Saturday, February 4, 2017

Wednesdays in Primetime Version 4

Well, I'm doing yet another version of primetime for a certain day of the week. You may have noticed that when I started doing a new set of reviews for days already posted, I added a new section to them. Well this post is no exception. This will probably be the last time that I add a new section to these reviews. I will probably keep updating them for as long as I keep doing this blog. Now I have no idea how long these Saturday posts will last. I know that they won't last forever. Things in this blog could change the moment I start watching an old Survivor season on DVD again. We'll see what happens regarding that later. Let's get to the actual post now.

Wednesdays can be a bit of a bore on television. There are some interesting shows but most of it is not worth your time. Yet it also has some of my favorite shows. ABC shows comedies which are currently Modern Family, Black-ish, The Goldbergs, and Speechless before ending with another show, currently Match Game. NBC shows Blindspot, Chicago PD, and Law and Order: SVU. The CW shows Arrow and The 100. CBS shows Criminal Minds, Hunted, and Code Black. FOX is airing Lethal Weapon and Star. Those are the programs they are airing right now.

The Goldbergs: Status- This ABC comedy airs at 8:00/7:00 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- The first time was because I was unable to stop recording a tape after a different program stopped airing which recorded a whole episode of this show. I watched more episodes because I thought that it might be good after watching that particular episode. Noteworthiness- It is somewhat based off of true events. Description- It is about a man’s life growing up in the eighties when he was a kid and is based on details that actually happened (although I’m not sure just how much). Pros- It can be pretty good and funny sometimes. Cons- It doesn’t make a lot of sense sometimes and can be a bit odd. Plus, there are normally always errors when setting things in the past. Note to Parents- This is borderline over what is and isn’t acceptable so I suggest you watch for yourself to make your own decision. Recommendation- It is a good show to watch. My Viewing Habits- While I like this show, I normally don’t watch it since too many other things I like air at the same time. Prediction- It might last and probably will. It has lasted a long time already and will probably be in syndication at some point, if it isn’t already. Reception: mostly mixed. Grade: B-.

Hunted: Status- Currently on CBS at 8/7 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I typically watch most CBS shows at least once. Description- A self-described reality thriller, this show has various pairs of people on the run from people trying to catch them. Pros- The show is interesting and different. You don’t see things like this that often. Cons- This show appears to play into people’s fears of government surveillance, the way they have the hunters tracking teams. It also seems a bit contrived in a way. Note to Parents- This is probably okay for kids, although I’d have to see more of it to know for sure. I don’t know what could be bad about it. Recommendation- I’d say that this might be worth watching, if you have the time. My Viewing Habits- I’m not sure if I will watch long term or not, but I might. Prediction- I don’t know if this will last or not. I don’t think that it will, but maybe it can. Reception: somewhat mixed. Grade: B-. New review

Blindspot: Status- Currently on NBC at 8/7 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I was interested in the idea of it. Description- For mysterious reasons, a woman has amnesia and tattoos all over her body and there are crimes solved based off of this. Notable People- Archie Panjabi, who was on The Good Wife, is a character on the show. Pros- The show is intriguing and interesting. Cons- The show may seem a bit scatterbrained and it seems like they are trying to do a female version of Jason Bourne. The show can seem similar to other types of dramas in a way. It can also be more violent than it needs to be. Note to Parents- I’d say that this is something that teenagers can watch, but not any younger than that. I think that all the episodes I’ve seen thus far were TV14. Recommendation- I’d say that this is worth watching. My Viewing Habits- Right now, I am watching all the episodes live as they air. Once Survivor returns, I may watch online again, although this isn’t as interesting as I’d like it to be. Prediction- It is actually doing pretty well in the ratings right now, although the timeslot it is at right now is notorious for shows that air then getting cancelled. Reception: positive. Grade: B+.

Arrow: Status- Currently on the CW at 8/7 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I wanted to watch a CW show that was new at the time. Noteworthiness- This is based off of a DC comics series. It has also created what’s known as the Arrowverse full of other shows on the CW that all share the universe and have related events. Description- This CW drama is about the comic book character Green Arrow. I don’t know if it is accurate or not to the source material. Pros- It seems interesting enough to keep potential viewers coming back and watching it again. Cons- It seems like every other superhero drama. The links to the other shows can be quite a bother. Note to Parents- This can be a bit gruesome at times so preteens and younger shouldn’t watch. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. If you have time to watch it, then you should. If you aren’t interested, then you aren’t missing out on anything. My Viewing Habits- Since this competes with Survivor, I normally don’t watch it live, although I do record it when possible or watch it online to keep up with it. Prediction- It will stay around for quite some time as the universe is quite popular. Reception: positive. Grade: B.

