Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tuesdays in primetime version 2

Tuesdays are a competitive night on television. Except for CBS and the CW, all networks have an hour of comedies at this time. Well, ABC might not have any at the moment, but they have at some times. It is also when some of television’s most popular shows are on. The only problem is that the shows are so good, you won’t be able to watch them all.
The Flash: Status- On the CW at 8/7 Central on Tuesdays. Why I’ve seen it- General interest in shows like it. Noteworthiness- This is a spin-off of Arrow, although I’m not entirely sure how these shows related since I don’t have the time to watch Arrow anymore. This show is based off of a comic book series. Description- This show is about a person who is struck by lightning and gains the power of super speed. It is not ordinary lightning. Pros- I thought that this show was pretty good. It seems interesting. Cons- It can be hard to tell where they are going with this. It may seem similar to other superhero TV shows. Recommendation- I think that this is probably worth watching all the time. Prediction- This will probably last a good while. I haven’t heard problems with ratings so I think it will do well. Reception: positive. Grade: B+. New review
NCIS: Status- Currently on CBS at 8/7 Central on Tuesdays and syndication on networks like USA. It is the most watched drama on television and has two spin-offs that are still on the air. Why I’ve seen it- My brother and the rest of my family liked the show and I thought it was good enough to watch all the time. Noteworthiness- It is a spin-off of the show JAG. At least at the beginning, the cases on the show were inspired by real cases. I don’t know if they still are. It has two spin-offs. Description- A team of federal agents solves murders of marines and navy members as well as other crimes relating to them and other people. Set in Washington DC. Notable People- Donald Bellisario created this show. Although no longer the head writer, he is still an executive producer. Mark Harmon is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. David McCallum is Ducky. Michael Weatherly is Tony. Pauley Perette is Abby. I can’t tell you how they are famous, but most of their current fame is with the show alone. Pros- It stays fresh despite its long time on the air. The humor is quite interesting and the cast doesn’t change much. Cons- It is running out of steam. The creator of the show is no longer the head writer. Recommendation- It is one of my favorite shows. I say watch it if you have the chance too and aren’t already. Prediction- It will last a while more. Reception: very positive. Grade: A+.
New Girl: Status- Currently on FOX at 9/8 Central on Tuesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that it might be good and I like the actress who plays the main character. Noteworthiness- This show is the longest running FOX live action comedy. That probably says a lot about the success of lack thereof of FOX sitcoms. Description- After breaking up with her live-in cheating boyfriend, Jess, the new girl, moves into a new place with four guys. Also in the cast is Jess’s best friend. Notable People- Zooey Deschanel, known for being in various movies, is the main character. Damon Waynes Jr., known for Happy Endings and other things (like his famous father) is another character. I’m not certain who else is noteworthy or not. Pros- The show is quite funny most of the time with the quirky characters that it has. Cons- As usual, bad morals are present like sex and stuff like that. Some of the acting is over the top, but that’s more due to the personality of the characters of the show instead of bad acting. Recommendation- I’d say that you should watch it if you have the time. Prediction- It will last 100 episodes and probably longer. Reception: generally positive. Grade: B.
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Status- Currently on ABC at 9/8 Central on Tuesdays. Why I’ve seen it- Interest in the Marvel world after having seen various superhero movies based on their works. Description- This show is about an organization that deals primarily with superheroes and becomes heroes of their own. Notable People- This show is done by Joss Whedon, who is known for creating science fiction shows that enjoy cult status and are typically not always enjoyed by everyone. Examples include Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and Buffy the Vampire. Pros- It is considered a good show to some people. You don’t have to be a fan of the Marvel world to understand this show. Cons- It felt like there could be more in it. It seems to be lacking the heroes and the action of the movies as well as the drama content. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Watch it if you like it. Prediction- I don’t know if it will last or not, but it’s possible that it will even on a network that is known for screwing with its shows and cancelling more than any other network (I think). Reception: somewhat positive. Grade: B+.
NCIS: New Orleans: Status- On CBS at 9/8 Central on Tuesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I watch the original so I figured that I should watch this as well. Description- This is a show about an NCIS team set in New Orleans. It replaces Intelligence and thus, also Hostages. Noteworthiness- It is a spin-off of NCIS. This show is actually filmed in New Orleans where it is set. Pros- There are plenty of good things about the show. It is as interesting and good as most dramas are. It keeps the charm of NCIS even with a different cast. The different filming location probably helped it. Cons- Some people have been annoyed by the fake accents of the characters. Plus, it may not be as interesting or good as the original NCIS is. Recommendation- I saw that you should probably watch it. Prediction- I think that it will probably last a while. Reception: mostly positive. Grade: A. New review
The Mindy Project: Status- Currently on FOX at 9:30/8:30 Central on Tuesdays. Why I’ve seen it- There must have been nothing else good on at the time. Description- A doctor of some sort (I think) has some sort of adventures with her friends. Notable People- Mindy Kaling, from the Office, is the main character of this show. Pros- It has a good lead-in and can be funny at times. Cons- Not much good or interesting things happen on this show a lot. It can be quite a bore. Recommendation- I’d pass on this show and not watch it. Prediction- I don’t see it lasting much longer. Reception: positive. Grade: D.

Person of Interest: Status- Currently on CBS at 10/9 Central on Tuesdays. Why I’ve seen it- I thought that it looked good so I started watching it. Description- People work outside the law to stop crimes before they happen. Well, sometimes the law helps them with their cases. Notable People- Jim Caviezel, notable for films like the Passion of the Christ, is the main character. Michael Emerson, from Lost, is another character. Amy Acker, from various TV shows like Drive, Dollhouse, and other shows and movies, is a main character as well. Pros- It lives up to the hype that people like the show. It is interesting and keeps you watching. Cons- The show can be ridiculous at points with its plots and a lot of it is unrealistic. Recommendation- I’d say that you should probably watch it since it is good. Prediction- It will last a while if it keeps the good ratings it has, unless CBS thinking that it would do better on a night that it would do badly at. Reception: very positive. Grade: B.

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