Monday, July 21, 2014

Resurrection Review

Okay, it comes as no surprise to me that nobody has replied to my asking for help in the previous blog post. In fact, people haven't read a blog post in this blog since around the time before the summer started. I have a bunch of recent blog posts in a row that nobody has read. This makes me feel sad inside. But, I continue posting this blog anyways. I decided that I will post another review of a show, this show being Resurrection.

Resurrection: Status- This ABC show airs on Sundays at 9/8 Central. Well, it doesn’t air at the time at the moment, but it will when the fall season starts. Noteworthiness- It is based off of a book called the Returned. Description- Basically, for some unknown reason, dead people somehow return as they originally were before they died many years later. Mystery of how and why this happened seems to be the central plot of the show. Notable People- Kurtwood Smith, from That 70’s Show, among other works, is a character on the show. Pros- It can keep you interested due to the overall mystery of the show. Cons- It is a pretty strange show. I’m not really sure where they are going with this or what it has going for it since the mystery of the show is unexplained. Recommendation- It is worth watching if you aren’t already into something else. Prediction- It could last a while and I think that it will. It just becomes a problem based on how much they use the book and how much they keep true to the book. Reception: mostly mixed. Grade: B.

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