Sunday, May 3, 2015

Christmas Commercials 2014

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t posted this sooner. You see, every year, I count all the Christmas commercials that I see before the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This would include any and all shows that I recorded on VHS. So I had to get caught up on all my old VHS tapes until I got to the equivalent of that time on my VHS tapes. I even made sure that I wouldn’t watch anything else that I could have just to get caught up on those old tapes. Now I just wish that I could stop getting so behind in the first place. So my count is here as it will be every year. Plus, I had to make sure other parts of this blog were updated as well. But I should be here for regular postings for a good long while.

In 2012, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 0. The official count before Halloween was 27. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 200. In 2013, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 5. The official count before Halloween was 30. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 600.

The first Christmas commercial of the year aired on September 5th in 2014. In 2014, the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 3. The official count before Halloween (list actually includes Christmas commercials that air on Halloween) was 26. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 700.

Rules of Christmas commercials: You might be wondering what the rules for counting Christmas commercials are. Remember that you start counting them from the moment that the first one of the year airs until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Starting with that day, you don’t count anything. Well, a new rule would allow what are deemed as Christmas commercials, even if they are just about returning gifts. What kind of asshole would return a gift? If you don’t like a gift, then find someone else who would enjoy it. Don’t be the person that returns a gift. Is it that bad? Anyways, keep in mind that these January commercials do not count as the first one of the year. For the record, the January commercials will count in their own separate list and won’t be added with the grand total of all the commercials. That is mainly because I don’t know if it should be with this year or next year. Plus, with this number being missing from previous posts (possibly because it is something new that just starting happening with the most recent Christmas season), it wouldn’t be fair to include it in newer posts like these. You can start anytime after back to school commercials start. Now that I have the basic rules covered, I should tell you which commercials count for the list and which ones don’t. This will mostly focus on what doesn’t count. Plus, it’s ultimately one’s own decision what does and doesn’t count.

What counts: It doesn’t matter how many times a single commercial airs, it adds to the count each time. Even if you record something while you watch something else, commercials for both shows will count. Just try to count the ones that air and don’t pass over them on the recorded shows. There might be other rules that I can’t think of at the moment. If it is a commercial for the “holidays” then it obviously counts as a Christmas commercial. That rule is void if the holiday is actually Thanksgiving, but don’t think you’ll see many of those. Be sure to have both audio and visual for these commercials because what’s looks like one may not sound like one and what sounds like one may not look like one. They may be confusing either way.

What doesn’t count: It doesn’t matter how much they parody Christmas songs or ideas, Black Friday commercials are Black Friday commercials and will not ever count as Christmas commercials. Only television ads count: no radio, internet, print, newspaper, or magazine ads can count. Only commercials count for shows that you are watching. This means that if you aren’t really watching a show, you are flipping between more than one show, you left the TV on when you stopped watching, you haven’t started watching anything yet, or you saw one in a show that someone else was watching, then none of those count. If one happened while you were out of the room, then it doesn’t count. If you are watching something that you recorded and somehow miss on a Christmas commercial, then it won’t count. If you can’t decide on whether or not a commercial counts as a Christmas commercial, then it won’t count. Thanksgiving commercials don’t count and neither do any for winter stuff. Commercials for Christmas movies don’t count. The same rule applies for any Christmas related specials. If there are multiple type of commercials in one single commercial such as black Friday with Christmas, then none of them counts. Christmas stuff being shoehorned at the end of what is obviously not a Christmas commercial doesn’t count. Well, it could, pending rule changes. You know what? Since I’m not sure what things being shoehorned at the end would mean, then you might as well ignore that last rule of mine since it might not even make sense to me.

Note about political commercials: I have noticed that in election years, there are far less Christmas commercials than in nonelection years. I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing. This sounds like something that’s a problem either way. But, in election years, I’ve noticed that political commercials are functionally replaced by Christmas commercials. If there isn’t an election that year, then you see a ton more Christmas commercials earlier. Either way, you’ll see a lot. It’s just that you’ll see a notable less amount during election years. To make up for it, you have to suffer through a ton of political commercials before the onslaught of Christmas commercials after the election. Either way, you have to suffer. But, not having to sit through the political commercials can actually be a good thing, even if the only alternative is more Christmas commercials. You may notice that even with a ton of political commercials this year, the previous record was still broken. This makes me extremely worried for 2015 and I wonder if we’ll get over triple digits. Yikes.

Christmas overrun for 2014-2015 is the number of 28 commercials. (Remember that these commercials will not be added to either this year’s or next year’s list of commercials at they are the overrun from December 25th onward, mostly around January when commercials about returning gifts or other things of the sort are still airing. I would have done this last year, but by the time I found out that these were even airing, I couldn’t count any of them since I had been out of the country at the time they would have started. So these are the overrun commercials.)

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