Sunday, July 26, 2015

Golden Huckleberry Awards Winners 2014-2015

Well, there’s not much to say here except that I am honoring what I think is the worst in television from the previous TV season. Nominees were previously announced in a different blog post and now I’m posting what I believe to be the worst shows in television. I am also posting my nominees for the worst show on television from the previous season.

Temporary award: worst reason to not do a spin-off: The McCarthys

Permanent awards

Worst cliffhanger resolution: The Good Wife

Worst title: Two and a Half Men

Worst ending to a TV series: Resurrection

Worst acting: Cristela

Worst writing: Glee

Worst plot: Two and a Half Men

The good riddance award: Glee

Why do people care award: American Idol

Worst idea for a show: Two and a Half Men

Biggest waste of time: Glee

Most forgettable: The Mindy Project

Bonehead decision of the season: The McCarthys

Worst pilot: The McCarthys

Worst drama show: Glee

Worst comedy show: Two and a Half Men

Worst new show: The McCarthys

Why is it still on award: America’s Funniest Home Videos

Most overrated show: Glee

Weakest Characters: Glee

Worst reason to cancel a good show: The McCarthys

Why was it created award: Two and a Half Men

What were they thinking award: The McCarthys

Why do people like it award: Dancing with the Stars

Jumped the shark award: Family Guy

What’s it about award: Black-ish

Time to stop watching award: Last Man Standing

They’ve stopped caring award: Last Man Standing

Worst show on FOX: Glee

Worst show on ABC: Cristela

Worst show on CBS: Two and a Half Men

Worst show on NBC: One Big Happy

Worst show on the CW: The Vampire Diaries

Worst show on every other network: Cougar Town

Worst syndicated show: The Jerry Springer Show


Other awards

Worst story arc: Alicia’s run for State’s Attorney from The Good Wife

Worst plot twist: Danny’s ex-wife’s son is his son from Hawaii Five-0

Worst new character: Will from Survivor

WTF death: Krusty’s father from The Simpsons

Biggest moron: Peter Griffith from Family Guy

Most hated character: Adeline from Grimm

Worst character transformation: Juliet becomes a Wesson from Grimm

Most obvious twist: Tom Kleen is alive from The Blacklist

The underdeveloped character award: Krusty’s father from The Simpsons

Worst show on television nominees: Glee, Cristela, Two and a Half Men, One Big Happy, The Vampire Diaries, Cougar Town, The Jerry Springer Show

I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but I’ll be sure to post the awards for the worst show on television from the previous TV season and I’ll also post what I considered to be the best show on television from 2014. I hope that you enjoy this when I come back.

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