Saturday, September 26, 2015

Elections Drinking Game

Well, I thought of another good drinking game, this one for elections in general. Remember that you do not have to play a drinking game and if you do, you take any risks with it. In fact, with my game, it might work to only take shots once for each commercial. So, here's the quick drinking game, that mostly just applies to election ads.

take a shot a positive ad airs, take two shots if a negative ad airs, take three shots if ad is both positive and negative, take a shot if they approve the message, take two shots if they do not ever approve the message, take four shots if ad is from a Super Pac instead of a candidate, take a shot if ad cites some sort of source, take a shot if footage from an opponent’s ad is shown, take a shot if the opponent is compared to someone else, take a shot if generalizations are made about either a candidate or political party, take a shot if people interrupt each other at a debate

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