Friday, July 22, 2016

Cancelation Predictions for the 2016-2017 TV Season

For the moment, I will be updating this blog every Friday. The only potential hurdle to that is that I have to write the blog posts that I'm going to post. I actually have a lot written already, but they aren't the right ones, if that makes sense. At the moment, Friday is not the only potential day for me to publish new blog posts on. I could do Saturdays and Mondays in the future as well. Plus, I might publish on other days of the week. If I add another day of the week as a regular update time, then I might get rid of Fridays at the end of a month. So we'll see what happens regarding that and I'll be sure to update you on the future. Now, let's get to the blog post that I have a lot of fun doing.

This is one of my favorite posts to do and look back at once the season is over. I love in my post before the season starts having a look at the upcoming season and thinking about what shows will end. I think that I’m getting better at it than I have been in the past and I’m not entirely sure that I was ever that bad at it.  Of course, there’s always stuff that I’m bound to get wrong. I know that not all of my predictions will be cancelled and I know that shows I don’t predict will be cancelled. As always, this is an overestimation of what will end. But if any of them do, you will have read it here first.

ABC shows prediction

Conviction: The post Dancing with the Stars timeslot has never produced great ratings in the end. That alone is why I’m putting it here. There may be nothing against this show, although it does seem like a common idea for a show that doesn’t have much new to offer.

American Housewife: This show looks terrible and I just don’t see it lasting long. Plus, hasn’t society evolved past the point of needing housewives? Also, I’ve never been that impressed by the acting skills of the lead in this show and I just don’t see long term success in its future.

Repeat after Me: This show existed once then never returned to the future. If it does come back in the end, that in and of itself would be a bit of a surprise, but it is more than likely going to get cancelled if it does. If it doesn’t come back, then it is cancelled even if they never say otherwise. Come to think of it, this is probably already cancelled as it hasn’t been renewed or put on the schedule for future seasons, so I’m just going to mention that it did exist, in the main season too, and was never officially cancelled somehow. If you remember this, you’ll know what I was talking about. If not, then just ignore this part of the post.

The Real O’Neals: I honestly haven’t yet seen the show so I don’t know if it’s as bad as all the promos for it make it seem. I’m more hoping that it will be cancelled than thinking that it actually will be. How can something this terrible be on, anyways?

Speechless: Once again, we have a show that looks horrible that I just can’t imagine lasting long. Sure, maybe some special needs people and their families are jerks, but we don’t need a show centered on that. If this isn’t among the first cancellations of the season, something is seriously wrong with the world. How did it get green lighted?

Designated Survivor: As much as I love the idea of what I hope this show is and can be, I don’t always think that shows this great will last. That reasoning of mine is for many different reasons: among them being that people tend to hate these shows that I think are among the best. So I hope that this lasts at the moment, but I’m not sure that it will.

Last Man Standing: This has been struggling in the ratings for a while and should have enough episodes to enter syndication by now. Plus, the show hasn’t really been good in a while (if it ever was in the first place) and lower quality tends to mean less people watching.

Dr. Ken: Many people hate this show, me being one of them. Some may be surprised that it has lasted as long as it has, but that could probably just be because it gets better ratings than they might think. Regardless, I still think that it’s safe to say that this will end.

Secrets and Lies: What kind of show just randomly disappears from the schedule for a whole season? The fact that it didn’t air at all this previous season and is just now coming back for season 2 is a very red flag. Only shows that networks don’t care about wind up off the schedule a lot so I don’t see this as doing well at all. I'm a bit surprised it is even coming back.

Downward Dog: Here’s an example of what I like to call the bad title rule. Basically, it’s a tried and true rule saying that any show that has a bad title could be a victim of cancellation by the end of the season. Will this follow the rule? I have no idea as I only know the title of the show and nothing else about it. This means that it could be a great show, but I have no idea for sure.

Imaginary Mary: I’m also putting this under the bad title rule and like the previous show I mentioned, I have no idea if this will actually be cancelled or not as I know nothing else about the show. Maybe it will be good and everything about it will work out. But I could be wrong about this and know that not all of my predictions will be cancelled.

