Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Examining the CBS Curse

Okay, I’ve mentioned before how there’s something called the CBS curse which involves the network being too popular for its own good. But, it looks like the curse may soon be broken, changed, or in some way redefined. You see, the curse has always affected midseason shows by insuring that they are dead on arrival when they finally do air. But, it seems that summer shows might be immune to this status. So, might a show that was supposed to air sooner but then get moved to the summer break the curse? We have yet to see, but Reckless could prove to break it. There are two other types of shows that might break it soon as well. If a show has aired previous seasons and then returns as a midseason replacement like the Mentalist is doing, then you might see a curse end there. While comedies and reality shows typically can survivor returning as midseason replacements, we have yet to see if a drama can do that. When it airs is going to be a part of whether or not it survives. Then we get to a show like CSI: Cyber. If a spin-off of a popular show airs at midseason for the first time, might it survive the CBS curse? It might, although we have yet to see and know for sure. You see, if CBS fades in popularity, which I think it has at the moment, that might affect the curse and get rid of it in the end. So the upcoming season may prove to have an end to the CBS curse. We have yet to know for sure if that will happen, but it would be nice if it did. It would also be nice to have actually good shows at midseason, so here’s hoping for the best.

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