Thursday, June 12, 2014

Unannounced Shows

When the new television season starts or even a long time before it airs but it is simply announced on TV or other places, there tend to be a certain number of shows that are mentioned with it. Then, there are other shows that I like to call the unannounced shows of the season. It seems like every season, there are shows on multiple networks that air new TV shows that they never announced as part of the schedule. What gives? Why do they do that so much? Why does it happen at all? What purpose does it serve? What good does it do a show by not even saying in advance that it will be a part of the schedule before the promos for it start airing? I don’t get it. I don’t know if anyone else does. Does anyone even read this blog? If you get the idea behind unannounced shows, then let me know. As far as I understand, they were more of a scheduling decision that happened after the main schedule was announced as wasn’t part of the original plan for the network. Now, I ought to mention some of the unannounced shows from this season that ended up airing but never actually was part of the schedule they announced at the beginning of this season. They never seem to be fall shows and are always midseason shows. For the record, summer shows don’t count. Cosmos, Black Box, and Bad Teacher are just a few of the shows that I can think of that weren’t announced as part of the schedule at the beginning of the television season. So I tend to avoid these shows. I feel cheated by them. Why couldn’t they just be part of the schedule? But I can’t really think of a way to avoid this. But some of them make sense. Black Box was probably only ordered because of a sudden lack of Scandal. Cosmos is just really screwy because it probably replaced two cancelled shows, neither of which had aired. And Bad Teacher is easily explained because CBS changed their mind at the last minute to put it on the schedule when they originally said that they had passed on the show. Sorry for the lack of a better blog post at the moment, but I plan to update more in the near future.

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