Still Star-Crossed: For the rest of us who have suffered through our high school and teenage years by being forced to read the overrated Shakespeare and his play Romeo and Juliet, we can tell that this show gets the ending entirely wrong by having the Montague family and Capulet family still feuding with each other after the death of Romeo and Juliet. How can they get a clear and cut ending wrong? I have the feeling that this pisses off too many purists and won’t work on TV. Meanwhile, for those of you who haven’t read Romeo and Juliet, if you ever have to, don’t. Don’t read the play. It isn’t worth your time. If your English teacher tells you to read it, know that they are crazy. All English teachers are crazy (some more than others). I can tell you the plot right here and now: Most of the cast dies, including the main characters who kill themselves because they can’t live without each other in one of the dumbest and most depressing endings I’m familiar with. If the love of your life dies, there’s always someone else who can work for you. Plus, should we really be forcing teens who hate life to read stories where people are convinced that suicide is the right answer to something? Suicide is never the right answer.

Time after Time: It seems that more often than not, shows that have time travel as a central theme just don’t last. I’d come up with a list if I could remember more than just Terra Nova. But this is another one that I hope that I’m wrong about as the show looks quite good and interesting.

The Catch: This wasn’t that much of an illogical renewal for this coming season, but it is close enough to that that it falls under the illogical renewals won’t cheat death twice rule. This could only have gotten the renewal based off of Kerry Washington’s pregnancy affecting Scandal and ABC loves them Shonda Rhimes. If this continues to get subpar ratings, it won’t last.

Beyond the Tank: ABC just doesn’t care about this show and it always just slips through the cracks whenever there is a gap in the schedule. If there is never a gap, then this show won’t last long and might not even return. Shows that aren’t cared about tend to be cancelled.

Grey’s Anatomy: While it might actually be a bad idea to constantly put the longest running drama of a network on the list, it still doesn’t seem like all that bad an idea in the end. Those shows tend to get too expensive to produce that the network would be saving money by cancelling it, even if it still has decent ratings. Another thing this show has against it is the high number of Shonda Rhimes shows already on this network. It might not be a bad thing, but it is more of a reason to throw out an aging show in place of new stuff that could work instead.

Scandal: Maybe it was only 30 Rock that failed in ratings after the main star’s pregnancy affected the airing of the show. But, if it has happened once, then it could easily happen again. That’s the only thing that I see against this show right now as it doesn’t really have anything about it screaming cancellation. It is probably still quite popular.

When We Rise: Here’s another example of the bad title rule. Will it apply again or mean nothing? I honestly don’t know just yet. It could be a good hit or it could mean absolutely nothing. It’s hard to tell that right now. But I still think that it is safe to have this listed as cancelled.

What I think is safe: Dancing with the Stars (I’m not sure why this is as well liked as it is, but I don’t see that changing any time soon), The Middle (while it may not be as flashy as other shows on this network, it is still as good as ever), Fresh off the Boat (this show remains popular at the moment so it won’t yet die), Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (this show is still quite good in the ratings and I’m not sure what could kill it just yet), The Goldbergs (nothing about this has potential signs of failure just yet)

Safe predictions continued: Modern Family (even if critics are starting to hate it for whatever dumb reason they have, this show is still quite popular), Black-ish (magic season 3, critical acclaim, and good ratings are why this show will probably last), Notorious (I don’t see this new show as failing since ABC hasn’t had a failure on Thursday nights since the spin-off of Once Upon a Time aired), How to Get Away with Murder (this show is still quite popular, even if it has never had a full season), Shark Tank (there’s no reason to think that this show will ever end), America’s Funniest Home Videos (I’m not sure how this has lasted as long as it has, but it might never die, even though nothing about it is good), The Bachelor (for reasons I’ll never understand, people like this show and watch it)

CBS shows prediction

Elementary: Sadly, this great show now occupies the 10/9 Central time slot on CBS’s Sunday schedule. Shows at that time slot always get cancelled. Another nail in the coffin is the fact that this season will give it 100 episodes meaning that if it doesn’t still get good ratings (which it hasn’t been doing that well in the first place) there will be no reason to keep it around much longer.

