Saturday, February 18, 2017

The News Drinking Game

There are posts that I need to work on in the near future, but I'm a bit busy right now and could get even busier. If I ever need to create a quick post, what I could do is coming up with some sort of drinking game to play that relates to some sort of TV show of some sort. I had already come up with one for the news, so I'll be posting that next. Remember that drinking games are played at one's own risk and I take no responsibility for any danger or harm that might happen to someone who plays a drinking game. Do not play drinking games if you are under the age of 21, pregnant, going to be driving soon, taking medication that would interact with alcohol, need to work, are a recovering alcoholic, or just can't handle liquor. The game is a suggestion for what one can do. One could instead do a jumping jack instead of taking a shot. But I thought that I would mention all of this in case any danger would happen. Now, on to the post!

When watching the news, here's a drinking game to play, take a shot: if they say something depressing, if there is a live goof of some sort, if they report on the weather instead of real news (planned weather segments always part of the show not included), if they get cut off in some way, if they say something that the news typically does from time to time such as good evening or bad weather is due, drink every time they promote a story, but don’t air it until a later segment, if they interrupt the show you were watching, if a promo for it airs while the news itself is on commercial, or if the thing they kept prompting doesn't last that long in the actual show.

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