Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stupid Stuff TV Networks Do and Keep Doing

There are dumb things that it seems that networks do every single year and you’ll have to wonder when or if they will stop doing that. You’ll have to wonder why they keep doing dumb things that they do. What are any of them? Well, I might as well tell you.

New things air on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday every single year. Not only that, but it seems like there is always a series finale or at least season finale on one or both of those days. I don’t get why they always do this as if it is a normal day with nothing unusual going on.

Something that I really get annoyed by in some cases is when they don’t air all of a show. That does make sense since a show with terrible ratings isn’t going to get anything good by sticking around. But it can be really annoying being a fan of a show and not ever getting to see all the episodes unless you somehow manage to get a bootlegged version online or something because it never airs or is released in any other format to watch. Do you know how much it sucks to not know what will happen on Time after Time? But the rest of it will never air.

It isn’t just CBS to sometimes air things with tape delay, but since they are the most regular offenders than I just have to wonder why they are even airing football, basketball, fucking golf, or other various sports before primetime. Due to a controversy that happened one time, networks will almost always air a sport event to its completion, throwing off the rest of the schedule that we all care about. Why would they do that with us? Is airing football that good that you are always delaying your shows that air after this? Why must you do this to us? In today's internet world, you can learn the scores of games online. But I guess that doesn't matter compared to shows starting at a prompt and regular time every Sunday.

Sometimes there are just so many scheduling choices that don’t make sense. NBC a few years back aired a whole bunch of Dateline all at once instead of anything else that they could have. A lot of shows have dumb airdates such as early summer burn offs on one network and shows airing late into the summer from the main season. A modern day travesty that you see on most networks is shows going on hiatus for a long time. This messes with the ratings of it and things are of course messed up because of it.

Well, I’m sure there’s a whole lot more to talk about besides this, but you can typically tell when networks are making bad decisions and whether or not they have done that before. You can add more if you want to because I know that I missed a lot.

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