Saturday, March 11, 2017

Power Rangers Drinking Game

Okay, you can probably tell based on what I said that last time that I don't really have time to write a different post. I need to work on the next set of midseason shows before updating you on different primetime shows again. Plus, while I'm still doing these random posts on Saturdays, I was wanting to do a post that related to Saturdays. We'll see if that ends up happening sooner rather than later. I don't know when this blog will change again in terms of when it is updated. But I can hopefully work on it even though this could wind up being a really busy month for me. I just know that I might have to schedule updates for this and other blogs so they stay on the day of the week I want them on.

Anyways, why am I doing a drinking game idea for Power Rangers? Well, I thought that since the show is still on the air with new episodes and they are rebooting the franchise at the same time for some strange reason, the new, upcoming movie, is as good a reason as any to post this drinking game idea with you. Remember that drinking games are played at ones own risk and I take no personal responsibility for any personal injury that one endures while playing this or any other drinking game. Now to the game itself:

With the game, drink at every explosion, drink every time Kimberly points out the obvious or says something dumb, drink every time they morph, drink every time their communicators go off, drink every time the zords are called for, drink every time the main villains get other monsters to do their bidding instead of themselves, finish your drink if the main villain does attack the rangers themselves

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