Modern Family: Status- Currently on ABC at 9/8 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- Free time at the time and general interest in the show. Noteworthiness- It is a fake documentary meaning it presents itself as a reality show, when it isn’t (although certain “reality” shows are that way). It is a popular show winning awards as is the longest running comedy on this network along with The Middle. Description- A look at the people an extended family of “normal” ones and not so normal ones. Notable People- Ed O’Neil from Married with Children is present. Other people might be famous either before or after the show aired. Pros- This is a funny comedy that attracts all different people like the families that are like this. There are good episodes a lot of the time. Cons- The episodes do not always have enough material in them and move by too quickly. Inappropriate material shows up often. They tend to ignore some of the filming aspects of the show opening it up to serious plot holes such as characters wanting proof of something, only to not consider the people that are filming them. Note to Parents- This is borderline like a bunch of other shows like it. Recommendation- Watch this show if you like it. You probably will. My Viewing Habits- I haven’t always been good with watching the new episodes as they aired and saw far more of it in syndication than live for the first time. But, I tend to watch any and all of the new episodes live when I can, although I miss a lot during December and Lent since I’m not always back home in time at the start of the episode. Prediction- Since it is the most successful comedy on ABC, it will last a long time. Reception: mostly positive. Grade: A.

Criminal Minds: Status- Currently on CBS at 9/8 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- It was during summer reruns (I think) that I first saw this. I was interested in seeing it at least once. Noteworthiness- The first main character left over creative differences on this show and the thought that it was too dark. Description- A law enforcement agency solves crimes. Pros- It is similar to other dramas so you know what to expect. Cons- It is too dark. One wonders how it can be allowed on network television. Note to Parents- This show is quite gruesome and graphic with its violence and crime. Don’t let people under the age of 13 watch this. Recommendation- I don’t like it and don’t recommend it. My Viewing Habits- I only watched this once and have no interest in ever seeing it again. Prediction- If it continues getting the good ratings that it has, then it will continue to be on television. I still see it lasting for a while more, but I’m not sure why it is popular or when it will end. Reception: negative. Grade: F.

Star: Status- This show airs on FOX at 9/8 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- While I might have had a reason before watching this, I have no idea why I had an interest in this show after I saw it the first time. Description- I’m honestly not sure if I understand the plot of it or not. There might be singing, but it seems to be a racial drama about women who might be in danger and cause danger. Notable People- Queen Latifah, who has mostly done movies, is a character on this show. Pros-It focuses on women for a change. Cons- The show seemed too weird and didn’t make much sense. It can try to tackle serious issues, but I don’t know if that’s the point that gets across or not. It is hard to understand and seemed too serious, in a way. That, and the show was just skanky. Note to Parents- There are too many bad things in here that I’d avoid this as a show for your kids to watch. Recommendation- Don’t watch this. My Viewing Habits- I only watched this once and won’t watch it again as I have no idea why I was even interested in this in the first place. Prediction- This might last some for now. We’ll see what happens with it in the future. Reception: slightly positive. Grade: D-. New review

The 100: Status- This CW show currently airs on Wednesdays at 9/8 Central. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that it might be good and I promised to watch a midseason replacement from the CW. Noteworthiness- It is based off of a book by the same name. Description- This show has a bunch of teenagers in a supernatural/science-fiction setting like many CW shows do. In the future, the earth has been labeled as uninhabitable to live in so one hundred people are sent down to see if living there would work. They are called the hundred, the name of the show. While they are living down there, interesting stuff happens both on earth and in the space station that they came from. And that’s just how the show began as it is constantly changing. Notable People- Isaiah Washington, who was once on Grey’s Anatomy, is in the cast. Pros- This show has good plots at times. Cons- It seems similar to lots of other shows from this network. At best, it is more average than good. Recommendation- I’m not sure that I can get behind this show anymore as it seems to be a shell of its former self. My Viewing Habits- I watched this regularly with the first and second season then lost interest around the third season. I don’t know yet if I will return to the fourth season at any point or not, although I’m not planning on watching this again. Prediction- I’m not sure what to predict, but I think that it might last a while, although it just as easily might not. Reception: mixed to positive. Grade: C-.

