Friday, August 1, 2014

The Goldbergs Review

Okay, so now that all the new summer shows have premiered, you can possibly expect reviews so or it could still be a long ways off. I still need to finish the cancelled shows from the previous TV season and post it here. I've already started on the cancelled shows for next season, as things typically work in the world. A TV reviewer like myself is never done in this world. You will also see a blog post on the back to school commercials of the year since, like Christmas commercials, there are too many of them too soon and for too long. But, I will get to a full review of the Goldbergs and, hopefully, you'll see something that I'm more likely to want to post since I'm promising to post it anyways. I just hope that it works. Anyways, here's a review of the TV show the Goldbergs.

The Goldbergs: Status- This ABC comedy will air next season at 8/7 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- The first time was because I was unable to stop recording a tape after a different program stopped airing which recorded a whole episode of the show. I watched more episodes because I thought that it might be good after watching that particular episode. Noteworthiness- It is somewhat based off of true events. Description- It is about a man’s life growing up in the eighties when he was a kid and is based on details that actually happened (although I’m not sure just how much). Pros- It can be pretty good and funny sometimes. Cons- It doesn’t make a lot of sense sometimes and can be a bit odd. Plus, there are normally always errors when setting things in the past. Recommendation- I’m not quite sure what else to say at the moment since I haven’t seen that much of it yet. But I say that if you can actually find time for it in your schedule, then you might as well watch it. Prediction- It might last and probably will. Reception: mostly mixed. Grade: B-.

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