Saturday, March 4, 2017

Predicting Sunday 10/9 Central on CBS: 2017 Edition

Here’s yet another strange thing I’m doing that may be a new, annual tradition of mine. Geez, I have far too many of those, don’t I? But, before I do my fantasy schedule for next year, I might as well try my best to tackle just one timeslot on one network for the next season. I might be obsessed with the often delayed and sometimes preempted shows that wind up here. If they weren’t a ratings failure before, which they typically weren’t, they become ratings failure when they wind up there. Like a flame that slowly flickers and then dies, are shows at this timeslot. What would CBS put here in the next season? I’m going to guess what happens in this post. I’ll start with what I feel is the most likely and then slowly work my way down to what I feel is the least likely. If I don’t even mention it as a possibility, then I’m not thinking that it will happen at all. I guess we'll see later if any of these are right. Let’s get started.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders- This show only suddenly appeared on the schedule this year after the cancellation of another show. It had no return date before then. For a similar show, see Beyond the Tank, a show that filled the crack of the cancellation of the show Of Kings and Prophets, and doesn’t seem to be returning at any point in time (although it might). Now I won’t know if it has good ratings yet for its second season when I’m planning on posting this. But a fill the gap show never seems to be a good thing. Only Undercover Boss regularly survives each season being one of them. I feel that this is the most likely show to fill the gap next season.

Scorpion- Only a surefire shot at syndication seems to be what will even get it into next season. Typically, once those shows are at this point, they would need a serious ratings boost in order to continue onto future seasons. Elementary itself was like that and is now in this worst slot with almost no chance at surviving into next season (unless a cable network picks it up). This show seems like it could wind up filling the gap since shows with waning ratings are likely to be put there.

Hawaii Five-0- Honestly, this show isn’t doing that bad in the ratings and it wasn’t originally on Fridays so it being on Friday now might not be any real problem. But, it being an aging hit might be reason enough to move it to its final resting place of Sunday instead of it being on Friday until its ultimate end.

NCIS: New Orleans- This show will need a boost of some sort going into next season. Hopefully the new showrunner it has can be a good thing for the future of the show. Of course, if it really winds up in this timeslot, it won’t be that much of a future. But this show, like Scorpion, seems to only be likely to survive into next season due to syndication rules so without better ratings next season, I don’t see it doing that well. A lot of things could happen.

Code Black- Here’s a show that has yet to have a truly full season of episodes. The show is doing decent in the ratings so it may survive without ever having a full season. But it is unlikely that a medical drama lasts long on CBS. (Can you think of any long running ones? I’m not saying that’s never happened, but it certainly hasn’t been recently.) CBS tends to split the timeslot with multiple shows in a season whenever it can. If this continues current threads, it will be moved to the ultimate failure slot.

Criminal Minds- Sometimes long running dramas get into this bad timeslot and wind up cancelled. Look at CSI: Miami. Look at The Mentalist. Look at CSI. This show might end up going to this timeslot, get a serious ratings drop as a result, and wind up cancelled like those other three I mentioned. This is the only other show that I think could wind up there at the moment.

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