Sunday, July 12, 2015

Notes on the Upcoming CBS Schedule: 2015 Version

You may notice that I frequently post information about the CBS schedule with various blog posts of mine. Why just CBS and none of the other network? Well, CBS is the easiest network to track regarding what shows are replaced with what. I don’t know if I ever will attempt to keep track of other network’s scheduling in the future. I might at some point, but I won’t just yet. Mainly, this blog post is to keep track of which shows ended on CBS in the previous season and what shows are starting this next season. I may do this every year in the future.

Due to the airing of Thursday Night Football at the very beginning of the season, it will be hard to notice all the changes that are taking affect. You see, shows that will be on Thursday are starting out on Monday because of the football games that air. That could confuse things in my mind, but I believe that things are mentioned accurately.

First, I will post about what shows will be on the schedule but be replaced in some way as the season begins. The Odd Couple and 2 Broke Girls, which will both be midseason replacements in the upcoming season, are collectively replaced by Supergirl. Person of Interest, which has been randomly downgraded to midseason replacement, will be replaced by Limitless. Mike and Molly, a perpetual midseason show that keeps getting renewed, will be replaced by Life in Pieces. Undercover Boss will also return at some point next season.

Now some shows originally left the schedule before the season was over. One of them was CSI which was replaced by Battle Creek. Stalker got replaced by CSI: Cyber. Stalker actually returned briefly only to end for good. The Millers were surprisingly and quickly cancelled after it premiered prompting the return of Mike and Molly.  The McCarthys were unofficially cancelled by being pulled from the schedule and ultimately replaced by The Odd Couple remake. I have the feeling that The Odd Couple was originally supposed to replace Two and a Half Men after it left the airwaves, but that didn’t end up happening. This left Two and a Half Men without a replacement until the next season. The final season of the Mentalist aired during the hiatuses of The Good Wife and Survivor. A similar situation happened with Undercover Boss which aired during the hiatuses of Madam Secretary and The Amazing Race.

Now, I will get to the regular ending shows from the previous season and what will replace them this upcoming season. I will tell you that most summer shows will be ignored on these notes of mine. Only if there is ever spillover will there be notes about it. After going without a replacement for a while, Two and a Half Men will be replaced by Angel from Hell. Battle Creek will be replaced by Code Black.

The returning shows that are going to be midseason replacements are Person of Interest, Mike and Molly (as usual), The Odd Couple (again), Undercover Boss (of course), and 2 Broke Girls. There will also be the new midseason CBS shows of Rush Hour and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The new fall shows will be Supergirl, Limitless, Life in Pieces, Code Black, and Angel from Hell.

I don’t know what else there is to say about the upcoming CBS schedule at hand. I don’t know why I always keep track of these shows a lot in this blog of mine, but I do. I guess it is because this network’s shows are the easiest to track and it is my favorite network. I will tell you that I will probably not keep track of anything other than primetime on this blog of mine, although some are easy enough to keep track of from time to time. Hopefully, I’ll be back from year to year with notes about the schedule on CBS. We’ll see what the future holds.

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