NCIS: Los Angeles: It being moved to Sundays can be a bit worrisome. That, and it would seem that if any of the three NCIS shows were to end, that this would be the most likely of the three. It might stick around for a while still as the 7 Central timeslot hasn’t been that bad for CBS Sunday shows, but I just can’t keep giving it high hopes all the time.

Man with a Plan: CBS does not have the good a record with comedies in terms of quality. They may have good ones every now and then, but a lot of them tend to suck. Now I don’t know for sure if it will suck and it’s likely to stay around a long time like other shows that I hate. CBS never seems to have the right number of comedies on the air and they either overestimate or underestimate the number of shows that they need that last half an hour. This might not be in any danger and it might not be bad. But I just don’t see it lasting that long. What is it even about?

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: There doesn’t seem to be a long term plan for this show just yet. Maybe there is, but I don’t see it as lasting as long as it could be. It has lasted longer than a lot of midseason replacements on CBS, but it could easily not last as it would be on the main schedule instead of yet another replacement for something on the main schedule.

Pure Genius: I probably do want this show to succeed, but I just don’t see it as happening. It appears to be too high concept of a show meaning that it could be too great for television and won’t last. Other than that, it is premiering too late into the season, even though it is technically a fall show.

Training Day: Midseason shows on CBS have done quite terribly in the past. I’m not entirely sure if those days are over just yet. Maybe they are and this will last longer, but maybe it won’t. Outside of that fact, I haven’t actually done any research into the show so it could last a long time.

Ransom: The later we learn about a show existing, the less likely it is to succeed. Why do I say that? Well, typically most unannounced shows don’t last long. This could be an exception or it could fail like them. But if it doesn’t last, it wouldn’t come as that much of a surprise to me.

Doubt: This is also here because midseason shows on CBS haven’t done well in the past. Plus, this does have a bit of the bad title rule in here which is given to shows that could be cancelled based off of a bad title alone. That doesn’t always mean something will be cancelled, but sometimes it does.

The Great Indoors: This is mostly here for the bad title rule. It could be a bad show as bad shows tend to be put on after The Big Bang Theory. Of course, a Big Bang Theory leading probably means that it will have too high of ratings despite the bad quality it may otherwise have.

The Amazing Race: Why is this randomly downgraded to midseason replacement? It doesn’t actually make a lot of sense. Maybe there is not enough space on the schedule for it at first. Now it could not actually be in any danger of cancellation. But they don’t put long running shows they care about off the schedule for a while. Of course, it could replace a quickly cancelled drama on CBS. It’s been a while since a drama show has truly failed on this network.

Kevin Can Wait: Kevin James has not had a critical or financial success since The King of Queens ended. It will only briefly have The Big Bang Theory as a lead-in and then will be expected to hold its own for the rest of the season. I can’t understand what the plot of this show might be and the promos don’t seem to make this look like anything worth watching. I’ll have to see for sure if it would work or not because it looks like a lot more terrible things are on the schedule on other networks.

NCIS: New Orleans: With this losing the NCIS lead-in, it could lose a bunch of ratings and then be in danger of cancellation as a result. Of course, with this being on its third full season in a row (magic season 3), it probably won’t be in danger of ending, this season at least. We’ll see if there’s actually a decrease in ratings with the move for next season or not.

2 Broke Girls: This is well past the point of syndication. It is also not owned by the CBS network. If the last season taught us anything, it’s that CBS is quick to get rid of any show that’s not owned by the network. That actually covers a lot of their existing comedies. We’ll see if that actually happens or not as it probably remains too popular in ratings to justify cancellation.

The Odd Couple: I say that this show is nothing without its Big Bang Theory lead-in. Without that popular show being paired with this one, it seems likely that it will no longer have good ratings and will be cancelled as a result.

Life in Pieces: This show has already defied the odds and lasted a second season despite being a single camera comedy on CBS instead of their usual multi camera comedies. But, I don’t see it getting good ratings without The Big Bang Theory being in front of it. It just won’t last anymore.

