not knowing of other alternates at the time. Description- In a bit of a switch from the usual game show standard, the contestants are to give the correct questions to various answers. Pros- The show is informative and one can learn a lot from it. Cons- It being a daytime show can make it hard to find and stay into. Plus, it can be annoying that the winner of an episode gets to keep reappearing as often as they want to. Recommendation- I’d say that it’s probably worth watching if you can find it at a good time. Prediction- This will probably last a good while and might even survive the eventual change in hosts that will happen at some point. Reception: great. Grade: B.

Family Feud: Status- Currently syndicated on various networks. Why I’ve seen it- It was on and I decided to watch it. Description- Two families of five compete against each other trying to figure out who answered what on a survey question. Notable People- Steve Harvey, a comedian who also has his own talk show, is the current host of this show. There were others before him. Pros- The show is funny and enjoyable. Cons- You don’t always see the person you want to win actually win. Some of the format is a bit strange. Recommendation- I’d say that it’s worth watching if you have nothing better to watch at the time. Prediction- This will probably last a good while, although, it’s possible that an inept host could result in low enough ratings that the show would get cancelled. Reception: good. Grade: A-.

Wheel of Fortune: Status- Currently syndicated on various networks. Why I’ve seen it- I’m not sure, but this is the type of show that everyone probably has seen at one point or another. Description- Contestants spin a wheel and attempt to solve a world puzzle by guessing letters. Pros- The show is memorable in many ways. Cons- The phrases can be stupid a lot and one wonders why they are used. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. I don’t typically watch, but others may like it and find it more interesting than I do. Prediction- I’d say that this show will probably last, with the possible exception of a change of host. Reception: good. Grade: B-.

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