Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sliver Globes Award Nominees 2015

Well, it has now come time for me to talk about the awards that I’m giving to the shows from last season. What do I consider to be the best of the year? Well, I might as well get straight to the nominees. I should explain that only a few people will be nominated for the dearly departed award and only one person will win. I will give the award to someone who I felt left their mark in television. If they were mostly known for movies, then they won’t be on here. The next line says what I can’t nominate because either The Golden Globes or the Emmys have nominated them. But, this only excludes them from a single category of mine. Remember that there might be spoilers after the main section. Now, on to the nominees for the Silver Globe Awards from TV last year

Comedies I can’t nominate: Modern Family & Parks and Recreation. Dramas I can’t nominate: none.

Best new show: The Astronaut’s Wives Club, Supergirl, Blindspot, Code Black, The Muppets, CSI: Cyber, iZombie, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Allegiance, Boom, The Late Late Show with James Corden

Best one season show: Minority Report, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, Allegiance, The Astronaut’s Wives Club, A to Z

Best cancelled or ending show: Parenthood, Allegiance, A to Z, CSI, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, The Mentalist, Rookie Blue, Minority Report, The Astronaut’s Wives Club, Parks and Recreation, Hart of Dixie, The Late Show with David Letterman, Battle Creek

Most screwed show: Allegiance

Best theme song: Parenthood, The Simpsons, Family Guy, NCIS, Parks and Recreation, CSI

Best idea for a show: Parenthood

Best series premiere: Allegiance, Supergirl, Quantico, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Limitless, Minority Report

Best series finale: A to Z, Parenthood, Hart of Dixie, The Astronaut’s Wives Club

Best cliffhanger ending: Person of Interest, Grimm, NCIS, Modern Family, Jane the Virgin, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, Hawaii Five-0

Best cliffhanger resolution: NCIS, Jane the Virgin, The Blacklist

Best cast: Hart of Dixie, Parks and Recreation, Battle Creek, Saturday Night Live

Best writers: Parenthood, Allegiance, Hart of Dixie

Best editing: Big Brother

Most interesting show: Hart of Dixie, Parenthood, Allegiance

Best music in a show: Hart of Dixie

Time well spent award: Allegiance, Parenthood, A to Z

Most memorable: Allegiance, Hart of Dixie, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS

Most underrated TV show: Allegiance, Hart of Dixie, CSI: Cyber, The Astronaut’s Wives Club, The Briefcase, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

Best retooling of a show: The Blacklist

Shouldn’t have been cancelled award: Minority Report, Allegiance, CSI, Rookie Blue

Why was it a midseason replacement award: Boom, The Last Man on Earth, The Astronaut’s Wives Club, Allegiance

Best comedy-drama: iZombie, Hart of Dixie, Limitless, Battle Creek

Groundbreaking show: The Last Man on Earth

Best comedy: The Big Bang Theory, The Last Man on Earth, A to Z

Best drama: Rookie Blue, Allegiance, Parenthood, CSI, The Mentalist, The Astronaut’s Wives Club, NCIS

Best PBS special: Celtic Woman: Destiny

Best show on CBS: The Mentalist, CSI: Cyber, The Late Late Show with James Corden, NCIS,  The Late Show with David Letterman, CSI, Battle Creek, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans

Best show on ABC: Rookie Blue, Once Upon a Time, The Astronaut’s Wives Club, Marvel’s Agent Carter

Best show on the CW: Hart of Dixie, The Flash, iZombie

Best show on NBC: Allegiance, A to Z, Parks and Recreation, Parenthood

Best show on FOX: Bones, Sleepy Hollow, The Last Man on Earth, Minority Report, Boom

Best show on any other network: Community

Best syndicated show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Best show on television nominees: pending

Before I get to the other section I had one thing to say other than SPOILER ALERT! That thing is a new category called the dearly departed award. This is for someone who worked in television that died last year. Now I won’t nominate everyone and there will be only one winner, but I thought that I would remember a person that I like who died last year because they had a major influence on television.

Other Section

Best villain: Penguin from Gotham, Ray Reddington from the Blacklist, Grant Ward from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sin Rostro from Jane the Virgin

Best hero: Jim Gordon from Gotham, Jeremy from Survivor, Steve from Big Brother

Best bromance: Howard and Raj from The Big Bang Theory, Steve and Danny from Hawaii Five-0, Ryan and Colin from Whose Line is it Anyways?

Best anti-hero: Dr. Harrison Wells from The Flash, Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, Tom Kleen from the Blacklist

Best facial expressions: Keegan Thompson on Saturday Night Live

Best badass: Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS

Best shocking moment: The proposal and engagement from New Girl, Kate still has FBI connections from Castle, Other Phil Miller has a dark side from The Last Man on Earth

The dearly departed award: Donna Douglas, Leonard Nemoy, Bob Simon

Best story arc: The axis of evil from Survivor, The fight against Bait Fish from NCIS: New Orleans, Evil Russia from Madam Secretary

Best character transformation: Kelley Wentworth from Survivor, Elizabeth Klein from The Blacklist, Grace Florrick from The Good Wife

Best new character: Mike from Survivor

Most underrated character: Ellie Bishop from NCIS

Best finale song: The Heart from Hart of Dixie

Best original song: Everything’s Bigger from Whose Line is it Anyways?

Best season yet award: The Blacklist season 3, The Good Wife season 7, Madam Secretary season 2

This is pretty much all I’m going to mention for this post. I will be back later with the winners for every category except best show on television, since I will only have the nominees for that ready. Remember that I will also do the worst of television, but probably not until the summer.

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