The Big Bang Theory: Why is this here? Haven’t I just been saying how great ratings this has continued to be getting? Would this popular comedy really be in danger of cancellation? Well, this is probably the least likely of all my predictions and I really don’t think that it will end anytime soon. I’m just a bit worried that CBS will get rid of a show that they don’t own like they have in this past TV season.

MacGyver: Remakes tend to not be successful in the present. Hawaii Five-0 has proven us wrong about that. But I can’t think of another remake, on network TV at least, that has actually stuck around for a while. Most of them tend to be one season shows. Plus, they don’t care about stuff that’s on Fridays and the last CBS show that aired new at this timeslot was the first show of the season to be cancelled.

Hawaii Five-0: This show has been struggling in the ratings for a while now and it is pasted the point of syndication, meaning that it could end at any time without the need to create more new episodes of it. I just don’t know if it can keep staying around.

Blue Bloods: While this show has been successful despite almost always airing on Fridays, it doesn’t seem likely that this keep staying around season after season. Sometimes shows keep staying around time and time again even if the ratings are getting lower and lower. I say that this is not going to stay around much longer.

Code Black: This was an illogical renewal for this season and most of those shows don’t tend to stay around for that long a time. They get the next season and they shouldn’t have gotten, but then end after that. As much as I like this show, it won’t last.

Mom: Basically, if CBS keeps turning on shows that are not owned by CBS, then this will be the next of the group that will be offed by the network. With it being as close to syndication as it is, I doubt that it will actually end, but you’ll never know for sure. I mean, we wouldn’t have guessed that some shows would be treated so badly by this network last season.

What I think is safe: Madam Secretary (magic season three and the fact that it has been doing well in the ratings makes this a likely prediction to stay around and certain people believe that this would have to stay around to support future President Hilary Clinton), Scorpion (this will also be on the magic season three and has no problems in terms of ratings), Criminal Minds (this show has never been in danger of cancellation that I know of and I don’t see that as likely to change any time soon), Undercover Boss (despite always just filing holes in the schedule, nothing about this screams cancellation)

Safe predictions continued: 60 Minutes (this show will never end), 48 Hours (even a Saturday exclusive show does well that it won’t be ending anytime soon), Thursday Night Football (it has already been renewed for next season and the only thing against it would be problems with the new partnership on NBC, although it seems likely to last in some way in the future, just maybe not this network alone), Bull (this is the only new show that I have enough hope for on this network basically because it will air after NCIS and it doesn’t seem to have anything against it just yet), NCIS (this is already officially renewed for another season, so it won’t be ending this season)

CW shows prediction

Supergirl: Actually, if this gets anywhere close the same ratings it got on the CBS as it does on the CW, then it will be in no danger of being cancelled as it will be the highest rated show on its new network. This is more on here due to the fact that if it was cancelled once then it could be cancelled again. Some people, including me, dispute the fact as to whether or not it was actually cancelled as it seems like it was destined to have a second season regardless of if it would be on its old network instead of its new one. That’s what was said at least, but it could have just been CBS’s way of saving face.

iZombie: This show was an illogical renewal for this season. As much as I love this show, I just don’t see it lasting. It didn’t make sense that they renewed it so it makes sense that this new season will be its last. It doesn’t have the magic season 3 argument that some shows will have going into next season. It sadly won’t last.

Riverdale: New midseason shows on the CW tend to do very poorly. They tend to premiere too late into the season and, thus, have trouble finding enough viewers before burning off for most of the summer. This might not happen, but it is more likely than not to happen.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: This is another illogical renewal and those shows don’t tend to last for another season. Plus, they rarely, if ever, put shows they care about on Fridays so it being moved there doesn’t bode well for its long term chances.

Reign: It’s possible that this is the lowest rated show in all of primetime going into its next season. If obscure cable shows are getting better ratings then this show, then it seems unlikely that it will keep getting renewed even on a happy go lucky network like the CW. However, since its fourth season that it’s going into will probably have less episodes than previous seasons, it may be able to cheat death one last time so it can meet the bare minimum standards for syndication. But outside of that, it’s time to start betting on it getting cancelled.

