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New Midseason Shows 2016 Part 1

In order to accommodate planned new blog posts, I’m splitting up in the reviews of midseason shows into two different parts. Other midseason shows that I plan to review will be in part two. I still don’t know when/if Emerald City is premiering. Now, on to the official introduction

This has almost certainly been updated later than I probably would have wanted it to be. But here it is. I’m posting about the midseason shows that I’m watching during this TV season. I’ll also let you know what things have changed. For instance, Coach was supposed to be at midseason, but was then cancelled before it aired. Of Kings and Prophets with Angel from Hell were both delayed until midseason when they meant to be part of the fall schedule originally. And any of these shows planned for midseason could end up airing during the summer instead. Sometimes I don’t see a new show until later. That’s why you’ll see a fall show reviewed in this post. Now, without further ado, let’s get to the reviews of the new midseason shows.

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life: Show Description- It’s hard to tell what this show is about. From what I understand, it is the misadventures of Cooper Barrett and his friends. Behind the Scenes- Liza Lapira is in this. That can be a bit worrisome, as she’s known (to me at least), in starring in shows that get cancelled after one or two seasons. Those shows are Dollhouse, Traffic Light, Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, Super Fun Night, and Battle Creek. My Thoughts- The show can be weird and not make sense. But it can also be interesting and fun to watch. I don’t really know a good judgment on it yet. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I’d put it at a toss-up right now. Where to Find- On Sundays at 8:30/7:30 Central on FOX

Dr. Ken: Show Description- An actor who was once a doctor plays a doctor. This is not a midseason show as it premiered during the fall and this is another late review that I tend to have every season. Behind the Scenes- Ken Joeng, who was once on Community, is the star of this show. My Thoughts- A certain website (www.tv.com), thought this show was so bad, that you should pick it in the deadpool, their annual contest of the first cancellations of the season. I originally had no plans of watching it, but did when there was nothing good on. This show is terrible with bad acting, bad writing, and overall poor quality. I’m not sure if it has any redeeming values. I give it one out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- It is actually doing well in the ratings so it might last a while, or at the very least, into next season. Where to Find- On Fridays at 8:30/7:30 Central on ABC

Bordertown: Show Description- This is an adult animated cartoon about people that live near the Mexican border and how a white family and Mexican family interact with each other. Behind the Scenes- There were numerous production problems with this show. If my information is correct, it was even cancelled at one put before it aired before they decided that it would air in the end. At one point, it was part of the planned midseason shows of last season, but never aired then. But despite all these problems, they have finally made and aired the show. My Thoughts- While it is bad in some places, it can be interesting in others. I don’t know enough yet to make a full judgment on the show. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I don’t think that it would last very long. It might last a bit longer than it has already, but might not. Where to Find- On Sundays at 9:30/8:30 Central on FOX

Shades of Blue: Show Description- This is about dirty cops and the possibly corrupt feds investigating them. Behind the Scenes- Jennifer Lopez, who was in American Idol, among other things, is the main character of the show. There are other notable people as well. My Thoughts- It can be hard to tell where they are going with this show or who the good guys are (if there are any at all). It is a nice take on the recent feelings on police. I’d say that it is pretty good in the end, for now at least. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- It was renewed for a second season. I’m not sure what the odds of it lasting beyond that is. Where to Find- On Thursdays at 10/9 Central on NBC

Superstore: Show Description- This is a comedy about people who work in a store and the adventures that ensue. Behind the Scenes- America Ferria from Ugly Betty is in the cast. She might have also created the show too. My Thoughts- This show is interesting and different. Besides that, there really isn’t much that this show offers. It isn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t watch it again. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- The network was very specific when they advertised its high ratings making it possible that it doesn’t have that good ratings in reality. I say that it might make it into a second season, but only given NBC’s general lack of comedies that they have to rely on. They need something, right? Where to Find- On Mondays at 8/7 Central on NBC

Angel from Hell: Show Description- A woman is guided by a different woman who may or may not be a guardian angel. Behind the Scenes- This show was originally planned to air in the fall until it was moved to midseason for unknown reasons. This doesn’t seem like a good thing for its future. My Thoughts- While it certainly wasn’t bad, it failed to stand out as quality entertainment. I didn’t hate it, but I also wouldn’t watch it again. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I don’t expect it to last long. I say that it won’t have a second season. Where to Find- On Thursdays at 9:30/8:30 Central on CBS

Second Chance: Show Description- A dead man is brought back to life in order to help save someone’s life while trying to figure out the mysterious circumstances regarding his death and help solve other crimes as well. Behind the Scenes- There’s not much to add here, so I won’t add anything. In cases like this, I wonder if I should even have this section. Oh, well. I’ll still keep it this time. My Thoughts- This show is pretty good, even if it is the typical mystery crime drama with a supernatural twist. I like it and recommend it. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- It is probably already cancelled unofficially, so don’t expect Second Chance to get a second season. After all, it wasn’t originally on Fridays. Where to Find- On Fridays at 9/8 Central on FOX

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Show Description- A time master gets a team of people from our time to save the world from a threat in the future. Behind the Scenes- As evidenced by its name, it is part of the DC comics universe that is on TV right now which also features Arrow and The Flash. My Thoughts- I love this show and think that it is awesome. It’s only potential problems are with its connections with other shows and it potentially dragging on too long. I give it five out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This will probably last for a while, if all goes well. The only thing against it is whether there are simply too many shows for it. Where to Find- On Thursdays at 8/7 Central on the CW

Lucifer: Show Description- For some odd reason, the devil, known as Lucifer, decides to help people solve crimes. Behind the Scenes- This is based off of a comic book. My Thoughts- It is hard to tell entirely what this show is about. It could be interesting over time, but enough about it is too weird for me to watch it again. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I’d put it at a toss-up for now. Where to Find- On Mondays at 9/8 Central on FOX

New midseason- The Family, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Houdini and Doyle (?), Shades of Blue, Superstore, You, Me, and the Apocalypse, You the Jury (?), Better Late than Never (?), Rush Hour, Game of Silence (?), Heartbreaker (?), Hot and Bothered (?), Crowned (?), Emerald City (?), Lucifer, The X-Files, The Real O’Neals, Angel from Hell, Telenovela, Of Kings and Prophets, The Catch (?), Containment (?), Little Big Shots, Bordertown, Second Chance, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Uncle Buck(?).

Those shows I’m reviewing: Rush Hour (CBS, planned later review), Emerald City (NBC, not scheduled, planned later review), Lucifer (FOX), Bordertown (FOX), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW), Of Kings and Prophets (ABC, planned later review), Angel from Hell (CBS), Shades of Blue (NBC), Dr. Ken * (ABC), The Family (ABC, planned later review), Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life (FOX), Second Chance (FOX), Superstore (NBC)

Any show with a question mark next to it is not scheduled as of yet. Any of them could premiere during midseason still, it could be part of the summer schedule, or it might not premiere at all. But I plan to be back later with part two of this post and the reviews of Rush Hour, Emerald City, Of Kings and Prophets, and The Family. To be continued…

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