Law and Order: Special Victims Units: Status- Currently on NBC at 9/8 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I forget why I started watching. It might have been me wanting an hour long alternative to Modern Family so I wouldn’t have to watch what aired with it. Noteworthiness- It is the longest running drama spin-off on television as well as the longest running NBC drama. It is also the only primetime drama to premiere last millennium and still be on the air producing new episodes. It is a spin-off of Law and Order. Description- A group of people known as the special victims unit (SVU) investigate sexual crimes and crimes that happen to children as well. Pros- They never show the rapes, even though that’s often what the show is about. The plots are interesting and different. There are always twists that keep you hooked on the show. They use real life cases as an inspiration, but not as what actually is shown. Cons- The show may never end. They regularly switch head writers because it has been on so long. The endings are normally not happy. It has a rather grim subject for a show. Note to Parents- There’s a lot of dark stuff in here and every episode airs with a viewer discretion is advised warning. So keep that in mind when you don’t let your kids watch it. Recommendation- Give it a chance and you might like it. My Viewing Habits- I tend to watch this whenever possible, although I do miss a lot of it during December and Lent. I watch it a lot when it reruns on My Network TV, although it only tends to be when what I normally watch isn’t on or during the summer. Prediction- It will last until people stop watching for some odd reason or it gets too expensive to keep making. Reception: great. Grade: A+.

Black-ish: Status- Currently on ABC at 9:30/8:30 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I had time the one time I tuned in. Noteworthiness- This is based on a true story. Description- This sitcom is about a black family. Pros- It is popular with critics. Cons- I thought that this show was terrible. I didn’t find any of it funny nor did I understand the purpose that it had. Note to Parents- Having only seen one episode, I don’t know what to put here. It might be okay for kids, but I really don’t know for sure what to tell people. Recommendation- I wouldn’t watch it, but that’s just me. My Viewing Habits- I don’t watch it. I only saw it once then had no interest in watching it again. Prediction- I say that this will probably last until at least syndication. Reception: positive. Grade: D.

Code Black: Status- Currently on CBS at 10/9 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I watch most CBS shows at least once. Description- This show is about doctors in a hospital trying to solve medical cases. Notable People- This has Rob Lowe, who was in The Grinder, among other things. Pros- It doesn’t overload the viewers with too much at once like some other shows like it do. The show focuses on its characters, something you don’t always see in shows. Cons- It may seem like other medical dramas in some ways. It can be confusing. Note to Parents- This is more okay than other shows, but still bad enough that I wouldn’t let those not in high school watch this. The worst things would relate to whatever medical issue is going on. Recommendation- I would watch it if you can. My Viewing Habits- I watch every episode that I can and have pretty much seen this since its first episode. Prediction- I don’t see it lasting long, but I’m hoping that I’m wrong about this. Medical dramas don’t tend to do well on this network, but we’ll see if this one lasts or not. Reception: mixed. Grade: A. New review

Match Game: Status- Currently on ABC at 10/9 Central on Wednesdays. Why I’ve seen it- It originally fit in my schedule when it was first airing. Noteworthiness- This is a reboot of a game show that has been around, on and off, for various decades. Description- This is a game show where two ordinary people try to match their answers with those of celebrities. Notable People- Alec Baldwin, well known actor who has hosted Saturday Night Live the most times, appeared in 30 Rock, and has a notable movie career, is the host of the show and there are various celebrities who help with the show. They make use of the same celebrities at times, but not always. Pros- This show is quite entertaining as it can be funny a lot. Cons- Some of the questions are strange and one can wonder why they are as suggestive as they are. Plus, they seem to have a strange format by combining two half-hour shows into one all the time. One can question if some choices are easier than others. Note to Parents- This show frequency uses double entrĂ©es and sexual related dialogue so I would probably steer clear of none teens watching this unless you want to explain to them things no parent probably want to. Recommendation- If you aren’t busy and want to watch something without much long term commitment, this show would work for you. My Viewing Habits- I watch this sometimes, although I don’t care about this too much. If it’s during the summer and something else I like is on, I wouldn’t watch this long term. But I do tend to watch this when I can if I am doing nothing else. I am watching it at the moment. Prediction- I say that this probably will last for a while. It would probably eventually come back if it goes away again. Reception: somewhat positive. Grade: B. New review

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