Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The 100 Review

I thought that I would post a full review of the TV show the 100 since I haven't been able to do that before. I have given a small review earlier, but now I give you a full review. I do want to post reviews of both cancelled shows from the previous season (which could take until September to update since I don't think that all cancellations will be official until then, if some of the cancelled show ever even get officially cancelled) and I want to post reviews of summer shows, which may not happen as soon as I like. My list of cancelled shows comes from the list at www.tvseriesfinale.com even though I make some changes at time. Just because they don't list a show as cancelled, doesn't mean that it isn't cancelled. I'll think of ways to update this blog in the meantime. Anyways, here's my review:

The 100: Status- This CW show currently airs on Wednesdays at 9 Eastern, 8 Central. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that it might be good and I promised to watch a midseason replacement from the CW. Noteworthiness- It is based off of a book by the same name. Description- This show has a bunch of teenagers in a supernatural/science-fiction setting like many CW shows do. In the future, the earth has been labeled as uninhabitable to live in so one hundred people are sent down to see if living there would work. They are called the hundred, the name of the show. While they are living down there, interesting stuff happens both on earth an in the space station that they came from. Pros- This show is quite interesting. Cons- It seems similar to lots of other shows from this network. At best, it is more average than good. Recommendation- It is interesting and good in the end and I say that you should probably watch it if you want to. Prediction- I’m not sure what to predict, but I think that it might last a while, although it just as easily might not. Reception: mixed to positive. Grade: B-.

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