Thursday, June 19, 2014

Golden Huckleberry Awards 2013-2014 Winners

Okay. I need to put more work into writing blog posts for this blog. I seem to get distracted a lot and busy with a lot of other things. But I will post updates of cancelled shows. It's just kind of hard to do that when a lot of last summer's shows haven't actually been cancelled yet. There are a lot of them that probably aren't coming back, but there's been no official word of cancellation to my knowledge. But, I should get to today's blog post. I am posting what I think are the worst shows on television with their respective wins. Now, sometimes I nominate shows that I like and even let them win too. Depending on the category, they might deserve it. But these are the winners of what I consider to be the worst shows on television as well as the nominees for worst show on television.

Temporary award: worst reason to not do a spin-off: Mom and We are Men- tie

Worst cliffhanger resolution: Revolution

Worst title: Save Me

Worst ending to a TV series: How I Met Your Mother

Worst acting: 2 Broke Girls

Worst writing: The Arsenio Hall Show

Worst plot: Arrested Development

The good riddance award: Arrested Development

Why do people care award: Arrested Development

Worst idea for a show: Mom

Biggest waste of time: Undercover Boss

Most forgettable: Dracula

Bonehead decision of the season: We Are Men

Worst pilot: Mom

Worst drama show: Intelligence

Worst comedy show: Arrested Development

Worst new show: Mom

Why is it still on award: 2 Broke Girls

Most overrated show: Arrested Development

Weakest Characters: Mom

Worst Reason to Cancel a Good Show: The Carrie Diaries

Why was it created award: Arrested Development

What were they thinking award: We Are Men

Why do people like it award: Arrested Development

Worst retooling of a show: Two and a Half Men

Jumped the shark award: Two and a Half Men

What’s it about award: Arrested Development

Worst show on FOX: The Arsenio Hall Show

Worst show on ABC: America’s “Funniest” Home Videos

Worst show on CBS: Mom

Worst show on NBC: Save Me

Worst show on the CW: Oh, Sit

Worst show on every other network: Arrested Development

Worst syndicated show: The Jerry Springer Show

Worst show on television nominees: The Arsenio Hall Show, America’s “Funniest” Home Videos, Mom, Save Me, Oh, Sit, Arrested Development, the Jerry Springer Show

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