Whose Line is it Anyways?: Last season, the network fumbled around the airing of this show a lot. This season, they didn’t air it at all until the summer except for the rare and unusual rerun. With the CW having far too many shows on its schedule, they may wind up caring less and less about it making its end all the more certain.

The 100: With this show never having a full season thus far, you have to wonder how far a limited run series like this will continue on. (I don’t think that they are planning on ever doing a full season of this show, although I could be wrong about that.) It seems that the quality of the show is starting to suffer and that can only be bad in terms of ratings.

No Tomorrow: This show may be good and it may not be. It can always be hard to tell that for certain before the show actually airs. But it doesn’t seem to have that long term a plan in terms of plot. So I don’t see this lasting long.

Frequency: Having all the new shows on this network as likely to be cancelled may be a bit of a stretch for me. But this show is likely to not to last since the longer a show is on a network means the more likely it is to stay. That means new shows are less likely to stick around.

The Originals: This show will be at midseason for the first time in its history. That makes it less likely to stick around in the long term. However, like Reign, it is close enough to syndication that it may keep lasting. Plus, I doubt they would cancel both this and The Vampire Diaries in the same season so if it came down to the two of them, this would probably last once more instead of being cancelled.

The Vampire Diaries: I heard rumors that this show will be cancelled next season so that’s enough for me to put it on my list. If they had to choose between this and the Originals (because I don’t see them cancelling both in the same season), this would be the more likely one to be cancelled. Some shows last when they lose their lead, but it might be time for them to let it run its course instead of keeping on with it for each new season.

Masters of Illusion: It can be hard to say for sure why this show has lasted as long as it has. Even if it does end, it could easily return on another network in the future like it has in the past. But it reruns far too much and what show doesn’t air new episodes in primetime? They seem to care very little about this show on the CW so I doubt that it will keep lasting.

What I think is safe: Jane the Virgin (magic season 3 and critical acclaim is why I don’t see this show going anywhere), The Flash (I just don’t see the highest rated CW show ending any time soon especially since it will be entering magic season 3 where renewal equals syndication), Arrow (this show still remains too popular for it to end), Legends of Tomorrow (I don’t see the Arrowverse losing any members just yet), Supernatural (CW’s longest running show could end, but I just don’t see it as likely anymore), Penn and Teller: Fool Us (this show is too popular, I believe, to end any time soon)

FOX shows prediction

Bones: This one is my only freebie this season: It was announced that this new season would be the final season for the show so it won’t be lasting past this season. To not include this in my list would be to get an obvious choice wrong.

Scream Queens: It’s a bit of a stretch that this show has even survived into this next season. It’s not actually unexpected in a way, but it won’t last much longer if it continues to get subpar ratings. Plus, the show seems kind of strange in a way.

Lethal Weapon: This is here due to the remakes and reboots won’t be successful rule. Look at the last season and name any new shows that followed that rule that are still on the air in this new season. Well, if you couldn’t think of any either, than we know that this won’t last.

Son of Zorn: The comedies on FOX tend to come and go as if they are just like a person you know who is always in a new relationship. Sure, a lot of these shows do last and are successful. But a lot of them fail and this looks more like a potential failure than success. I might like it, but shows I like tend to get cancelled each and every season.

The Last Man on Earth: I might sound too glum about this show all the time, but it has mostly been a bubble show this last season. While it could change with improved ratings, I’m just not sure that this will last or not. I don’t think that it will just yet.

Sleepy Hollow: For reasons I don’t understand, many people have hated every season of this show except the first one. I don’t know why that is. But they could keep this around longer in hopes that there will be enough episodes for syndication. Even then, it seems surprising from season 2 onward that this show has gotten renewed to this point and they tend to keep changing what it is like and about.

American Grit: This show was on the schedule from the last season and then wasn’t announced as part of the new, upcoming season. That means that this show is probably already cancelled. So this is more me pointing out a show that never had an announcement regarding its cancellation was cancelled than it is me saying that it will returning and be cancelled as it won’t be back anyways.

