Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Hypothetical Speculation of this Blog’s Future

I know for an absolute fact that I will not be able to outlive television. Now I’m not trying to sound morbid or anything, but I do have to wonder what other TV junkies like me would if they wanted a replacement. I have no idea who could work as a replacement to this blog of mine and I honestly haven’t bothered to look. But many different things could change this blog.

I would like having a career in television, movies, or both. I’m not sure if that would even happen, though. I’d honestly rather be a TV critic, like a lot of this blog, but only getting paid for it. But if I ever do get a TV career, I could update this blog about me doing that.

While I would like someone else to blog about TV in the place of this blog, I honestly don’t know who would work. Maybe the blog would just end abruptly and no one else would be inspired to continue it. Maybe there would be someone who would like to continue this blog in their own way somehow. I just don’t know of many, if any, other TV junkies like me. Hopefully I can find someone at some point in time. Do you know of any other blogs about television besides this one? I should be more actively looking for other blogs.

A potential drawback of the future for me in terms of me watching television could be parenthood. While parenthood would be quite a good thing, there is no way that I’d still be able to watch the amount of television that I do and may have to phase out what I do watch. Of course, it’s unlikely that I have to worry about becoming a parent anytime soon. Since I don’t engage in hookup culture, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll randomly wind up with a child even nine months from now.

I’m honestly not sure of the point of this blog post anymore. I guess that it is this: if you like TV and want to write a blog about TV, let me know so I can start reading it. I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. But that doesn’t mean that something bad and unexpected could happen to me. Regardless of what happens, when I die, or what future this blog may have, I really hope that someone has the time and dedication that I do to blog about TV.

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