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Cancellation Predictions for the 2015-2016 TV Season

Okay, so I have a tradition of predicting which shows will get cancelled in a TV season. I do the predictions before the season starts. Now I don’t keep track of which summer shows will get cancelled and I always overestimate the cancellations as I know that the sheer number that I predict will never all be cancelled. Regardless, I’m still putting up my predictions which I plan on doing every TV season. I know that I won’t get all of them right, especially since I make the predictions before the season itself starts airing new and existing shows. I decided that this time, I will split the predictions into different sections based on what network shows air on. If I ever do a look back on these predictions, then I’ll only point out which shows I didn’t think were cancelled that were versus which shows which cancellations I got right. I know that I am over-predicting by mentioning far too many shows, but I will explain why I think different shows will end. As usual, there will be no predictions for summer shows unless they were going to be an earlier midseason show in the announced schedule. Well, I might predict some summer shows, or at least one. Remember, as usual, that these are only predictions. I’ll list why I think that these particular shows will get cancelled

ABC new shows- Blood and Oil (this show has undergone numerous name changes, but it is mostly its bad name and the fact that nothing new typically does well on Sundays that has me thinking that it will be cancelled), Dr. Ken (most Friday shows get cancelled and the last two shows that aired after Last Man Standing all ended so I see no reason why this would be any different), Uncle Buck (this one will fall under the bad title rule), The Catch (this show will also fall under the bad title rule), Of Kings and Prophets (while the timeslot might have changed, I don’t see it airing well regardless of when it will be on), The Real O’Neals (this one also falls under the bad title rule), Quantico (this is only here because new shows don’t do well on Sundays, sometimes at least, although I hope that I’m wrong about this one because it looks good)

ABC returning shows- Grey’s Anatomy (you’d think that the longest running show on a network would be in danger of cancellation due to the show getting too expensive to make so it is listed this year, even though I doubt it will actually end), Marvel’s Agent Carter (it probably shouldn’t be on the schedule for this year due to its low ratings last year so I say that unless something changes, it will have too low ratings and get cancelled), Galavant (another illogical renewal, I just don’t see it lasting long the second time), Nashville (since it will have enough episodes for syndication after the fourth season, if the ratings don’t improve, then it will end)

Continued- Last Man Standing (shows on Fridays just don’t tend to do well and I think that constant low ratings will end it), American Crime (I’m not sure why it was renewed with its bad ratings so I see this as likely to get cancelled unless there’s a serious uptick in ratings), Beyond the Tank (this Shark Tank spin-off doesn’t sound like a long term interest to me, although I think that I could easily be wrong about it), Castle (this could be an example of a show getting too expensive to keep making, although I doubt that it will actually get cancelled), Secrets and Lies (this is the last of the shows that shouldn’t have been renewed for a second season thus making me think that it will end unless the ratings improve)

CBS new shows- Angel from Hell (only a craptacular show like this would replace Two and a Half Men and with it premiering as close as it is to November sweeps, then I think that they will cut their losses early on this piece of crap), Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (the last spin-off of Criminal Minds aired at midseason and failed miserably so I see no reason why this would do any differently)

Continued- Code Black (most medical dramas never tend to do well, although I hope that I’m wrong about this one), Rush Hour (this is here because most movies that become TV shows do terribly as a TV show and a midseason drama show probably won’t work on CBS), Limitless (this is on here because most TV shows that were based off of a movie don’t do well), Life in Pieces (this is only here because it looks terrible and there’s enough returning comedies for midseason that they might cut off their losses before the end of Thursday Night Football in October)

CBS returning shows- The Good Wife (this is here because a lowly rated show like it can’t keep getting renewed forever), CSI: Cyber (since it will be moved to the worst timeslot on not just CBS, but possibly all television, it seems like it will not get enough ratings and will thus get cancelled, although I might do a blog about it in the future), Person of Interest (it being randomly downgraded to a midseason replacement, something that hasn’t been done typically in recent years at least on this network, has many people thinking that it will be cancelled and I feel that it probably will be), Madam Secretary (I still don’t have long term hope for this show although people think that it exists to help support candidates running for office and wouldn’t get cancelled, I still think that it will)

Continued- Blue Bloods (this show isn’t doing as well in the ratings as one would want it to so unless that changes, then it will end), Hawaii Five-0 (this is pretty much on the list for the same reason that Blue Bloods is), 2 Broke Girls (it recently getting syndicated might actually be a bad sign, although it being put on at midseason is probably worse), NCIS: Los Angeles (it has actually slipped enough in the ratings, although I’m not sure that it will end in the long run), Elementary (this is probably because of syndication rules and low ratings, unless it does better in the upcoming season in terms of ratings)

CW new shows- My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (this show looks pretty bad, although I could be easily wrong about it due to being surprised by some shows that I thought I would hate, but I still see this as getting cancelled), Containment (with it being one of two midseason replacements on the CW, the CW having a 50/50 track record of success with their midseason replacements, and the other one probably going to be a success, then I say that this show will be cancelled)

CW returning shows- Whose Line is it Anyways? (Why is this on here? Well, I’m not entirely sure that it’s on the schedule for next season, although it probably will be back on the air and won’t get cancelled anytime soon), Supernatural (this is only here due to beliefs that the longest running show on a network could get cancelled), Reign (it being moved to Fridays and being the lowest rated show last season is what worries me, although it being on a magical third season might make it cheat death until next season), America’s Next Top Model (it seems like this show isn’t cared about as much as it used to be and that’s the only reason why it is on my list)