So You Thank You Can Dance?: Why are they retooling a show that’s still on the air by making it about a new generation? I can’t tell if the original show has lasted or not. Is this replacing it? It’s hard to make sense of it and I believe that it could end at any time.

Superhuman: Based on the name of this show, it is probably another in a long line of superhero shows. If this were on the CW, then I wouldn’t bother with this prediction as I would think that it is safe this upcoming season. But I don’t see a lot of FOX’s unusual shows sticking around. They never tend to last and I don’t see this as being any different.

You’re Back in the Room: This is here due to the bad title rule. I’m not sure what else the show is about as I don’t always do as much research into shows as I should. But, this is still as much as a prediction as the rest of them.

24: Legacy: Did you know that they are bringing this show back without Jack Bauer? That sounds like a recipe for failure to me. Reboots don’t tend to be successful and this may only be a short time plan anyways like the show’s last reboot was.

APB: What the heck is this about? All I can get out of the title is three letters and I’m not entirely sure what it means. I’m guessing this is a war related show of some sort, but I have no idea for sure if it is one or not. Remember GCB? No? Exactly. I suspect that this will go the same way.

Kicking & Screaming: There was a movie called Kicking & Screaming. I don’t know if this is a TV show version of that show or not. If it is, then this is filed under the remakes and reboots won’t be successful rule. Outside of that, this would be under the bad title rule anyways.

Pitch: This is a show about a woman in baseball. I won’t watch it do to being uninterested in sport shows and the like. While I hope it is a success, I’m not sure that it can or will be considering how sexism is still a huge and unfortunate part of our society.

Star: So many potential shows have bad titles in a way. I don’t know if this will last or not. I’m starting to sound like a broken record in these paragraphs and am not sure that I should be giving each of these shows at least a three line paragraph. Oh, well. I’m done with this one.

Prison Break: I don’t know why FOX is bringing back so many different shows that they had in the past. Maybe they are longing for the days before their ratings collapse last season. I don’t know why FOX felt the need to act like a cable network when they do why better in ratings than cable networks do. I guess they wanted the low ratings of cable too. Remakes tend not to work.

Making History: A time travel comedy like this could be a surprisingly good thing like how The Last Man on Earth proved that the genre it was could have comedies as well. But I’m not sure if this will be good as a lot of FOX comedies sadly suck. Maybe this will work, but I don’t have high hopes for it right now. We’ll see if this lasts or not.

Wayward Pines: This show was already over before FOX decided that they wanted more of it. If it is on the schedule for future seasons, it could clearly end for real this time. If not, then this is another dumb prediction of mine.

World’s Funniest Fails: It’s possible that this show isn’t around anymore already. But I think that it is still around, although I don’t see this lasting much longer. It aired early into the season and was never heard from again. I don’t see this returning long term. It may already be cancelled. I haven’t seen it on the schedule for the next season and it wasn’t renewed so it was probably already cancelled.

The Exorcist: This sounds like it is based off of a horror TV show. I don’t know if there has ever been a successful horror TV show or not. Grimm might be concerned like that, but I don’t know if that’s the only exception or not. This will probably not last. Plus, narratives on Fridays are shows that FOX doesn’t care about in the slightest.

The Mick: Who names a show The Mick? What the heck is a mick? This will be a short lived show if people can’t understand what it is about. Maybe it will last. I might have thought that a seemingly obscure show like Rosewood would have not lasted either. I just don’t see this as lasting.

My Kitchen Rules: This is probably the last example of the bad title rule on this network at least. Do we really need another kitchen based reality show on FOX? They have far too much of it already. Of course, that could mean that this fits in with it perfectly. So we’ll see what happens with it or not.