Continued- Beauty and the Beast (I know that it was renewed for next summer before the current summer season even aired and I don’t see a risky move like this turning out well in the long run making me think that it will end, although I’m sure that there’s a lot of people who have constantly lost money betting that it would be cancelled), The Vampire Diaries (with it having lost its main character recently, I doubt that it will continue to be as great in the ratings as it once was), The 100 (it may seem random to have this here, but I just don’t see it lasting as long as one would like it to last)

FOX new shows- Scream Queens (when I first saw a promo for it, I thought that it would get cancelled considering how horror TV shows don’t typically work to my knowledge), Boardertown (if I understand correctly, this show was already cancelled before it aired only now they decided to air it after all, although I doubt that it will last)

Continued- The X-Files (this is filed under the remakes/reboots won’t be successful rule, plus, it seems like it won’t be long term anyways), Grandfathered (the plot of this show is why I think that it will fail pretty quickly), The Grinder (this is on my prediction list for the same reason that the previous show is because terrible plots make for terrible shows), The Frankenstein Code (this is filed under the supernatural shows won’t work well rule), Lucifer (see previous prediction and apply same rule), Minority Report (I don’t think that movies that become TV shows work in the long run)

FOX returning shows- Bones (I’m not actually sure about this one, which is only listed due to the belief that the longest running drama on a network will end), American Idol (with this being officially cancelled at the end of the season, to not put it on my list of predictions would be stupid), The Last Man on Earth (I still think that this type of show might not last in the long term, although I hope that I’m wrong about this), Sleepy Hollow (this show would need to get higher ratings for it to do well in the long term), World’s Funniest Fails (I may not like this show that much which is the only reason why it is on here, although I doubt that it would last anyways), New Girl (I remember a while ago how 30 Rock became a midseason replacement after Tina Fey got pregnant only to get much lower ratings to end shortly afterwards and with a similar thing happening in this show’s case and FOX never doing that well with any of its comedies in the long run, then I think that this could end soon)

NBC new shows- People are Talking (I’m filing this under the bad title rule), Emerald City (it was already cancelled once but then they decided to bring it back only I don’t see much hope for the future of this show), Heroes Reborn (this is filed under the remakes don’t do well rule), Best Time Ever (for some odd reason, I just don’t see this as lasting as the network doesn’t seem to have long term hope for it), Blindspot (I don’t think that the show after the Voice still works as good in the ratings as it used to and it seems too high-concept to work), Hot and Bothered (this will be filed under the bad title rule), Shades of Blue (this is also filed under the bad title rule), Superstore (yet another example of the bad title rule), You, Me, and the End of the World (see previous three shows and apply same rule), Game of Silence (also bad title rule), Crowned (still more of the bad title rule), Little Big Shots (you guessed it! The bad title rule)

NBC returning shows- Law and Order: SVU (this show could become too expensive to keep making), The Mysteries of Laura (this is another example of a show that shouldn’t have been renewed but was making me doubt it will have great chances this next season), Undateable (with it going live, things could go wrong that they didn’t want to, although this seems more likely to fail due to being moved to Fridays which is never that great a place for a show), The Celebrity Apprentice (issues with Donald Trump could get this show cancelled before the planned next season or the next season will have too low ratings with a new host to justify renewal and it could end that way too, although I don’t think that it will air again until after this upcoming season anyways)

Next, I will list all the new fall shows followed by the midseason shows. Any that aren’t mentioned aren’t on the schedule and will not be predicted by me. I would probably list them as cancelled anyways as unannounced shows never tend to do well. I’ll also have a note next to any of the new shows that I think will get cancelled. It doesn’t mean that they will be or should be. No note to it means, obviously that I won’t think that it will get cancelled, although it still could and might.

New fall- Blood and Oil (cancelled), Quantico (cancelled), Life in Pieces (cancelled), Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (cancelled), The Grinder (cancelled), Minority Report (cancelled), Blindspot (cancelled), The Player, Best Time Ever (cancelled), Grandfathered (cancelled), Scream Queens (cancelled), Of Kings and Prophets (cancelled), Limitless (cancelled), The Muppets, Code Black (cancelled), Rosewood, Angel from Hell (cancelled), Heartbreaker, Dr. Ken (cancelled), People are Talking (cancelled), and Heroes Reborn (cancelled).

New midseason- The Family, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (cancelled), The Guide to Surviving Life, Chicago Med, Houdini and Doyle, Shades of Blue (cancelled), Superstore (cancelled), You, Me, and the End of the World (cancelled), You the Jury (cancelled), Better Late than Never, Rush Hour (cancelled), Game of Silence (cancelled), Wicked City, Hot and Bothered (cancelled), Coach, Crowned (cancelled), Emerald City (cancelled), Lucifer (cancelled), The X-Files (cancelled), The Real O’Neals (cancelled), The Catch (cancelled), Containment, Little Big Shots (cancelled), Boardertown (cancelled), The Frankenstein Code (cancelled), Legends of Tomorrow, and Uncle Buck (cancelled).

Well, those are all my predictions for what will be cancelled in this upcoming TV season. What will I get right? What will I get wrong? I know that I can’t get them all right. I wonder which shows that aren’t on this list will be cancelled and which ones that are on it won’t be cancelled. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens relating to it. Remember that these were only predictions.

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