What I think is safe: The Simpsons (outside of potential problems with a death of a major cast member sometime in the future, this show is likely to stick around for quite a while more than it already has), Bob’s Burgers (it was renewed for another season past the one that we will get this coming season, so it is safe), Gotham (magic season 3 is in the show’s future and it remains popular), Lucifer (this show is well enough liked for now that it will probably stay around), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (nothing about this screams cancellation just yet and they’re likely to keep this around for syndication purposes even if there is a ratings drop), New Girl (FOX’s longest running live action comedy still on the air is likely to keep going strong)

Safe predictions continued: Empire (potential problems with Tarija P Henson aside, this show is going to keep lasting), Rosewood (this show was popular the first season and while that could change for season 2, I’d still say that it is safe for now), Hell’s Kitchen (I honestly can’t remember just how long this show has been around, but it will stay around for a long time), Family Guy (cancelled twice and still going strong, it seems unlikely that this show ends any time soon)

Safe predictions continued: Home Free (if it has lasted past the first season with people knowing what the show is about, it could last forever as a summer show), Hotel Hell (while this show may not ever seem to air based on how it was always in and out of the schedule, one thing is sure is that it is always around), MasterChef (this show is good enough in FOX’s eye to rerun a lot in place of new programs that it could be airing so it will keep lasting), MasterChef Junior (FOX loves Gordon Ramsey so all of his shows are staying on their network until he dies), Shots Fired (I don’t see police dramas failing at the moment), Coupled (I’m not sure why it has lasted this long, but it could keep lasting if it will be around)

NBC shows prediction

Timeless: Here’s another time travel show and they always tend to become part of the, er, past. They are in and out regardless of how good they are (or aren’t). Maybe this show will last and maybe it won’t. We’ll see what happens.

The Night Shift: This went from being on the midseason schedule in the main season to being on the summer schedule. While I normally don’t predict summer shows in this blog post, when shows randomly drift there for no good reason, those shows tend to be either cancelled or never brought back despite a lack of official cancellation.

This is us: Here’s yet another example of the bad title rule. Now sometimes bad titled shows last quite long. Look at 24. Who would have thought that a show named after the hours in a day would last a long time. This could be like 24, but I’m not sure yet if it will be or not.

Blindspot: The last show to go from the post Voice timeslot to a Wednesday timeslot got low ratings and was cancelled. It seems like NBC is the one network that cannot for the life of it find a show that gets good ratings to start the night on Wednesday. Every other network has the beginning of Wednesday figured out. But nearly every show, if not all of them, gets cancelled at this timeslot.

Law and Order: SVU: Sooner or later, this show is just going to get to be too expensive to make. It has already been on the air longer than any of the other primetime dramas still on the air and with a new part of the franchise on the horizon, then this could end if that works better.

The Good Place: The plot of this show is what worries me and the fact that NBC has been having a problem with comedies recently that even the CW would find terrible. With little to no comedies airing on this network anymore (something that is strange, given its former great track record with popular comedies), I just don’t see this as lasting.

Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon: How can there be a primetime version of the stupid format of person talking about web videos at the like on network TV? I know that there are a lot of stupid syndicated shows that air late at night (typically, in my region at least) that follow that format like Dish Nation, Inside Edition, Ridiculousness (which is actually a cable show), and probably more that I can’t remember right now. This show will end, hopefully sooner rather than later. Shows like that just don’t last on network TV in primetime.

Law and Order: True Crime: The last two new installments of the Law and Order franchise seemed to die fairly quickly after premiering. Now I’m not sure that this franchise is dead just yet. Like many shows with multiple installments on the air (NCIS, The Vampire Diaries), I’m fairly certain that they would only cancel one part of the franchise in a single season and not more than one. Who knows? This could wind up soaring and becoming the next greatest hit on TV. If not, then they will certainly keep the still pretty popular SVU over this.

Grimm: I heard that they might be cutting back some of the airing of this show by reducing the standard number of episode orders. This show is in a bit of a bad place already since it hardly, if ever, airs a rerun. Typically, shows that are cared about more air reruns. With this past 100 episodes, they could cancel this at any time and it would have enough episodes for syndication. I don’t know if this is still as well liked as it was originally. But when they start messing with a successful format, bad things happen for the show that they are now messing with.

The Carmichael Show: Maybe it is just because I don’t like it based on promos I saw for it while watching Allegiance episodes online (despite the fact that I’ve never actually seen it to know if it is bad just yet), but I don’t see this lasting long.

Hollywood Game Night: When shows randomly disappear from the schedule for no good reason, one can be surprised that it is actually returning in the future. If they are willing to just off this at any moment in time, then it clearly won’t longer than it already has.

The Celebrity Apprentice: The network got along with this show just fine last season. With all the controversy regarding the old host and the fact that fans may not like the new host is reason enough to think that this show will end in the future.

Great News: Despite the word great being in the title, this is actually a bad title for a show. Maybe it is a good show in the end and would work as a show. Maybe people will just want to watch their favorite news instead of this.

Powerless: This is also filed under the bad title rule. Now what can I say to waste your time for the rest of this paragraph? There once was a man named Adam who liked to say and do a bunch of random stuff and thus this blog was created. Cool, right?

Marlon: Here’s yet another example of the bad title rule in action. Marlon sounds like a black person name, but I have no idea if it is or not. I don’t know much, if anything, about this show. I know that black people have different styles of shows than other people, so I don’t know if this will actually be a hit like Empire and Black-ish, or a failure like other shows I can’t remember.

The Wall: This is even more of the bad title rule. Now that I don’t have anything else to say regarding that, let me just tell you that you can call me Adam, Adam Decker, Mr. Decker, or even Screening, but you shouldn’t call me Decker. I don’t like that and I ignore all people who call me that.

Better Late Than Never: I know that this is actually airing during the late summer schedule so I’m not sure if this prediction is right or not to include. I just know that it doesn’t sound like a long term plan exists for this show just yet.

First Dates: Maybe this will actually work if the title sounds like giving us an interesting premise of an idea of some sort. But this still is a bad title. In case you couldn’t figure it out, I’m less certain about these shows I’m putting in here on the bad title rule than other shows.

Taken: This is a prequel to the movie Taken. It could actually be quite good and I hope that it is. I just don’t have high hopes for it considering how it should have just been one movie in the first place. Maybe it will work as a show, but remakes and reboots don’t tend to work as shows.

Emerald City: So many delays with this show already, plus the fact that it has already been cancelled once makes me think that it won’t last in the future, if it even airs at all. Maybe it will last as I find this idea to be interesting, but I’m not sure if it will.

Midnight Texas: So many of the shows on my prediction list have some sort of bad title for some odd reason. These shows could all work and none of them might end up cancelled. But it is hard to have hope for this one because who calls a show Midnight Texas? What the heck is that about?

What I think is safe: The Voice (this is NBC’s most popular show and arguably the reason why FOX cancelled American Idol so it will stick around longer still), Chicago Fire (the first part of Chicago franchise has gotten many spin-offs already and potentially many more so this will continue to last for now), Chicago P.D. (this show will last), Superstore (NBC needs at least one comedy that will last so this will probably stick around unless something else comes along), Chicago Med (this will probably not end anytime soon even if there are a lot of these shows on the air), The Blacklist (still going strong, nothing could change that except for maybe a decline in quality or change in plot), Dateline (this show will never be cancelled, considering how NBC needs it to fill any and all holes it ever has in its schedule), Little Big Shots (this seems popular for some reason so I say that it lasts)

Safe predictions continued: Shades of Blue (maybe this won’t last if people get too fed up with negative portrayals of police officers, but other than that, this show should remain a popular show), Trial & Error (this may seem like a random thing to call safe, but I just don’t see it going anywhere just yet), Chicago Justice (this franchise is so popular somehow that Dick Wolf is going to be getting tons of money for it decades after he dies), The Blacklist: Redemption (I see no reason at the moment that a spin-off of the popular Blacklist show will fail), Thursday Night Football (potential problems with the partnership with CBS won’t end Thursday Night Football as this will certainly air on some channel in the future.)

Well, this was a long post and it is probably the most fun I have doing a post all year. We’ll see as the season goes along which of these shows will actually get cancelled, which ones won’t, and what shows I thought were safe actually weren’t. These were just predictions and a lot of them I’d probably like to stay around for future seasons. What will happen? We’ll see.

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